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Sailing Promise: Around the World on a Catamaran

Will you marry me... and sail around the world?Alayne Main was 28 years old with an exciting medical career and minimal sailing experience, but she lived up to her sailing promise. She and her husband quit their jobs, bought a 33-foot catamaran and blithely sailed away!This true story with vivid pictures took place in the early 1990's, before the Internet, before social media and before many people crossed oceans on catamarans - when the distant ports were remote and undiscovered. The challenges were immense - storms at sea, a collision with a whale and the threat of pirates - but her greatest challenge was the emotional turmoil their adventurous and uncertain lifestyle created.Her relationship deteriorating, Alayne was forced to deal with her fear and understand what drove her to continue sailing across vast unpredictable oceans - with only her husband to turn to. An honest, deeply moving and wonderfully woven tale of a young woman's journeys - into herself, her marriage and around the world. Anyone in a partnership - man or woman, sailor or not - will love this adventure.

Bumfuzzle - Just Out Looking For Pirates

The story of a young couple who, without any prior sailing experience, decide one night over too many drinks that they are going to sail around the world. One year later they are bobbing around in the Bahamas on a thirty-five foot catamaran teaching themselves how to cross oceans in a small boat.Along their way they meet amazing people, visit locations only accessible by those on their own yachts, become television actors in Australia, minor celebrities in Puerto Rico, and generally have a great time of it all.They aren't your average cruisers by any stretch of the imagination, and run afoul of what most cruisers perceive to be "real" cruisers. But for four years they sailed around the world on their own terms.This is their story, and is essential reading for anybody who has ever had the dream to sail around the world. This book just might push you over the edge, and the horizon.

Yachting on the Cheap

If you think that even setting foot on a yacht would involve spending the next year living on a diet of mud and navel fluff then this is the book for you. From tiny wooden yachts to three masted tall ships if there is a cheap way onboard this book will help you to find it.

The Joys of Yachting

Crammed full of Insightful and sometimes humorous personal experiences, this book takes the reader from lounging on deck with a gin and tonic through to full-on yacht racing where the sailing (and sometimes the drinking) is definitely not for the faint of stomach.Cast off your mooring lines and join Andy as he navigates through the vast area that is yachting. Find out why he was once seen going backwards at full pelt in Portsmouth harbour with the spinnaker billowing out the front. Prepare to be offended at a somewhat risqué joke in chapter nine. The wind is fair and the tide is right. Welcome to the wonderful world of yachting.

International Marine Sampler

Get ready for boating season with a sneak peak of Coyote Lost at Sea and Suddenly Overboard—available to you with our compliments. This eSampler contains excerpts of the two newest books from the largest library of nautical information—McGraw-Hill International Marine. Become an International Marine Insider with the Mike Plant story and learn from other sailors experience on the water.

How to Find Your First Boat for Buying: Guide for Purchasing the Boat

Purchasing a new boat can be a bit deal. You have a million things to take care of and you might be worried that you will spend all of that money and have a dud or nothing to show for it. Instead of heading out on your own, you should take the time to read through this guidebook and find the perfect boat for all your needs.Owning a brand new boat will be a big deal and might be very exciting. With the help of this guidebook, you can get started on the right foot, knowing that you have just found the perfect boat for all your needs.Scroll up the page and click on BUY NOW for getting Idea of Book in Details !!!

INTRODUCTION TO SWIMMING: Introduction for beginner To Swim Better AND Faster. showing types of Swimming and Swimming wear.

Swimming can be lengthy long past decrease again to the Stone Age; however did not honestly extrade right into a taken care of out game until the mid-nineteenth century. 10,000-12 months-vintage stone works of art work of human beings swimming were found with inside the Cave of Swimmers close to Wadi Sura in southwestern Egypt. These snap shots appear to show breaststroke or home canine paddle, regardless of the fact that it's miles likewise possible that the traits have a custom significance random to swimming.