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I Love Baja!: Pursuing the Dream of Living in Mexico

If you're thinking about living in Mexico you should consider the Baja peninsula, the most popular expat destination in the country. This 2015 revised and updated eBook based on the popular paperback version gives you a fresh look at expat life on the peninsula, especially the Pacific Coast within an hour's drive south of San Diego. The eBook also includes updated appendices on crime, costs of living, and Mexican health care; a bonus section on real estate risks; and many live hyperlinks to external reference sources. The book isn't a travelogue about the entire Baja peninsula, but it contains personal descriptions of many destinations from Tijuana to Los Cabos, with live hyperlinks to detailed information about each place. Many true-life anecdotes fill the book with stories about expats adapting to life outside the USA, making new friends, and becoming part of the local culture. "Crazy Women and Stray Dogs" is a humorous look at expat life with friends and neighbors. "Papa Swims with the Whales" is a glimpse of Mexican family values as the author takes three women and their young children on a three-day mini-vacation to see migrating whales. "They Took the Street" explores how natives and expats alike learn to cope with road repairs that may stretch into months or years. Enjoy!