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The History of Greek Athletic Sports & Festivals (Illustrated Edition)

This thorough historical study must be of interest to any sport enthusiast as well as to history scholars and professional athletes. The first part of this book is dedicated solely to the history of Greek athletics. The second part is more technical, though it may perhaps appeal to those who are actively interested in athletics. It consists of a number of chapters, each complete in itself, dealing with the details of Greek athletics.Content:History of Greek Athletics and Athletic Festivals From the Earliest Times to 393 A.D. Athletics in HomerThe Rise of the Athletic FestivalThe Age of Athletic Festivals, Sixth Century B.C.The Age of the Athletic Ideal, 500-440 B.C.Professionalism and Specialization, 440-338 B.C.The Decline of Athletics, 338-146 B.C.Athletics under the RomansThe Olympic FestivalThe Pythian, Isthmian, and Nemean FestivalsThe Athletic Festivals of AthensThe Athletic Exercises of the Greeks The StadiumThe Foot-RaceThe Jump and HalteresThrowing the DiskosThrowing the JavelinThe PentathlonWrestlingBoxingThe PankrationThe HippodromeThe Gymnasium and the Palaestra

With God on their Side: Sport in the Service of Religion

'Sport' and 'religion' are cultural institutions with a global reach. Each is characterised by ritualised performance and by the ecstatic devotion of its followers, whether in the sports arena or the cathedral of worship. This fascinating collection is the first to examine, in detail, the relationship between these two cultural institutions from an international, religiously pluralistic perspective. It illuminates the role of sport and religion in the social formation of collective groups, and explores how sport might operate in the service of a religious community.The book offers a series of cutting-edge contemporary historical case-studies, wide-ranging in their social and religious contexts. It presents important new work on the following fascinating topics:* sport and Catholicism in Northern Ireland* Shinto and sumo in Japan* women, sport and the American Jewish identity* religion, race and rugby in South Africa* sport and Islam in France and North Africa* sport and Christian fundamentalism in the US* Muhammad Ali and the Nation of Islam.With God on their Side is vital reading for all students of the history, sociology and culture of sport. It also presents important new research material that will be of interest to religious studies students, historians and anthropologists.

Coordination Abilities in Volleyball

The book presents a general view on sports training, its periodisation and the role of coordination in the initial stages of preparation in volleyball. Based on the results of the author’s research, as well as studies conducted by international sports scientists, it offers a model for the development of coordination abilities in volleyball.