Young Adult Social & Family Issues Books

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White Butterflies: A Poetry Book

A poetry book about overcoming depression. Each chapter with different stages and emotions.Luca Sacco the author of the Clock Work Projects says:"Isabel's poetry collection is a difficult read, and this is precisely the reason why it is so effective. It is difficult because the texts act as a journey, a trip to the dark crevasses of the reader's soul; a difficult to search these crevasses with an honest gaze, yet this is what Isabel's poetry forces us to do.The poetry is enthralling in a dark and beautiful manner, since despite the terrifying reflections it incites it still compels the reader to plunge further into its depths. The organization of the text into chapters of varying lengths and topics is suprising and effective: each section seems to peel back one layer of exterior and leave us continually more exposed. The feelings expressed throughout the chapters also correspond somewhat to the stages of grief, followed by, of course, the stages of rebuilding.Rarely have I seen a text that pulls the reader in from all sides with such fury, attacking us in our very heart, and yet through that same attack gives us strength, inspiration and, by the end of the last poem, a brilliant paragon of insurmountable hope."

I am Enough: Journal Affirmations for Girls

This book is also available in paperback format, which includes lined pages for journaling.Our six book series is designed to empower girls to navigate their way through life with confidence, self-esteem, compassion, creativity, collaboration and joy through the thoughtful contemplation and expression of their own unique perspectives, ideals and experiences. Each book is excellent as a journal for one girl or as a tool in a group setting for writing and discussion. Journal entries do not talk down or issue simple edicts, but respect the intelligence and individuality of every girl. What does it mean to be enough? It means that you are complete just as you are. You do not require fixing. You are worthy. You are intelligent. You are beautiful. Use the notes pages to journal your thoughts as you affirm this truth. You are Enough.I am not a measurementA set of numbersTheir relevance determined by othersIn a society that seeks constant judgmentA computation of my proportionsAgainst garish standardsDividing the good and the badAccording to some scaleCreated in absurdityIn some strange twist of fateA crooked line in humanity's developmentI am not a computation on a bell curveA dot on a graphI refuse to be measuredOn any scaleNot wrought of my own designThe dial turningThe arrow pointingIn a direction of my choosingAnd mine aloneFor there is no equationCapable of measuring meMy complexities surpass the abilityTo be analyzed by numbersMeant to fit inside boxesI reject the propositionThat places me on any scaleI am not a measurement