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Lesbian Romance: Unguarded: Finding Love In Danger (First Time Lesbian Romance Story) (Sports Love Series Book 3)

Tiffany Tanner, who has never been with a woman before is a professional golfer in her second year on the tour. The media have dubbed her a golf prodigy. Her winning streak comes to an end when she receives threatening messages in her hotel rooms and is thrown off her game. She starts losing tournaments at an alarming rate. One night, she is ran off the road by her stalker and asks for help from her parents. They, in turn, hire a bodyguard for her.

Carol Cavanaugh is ex-military and an ex-cop turned bodyguard and one tough lesbian. As a female, she is able to blend in with her female clients posing as a friend or entourage. She is hired by Tiffany's parents and meets her at tournaments to protect her.

But Tiffany is thrown off by something else she doesn't suspect, Carol. Is this relationship destined to fail or is there something really there? With her pro golf career at stake, will she fold under the pressure? How far will this stalker take things?

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Summer Heat: A Lesbian Summer Romance Story

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When Cat is unceremoniously dumped by her girlfriend right before their holiday, she decides to join her parents on their annual trip to Tuscany. Prepared for two weeks of sun-drenched melancholy, she finds much more than nostalgia in the house where she used to spend her summers as a child.

Summer Heat is a lesbian erotic romance story

Summer Heat's eBook categories include:

Romantic Lesbian Erotica

Lesbian Romance

Lesbian Erotic Fiction

Lesbian Erotica

LGBT Romance

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The Plaintive Age: Transgender Romance Book Collection

Get THREE standalone hot M2F transgender romance short stories and enjoy over 30,000+ words of the romance stories inside!

In Her Arms - M2F Transgender and Billionaire Romance

Wild Desires -Transgender Basketball Romance

A Race for Love -Transgender Bad Biker Romance

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WARNING: This book contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

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Lesbian Romance: The Daughter of The CEO

Bridgeport Marketing's CEO is a difficult man to work for, but Carmen, his Executive Assistant has convinced herself that she can handle it. Things get more complicated when the CEO's daughter, Bonnie, comes home and visit her dad often at the office. Bonnie is like a ray of sunshine in her father's eyes and soon becomes one for Carmen, too.

Borrowed To A Lesbian (Swingers Book 1)

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Laurel and James met and fell in love almost instantly. They spent every waking minute together when they were young and after high school graduation, they made sure they attended the same college. During their junior year, James proposed to Laurel and she, of course, said yes. They were elated that their love had endured high school and college.

Both successful in their respective careers, James and Laurel began to spend an increasing amount of time working, hiding behind their smart phones, watching television, and it was no surprise when they began to drift away from each other.

Their level of intimacy over the years had become mundane, mechanical, and obligatory rather than passionate, carefree, and loving. There was no question that they were still in love with one another, but the newness and excitement of the marriage had worn off and like a stick of chewing gum that had lost its flavor, they both needed something more.

Little did James know that Laurel had an itch that needed scratching and that itch would come in the form of a fascinating, beautiful woman, the adventure was about to begin!

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Gretel: A Fairytale Retold [Novella]: A Lesbian Romance

Once in a while love gives us a fairy tale...

"a truly imaginative, inventive, and ingenious re-telling of such a beloved classic." - ?????

"it's a beautiful variation on the timeless fairy tale" - ?????

"Beautifully imagined" - ?????

Tormented by a pack of bloodthirsty wolves, Hans and his sister Gretel, run for their lives.

Desperation leads them into the comforting arms of a beautiful woman who asks for nothing in return for her kindness. While Gretel finds herself drawn to the seductress, Hans grows suspicious of her motives. Torn between a brother she adores and a woman she can't help but admire, Gretel is forced to make a choice.

Will sibling bonds override the lure of a newfound love?

Find out in this exciting adult fairy tale full of action, adventure, and romance.

'Gretel: A Fairytale Retold' is a thrilling adaptation of a classic fairytale for fans of Angela Carter's 'Bloody Chamber' and Malinda Lo's modern classic, 'Ash'. It is a six-chapter short story of just over 12,400 words and contains some explicit passages.

This book is for anyone who loves:

Lesbian Fairy Tales

Lesbian RomanceYoung Adult and New Adult FictionAction Adventure StoriesExciting stories with Strong Female Lead CharactersHistorical Fiction

Fantasy Fiction

Rollicking Adventures with Sapphic Romance

The Intros (DykeLove Quickies prequel): A Taste of Kinky Lesbian Romance

"She's gotta be a dyke!"

You've asked for it. You've got it! From the DykeLove Quickies series of shorts that feature the first meetings of strong minds, strong passions, and strong urges are the women that bring those stories to life.

YES! This edition of DykeLove Quickies brings several of these couples together for exclusive FAQs, a couple of never-before-published vignettes, and first chapters from existing works about women-loving women. Take a peek, if you dare.

THE INTROS is a glimpse into the erotic heartbeat and sensibilities of kinky lesbian romance written by Jacintha Topaz.

The first edition of this book includes the following couples:

Kaylee Hall and Dr. Monica Halverson (The Interview, Book 1)

Amber Hawkins and Elise Yarwood (The Interrogation, Book 2)

Taylor Sachs and Qianna Reeves (The Inquiry, Book 3)

The current edition of this book now includes:

Erin MacManus and LeeAnne Song (The Investigation, Book 4)

Roxanne Evers and Mercedes Samford (The Inspection, Book 5)

July Greenfield and Thalia Akasidou (The Inquisition, Book 6)

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Vicki & Lara (Meeting Each Other Book 1)

At the close of her birthday party, Vicki says goodnight to those staying over and returns to her room for a well earned rest. While she knows her best friend Lara will be there, she doesn't expect her to find lying beneath the sheets, naked and drunk.

With the breakup with her boyfriend Malcolm still at the forefront of her mind, Vicki isn't ready for another relationship. But, as she looks at Lara, even in her drunk and babbling state, she begins to realise that while her head may not be ready for it, her head has other ideas.

Now is the time that Vicki must choose; whether she will hide forever from what she truly wants, or if she can take the plunge and turn a strong and beautiful friendship into something more.


This is book one in the six part Meeting Each Other series following six separate but linked couples in their first or most significant sexual encounters. See related titles to find the other six titles in the series OR the single collection named Meeting Each Other: The Full Story.

NOTE: The Full Story contains this story and five others, as well as an additional short unavailable anywhere else! Check it out for an incredible deal of excellent value.

Thieving Fairies: A Lesbian Urban Fantasy

Urban fairy Honoria and her wife Shelagh are knee-deep in junk mail and overdue bills. Their bachelor apartment isn't big enough for the two of them and they spend their days at each other's throats.

Despite the difficulties of city life, Honoria's dead-set against using their magical powers. Even when Shelagh devises a plot to make money off fairy gold, her girl won't go for it. Honoria would rather steal the old-fashioned way than end up in a military facility after the government catches wind of their abilities--which isn't so far-fetched a concern. It happened to a friend of a friend.

When Shelagh insists they can earn a living off cash-for-gold services, the irritable couple begins a career in small-time thievery. Who knew breaking and entering would be such fun?

An urban fantasy of 6,000 words. Includes content suitable for mature audiences only.

She Marched: a romantic short story

Janette is ready to march on Washington with thousands of other women to protest the new administration. The last thing she expects is to find love in the crowd--until she meets Serena.

The Sitar

From the bowels of middle-class England, bona fide Brit Muslim lesbian Jaya Chakarbatti belies her mild-mannerisms and leads her group of Lassi Lesbians from their urban Midland terraced houses, to the smelly back alleys of London's gay Soho, to seek out other Gaysians. Through the jungle of Bollywood drag queens, unrequited clumsy love, and stark choices between the Quran or The Pink Paper, the group of girls take a snap shot of modern, urban Britain amidst riots, religious tensions, and social discontent, before ending up somehow in the heat of sweaty, uncomfortably straight but shamelessly camp Bangladesh.

Lesbian: She Loved Me

When Love Wins (WeHo)

Take Me Back

Liar, Liar, MaxOnFire

Stay Here Tonight

Includes a special one-chapter excerpt of Blown by an Inconvenient Wind, by Hildred Billings.

Lydia Kellerman

Lonely Lydia has little to look forward to during her long days working at the local LGBT resource center, except greeting multimillionaire heiress, Maxine Woodward, who drops by every week.

But Maxine could barely care who Lydia is. Maxine's a faraway dream, the ultimate fantasy for young lesbian, Lydia. When she attends a high-class fundraiser at Maxine's country manor, the last thing Lydia expects is for her dreams to come true!

Dancing. Flirting. And a one-night stand that leaves more than her heart racing and her body shaking.

But the fantasy comes to a halt when Maxine tells her young lover to leave. Now. Because Maxine Woodward does not let girls spend the night.

Maxine Woodward

Fresh from the most toxic divorce this side of the Sierra Nevadas, Maxine is the last person looking for love. Lust? Yes. Most definitely. Sex is the only thing that keeps Maxine distracted from ex-wife Penelope, long enough to function.

Lydia was supposed to be just another one-night stand, until the society pages misprint that they're dating. Then all hell breaks loose - both in Maxine's legal life, and in her heart.

Will these two finally admit that there's something more there? Or will Maxine's obstinate personality and Lydia's nerves get in the way of something special?

First step? Staying the dang night.

Meet the Baumgartners

From New York Times and USA Today best-selling and award-winning author Selena Kitt - over a million books sold!

Carrie swore off men after a relationship-gone-bad and is perfectly happy with her roommate and lover, Maureen - until she discovers Steve Baumgartner ("Call me 'Doc,' everybody does") in a very compromising - and decidedly sexy - position. Meeting Doc complicates things, but when Maureen's very religious boyfriend becomes a real threat and the gang goes to Key West for summer break, Carrie finds herself swept away by circumstance into a whirlwind of lust and sexual discovery.

If you've heard one of the books in the Baumgartners series, you'll love this prequel to the series. If you've never heard any of them - Meet the Baumgartners! Your life will never be the same again!

Warnings: This title contains FF sex, menage (MFF threesome), a wicked game of strip poker and the hottest shower masturbation scenes you may ever hear.

Just Rosalie: A Lesbian Romance (True Love Book 1)

Rosalie Watson thinks she's found the woman who she's destined to be with, but fate has other plans. After accepting her older girlfriend's marriage proposal, doubts intervene in the 'happily ever after' feeling.

She searches for reasons to stay, yet there are so many reasons to move on. And so many women are lined up to offer her what they think she needs, but only one will win her heart.

When her fiancee's ex-wife starts invading her thoughts, she doesn't know what to do. How much more complicated can her life get?

With an unexpected attraction, and steamy, forbidden kisses, she's being swept off of her feet by the last woman who she should be with in the world. But why does something so wrong always feel so right?

Rosalie's on a journey of self-discovery and what seems to be actual true love. Will she take the leap and fall into the arms of the only woman who seems to really get her, or will she run away from a chance at her very best love story?