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Sleeping With Your Best Friend: A funny, sexy, romantic comedy novella

"LOVED IT! I really enjoyed it! It's such an easy to read, it just flows. Rosa has a great style that pulled me in immediately, I couldn't stop reading which is usually not the case with many books out there. She is very cheeky as well which I enjoy. I really enjoyed the story, and loved the main character Lori. Everyone will be able to relate to her friendship with her best friend, I think we've all been there with that one narcissistic friend! Rosa nailed it with the writing style and the story! I can't wait for her new full length novel 'Natalie's Getting Married.' Bravo!" Sonia Farnsworth (author)

It's Lori's wedding night and husband, Sam, makes a startling revelation just hours after arriving at their dream honeymoon location. A devastated Lori returns to London believing revenge will help her recover from the shocking blow. But Lori does something she will live to regret.

Sam's best friend, Matt, is there to offer Lori a shoulder to cry on because Lori's best friend, Julia, disappeared just days before the wedding.

This flaky foursome are about to have their relationships stretched to the limits, when honesty is in short supply and bed hopping seems to be the order of the day.

Bliss Dealer

There is nothing in life that you can take and not pay for it. You pay for every bite with your labor; for every step forward, you pay with your energy; and for every feeling, you pay with a piece of your soul. Somewhere in the world there is a dealer. Once you meet him, he will offer to sell you a little happiness and in return he will ask for your most intimate feelings and your deepest secrets. People say that some of his methods are painful, while others are captivated. That's why you can easily hate him or fall in love with him. But one thing is certain, once you've met him, your heart will hope to see him again -The Bliss Dealer. Because who wouldn't want perfect happiness and great joy in their lives!

Almost Over It: Volume 1 (The Clover Park STUDS)

The most aggravating man in the world turns her on... When Jasmine Davis opens her new dance studio, she's shocked to find she shares the building with orthodontist Will Levi, aka the man she fought with all summer at the community theater. Will is rigid, uptight, and irritating, so why is she so turned on? Ex-bad boy Will has been living a life of penance ever since he crashed his car, nearly killing his brother. Jasmine is just one more reminder of the life he doesn't deserve, but when one perfect kiss sets them on the slippery slope toward love, they both fear it will end with a crash. What do you do when the one person you can't live with is the one person you can't live without? The Clover Park STUDS Series Book 1: Almost in Love Book 2: Almost Married Book 3: Almost Over It "Originally published under the title Stud Unleashed: Will."