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WALKING INTO MURDER (The Professor Laura Morland Mystery Series Book 1)

Who would believe that an innocent walking trip in the English Cotswolds would include not just one murder but three, and even more hair-raising adventures? The intrepid American heroine of WALKING INTO MURDER, professor Laura Morland, would have scoffed at the idea. All she wanted was a few days of peace to recover from a humiliating (if not entirely unwelcome) divorce and a chance to test her new independence. That she certainly does; peace is another matter.WALKING INTO MURDER is a light-hearted mystery with a delightful setting, an intriguing plot and distinctive characters headed by Laura Morland, a wonderfully appealing new amateur detective. It is part traditional English mystery, part middle-aged female sleuth of independent spirit who solves mysteries that confound the experts, part primer on the the battle between the sexes since Laura is an expert on gender, part rousing adventure. Laura is hardly Miss Marple - she is younger, more active, attractive, even romantically inclined, but the settings and characters are very British indeed. It's a wonderful read: spine-tingling escapes and confrontations on deserted moors contrast with peaceful interludes in England's quaintest villages and most verdant countryside - and with some near-comic scenes of Laura's inept but ultimately successful efforts to track down the villains even as she eludes their clutches. Mask-making, amateur theatrics, underground tunnels and an escape from a boarded-up cottage are all part of the action. The adventure begins when Laura is invited to teach a seminar on gender issues in London. First she decides to embark on a solo walking trip on the Cotswold Way. The walk soon takes stormy turns. A man plummets out of the thick mist, hauls her into an embrace and begs her to masquerade as his wife. Escorted at gunpoint by an aristocratic Englishman to an ancient manor house, she is confronted by a roomful of eccentrics, any of whom could be the killer of the body she finds in a bedroom - a body that perversely keeps changing its identity. In fact, everyone in in this bizarre household seems to have multiple identities and multiple motivations, making it exceedingly difficult to determine who is telling the truth and even harder to ascertain who is on Laura's side.Curiosity is Laura's dominant trait and she delves into the mystery with possibly unwise abandon. She is determined to unmask the murderer - and to get the best of her alternately charming and irritating would-be husband, to whom she is undeniably attracted. She soon discovers that her fund of scholarly knowledge about male/female relationships is of little help in dealing with a man who refuses to answer her questions, appears to be having a steamy affair with the titled Lady of the house, and who increasingly seems the most likely candidate for murderer. Complicating matters further is his fraught relationship with Laura's able assistant in crime-detection, a fiery, free-spirited runaway who lives in the woods.As Laura probes deeper, the efforts of the villains to silence her become more frantic and her strategies to evade them more ingenious. With total disregard for the escalating danger, she vows to outwit them all. And she does. In a final dramatic - and totally unexpected - scene, she zeroes in on the killer, or it might be more accurate to say the murderer zeroes in on her.Joan Dahr Lambert is the author of CIRCLES OF STONE, a prehistoric novel told through the eyes of three women who became leaders of their tribes, and published by Simon & Schuster in 1997 & 1999. Lambert has written two other prehistoric novels, a novel about wolves for children and a novella, as well as the first two books in the Laura Morland series. The second, BABES IN THE BATHS, will be out soon. Like may published authors, she has decided to try self-publishing. All of her books will soon appear on Kindle and on other on-line venues.

Seductions of Place: Geographical Perspectives on Globalization and Touristed Landscapes (Critical Geographies)

The seductiveness of touristed landscapes is simultaneously local and global, as travelled places are formed and reworked by the activities of diverse, mobile people, in their desires to experience situated, sensuous qualities of difference. Cartier and Lew’s interesting and informative book explores contemporary issues in travel and tourism and human geography, and the complex cultural, political, and economic activities at stake in touristed landscapes as a result of globalization. This book assesses travel and tourism as simultaneously cultural and economic processes, through ideas about place seduction and the formation of landscapes. Throughout, examples are given from urban and environmental touristed landscapes, from major world cities to tropical islands, and chapter contributions include:an analysis of the representational character of landscape and the built environmenthistoric constructions of place seductionthe importance of class, racial, and gender dimensions of placehow mobility and the seduction of place orient identity formationthe environmental impacts of tourism economies. Broad in scope, this book is ideal for social scientists and humanists who are interested in contemporary debates about place studies, mobility, and the located realities of globalization.

Bowing to Elephants: Tales of a Travel Junkie

In Bowing to Elephants, a woman seeking love and authenticity comes to understand herself as a citizen of the world through decades of wandering the globe. During her travels she sees herself more clearly as she gazes into the feathery eyes of a 14,000-pound African elephant and looks for answers to old questions in Vietnam and the tragically ravaged landscape of Cambodia.Bowing to Elephants is a travel memoir with a twist―the story of an unloved rich girl from San Francisco who becomes a travel junkie, searching for herself in the world to avoid the tragic fate of her narcissistic, alcoholic mother. Haunted by images of childhood loneliness and the need to learn about her world, Dimond journeys to far-flung places―into the perfumed chaos of India, the nostalgic, damp streets of Paris, the gray, watery world of Venice in the winter, the reverent and silent mountains of Bhutan, and the gold temples of Burma. In the end, she accepts the death of the mother she never really had―and finds peace and her authentic self in the refuge of Buddhist practice.

A Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf (Illustrated Edition)

"JOHN MUIR, Earth-planet, Universe."—These words are written on the inside cover of the notebook from which the contents of this volume have been taken. They reflect the mood in which the late author and explorer undertook his thousand-mile walk to the Gulf of Mexico. No less does this refreshingly cosmopolitan address, which might have startled any finder of the book, reveal the temper and the comprehensiveness of Mr. Muir's mind. He never was and never could be a parochial student of nature. In September 1867, Muir undertook a walk of about 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from Kentucky to Florida, which he recounted in his book A Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf. He had no specific route chosen, except to go by the "wildest, leafiest, and least trodden way I could find."

Malta, The Ultimate Island: A Traveler's Guide

Are you searching for an exotic destination with fascinating history, turquoise colored sea, beautiful beaches, and vibrant nightlife?After vacationing and exploring many exotic destinations all over the world, the traveler Amit Offir arrives in Malta to enjoy everything the island has to offer, and to ascertain whether the stories about the island’s charm justify the prestigious name many tourists have given it. If you would like to vacation on an enchanting island with exotic beaches, exceptional diving sites, interesting attractions, unique culture and history, excellent food and for dessert, a vibrant nightlife - Malta is the perfect destination for you. The fascinating story of the author, and his special approach to life will inspire you, and provide you with a wealth of tools to help you travel often, and enjoy each and every moment on your trip to Malta! In Malta I found everything I was looking for in the perfect vacation,inexpensively, and within short distance of all sites.’- Ideal destination all year round-7,000 years of fascinating history- Perfect for a beach vacation & diving- Excellent for family trips extreme adventures

Wildering: Anyone's Guide to Enjoying the American Wilderness

Thousands of years ago, everyone lived in the wilderness. Today, most people live comfortably indoors. This is perfectly fine, of course, but many have completely lost touch with nature. Meanwhile, millions of acres of pristine wilderness are waiting to be enjoyed.Wildering: Anyone’s Guide to Enjoying the American Wilderness can help reconnect people with the natural world—even those who have never set foot in the woods. Author Mick Tune has the answers to all the questions you’re afraid to ask, with information about equipment, packing, permitting, basic survival, and much more.You don’t have to be in incredible shape or spend a fortune on equipment to enjoy the outdoors—all you need is a pair of legs and a spirit of adventure. Mick Tune wasn’t a Boy Scout, nor is he a professional mountain man—but he loves the wilderness, and he’s learned a lot over three decades of outdoor adventures. Tune is living proof that nature exists for everyone’s enjoyment; you just need the courage to take that first step.

Campervan Capers 2: The Ongoing Adventures of a Campervanning Couple

Campervan Capers Blog entries released in a handy eBook format.Campervan Capers 2The Ongoing Adventures of a Campervanning CoupleWith a first year of adventures under their beltThe campervanning couple embark onAnother year of mini capersIn this sequel to Campervan Capers, the author continues to blend travel tale with humour and practicality as she and her partner explore more sights (and sites) after the maiden year in their camper.Campervan Capers 2 is an adaptation of the author's Campervan Capers Blog entries written in 2011, released here as a handy, free eBook.(Travels are within Britain: Cornwall, Devon and the Isle of Wight.)BONUS!Get 30+ Top Tips for the Aspiring & Newbie Campervanner – a free downloadable 'cheat sheet' based on the tips in the Campervan Capers book & blog – when you join the author's Reader's Group (link inside the book).FAUX REVIEWS by PSEUDO-CELEBRITIESHere are just a few of the author's infamous 'faux reviews' of the spurious kind which appear in the original Campervan Capers book…I go out in my camper to study insects. It's amazing how many different species you can collect on your windscreen as you drive full pelt along the motorway.David AtinburrerI used to have an RV back in the great US of A. But then I came to this tiny little island called Britain and read Campervan Capers. My God! I was transformed – and bought one of those quaint little English campers instead. Downsizing sure has made me happy!Tom CrewsActor, Mission ImprobableI heartily encourage a campervanning lifestyle! Getting out onto the open road, it's amazing just how much road-kill you can pick up... And, with a gas hob on board, I can fry up what I find on the spot.Huw Fern-Leigh-Wit-In-StallSee you for some four-wheeled adventures on the inside!

Kicking Ass on the Road: The Ultimate Guide for the Solo Woman Traveler: Travel safe, travel cheap & have the time of your life!

Thinking of traveling solo? Keen for super fun adventures? Ready to be more independent? Want to meet other amazing people? Welcome to your ultimate guide for going solo and having the time of your life. This book will give you everything you need to prepare, what to do whilst you’re there, how to travel safe, tips on romantic liaisons, how to travel cheap and much much more!  "In all my years working on books, I have never come across a better written book on travel.” Pamela Anderson, Freelance Editor. Set out in easy to read chapters, this guide will help you:  Prepare for your trip (including personal, health, insurance, as well as cultural preparations). Pack: helping you pack for any adventure. Comprehensive accommodation and travel booking tips. Everything you need to enjoy days and nights out when you’re there. How to be confident stepping out by yourself.Romance on the road: how to do it & what to look out for. How to look after you on your journey. The ultimate safety guide, tips & tricks. Comprehensive guidance on traveling cheaply.Advice for those wanting to travel for longer periods of time.Helping you go back home.  Packed full of useful advice, checklists and mind maps for everything you need to travel alone with style. This guide is for those wanting everything they need to travel by themselves (or with others), all in the one place. It is a must read for every woman traveler.To find out more about the book & author, watch the short vids on Youtube:

Lonely Planet Travel With Children Sampler (Lonely Planet Kids)

How Far Will You Go? Priorities change, new routines are adopted - but here at Lonely Planet we don't believe imaginative holidays have to end when kids arrive. So welcome to our first supplement specifically aimed at those who want to introduce the delights of world exploration to their children. The guide draws on our new Travel with Children book - 224 pages of inspiration and advice, whether you're looking for simple new ideas in familiar destinations or to embark on an adventure your family will never forget. You'll find a world of ideas within these pages - enjoy! Authors: Sophie Caupeil, Jean-Bernard Carillet, Sandrine Galotta, Jonathan Tartour and Marie Thureau

Tourism and Global Environmental Change: Ecological, Economic, Social and Political Interrelationships (Contemporary Geographies of Leisure, Tourism and Mobility)

This fascinating book is the first comprehensive analysis of the economic, social and political interrelationships between tourism and global environmental change: one of the most significant issues facing humankind today. Its contributors argue that the impacts of these changes are potentially extremely serious both for the tourism industry, and for the communities dependent upon it.Integrating knowledge from the social and physical sciences, this significant book explores they key issues surrounding global environmental change, as well as government and industry willingness to meet the challenges posed by it. Divided into four main sections, it investigates:the tourism and global environmental change relationship in specific environmentsglobal issues related to environmental change differing perceptions of global environmental change held by tourists and the tourist industry.Comprehensive in scope, topical and integrative, this key text is essential reading for students, scholars and researchers in all aspects of tourism, geography and environmental studies.

The Guide to Finding a Little Italy In New York (the Sight, the Restaurant, the Pizza, the Pool, the Mansion, the Hotel, the Bar, the Shopping, the Toilets, ... and the Rest) from Pearl Escapes 2011

I used to get extremely burned out in my old job and couldn't even handle finding and booking a hotel and flight or finding what to do when I did take time off. So, I thought "wouldn't it be awesome if someone would write a guide that just gave you one perfect escape; the perfect hotel, spa, flight and restaurant." So that's what I did.This is my guide to an Italian influenced tour of New York (including the best pizza I could find - none of the usual suspects).Oh and there's a great tip on where to find impeccable toilets on your journey.

Sardines Might Fly: Could Air Travel GET any Worse?

Could air travel GET any worse?Fancy flying in a tin can to the other side of the world and suffering the horrors of stinky passengers, kids with the power to split eardrums at fifty paces, backed-up restroom queues, and faulty coffee machines that can short-circuit the plane's electrics?Neither does the author.Unfortunately, these are just some of the delights frequently experienced on a long-haul flight. And when you're packed in tight like sardines for over twenty hours, the trip from A to B can feel more like an epic voyage from A to a distant Z.Join the author as she takes off from England on a 'flying adventure' to Australia and back in this short companion read to Up a Creek Down Under.

Lonely Planet Kids Start an adventure with Lonely Planet Kids: Discover our growing range of childrens books

Lonely Planet Kids excites and educates children about the amazing world around them, inspiring them to be curious and discover more about our planet. In The Travel Book, they can take a journey through every country in the world, then hit the streets with The Cities Book to explore 86 of its greatest cities. Both hardbacks are packed with beautiful illustrations and photographs, as well as amazing facts and quirky humour. Kids can follow themed walking routes through London, Paris and New York in our City Trails series, discovering history, food, culture, famous buildings and lots more. Take a peek inside for sample spreads from each title.

Stories from Elsewhere: Solo Travels on Two and Three Wheels

Proving that breakdowns and other disasters make for good stories, adventure travel journalist Carla King shares breakdowns in small towns all around the world. These selected stories are from solo journeys in the USA on a Russian Ural sidecar motorcycle, in China on its Chinese cousin, India on a Royal Enfield Bullet, France on a Bicycle, and Italy on a Moto Guzzi.

Concrete and Cocktails: a journey to Birmingham's glitter-stained independent heart.

Can you drink in all of Birmingham's independent hostelries in one day? Yes of course, although it might not be sensible.An unchained psychogeographic adventure from the editors of Dirty Bristow.

Seeing the Universe From Here: Field Notes from My Smithsonian Travels

As the Smithsonian Institution's twelfth Secretary, Dr. G. Wayne Clough traveled extensively to connect with researchers and gain a better understanding of the scope of the Institution's work. While the Smithsonian is comprised of nineteen museums and galleries, a National Zoological Park, and nine research facilities, it also has a research presence in more than one hundred countries.During his six years as secretary, Dr. Clough kept a detailed journal of his experiences and discoveries while on his travels, ranging from anthropology in Antarctica to pre-Columbian history in Peru from astrophysics in the Andes and the mountains of Hawaii to coral reef ecosystems off the coast of Belize, and from climate change in Wyoming to preserving endangered species in Kenya and Panama. Seeing the Universe From Here offers a firsthand perspective of the Smithsonian's global relevance in these progressive fields.

Why I Love New Orleans: A Collection of Blogs

New York Times Bestselling Author, Heather Graham has had a long standing love for New Orleans, Louisiana. She has used the city as a setting for many of her novels and there are many reasons why. On her blog in 2013 she spent 30 days sharing what she loved about New Orleans. From favorite restaurants, to museums she loves to her most loved ghost stories, she shared what made New Orleans one of her favorite cities in the United States. Now she has compiled these blogs into this ebook that she wants to share with those who are going to New Orleans, those who have dreamed of the city and want to learn more, and those who might want to debate her choices. Why I Love New Orleans is a love story, it's the story of Heather's love for this magical city.

The Gambia Diaries - July 2016

The Gambia Diaries – short essays on life in The Gambia, West Africa, from the perspective of British ex-pat Mark Williams, international bestselling author writing beneath (mostly) picture-postcard blue skies in his personal paradise.

The Guide to Iceland (the Thermal Spa, the Reykjavik Hotel, the Grindavik Hotel, the Northern Lights, the Icelandic Horses, the Food, the Buses and the Flight) from Pearl Escapes 2012

Whether or not you see the Northern Lights in Iceland it's still an incredible escape, and some things you can do in Iceland whatever the weather. (According to the Icelandic there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.)This guide will take you to some incredible hotels in Reykjavik and Grindavik, to The Blue Lagoon and another, only in Iceland experience, riding Icelandic horses through lava fields. I used to get extremely burned out in my old job and couldn't even handle finding and booking a hotel and flight or finding what to do when I did take time off. So, I thought "wouldn't it be awesome if someone would write a guide that just gave you one perfect escape; the perfect hotel, spa, flight and restaurant." So that's what I did. (Only in this guide you get at least two hotels. This is Iceland, it likes to break the rules.)

Rick Steves Hunger and Hope

In this FREE companion ebook to the public television special, Rick Steves' Hunger and Hope, travel expert Rick Steves ventures beyond Europe to learn about the key realities of extreme poverty. Inside this companion e-book, you'll uncover Rick's firsthand insights on:How ending world hunger in our lifetime is an attainable goal The importance of water access, education, women's empowerment, and financial literacy in creating long-term independence How communities are using smart development to rise out of povertyJoin Rick Steves in Ethiopia and Guatemala and discover how you can make a difference.

52 Sleeps

52 Sleeps is an e-book from showcasing an amazing hotel stay for every week of the year.We've handpicked a collection of the UK's most inspired and original hotels and tied them in with local events, quirky festivals and seasonal happenings, to give you a year's worth of short breaks that are a little less ordinary.From castles, spas and cosy inns to country manors, boutique B&Bs and even a boat hotel – discover 52 fabulous hotel stays spread all across the UK.Whether it's a stunning view, beautiful architecture, mouth-watering food or an award-winning spa, these properties are all special in their own way. And we hope you'll use 52 Sleeps to find some great inspiration for your short breaks throughout 2014.

The Guide to the Barcelona Spa (and the Hotel, the Flight, the Sight, the Restaurant and the Rest) from Pearl Escapes 2010

I used to get extremely burned out in my old job and couldn't even handle finding and booking a hotel and flight or finding what to do when I did take time off. So, when things got a little bit better and I took this trip to Barcelona I thought "wouldn't it be awesome if someone would write a guide that just gave you all the answers, a perfect escape; the perfect hotel, spa, flight and restaurant." So that's what I did.


BlogVille is a crowdsourced blogging project, designed by the Emilia Romagna Tourist Board to allow bloggers from all around the world to discover and share the beauties of the Emilia Romagna Region of Italy. This ebook contains a selection of blogposts, pics and videos from the project, together with links to all the materials generated during the BlogVille Experience.

The Guide to Marrakech, Morocco (the Spa, the Hotel, the Sight, the Flight, the Food and Drink, the Restaurant and the Rest) from Pearl Escapes 2011

I used to get extremely burned out in my old job and couldn't even handle finding and booking a hotel and flight or finding what to do when I did take time off. So, I thought "wouldn't it be awesome if someone would write a guide that just gave you one perfect escape; the perfect hotel, spa, flight and restaurant." So that's what I did.Marrakech is an incredible city boasting some of the world's most ancient and diverse culture and my Tkissila experience at the Palais Rhoul is one of the highlights of the many incredible spas I have visited around the world.

The Guide to Zadar, Croatia (the Spa, the Hotel, the Flight, the Ferry, the Restaurant and the Rest) from Pearl Escapes 2010

I used to get extremely burned out in my old job and couldn't even handle finding and booking a hotel and flight or finding what to do when I did take time off. So, I thought "wouldn't it be awesome if someone would write a guide that just gave you one perfect escape; the perfect hotel, spa, flight and restaurant." So that's what I did.

The Guide to Chianciano Terme, Siena, Tuscany, Italy (the Spa, the Hotel, the Sight, the Flight, the Train, the Bus, the Restaurant and the Rest) from Pearl Escapes 2011

I used to get extremely burned out in my old job and couldn't even handle finding and booking a hotel and flight or finding what to do when I did take time off. So, I thought "wouldn't it be awesome if someone would write a guide that just gave you one perfect escape; the perfect hotel, spa, flight and restaurant." So that's what I did.This is my guide to visiting the Salon Sensoriale in the Terme di Chianciano Spa in Chianciano Terme, Siena, Tuscany, Italy (that's a mouthful!) often awarded the title of best value spa in Europe, and the delicious surrounding area.


“Dear Stranger. Whether you have a suitcase or simply a nice bag, I request you empty it next to mine. On the sand, on the floor, or next to a burning fire. When I hear your voice, I want to rush to place our lives in a common bag, taking all of our boxes for future useful expeditions. Our treasures. Personal and stray. Let us both give up the locked cupboard which hold useless boxes which caused us pain. Let us give each permission to walk towards the light, side-by-side towards a common future and return, head-filled, with moments lived.” ***HARBOUR COVE ***Successful New York investment banker Catherine Bennett tragically and unexpectedly inherits a property in France; a gift from her fiancée Phillipe Maréchal, stated in his will unbeknownst. Heart-broken, 45, and ready for a change, Catherine trades her chai tea latte and enviable life in Manhattan for a small French coastal village and an empty 18th century maison de maître. Eleven bedrooms, six fireplaces, crumbling stone terrace and a moss-filled pool; the charming property awash in golden stone with faded green shutters, beckon. Catherine begins the task of painstakingly restoring Phillipe’s gift and in turn her heart; into a quiet, reflective haven filled with sea air and the healing powers of a new beginning. To assist with spiraling expenses, as well as ease her punctuated aches of loneliness, Catherine offers several of the rooms as chambres d'hôtes (guest rooms) for solo travelers. Writers. Artists. Creatives. Widows. Twenty-somethings seeking purpose and clarity. Each on their own journey, find their way to her door. Nestled on the bord de mer (seaside) surrounded by vineyards, billowing hollyhocks, cornflowers and salt marsh, Catherine’s new home is a wondrous world for whom ever crosses its threshold. Set amongst the coastal beauty of the Île de Ré, Harbour Cove is a gloriously immersive, captivating and endearing tale of love lost, love found and hearts healed...***To my readers... I have created the Harbour Cove Series for all of the women like me who are long on dreams and romance, but short on time for indulgence and reflection. A short read for those 30 minutes we manage to steal and own in our day while savoring a café au lait or organic tea with lemon and honey. Enjoy! Cordially yours... Thomasina Shealey "Semi-Retired In France"

Passports and Pacifiers: Traveling the World, One Tantrum at a Time

Passports and Pacifiers—Traveling the World One Tantrum at a Time“A parenting memoir and travel guide that will inspire families to have new experiences.” — Kirkus Reviews “Conversational, lively, humorous tone... Enjoyable and memorable.” — The BookLife Prize"Impressively informed and informative, deftly written, having a wonderfully entertaining commentary throughout, and thoroughly 'parent friendly' in organization and presentation, 'Passports and Pacifiers' is fully and unreservedly recommended for personal, family, and community library Parenting collections."  — Midwest Book Review "Reading Kaitlyn Jain's very funny stories made me feel regret for not traveling more when my children were young...but also huge relief I didn't." — George Mahood, author of Free Country: A Penniless Adventure the Length of Britain."Passports and Pacifiers is an impossible-to-put-down book that is part travelogue, part advice column for would-be jet setting parents. Jain is a talented storyteller who takes us on journeys from the gelato shops of Italy to the beaches of San Diego, from Mayan ruins in Guatemala to cruises to Helsinki. For parents wanting to raise their kids with memories and meaningful encounters with cultures from around the world, this is a must-read." — Jason Farman, author of Delayed Response: The Art of Waiting from the Ancient to the Instant WorldThe true story of two crazy parents traveling with four small children… on a budgetPassports and Pacifiers follows a young, naïve baby-wearing family on eight memorable, affordable, and nap-centered trips. It all started with two bumbling parents taking their Never-Sleep infant to child-loving Italy. Six years later, the tally of kids reached four (all under the age of eight) for an adventure across Scandinavia. Readers are regaled with misadventures, like losing the only pacifier of the trip, missing ferries, and traveling with a baby who refuses to nap. The Jains find deals—traveling just a tad off the prime season, finding buy one get two flights, and using credit card miles and free grandparent babysitters—and save where they can. They stay cheap, shack up with in-laws, and visit generous family and friends. Parents of small children receive tips on:• Transferring sleeping babies after a hotel upgrade• Keeping your Ever-Hungry spouse happy• Driving with a carsick toddler. This book serves as an inspiration and guidebook to take your kids out of your comfort zone and explore. Traveling with kids is rewarding, entertaining, and memorable. After reading these adventures, you will want to take that leap.

free Feeling Real Emotions Everyday (Camino de la Luna)

From the Amazon Best Selling author of "Japan Is Very Wonderful," the "Camino de la Luna" series and the Pearl Escapes mini-guides.WARNING – this book contains strong language. Because when you wake up to yourself after forty years “dear me” just isn’t going to cut it. I wrote this to express everything I felt on waking up and as a manual for myself on how it feels to be free (just in case I ever forget).My practice, whatever it is on any given day, is to help people feel alive, to wake them up. The tragic part is that they often wake up for a moment; for one second, for a song, for an hour, for a day or a week, they wake up to themselves and then they disappear again.I don’t want to live like that any more. So this book is for me and it is for you, because I want you to wake up too and stay awake. Maybe you are my beloved, maybe you are my sister, my friend, a stranger who I will never meet, but I want you to wake up. This world is too miraculous for you to miss it."free Feeling Real Emotions Everyday" was written in April 2016 after a trip to the US that included four nights in Las Vegas, a wander through the canyons of Utah and Arizona, a spiritual retreat in Sedona, rocking on the porch of a cowboy ranch house and finally a Native American healing that changed everything. Shortly afterwards I sold my house and left England on my "Camino de la Luna" which became a seven book series charting my journey around the world, understanding seven spiritual principles; "Take What You Need", "Unconditional Love", "Forgiveness", "Compassion and Self Compassion", "Courage", "Truth" and "Reconciliation" or, as they call it in South Africa, Ubuntu.("Japan Is Very Wonderful", a prequel to this series is the story of my trip to Japan in December 2015, which is when I started waking up to the nature all around me and to my own nature, which I had buried deep inside.)The colour eBook of this title - also available as a full colour paperback and black and white eBook and paperback (without pictures)."To me, you are a hero... You have learned to take something negative in your life and make it a positive... a gift to others. It doesn't get any better than that. Don't doubt that you are capable of helping others... in terms of other of life's difficulties... What an adventure!" Susan Jeffers, Ph.D., author of "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway"Pearl Howie is an Amazon Best Seller (and had the No. 1 New Release for her guide to Durban) in Kindle and paperback in the US, UK and German charts (Motivational Self-Help, Literary Travel, Venice Guides, African Travel, Safari Travel, Resorts & Spas for Travelers, South East Asia Travel, Kyoto Guides, Tokyo Guides and Travel/Religious).

Guide For The Soon-To-Be Nomadic Car Dweller

There’s nothing here that you can’t find on your own for free. With that said if you want to save yourself a lot of hassle then you might consider putting this in your to-read list. This short guide is packed with concise, practical advice, insights, and tips on the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges that one may face during the process of transitioning to car dwelling. It can help in framing the struggles of nomadic life to be that of adventure and excitement rather than that of struggle and constant challenges.Car dwelling can be a stressful thing but it doesn’t have to be. It can be experienced as an adventure and a chance of a lifetime to live a life more in tune with the self.

I Love Baja!: Pursuing the Dream of Living in Mexico

If you're thinking about living in Mexico you should consider the Baja peninsula, the most popular expat destination in the country. This 2015 revised and updated eBook based on the popular paperback version gives you a fresh look at expat life on the peninsula, especially the Pacific Coast within an hour's drive south of San Diego. The eBook also includes updated appendices on crime, costs of living, and Mexican health care; a bonus section on real estate risks; and many live hyperlinks to external reference sources. The book isn't a travelogue about the entire Baja peninsula, but it contains personal descriptions of many destinations from Tijuana to Los Cabos, with live hyperlinks to detailed information about each place. Many true-life anecdotes fill the book with stories about expats adapting to life outside the USA, making new friends, and becoming part of the local culture. "Crazy Women and Stray Dogs" is a humorous look at expat life with friends and neighbors. "Papa Swims with the Whales" is a glimpse of Mexican family values as the author takes three women and their young children on a three-day mini-vacation to see migrating whales. "They Took the Street" explores how natives and expats alike learn to cope with road repairs that may stretch into months or years. Enjoy!

The Amakusa Islands : A living museum on the sea

What are the Amakusa Islands?1) The Amakusa Islands are characterized by a beuatiful archipelago from Ohyano Island to Amakusa Kamishima and strangely shaped rough rocks of Amakusa Shimoshima's west coast.The Amakusa Islands are built on the nature of 100 million years of geologic history.2) Amakusa is abundant with culture and humanity.It was also a refuge for early hidden Christians creating an exotic atmosphere.Conservation of the heritage of people's history, folklore, and lives lead to development and future prospects through geotourism.3) It has been 50 years since Amakusa Gokyo (Amakusa Five Bridges) opened the Amakusa Islands to a new life holding a new thought for the earth, the history and people of the Amakusa Islands.This guide book offers a look at Amakusa's charm.AuthorsHASE, Yoshitaka Director of Goshoura Cretaceous MuseumBorn in Kitakyushu in 1941. March 2007, Kumamoto University Graduate School of Natural Sciences Professor retired. Current position since April of the same year. Doctor of Science.HIROSE, Koji Chief curator ot Goshoura Cretaceous MuseumBorn in Kameoka, Kyoto Prefecture in 1972. Completed master's program at Kochi University in March 1998. Current position since April 1999.IWAUCHI, Akiko Chief of technique branch of Avance Co., LTD.Born in Kumamoto City in 1961. March 1992 Doctoral course, Graduate School of Natural Sciences, Kumamoto University. Doctor of Science. Professional engineer (such as appliedscience).KUDO, Shin President of Avance Co., LTD.Born in Kashima, Kumamoto in 1952. In 1976, graduated from Kumamoto University, Faculty of Science, Earth Science Department. Outside the prefecture established Avance Co., Ltd. in 1994 after working as a construction consultant company. Technician (Application physics etc.).UGAI, Hiroaki Curator of Goshoura Cretaceous Museum Born in Kumamoto City in 1975. Completed the doctoral program at the University of Tsukuba in March 2004. Doctor (Science). Current position since April 2004.