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Flovely's bedtime stories for toddlers - Sleep aid for kids: The illustrated bedtime story book for children

Flovely's Book of Luck - Short Bedtime Stories For Children:

"Flovely's Book of Luck" is a lovingly illustrated book for little children to join in. Clearly understandable pictures in material design and simple rhymes to join in when read out aloud make this book a supportive and cheerful children's book.

"Luck" is the centre of this colourful and positive picture book. The little reader gets good advice on his way. So it is out across that money, power or influence will never make you happy, but friendship, love and freedom will. The text told in rhymes that are suitable for a child is accompanied by attractive pictures rich in detail. Without fail every child will happily go to bed and develop a positive view of the world.

+ Flovely Good Night Book

+ the free children?s book Flovely in the camp

About the author:

The author Siegfried Freudenfels has been working as an illustrator for children's books for over 10 years. In 2010, his first free ebook, a new edition of famous children's classics, was published as a free children's book. The works soon became known and apart from further Good Night stories for children, children's games and lullabies appeared, also as free ebooks. The collection now comprises over 20 children's books for digital reading devices.


"It's the perfect end-of-the-day book for young children"

"This story may be ideal for reading to your kids at bedtime, Grandparents will definitely enjoy reading this book to their grandchildren."

"A fun bedtime story collection"

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My Little General Knowledge Quiz Book Vol 1: 100 Multiple-Choice Questions

Whether you're playing on your own or testing your friends, this collection of 100 multiple-choice questions on general knowledge will bring lots of fun.

Here Is The Quiz Book: 100 Multiple-Choice Questions on Jeff Lynne & ELO

Jeff Lynne is the most underrated rock and pop artist of all time. An icon to his fans, his songs with ELO will live forever. This incredibly talented and modest man has created some of the most beautiful music ever. His songs are up there with the best of Lennon and McCartney. Whether you're playing on your own or testing your friends, this collection of 100 multiple-choice questions will bring hours of fun. Just how extensive is your knowledge of the wonderful music of the Electric Light Orchestra and the genius that is Jeff Lynne. To find out play on.

Memory Brain Training - Book 1: Amusement Parks


Human brains are flexible and ever growing. Studies show that the more one uses their brain, the stronger that brain gets. Research with nuns finds that nuns who have Alzheimer's do far better than expected because their daily activities keep their brains sharp and engaged. It can come down to the "use it or lose it" maxim - if you want your brain to stay alert, you want to put it through gentle exercises every day.

That's where this Memory Brain Training book comes in.

Within this book you'll find ten images, all on the theme of amusement parks. For each image you will stare at it, focus on it, and memorize as many features of the image as you can. Then, when you turn the page, you'll be asked a series of questions about that image. How many cars were on the roller coaster? What were the colors on the striped tent? Through this process you'll be training your brain to concentrate, focus, and build its recall.

What's great is that the book provides long term training. Come back to it in a week. Do you remember any of the questions? Which ones? Are you able to answer more questions correctly?

The more you train your brain, the better you get at focus, concentration, and memory recall. Take that step every day to improve your life!

* * *

Book 1: Amusement Parks is the first book in this brain training series. These books are suitable for all ages from eight to a hundred and eight.

A portion of all proceeds benefits battered women's shelters.

Vicarious Fate (Flash Fiction / Short Story)

A master of the dark arts is on the verge of making a groundbreaking discovery about death and undeath. But after another failed attempt at proving this theory, he goes out to gather a key ingredient to try again. During his trip, however, he finds not only the ingredient, but an ideal test subject who is perhaps the key to unlocking a new discovery.

A story of betrayal, vengeance, and a twisting turn of events, "Vicarious Fate" chronicles events preceding R.M. Prioleau's award-winning novella, "The Necromancer's Apprentice."

Armour Battles: World War Two Wargame Rules (Combat HQ Book 0)

Introductory World War Two wargame rules based on Combat HQ.

Armour Battles is a fully playable game.

Armour Battles features three armoured battles set in Lorraine, France in 1944 as Patton's 3rd Army advances towards the Rhine. The first battle is a small meeting engagement between US and German tanks. The next battle has the Americans attacking the Germans. This is followed by the Americans attempting to break through the German positions as the Germans counter-attack with a Tiger I platoon.

Present Company (Flash Fiction / Short Story)

A master of the Dark Arts searches for his prized experiment. A commoner woman with a torn past seeks a new life. The story of death's love and life's fate, "Present Company" chronicles events preceding R.M. Prioleau's novella, "The Necromancer's Apprentice."

The Pariahs

Two sellswords--a half-elf and a half-orc--find their war over before it even begins. But trouble is stirring on the home front, conflict which threatens more than just their lives.

A novella set in the world of Ren of Atikala. Part one of the The Pariahs series.

Eye Benders Aliens and Mandalas (Eye Benders, Aliens, Ufos, Mandalas, Pyramids, and Optical Illusions by Eric Z Book 1)

Eye Benders, Aliens, Pyramids, Impossible Objects, Mandalas, and Optical Illusions: this book has them all in RaZor Sharp pictures!

There's also a free coloring page included!

Scroll up and GRAB a copy today!

GO TO for a complete preview of the designs!

Learn Pro Blackjack - How to Play Blackjack, Master Blackjack Strategy, and Maximize Your Odds

Learn Pro Blackjack is the best blackjack book for beginners and intermediate players who want to quickly and comprehensively learn blackjack rules, master blackjack basic strategy and maximize their odds playing 21. Unlike other blackjack books, Learn Pro Blackjack focuses holistically on the entire playing experience to make sure players have the tools they need to have fun and be confident playing blackjack.

The book includes detailed games rules, helps players master blackjack basic strategy, provides useful techniques for practicing, and outlines the critical tips necessary for maximizing a player's odds. The book also comes equipped with four bonus chapters that cover the history of blackjack, how to play Spanish 21 (a variation on traditional blackjack), a review of the MIT blackjack team story, and a discussion about advanced strategies. Detailed graphics are also included to display examples where necessary throughout the book.

Learn Pro Blackjack is based on the hit iOS and Android app of the same name. Downloaded by users in over 40 countries, the app has helped thousands of people practice basic strategy. The book and the app stand alone, but also make perfect companions. Readers of the book are welcomed to download the app to help them practice blackjack anytime, anywhere.

Although it's commonly cited that blackjack has the lowest house edge of any casino game, that's only true when using basic strategy and is dependent on being able to identify good playing conditions. Don't wait until you are at the casino to find out you haven't done your homework. Get the book today!

The ChessCafe Puzzle Sampler

The ChessCafe Puzzle Books! We are pleased to offer excerpts from three of the most popular chess books available today. They are The ChessCafe Puzzle Books 1 and 2 by German grandmaster Karsten MA 1/4 ller and Book 3, also by MA 1/4 ller, and in cooperation with Dutch international master Merijn van Delft. All three books are available in both traditional, hard copy and electronic editions. The original books are published in figurine algebraic notation, with Informant-style evaluation symbols. For this Puzzle Sampler, we have converted the notation to simple English algebraic and replaced the Informant-style evaluation symbols with text. The ChessCafe Puzzle Book 1 combines clear discussions of tactical themes with over 600 well-chosen positions to test, challenge and teach. Although the classic combinations are not ignored, the great emphasis is on positions from modern tournament practice of the last decade. From CCPB1, four puzzles with different tactical themes (please note that the actual numbering of the puzzles has been changed for this Kindle edition). It is Black to move in Puzzles 1 and 2, White to move and Puzzles 3 and 4. Solutions are immediately after the four puzzles. The ChessCafe Puzzle Book 2 takes on the more difficult and less tangible aspect of positional play. As most chess instructors and players know, it is much more difficult to teach and learn strategic concepts than tactics. The author not only presents puzzles to solve, but also presents examples of different strategic ideas. Here is an excerpt from the section about Outposts. One of the most important skills a chessplayer needs is the ability to defend a position that is under siege. In the third volume in the highly acclaimed, best-selling ChessCafe Puzzle Book series, international grandmaster Karsten MA 1/4 ller, along with international master Merijn van Delft, examines and expounds upon the vital defensive concepts and techniques used to repulse enemy attacks. From CCPB3, three puzzles with different themes (please note that the actual numbering of the puzzles has been changed for this Kindle edition). It is Black to move in all three puzzles. Solutions are immediately after the three puzzles.

The Rules of Chess

Chess is one of the most challenging - and enjoyable - games that has ever been played. It has a history that goes back over a thousand years, and there is some evidence that perhaps it is even older than that. The Rules of Chess is a free book, in electronic format, that will teach young and old how to play the "Royal Game." Written by one of the great instructors of the modern era, Bruce Pandolfini, it is in fact a small excerpt from his extremely popular book Let's Play Chess (2nd edition). After the material is presented, there is a section listing and describing the chess books published by Russell Enterprises, Inc. which are also available in electronic format. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy The Rules of Chess by Bruce Pandolfini...

Monster Aliens and their Hot Rod UFO's! (Eye Benders, Aliens, Ufos, Mandalas, Pyramids, and Optical Illusions by Eric Z Book 3)

Monster Aliens and their Hot Rod UFO's!

Razor sharp Black and White graphicsthat will please the eye and wonder the BRAIN!

Eyebenders, aliens, Ufos, Mandalas, Pyramids, and Hot Rods - what more could you want!?

Perfect for kids and young adults, and adults alike...

These are the BLACK AND WHITE graphics (9-17) from the upcoming Coloring Book!

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Jungle Animals Coloring Book

This adult coloring book has 10 jungle animals to color: snake, chameleon, frog, gorilla, jaguar, monkey, orangutan, parrot, tiger and toucan.

A link to the PDF is provided in the book.

Let Me Quiz You: 100 Multiple-Choice Questions On Morrissey & The Smiths

Whether you're playing on your own or testing your friends, this collection of 100 multiple-choice questions will bring lots of fun. Just how extensive is your knowledge of this most influential of bands and the living icon that is Morrissey? To find out play on. These are the first 100 Questions from my book THIS CHARMING QUIZ BOOK Vol 1: 1000 Multiple Choice Questions on Morrissey & The Smiths.

Monster Aliens and their Hot Rod UFO's! (Eye Benders, Aliens, Ufos, Mandalas, Pyramids, and Optical Illusions by Eric Z Book 4)

Monster Aliens and their Hot Rod UFO's!

Razor sharp Black and White graphicsthat will please the eye and wonder the BRAIN!

Eyebenders, aliens, Ufos, Mandalas, Pyramids, and Hot Rods - what more could you want!?

Perfect for kids and young adults, and adults alike...

These are the BLACK AND WHITE graphics (16-24) from the upcoming Coloring Book!

Scroll up and grab a copy today!

Tactical Patterns Made Easy: Chess Concepts Made Easy Book 2

Tactical Patterns Made Easy

Tactics are very important in Chess. How to spot winning material and other tactics?

Using text and 850+ large clear color diagrams, FIDE Master Bill Jordan shows you how.

Chess has relatively easy rules but is potentially a game of great complexity. The complexity is achieved by the large number of ways the simple elements can be combined. The number of possibilities increases geometrically with the number of units on the board.

Pattern recognition

There are many tactical pattern which happen again and again in games. Skilled players are familiar with many patterns and themes, through both play and study. This familiarity allows players to spot tactics much quicker than they would otherwise. There is a strong correlation between playing strength and how quickly a player can find tactics.

The book starts with a fresh look at the simple elements of chess and how they can be put together. Elements include the chessboard itself and the basic functions of the units. Types of patterns are explained. The last section contains a large number of common tactical patterns.

Types of patterns include attack, checkmate, ways to draw and ways to win material. Drawing patterns include stalemate patterns and perpetual check patterns. Patterns involved in winning material include Forks, Pins, Skewers, Discoveries, Nets, Ties and Discoveries. Saves are also examined.

This book includes many positions that have been collected for coaching purposes over many years. The book is designed to help the reader to quickly become familiar with many tactical patterns. It may also help refresh familiarity with tactical patterns that have been previously seen, but partly forgotten.


The positions have been invented. In many cases they have been simplified and have few units on the board which are not involved in tactic being presented. In many cases they are fragments of positions, one or more Kings may be missing. However they are are very similar to positions from actual play and are quite unlike composed positions.


In all positions White moves first and White is playing up the board.

Moves are numbered from the current position, not from the start of the game.

The book uses standard chess notation, which is short Algebraic notation. It is desirable to know this.

There are different ways you can read this book.

You can treat the positions as puzzles. You can choose the move you would play and move to the next diagram to check whether you are correct or not.

You can simply enjoy playing through through the positions, becoming familiar with a wide range of tactical patterns as you do so. You can quickly flip forwards (or backwards) through the sequence of moves in each position.

You can combine both approaches. For example, during a first reading you could play through the positions. On a second reading you could see how many you can solve from the starting position.

The Look Inside feature currently does not support Kindle eBooks in Topaz/Print Replica/Fixed layout KF8 format. Currently we do not have the option to have LITB enabled for the fixed layout format, considering the conversion issues involved in it.

However, our technical team is working on improvements to have the feature enabled and are working to meet the customer requirements.

I am working on this. Look inside 'Checkmate Made Easy' to see what the graphics look like.

See my authors page for information about my background and other books.

Bridge secret: revealed

I am a bridge teacher. I believe that bridge is the best card game ever created. But also I know that many people know a lot of myths about bridge. Often people think, that bridge is just for very intelligent people.

I want to show you that bridge is very interesting and not complicated. 98 % of my students become bridge players and 100% students understood what bridge is. I hope that I managed to move the lesson in the book.

Bridge is great game and you can play and win it, that's why I wrote this book.

Good luck and hope to see you at a table.

Ren of Atikala: Volume 1 (Kobolds)

I am Ren of Atikala. Kobold. Sorceress. Warrior. I have many stories to tell and this one is about my home. Home. The word has a special resonance with us all. Great or humble, rich or poor, everyone cherishes their home, and if deprived of it, loses a piece of themselves. I once thought that life could not be so cruel as to take everything I'd known in an instant. Oh how I now understand that life can be capricious indeed. This is the story of how I came to the surface of Drathari and unwillingly traded a life for a life.

30x30 Double IQ KING Word Search Puzzles

As the title indicates, this book contains 30x30 double (60 hidden words) word search puzzles designed to improve your intelligence quotient (IQ). You cannot change your IQ; it is a measure of the intelligence you already have. However, the IQ you use on a daily basis - your effective IQ - can be increased. Doing so can help you be more successful in your personal relationships, as it increases your ability to solve and overcome problems. Additionally, you will find that as you increase your effective IQ, you can become more successful on your job as you strive to gain professional success. "Double" in the title means 50 search words instead of 25. The puzzles are very hard in difficulty. About This Book This book contains 150 word search puzzles, with one puzzle on each page. The method for solving each puzzle should be familiar to you if you have worked word search puzzles before. However, the format is unique. Each puzzle has twice twenty five words listed in a vertical column. The word search puzzle is next to the list of words in a box of letter squares twenty five letters by twenty five letters. The solutions can be found vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, either forward or in reverse order. How to Solve Word Search Puzzles In order to achieve success at any task, one needs to know the best way to accomplish the goal of that task. With word search puzzle solving, the goal, of course, is to solve the puzzle. To do so, there are a number of methods one can use. They are as follows: Take a Quick Look Glance at the puzzle and mark the ones you see immediately first. Develop a Strategy As you work your word search puzzle, a strategy will help you to work faster and more efficiently 1)Check beginning letters. One successful strategy is to look for the beginning letter of the word for which you are searching. Then look at the box immediately to the left and right, above and below, and in both diagonal directions for the remaining letters. At this point, you sho