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You Give Me Hope (Book 1)

Sometimes running away could bring you straight to the path of love. For Vanessa, that’s exactly what happened. When she got the word that she had cancer, she didn’t know what to do. Fear, worry, and generalized anxiety wracked her brain as she heard about this. However, the solution to this was to run away, to get to a better, safer place so she didn’t have to worry about it. She thought taking a vacation would change things. Little did she know, that it was the pathway to love. When she meets Jenny on the plane ride there, they immediately hit it off, and together, they spend a romantic vacation together. But of course, behind every fun getaway is the lingering worry that things will be worse when the truth is told, and for Vanessa, when it’s revealed, it changes everything between them. Will jenny accept and understand the circumstances Vanessa was in? Will she be there for her? Could true love conquer all of this, even in the face of potential death, or much worse? This heart-wrenching lesbian romance shows that romance is more than just saying “I love you” but it’s the perseverance, the sacrifice, and the overall happiness that’s at the end of the tunnel. It goes to show you that the journey to find romance is one that can have its ups and downs, and sometimes the most troublesome of situations can end up with the best outcomes not just for the one struggling, but for everyone at hand.

Saved By Her Velvet Thong (Billionaire Lesbian Romance Series Book 1)

Like most of her contemporaries Barbara Anderson (the heiress) was young, gothic and a party animal. As the only child of the Andersons, one of America's oldest and richest families, she was in line to inherit the over 100 billion fortune from the oil, and gas and real estate family business. The heiress. That was the name the press had called her, the name the paparazzi always slammed on their front pages. To curb her excesses and to stabilize their failing empire, her billionaire parents married her off to a billionaire playboy to seal off the company merger; once enemies they eventually fell in love; but on the wedding night she catches her husband having sex with another woman. As if this wasn’t enough, Barbara has so many surprises on her way. Will this marriage lasts or will it burn down like ash? Or is there a twist to the story?SCROLL UP AND GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY!

Getting Down To Business: A Lesbian RomCom Novel

From the outside, Amy Barnes has it all. She’s a rising star at her Chicago tech start up. She’s well liked, she’s funny, she’s smart, she’s pretty. But despite all this, for some strange reason, Amy’s had an absolutely awful love life. It couldn’t possibly be Amy’s fault… right?Enter Josephine Taft, rich and successful tech investor, swooping in to save Amy’s company from financial ruin. In addition to being wealthy and accomplished, Josephine is also a total fox and Amy can’t help but swoon over her. No pressure here.As our quirky heroine maneuvers through this stylized romantic comedy, often butting heads with a whimsical cast of characters, she’ll have to look within to both save her company and get the girl. Will Amy be able to rein in her eccentricities and prove to Josephine that she’s worth the investment?

Meet The Baumgartners

TOP 100 BAUMGARTNER SERIES - Meet the Baumgartners - THEY WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD!---------FROM NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING & AWARD WINNING AUTHOR SELENA KITT---------Steve “Doc” Baumgartner--alone, naked, face flushed with pleasure.Carrie spies him indulging in a sexy, private moment. Though she’s sworn to herself she's through with guys, and her roommate-turned-lover Maureen is more than enough to satisfy her, Carrie can't stop fantasizing about Doc.Then Carrie gets her chance. A summer getaway to Key West, the threat of Maureen’s zealot boyfriend, and Doc’s hunger for pleasure prove to be the perfect cocktail to lower Carrie’s inhibitions.Smell the ocean air, pour yourself a drink, prepare for a summer to remember. It’s time to Meet the Baumgartners!**If you've read one of the books in the Baumgartners series, you'll love this prequel to the series. If you've never read any of them--Meet the Baumgartners! Your life will never be the same again!**IF YOU LIKED THIS BOOKyou may want to have more fun with this family!Listed in Chronological Order!*FREE* Meet the Baumgartners Baumgartner Christmas the Baumgartners Baumgartners Plus One to the Baumgartners About the Baumgartners Baumgartner Reunion Generations: Janie Generations: Henry Baumgartner Valentine*NEW* Baumgartners Empty Nest Baumgartner Dirty Show

A Shot to the Heart

California paramedic and adrenaline junkie, Olivia Martinez, is sure she's missed her chance for love. The dangers of her job seem to be too much for most women, but is that the only reason they stay away?Emma Adams, the new office manager with the fire department, is trying to find her footing after a recent failed relationship and a move across the country.Can these two women overcome their emotional baggage long enough to give love a chance or is it doomed to fail before it even really starts?

Fool for Love (High Rise Novella One): A Lesbian Romance Series

Four women. One building. A million complications. Betrayed by her long-term girlfriend, Alex moves into The Ivy with her friend Nat. When she meets her new neighbour Maddie, a jaded expat who's had about enough of Hong Kong's demanding life style, both Maddie and Alex are forced to reassess their warped view on love.Warning: this title includes countless hot scenes and may, at times, make you blush.What readers are saying about HIGH RISE:★★★★★ "Lovely writing with very believable characters."★★★★★ "High Rise, High Praise!"★★★★★ "Love, lust and reality!"★★★★★ "I didn't want it to end."

Try Me Again: A Second-Chance Lockdown Novella

What if lockdown means your ex moving back in? Dot is still bristling over Caitlin leaving when she turns up at her door, asking to stay.It's just until Caitlin can get a flight to New York, to the glittering new life she dumped them for.But when the job falls through, Caitlin has to confront some home truths.Now she knows what she really wants, can she convince Dot to try her again?

Us, Here, Again: A First Time Lesbian Romance

I never intended to fall in love with my best friend, Megan. It just kind of happened. I blame that stupid kiss at our high school graduation. The kiss was never mentioned, we did not talk about this unspeakable thing she made me feel. Her family left town right after that. And that night, she left me with something I never felt before. The thing kept me wanting, wanting to see her again.After a decade, I have a chance to make everything right again.A reunion party. Will I see Megan again? Well, I hope so.Would everything comes to light, even the truth about our kiss ten years ago.I can't keep my feelings for her a secret anymore.It’s all innocent at first until you’re back in Megan’s hotel room and things start heating up between us both.No more regrets.This book contains adult language and steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only. HEA (happy ever after ending). Does not end with a "cliffhanger." Themes includes: Love and attraction, first-time romance, best friend to lovers, lesbian romance.

Murder by Deed

Three bizarre and seemingly unrelated murders occur in Cleveland. Why? By whom? What do these murders/victims share in common? Mollie Tate and Detective Debra Stanton, an unlikely pair, end up working together to answer these questions. Mollie Tate works as an investigator for the Humane Society in Cleveland. And Det. Stanton investigates murders in Cleveland's District 2. So what brings them together? Initially, it's Mollie's belief that there is a connection between some animal abuse crimes her office is investigating and the murdered victims under Stanton's watch.Amidst murder, love slowly and unexpectedly blooms. Tate and Stanton, both from different yet troubled worlds, form an unlikely partnership to solve these unsettling crimes as they both strive to separate themselves from their ex-lovers and move forward in their love lives.

Meet Brooke Parker

Meet Brooke Parker: Mid 20s, outgoing, imaginative, needy.Looking for: A bit of magic.Meet Brooke Parker: She starts every relationship hoping to fall head over heels in love. But despite a prolific dating history, she can’t seem to make it happen.Meet Cate Kreyevsky: A Marine biologist, bar angel, cunning detective, part-time partner in crime, and almost-doctor of science. At least these are a few of the personas that Brooke has found for her. Could she also be The One?Meet Lana Alexander: Brooke’s 100% straight friend, colleague, and sometimes lover. You could call her complicated.WARNING: This is a love story. DISCLAIMER: Brought to you by a fantasist.