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HEARTS OVER BELLHAM: Two Bellham Romance Short Stories

You never know what might happen in Bellham, Oregon. But one thing's for certain - love is always in the air.

HEARTS OVER BELLHAM is a collection of two Bellham Romance SHORT STORIES. Both are sweet, clean, inspirational romances, and are prequels to the first full-length novel in the series - LOVE AT FIRST CLICK. A short excerpt from the Bellham Romance COWBOY, REMIND ME is included.


Hillary Johnson secretly admired handsome fellow firefighter, Tim Jacobs, for years.

When the fire chief asks for volunteers to hang Valentine's decorations over Main Street, Hillary's hand shoots up immediately after Tim's. Why pass up a golden opportunity to spend time with the guy she's crushing on, just because she's afraid of heights?

Hillary battles her fear to prove to Tim, and to herself, that she can conquer it.

After observing Hillary's courage, Tim notices her - really notices her - for the first time.


After a dozen years of marriage, financial woes, and the possibility of losing their alpaca ranch, the honeymoon is definitely over for Carol and Christopher Ridge.

But will a candlelit dinner and a walk under the lighted hearts along Bellham's Main Street help Carol and Christopher reconnect on Valentine's Day? If so, will it launch a new honeymoon phase for the struggling couple?

FOR READERS WHO ENJOY small town romance series, sweet, tender love stories, marriage romance, fireman romance, short love stories, western small town settings, clean romance, Christian romance, free short stories, inspiring short stories, romance western, rancher romance, holiday romance, new adult romance, and Valentine's Day Romance.

WHAT READERS ARE SAYING: "Talented author Danita Cahill offers two sweet romances. Good for any day of the year, not just Valentine's Day, Hearts over Bellham will warm your heart."

"I love the way Danita writes her stories. The words just flow to make you feel a part of the community. They are very warm, romantic stories that fill the heart with love. Please keep them coming, Danita!"

"...another heartwarming romance by Danita Cahill. I enjoy the small town atmosphere she uses for settings and the "real" characters that you would see in a small community. That it was also a satisfying love story adds the cherry on the top of this sweet treat."

Sweet Company - An Inspirational Romance - Book 1 of 9 (Crossroads at Bethany)

This is a standalone inspirational romance in the Crossroads at Bethany series.

When Jessica's great aunt passes away, Jessica returns to the small town of Bethany for the reading of the will. Much to her surprise, her great aunt left Jessica her bakery, Sylvia's Sticky Buns. Jessica and her Great Aunt loved to bake but it had been years since Jessica gave up that hobby. What was Jessica going to do with a bakery now?

Things get a bit more complicated when Luke, one of Jessica's new employees learns of Jessica's plan to sell the bakery. The town loves the bakery and Jessica is pressured to keep it running. Luke's little cousin Bradley, has experienced severe trauma that has left him mute. Little Bradley loves the bakery but Jessica has a great offer on the table from a large bakery mega-chain.

Jessica must now choose to between the prospect of sudden wealth or her true love before she loses it all.

Inspired- A Christian Fiction Anthology

JABEZ by Joy Ohagwu"The only stock you'll ever sell is chik'n stock."

Jabez Patrickson heard those gut-wrenching words dripping with sarcasm from his father at a tender age and knew the odds were strongly stacked against him. Not only will his father not support his goal to become a NY Stockbroker, he would stand against any chance of his succeeding. JB set his heart on his goal. But several odds stood in his way--lack of money, insufficient education, and moral support. Will he make it to the NY Stock Exchange as a stockbroker or will his dream be squashed before it begins? Will Louisville construction worker be the only job ever on his resume? Or with divine intervention, can he surmount the impossible odds to reach his dream?


UNPLANNED by Alana TerryWhen Kennedy Stern's childhood pastor asks her to volunteer at his new pregnancy center, she carves time out of her rigorous college schedule to promote the cause of the unborn.

After receiving a disturbing call from someone far too young to carry a child, Kennedy can no longer blindly hide behind the pro-life platitudes she grew up believing. She resolves to locate the unknown girl but winds up entrenched in a mystery that grows more convoluted as it unfolds.


THE LADY AND THE MOUNTAIN MAN by Misty M. BellerLeah Townsend, a recently orphaned heiress, flees Richmond after discovering her fiance's plot to kill her after their wedding. She needs a safe place to hide, and finds herself accepting a newspaper marriage proposal from a God-fearing young rancher in the Montana Territory.

But when an accident forces Leah to stay at the ranch for seven more months, can Gideon protect his heart from a love he doesn't want? Has Leah really escaped the men who seek her life?


CONTINGENCY By Paula WisemanBobbi Molinsky had it all--a successful husband, two great boys and a job she loved-- then she opens a stray email from the newest attorney at Chuck's firm and is blindsided by the discovery of his extramarital affair. An angry confrontation leaves her with the broken remains of their eighteen-year marriage.

Guided by their pastor, Chuck commits to do whatever it takes to win Bobbi back, but she is wrestling with much more than his infidelity.


TRUE LOVE AT CHRISTMAS by Juliette Duncan- A world away in Australia, Margaret and Harold plan to spend Christmas in London with their twin daughters, Chloe and Sophie, but when Harold comes home ill from work one day, their plans are thrown into disarray. Their son, Harrison, springs a few surprises on his parents to make the day special, including one they never saw coming! This short Christmas love story will be sure to warm your hearts during the festive season and all year round.


OUT OF A DREAM by Rosemary HinesMichelle Baron should be reveling in her new life in Sandy Cove, Oregon. From the outside, it all looks idyllic. A newlywed settling into a quaint coastal town, her husband establishing himself as a junior partner in a law firm--what more could she want?

But a series of disturbing nightmares haunts Michelle. Her quest to understand these dreams leads her to the New World bookstore, and to a spiritual journey that will challenge her Christian heritage and her marriage.


STEALTHY STEPS by Vikki KestellGemma Keyes is an ordinary, unexceptional young woman with a lackluster life until an overheard conversation ends her budding career--and her loyalty to an old friend puts her very existence in jeopardy.


CALLIE by Sharon SROCKCallie Stillman has done everything she can to bury the memories of a tiny, baby-sized coffin. She lives life one day at a time, basking in the love of a good man and doting on her grandchildren. Until she crosses paths with a little girl who is obviously in trouble--but tries to hide it.

A Blizzard Wedding

A Blizzard Wedding is a continuation of Lightning Strikes and After the Storm. Now engaged, Luke and Rachel fly to the Sky Ridge Mountains for an intimate Valentine's Day wedding at a ski lodge. When a blizzard hits hard, their wedding is in jeopardy--will Luke be trapped in the storm, or make it to the wedding in time?

Please note: After the Storm and Lightning Strikes (also available) are short stories written in round-robin style by numerous authors of Prism Book Group during a promotional event. Each contributor had the opportunity to add a section, and take the story where they chose. The authors had a good time pulling this together! Now that the event is over, they are offering it to readers who would enjoy the opportunity to read it. It is meant as fun, merely to showcase various writing styles, and is not intended as a novel.

Mail Order Bride - Charlotte's Summer: Clean Sweet Western Cowboy Romance (Seasons Mail Order Brides Book 1)

Seattle orphan Charlotte Bates is horrified when the evil Mr Graynger informs her that on her upcoming 18th birthday, she WILL become his wife. But Charlotte simply can't marry him ... she won't! He is vulgar, putrid and disrespectful - not to mention, over three times her age.With help from her best friend Beth and the kindly Mistress Belle, Charlotte is soon heading east to marry young farmer Thomas Ackerman in Conrad, Montana.


As her life in Conrad unfolds, Charlotte meets a wonderful mix of townsfolk, including her future husband Thomas, the lovely Louise, the interfering Mabel, and an adorable 8 year old boy named Junior.


But even in Paradise, life doesn't always turn out the way we might hope or expect it to. Has Charlotte jumped from the frying pan into the fire? Or might she learn that amidst the mud and the blood and the tears, romance and love can materialize in the most magical, unexpected ways.


The Seasons Mail Order Bride series:


Series 1 - Seasons


Book One - Charlotte's Summer

Book Two - Falling for Beth

Book Three - Alice in Winterland

Book Four - Spring Belle


Series 2 - Seasons Sons & Daughters


Book One - Madeline's Match

Book Two - Hannah's Hope

Book Three - Sarah's Choice

Book Four - Stella's Fella

Always and Forever: A Sweet & Clean Historical Romance (Second Chance Brides Book 7)

A Mail Order Bride He Doesn't Want - A Woman He Can't Resist

"Awesome Love Story!" -- Shelly Small

"As usual, could not put it down!" ~KJB


The problem is that Nancy Mitchell can't marry the man her father chose for her. Her only escape from the arrangement is to find another husband quick, so she concocts a desperate plan and agrees to become a mail order bride. When a drastic change in circumstances dumps her into the arms of Hal Grayson, a handsome grieving man who hates her family, she is forced to rethink her hastily made plan. Can the captivating and spirited Nancy Mitchell reawaken Hal Grayson's grieving heart?

oPlease Note: "Always and Forever" is the SWEET edition of When I Fall in Love, book 1 in Wendy Lindstrom's award-winning and New York Times bestselling Grayson Brothers series.


Second Chance Brides series:


Book 2: TWICE LOVED - RITA Winner!

Book 3: THEN CAME YOU - Romantic Times 4-1/2 star Top Pick!

Book 4: ONLY YOU






"Pulls you into the story right from the beginning , each book I read leaves you wanting to learn more about this family."


"Once you get started you won't want to put it down. "

"Heartwarming page turner!"

"Made me cry. More than once."

"Keep your tissues handy!"

"A beautiful, heartwarming love story."

"An unexpected gem."

"I could not put it down, it made me laugh and cry."

"I laughed ,I cried, I felt anger & sadness! What more could a reader want from a book."

"A beautiful heartwarming love story. Love that seemed impossible, became something that makes tears come to your eyes and a smile to your lips. I loved it!

"Heartwarming page turner. I read it in two days and will read the rest of the series."

"A wonderful engaging story."


"A moving and heartwarming story of courage, family and love."

"This book will touch your heart. You can feel the pain and sorrow that a war can bring a family and love heals."


Themes: This Victorian historical romance series set in 19th century and 1800s is features sweet and clean & wholesome love stories for adults, but also appropriate for teen and young adult romance readers.

Nightmares and Memories (The Doctor's Patient Book 1)

From the Publisher that brought you popular adult short story series Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Psychic Files, Eve Snow Psychic P.I., Ralph's Gift, Seasons of Love, The Taken, Come With Me, A Whisper of Love, Secret Lavalle, A Halloween Awakening, One Wrong Step, Shadow Stalkers, Beautiful Magick, Dangerously Moving On, and Friend Zone. Now, here is The Doctor's Patient...


THE WOMAN WITHOUT A PASTWhen she woke up, she remembers nothing. She has nothing with her except her clothes and a Bible. She knows no one, the cops are waiting to ask questions about things she doesn't know about, and she is having bad dreams that she suspects to be her memories trying to return. So the gracious, kind and handsome doctor who takes care of her is a real blessing.

Finally given the temporary name of Ruth, Dr. Richard Hayle tries to help her recover her memory by employing Dr. Julie Greene to perform hypnosis on her. At the same time, she and Richard are drawn to each other in ways that are more than professional.

But she still has to contend with dreams that are fast becoming sinister. The cops have found a dead woman in the woods near where she was recovered and they seem to believe the answers they are seeking are locked with the memories inside her head.

Does she? Ruth wants to help. But what if recovering those answers will mean harming herself?

Download the book now and find out!


"I can't begin to imagine what you must be feeling right now, but you'll have to trust me when I say that we're going to do everything in our power to get you back to being you again. Now, my name is Dr. Hayle. If you have any questions and I'm not around, just let one of your nurses know and they will page me."

"I'll do that," she said. As she listened to him speaking, she focused on his voice once again. It was so sweet and caring, but there was also a toughness underneath all of that--a rough edge that told her that she was in strong, capable hands.

"Now," Dr. Hayle said, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to switch gears here for a minute. There's a bit of unpleasant business that needs to be taken care of, and given you current state of recovery, I think it's time we get it over with."

"That doesn't sound promising," she said. As she waited for him to continue, she tried to think of what this unpleasant business might be. Outside of her memory and whatever trauma had been done to her head, she was pretty sure she had no injuries. Was there perhaps something more they needed to tell her--something they didn't want to burden her with until she was fully coherent?

"The police have been waiting patiently to ask you a few questions," Dr. Hayle said. "And I think it's time we gave them their chance. I don't want you to worry about it. I'm going to stay with you the entire time."

The police? Why would the police want to talk to her? The thought sent a spiral of panic through her and the gash on her head seemed to thrum in response.

"Is that okay?" Dr. Hayle asked.

She nodded and found herself wanting to reach out and take his hand.

Download and discover why readers are raving love Rachel Gilberts.

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Crazy Jenna: A Christian Friends-to-Lovers Romance (Growing Up at Connect Book 1)

This is a story

About growing up in church,

And rebelling against it.

About breaking a heart,

And finding a way to mend it.

About hearing God's voice,

And trying to obey it.

About avoiding expectation,

And learning to defy it.

This is the story of an unlikely couple,

Max and Crazy Jenna,

Who from Sunday School to adulthood,

Ventured to and from the prodigal's path,

And ended up finding each other.

Ride With Me: 1 (A Quaking Heart Novel - Book One)

When Clint's vow to never marry and his attraction to Jessie square off, Clint finds himself at a life-altering crossroads. Will he take her innocence . . . or her heart, and change both their lives forever.

Opal – The Outlaw and the Sheriff Who Loved Her: Montana Western Romance: Volume 1 (Come-By-Chance Brides of 1885)

Ophelia Trigger, 18, is WANTED ... for MURDER! When Ophelia hears a voice in her head telling her, "It's time to start giving, and time to start doing what's right," she knows she must leave her corrupt father and begin to make amends for all his wrongdoing - but when she leaves, the evil man frames her for murder!. She goes West to make her escape, and on her way becomes Opal Farewell. For her, Come-By-Chance will be a place to hide, to start a new life - perhaps even somewhere to marry... Meanwhile, upstanding Billings Sheriff, Calvin Johnson, is on the trail of WANTED MURDERESS - Ophelia Trigger. A story of cat and mouse, give and take, and the difference between Evidence and Truth. It's 1885, and love is in the air in the town of Come-By-Chance! In this much-loved series strong women risk everything to rise above their desperate circumstances, find true love, and wed real men who'll treat them right.

Dream with Me Cowboy: Texas Matchmakers, Book 1

From award-winning author Debra Clopton comes Dream with Me, the first book in the Texas Matchmakers series, an addictively fun Christian romance series!

Hairstylist Lacy Brown believes love is in the air, and hair, when she drives her ancient pink convertible into town and joins forces with three matchmakers who've started a national "wives wanted" ad campaign to save their dying town. She believes the women will come, and she'll help each of them find their happily-ever-after. But she's not looking for love....

From the moment rancher Clint Matlock and Lacy Brown collide, she turns his life upside down, and suddenly, he's having trouble keeping his mind on stopping rustlers.

If you like fast paced, well-written romance with loveable characters, you'll love this series! These stories will be etched into your heart forever! What a wonderful little town she's created. Get your copy today!

Note: This book was previously published as The Trouble with Lacy Brown. This enhanced edition includes some fun extras.

Lacy has big dreams and a vision, but she's not counting on a certain cowboy being the key to making her dreams come true. To save a dying town it'll take more than dreams and buckets of paint, it'll take a whole lot of love...if she can just open her own heart to the possibility.

Books in the Texas Matchmakers series:

Book 1: Dream with Me, Cowboy

Book 2: Be My Love, Cowboy

Book 3: This Heart's Your, Cowboy

Book 4: Hold Me, Cowboy

Book 5: Be Mine, Cowboy

Book 6: Marry Me, Cowboy

Book 7: Cherish Me, Cowboy

Book 8: Surprise Me, Cowboy

Book 9: Serenade Me, Cowboy

Book 10: Return to Me, Cowboy

Book 11: Love Me, Cowboy

Book 12: Ride with Me, Cowboy

Book 13: Dance with Me, Cowboy