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Triathlon: The Beginners Guide: Finish your first triathlon; training tips and racing secrets to make you a faster triathlete

Finish Your First Triathlon and

Impress the Doubters Who Said You Couldn't

Veteran Triathlon Coach with students in over 35 countries across the globe wants to add you to the First Time Finishers List.Are you thinking about getting into triathlon or attempting your first race? Maybe you're curious about this whole "Triathlon" thing and want to know if its right for you?

If you've ever thought about doing a triathlon, you're in the right place.

Triathlon: the Beginners Guide Will Be Your Trusted GuideTriathlon can be confusing.

Let me help you get started.Don't be intimidated by skinny 20-somethings squeezed into lycra.Don't rush into dangerous amounts of joint-pounding training; risking your health.Don't be fooled into buying tons of expensive and unnecessary equipment.The Beginners Guide will act as your road-map to Triathlon successIt covers every aspect of your triathlon, including:which Triathlon distance is right for youhow to swim and get over the fear of swimming in open-water, away from the safety and familiarity of your local pool.becoming a fast (and safe) cyclist, without spending thousands of dollars on a professional-grade bikehow to run after you've just finished an intense bike ridewhat to look for in a triathlon training plan, and how to tell if you should tear yours up on the spotwhat you need to eat and drink; before, during and after your racehow to put it all together in the intense "transition area" andhow to survive race day nerves and the complex logistics of a triathlon race site.I'll Also Reveal these Nuggets of Triathlon Gold; Earned from Over 25 Years of Triathlonthe same "Six Periods of Training" I use with my $1000 per month one-on-one studentsthe simple truth about structuring your Triathlon training . . . no math formula or science PhD requiredwhy "standard" advice about open-water swimming will leave you gasping for air while others swim over the top of youthe most powerful cure for fear of swimming ever known . . . and why it's easier to fix than you've ever thought possiblethe single little-known secret of triathlon training to dramatically reduce your risk of injury . . . by up to as much as 90%the only list you'll ever need for all your Triathlon planningwhy most Triathlon coaches are 100% wrong in the way they approach race dayhow to avoid the embarrassing mistakes even veteran triathletes make on race dayStart Your Triathlon Journey TodayTriathlons the Beginners Guide is everything a new triathlete like you needs to prepare for your first race and enjoy your first triathlon.

Cut through the confusion and guarantee a fun and successful first triathlon by getting your copy today.

About Terry StevennsonTerry Stevennson has seen it all in Triathlon. Older than he's willing to admit, Terry has helped thousands of folks just like you get over their first triathlon nerves and arrive at the Finish Line with a smile on their faces.

Faster Kid: How Sports Parents Can Help Their Kids Run Faster Now

Does your kid need to run faster for sports? Are you tired of watching them struggle because they need more speed?

From track runners to soccer players and football players to baseball players--all athletes need speed. Speed determines key outcomes of a game or meet, like: who controls the ball; who scores; and ultimately who wins. More importantly, speed supercharges self-confidence and personal bests.

Don't worry about genetics. Whether you passed along your fast genes or your not so fast genes, there are still things you can do to help your child run faster. In this right-to-the-point, action-oriented book, Coach Martise tells you exactly what you can do to immediately boost your kid's speed no matter what sport they play or their natural abilities.

As a four-time state hurdle champion and former USC scholar-athlete, Coach Martise has helped countless athletes fast track their sports growth journeys. Now she is sharing some of the exact techniques she uses to get fast results.

In Faster Kid, you will learn:

oHow to tweak your kid's running form for more speed

oSimple exercises that wake up fast-twitch muscle fibers

oEffective ways to increase your athlete's range of motion

No matter your sports background or your kid's athletic level or ability--know that by following the tips in Faster Kid, you can successfully help your athlete run faster.

You will also get access to a bonus video training, How to Help Your Sports Kid Grow Mentally Stronger.

For more sports parenting support, go to:

From 100 meters to the marathon: Inspirational Stories of some of the greatest runners (Just some Motivation)

Running is an incredible feeling in itself, and a great way to stay fit and at your physical best. As far as humans are concerned, running was necessary, in the earlier days, to hunt for food, to fight in the wars, or to deliver messages.

There have been incredible and inspirational runners in the past, like the Greek messenger Pheidippides, who was sent from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens, to deliver the message that the Persians had been defeated. (He roughly travelled a distance of 40km, almost the same as a modern day marathon event.)

But over the past century, ever since running has become a serious and a highly competitive sport, we have witnessed some individuals, pushing through the human barriers, creating incredible records and in their journey towards doing so, inspiring millions of others to do the same.

Some of these runners, my favourites, that come to my mind immediately are Usain Bolt, Haile Gebrselassie, Milkha Singh and Mo Farah amongst many others. Some of them have had unbelievable stories, some of them have unbelievable records; but each have a strong motivation behind their running journeys and that is what I wish to share here in this book, so that more people are inspired towards their very own running journeys.

Running: A Long Distance Love Affair