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Hope For Mr. Darcy (Hope Series Trilogy Book 1)

Still shaken from his horrible proposal, Elizabeth Bennet falls ill at the Rosings Parsonage upon reading Fitzwilliam Darcy’s letter. In her increasingly delirious state, unfathomable influences inspire her to write an impulsive response. The letter gives Mr. Darcy hope in a way that nothing else could.As her illness progresses, Darcy is there at her side, crossing boundaries he has never crossed, declaring things he has never declared. A unique experience bridges them over their earlier misunderstandings, and they start to work out their differences. That is, until Elizabeth begins to recover.Suddenly, Elizabeth is left alone to wonder what exactly occurred between the two of them in her dreamlike state. And for the first time since meeting the man from Pemberley, she finds herself hoping for Mr. Darcy to return and rekindle what once was.Hope for Mr. Darcy is the first volume of the Hope Series Trilogy, a Regency variation series based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. This trilogy promises hope will always light our way through the darkness of unrequited love, but eventually bringing tremendously gratifying outcomes for our three favorite characters: Mr. Darcy, Colonel Fitzwilliam, and Georgiana Darcy.

On His Bended Knee: a Sweet Marriage of Convenience series (The Brides of Purple Heart Ranch Book 1)

She needed a place to stay. He needed to save his ranch. Together they just might make a home.Sgt. Dylan Banks lost more than just his leg in the war. His fiancée and family turned their backs on him as well. Now, he’s determined to create a safe place where wounded warriors like himself can heal. But a hidden zoning law requires all residents of the Purple Heart Ranch to be married. To save his dream, Dylan and his men will have to tie the knot—but can a man with such deep scars inside and out believe in love again? Maggie Shaw lost both her job as a veterinary technician and her apartment on the same day. Who knew her unreasonable landlord would kick her out for being four dogs over the one pet limit? Now, she and her gang of special-needs dogs are in trouble. Fate puts her in Dylan’s path with a proposal that seems too good to be true—but can her heart bear a loveless marriage of convenience? Dylan yearns to reach out for Maggie’s healing touch, but he keeps his distance, convinced his wounds are too deep for her embrace. Maggie sees past Dylan’s injuries, but if she fails to capture his heart they both could lose it all: her beloved animals, his ranch, and each other. Find out if love can truly heal all wounds in this light-hearted, sweet romance of convenient arrangements that unfold into lasting love. On His Bended Knee is the first in a series of marriage of convenience tales featuring Wounded Warriors who are healed with the power of love. 

To Protect & Serve: A Contemporary Christian Romance Novel (The Courage Series, Book 1)

To save others' lives, they will risk their own... Houston firefighter, Jeff Taylor is a fireman's fireman. He's not afraid of anything, and no situation is too dangerous to keep him on the sideline if lives are at stake. Lisa Matheson runs a semi-successful ad agency that's on the brink of falling apart. Her employees are incompetent, and her schedule has become exhausting. When she takes on a client with a brilliant idea for a big conference, she thinks that maybe, finally this is her lucky break. However, the fire station wasn't what she had in mind for finding conference speakers. When she falls for a handsome but shy firefighter, it's possible that life might just be going her way for a change. The only problem is she can't control Jeff and the death wish he seems to have... An Amazon #1 Best Seller for Contemporary Christian Romance novels, “To Protect & Serve” is truly Christian romance at its very best. Filled with faith, hope, and love, Christian romance Kindle books aim to inspire women and men alike while giving them exceptionally romantic love stories they will not soon forget. “To Protect & Serve” fits that category perfectly. These real life characters are not perfect but are struggling to learn to live, while finding faith and love in the process. It can easily fit on your shelf of the most inspirational books."Staci Stallings writes Christian romance of the purest and sweetest kind!" To Protect & Serve The Courage Series, Book 1 *~* Excerpt *~* It was like a whole sleeping system snapped awake around Lisa. People she had no idea where they had come from were suddenly running in every direction at once. “Sorry, Ms. Matheson, we’re going to have to do this some other time,” Captain Hayes said, but she was too stunned to do more than nod. Men, gear, boots, equipment, and then just as the truck roared to life, the last fireman in full gear flashed by her and jumped into the back door. All the air vanished from the earth itself when he slammed that door closed. The blaring continued above her, but she hardly heard it as her eyes blurred against the sight. Slowly the truck pulled out into the street, leaving her standing alone in the empty station house. “Oh, God, please, let him be all right.”

Hannah and the Amish Teacher

When the recently widowed Samuel Troyer and his six-year-old daughter, Hannah, moved to Pennsylvania to begin a new life and career after his wife died, little did he know how much his life was going to change. Meeting his young daughter's beautiful Amish teacher, Abigail, was something he didn't expect and it would change his life forever. He had only planned on staying in Lancaster County long enough to learn the lumber mill business from his uncle and then move back to Indiana to start his own mill. He didn't know God would have other plans for him. He hadn't counted on falling in love with Hannah's teacher nor Hannah becoming so close to her. Through a series of strange and awkward events when they first met, Samuel was drawn in by the misadventures of the teacher. Even though they quickly developed a friendship, he never felt the love he would need to cement their relationship, that was, until a disaster came upon them in a form of a devastating tornado. Through the courageous act in risking her own life to save Hannah in the storm, Samuel realized the depth of her love towards his daughter, but would it be enough to open his eyes to the real love he felt for her?

KNOX: The Montana Marshalls - An Inspirational Romantic Suspense Family Series

His voice threaded through her, as if it might be made of rawhide, designed not to break, to weather time and elements, as sturdy as the land he probably worked. Because yes, he wore cowboy like a second skin, the no-nonsense aura of hard work and get ’er done.“Do I need to go back there and put some hurt on anyone?”He wasn’t smiling, and she couldn’t tell if he was serious—maybe. Which sort of unrooted her for a moment. Um…A woman in danger. A man who can't help but save her. But, at what cost?*Susie writes a delightful story! - NYT bestselling author Dee Henderson.*Susan May Warren is the USA Today best-selling, Christy and RITA award-winning novelist of over 65 novels, including the best-selling Montana Rescue and Montana Fire series.About KNOX:He's not looking for trouble...Montana rancher Knox Marshall's danger years are behind him. A former bull-rider, he now runs the Marshall family ranch, raising champion bucking bulls for the National Professional Bullrider's Expo (NBR-X). Wealth and success are his, but life is stable, expected, and…ordinary.  But he wants more from life...But trouble is looking for her...Kelsey Jones just wants a safe life, a family, a home. Onstage, the beautiful rising star of the Yankee Belles becomes the person she longs to be - vivacious and confident - burying the brokenness she carries from a violent assault. Becoming NBR-X’s next country act is key to outrunning her past and achieving the success and security she craves.When trouble finds them both...Knox and Kelsey's paths collide when an explosion at an NBR-X event traps them in the rubble and leaves them reeling. Kelsey’s crippling nightmares return, but for Knox, an obsession to find the bomber is ignited.What will it cost him to protect her? When Kelsey’s past threatens Knox’s family, he'll have to choose between saving the Marshall legacy or becoming the protector he's always longed to be.The explosive first book in the Montana Marshalls series!Action, drama, adventure, flawed individuals and emotional and spiritual challenges are hallmarks of Warren's books. - Christian Library JournalWarren has a knack for creating captivating and relatable characters that pull the reader deep into the story.  - Radiant LitGenre: Inspirational Romantic SuspenseLength 320 pagesTHE MONTANA MARSHALLS (family series)Book 1: KnoxBook 2: TateBook 3: Ford Book 4: Wyatt (October 2019)Book 5: Ruby Jane (November 2019)Other books by Susan May Warren:MONTANA FIREBook 1: Where There's Smoke (Summer of Fire)Book 2: Playing with Fire (Summer of Fire)Book 3: Burnin' For You (Summer of Fire)Book 4: Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful (Christmas novella)Book 5: I'll be There (Montana Fire/Deep Haven crossover)Book 6: Light My Fire (Summer of the Burning Sky)Book 7: The Heat is On (Summer of the Burning Sky)Book 8: Some Like it Hot (Summer of the Burning Sky)Book 9: You Don't Have to Be a Star (spin-off)MONTANA RESCUEBook 1: If Ever I Would Leave You (novella prequel) Book 2: Wild Montana SkiesBook 3: Rescue MeBook 4: A Matter of TrustBook 5: Crossfire (a novella)Book 6: Troubled WatersBook 7: Storm FrontBook 8: Wait for MeTEAM HOPE (Search and Rescue series)Book 1: Waiting for Dawn (novella prequel)Book 2: Flee the NightBook 3: Escape to MorningBook 4: Expect the SunriseNOBLE LEGACY (Montana Ranch Trilogy)Book 1: Reclaiming NickBook 2: Taming RafeBook 3: Finding Stefanie