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The James Dean Vintage

Winemaker Oliver Caron is used to micromanaging, so when a misguided Vegas marriage and a series of interlocking poor decisions lead to him accidentally introducing a one-night stand as his new husband, he can't let the matter lie. Driven by social embarrassment and the anxiety that the messy truth might kill off his ninety-nine year old grandmother, Oliver finds himself 'married' to one James Dean Jackson.

Hustler, card-counter, lapdancer, drifter - Dean is seemingly a chronic liar, a human tumbleweed incapable of putting down roots. By contrast, Oliver is as deeply rooted as the grape vines that are his livelihood. Oliver's idea of heaven is a 1945 Chateau d'Yquem, while Dean thinks veraison is a cellphone provider and once almost did the Pinot Noir monologue from Sideways over a Laurent-Perrier Rose.

As the season unfolds and the grapes ripen, the mismatched pair begin to discover that playing the perfect husband isn't so hard after all, especially when the other person might just have the thing you were missing all along.

Erotica: Historical Romance - Erotic Anthology of Regency, Victorian, Viking, Highlander & Mail Order Bride Romance

'..She knew what she wanted as she traced her nails across his neck and his hand went around her waist. He pulled her in his lap and gently kissed her. His hand tracing down her neck and felt through her shirt. Noticing her nipples getting hard and her kisses becoming more persistent, he responded by lifting her up and taking her to the couch. He ripped off her shirt and exposed her chest...'

This is a romantic short story collection

Tags: Victorian, Victorian Romance, Regency Romance, Historical Romance, Regency, Viking, Highlander

Chasing The Fall: MM Erotica Romance

Neal was living one day at a time before coming to the brothel. But here life still isn't kind, or the best, to the boys of Minden Moors House of Pleasure. But they get by, and as time goes on, some of them fair badly, some get by, and others fall in love.

Jealousy. Fear. Love. Lust. Heartache.

These are the feelings evoked within the walls of Minden Moors. Here you'll find Neal and Lucas; two young men who are looking for their own happiness may just end up finding it with each other. Through fleeting moments within the brothel they begin to understand that with hope, love can find us even in a broken world.

Bear Naked Yoga (MMM Gay Werebear Menage Romance) (Gay PNR Quick Read Book 1)

Rob growled, a deep rumble coming from his chest. He pulled my ankles up to his shoulders and readied his massive manhood in his hand.

Yoga is peaceful. Yoga is natural. Yoga brings you spiritual balance.

Bullshit. Whoever said that never went to my yoga class and never did it with a body like mine. I strained, pushed, pulled and grimaced through it with sweat pouring down my body. And I had to do it all with the stunning Bear Shifter Robert watching me. His golden eyes, undressing me as I bent over in front of him. You now how hard it is to not get a boner with him in the room?

So when I got a private invitation, I decided to man up and take a chance. Ok, I had the help of quite a bit of liquor, but that's beside the point. The point is, I went.

And...he had a friend. Yes, it was going to be a good night.

When I Say When

Jordan has his hands full running the publishing firm he saved from going under at the cost of his personal life. He doesn't have time to date, but that's not to say he doesn't have needs.

Instead of trying to find a date, Jordan makes an appointment with a prostitute--something he's never done before--and his companion turns out to be his high school crush, Gabe! Panic would ruin everything, including the chance at something real that Jordan suddenly craves.

Seven Days of Friday

A Hard Lesson: The Dara Nichols Series, Book 1

Dara is a hot college professor who has more than teaching English Lit on her mind. When her cougar instincts come alive, a few male students teach her a lesson instead.

Smoldering Wet: The Zoe Scott Series, Book 1

Zoe's always in charge, until her firefighter boyfriend gets his hose on.

Zoe Scott finds herself in a sexual slump after the fun at University President Taylor's party this last summer. Zoe is accustomed to being the schemer of she and Dara's sexcapades and needs another fix.

Now that she has a vanilla firefighter boyfriend, she yearns for something more.

Something Darrell can't provide.

Or can he?