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The very Worst Riding School in the World

Who would be stupid enough to open and run a riding school when they are terrified of horses, can't ride, without insurance or capital, and with not the faintest idea of how to care for horses. Add to that, two of the four horses are not fit for the knacker's yard. Yes, that's exactly what I did - like so many of my adventures I 'fell' into this one as well with hilarious results.

Good Practices in Addressing Illegal Betting: A Handbook for Horse Racing and Other Sports to Uphold Integrity

The Handbook, written by the Asian Racing Federation Council on Anti-illegal Betting and Related Financial Crime, aims to (1) highlight the risks to the integrity of racing and other sports from illegal betting-related sports corruption, and (2) provide practical guidance to administrators and other key stakeholders to mitigate against and combat such corruption. It has been written by the Council members, a group of experts from horse racing and sports integrity management, law enforcement, sports law, and international government relations.The Asian Racing Federation is a regional federation comprising 28 racing authorities and racing-related organisations, with a wide geographic spread from New Zealand to South Africa. Among its core objectives is the promotion of integrity in the sport of horse racing. The Asian Racing Federation Anti-Illegal Betting Taskforce was established in 2017 and now comprises 14 members from organisations engaged in horse racing and sports integrity, law enforcement, the UNODC, and academia.In October 2020, the task force was renamed as the Asian Racing Federation Council on Anti-illegal Betting & Related Financial Crime whose purpose is to foster and enhance international cooperation among horse racing operators, regulators, intergovernmental organisations and government agencies in order to better combat the threat of illegal betting and other financial crimes to horse racing integrity in particular, and sport in general.