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Mindfulness: 25 Life-Changing Mindfulness Techniques - The Beginners Mindfulness Guide to Live in the Moment, Forget Anxiety and Stress, and Bring Peace ... meditation, mindfulness for anxiety)

25 Life-Changing Mindfulness Techniques

The Beginners Mindfulness Guide to Live in the Moment, Forget Anxiety and Stress, and Bring Peace and Happiness through Meditation

In order to get in touch with your inner self where peace emanates, you need to go through a process of clearing all the clutter that blocks your mind from enjoying the serenity that you are entitled to.

Mindfulness is a process that has helped many people from all around the world to live lives that are free from anxiety, worry, sadness and all the negative emotions that come with these feelings. Through this process, you are able to bring to life those sensations, feeling and thoughts that frighten you.

This is not with a purpose of letting them torment you, but with the intention of helping, you gain a sense of mastery and dominion over them so that they do not control your life and how you run it.

This book has been written in order to bring it all together and break it down into more understandable and easy-to-follow techniques.

This will help you become more aware of where you are right now mentally and emotionally.

What You Are Going To Learn

A Walk into Mindfulness

The History of Mindfulness

How to Successfully Understand Mindfulness

Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing

How Mindfulness Can Save Relationships

Simple Mindfulness Exercises

Tips to Living a Life of Mindfulness

The Final Techniques

Much More!

25 Life-Changing Mindfulness Techniques


21 Insights for 21st Century Creatives

Insights to help you thrive as a creator amid the demands, distractions, and opportunities of the 21st century

Mark McGuinness has spent 21 years coaching creative professionals to achieve their artistic and career ambitions.

In this book he shares 21 of the most powerful insights that have emerged from coaching conversations with hundreds of creatives - as well as from his own practice as an award-winning poet.

Whether you are a fine artist, a performer or entertainer, a commercial creative, or a creative entrepreneur, many of your biggest challenges are the ones that are familiar to all creative professionals:

* Finding--and staying true to--your deepest sources of inspiration

* Carving out time to produce great work amid the demands and distractions of 21st century life

* Balancing creativity, money, and your professional ambitions

* Giving yourself a break from the relentless perfectionism of your Inner Critic

* Creating your own security in an uncertain world

* Believing in your vision when people around you just don't get it

* Deciding whether to approach publishers, record companies or other middlemen, or to "go direct" to your audience

* Attracting an audience from scratch, or breaking into a tightly networked industry as an outsider

* Dealing with rejection, criticism, and plain unvarnished failure

* Dealing with fear and anxiety--about your work, about your audience, about the critics, about failure, and even about success

Perhaps the biggest challenge faced by a 21st century creator is the one it's easiest to overlook when you're preoccupied with the demands of the day:

How can you chart your course and make meaningful progress when you set out on an original path, where there is no conventional career ladder, no job security, and the usual rules don't apply?

This book tackles these challenges head on, and it provides answers you won't find in books of traditional career advice:

1. Everything is powered by love

2. Reach for the stars

3. Something old, something new

4. Your creativity is your security

5. Forget the career ladder--start creating assets

6. Personal development is professional development (and vice versa)

7. Your struggle is a clue to your superpower

8. There are four types of work (and one matters more than the others)

9. Desire beats discipline

10. Your motivations are always mixed

11. Play the game you want to play

12. Pick two out of money, fame and artistic reputation

13. Find your medium, choose your media

14. Stay small, go global

15. Learn from the best in the world

16. Don't let the crappy part put you off

17. Be thankful for your Inner Critic

18. Hustling is part of your job

19. Stop trying to earn money--start creating value

20. You can have all the excuses you want

21. Courage may be the missing ingredient

Mark has deliberately kept this book short, so that you can burn through it in one sitting for a burst of inspiration. Or keep it handy on your phone and consult it in the quiet moments of your day, or on those days when you need to dig deep for motivation.

A True Twin Soul Story

This is the short but beautiful true story about the coming together of two twin souls, a connection that changed and impacted their lives forever. It has been written for those who are searching for answers, for those on the path who are in need of a little guidance and reassurance. Hopefully it can help those who may be lost in the stormy seas like a lighthouse warning ships away from the rocks ahead. It truly is a magical journey and the more knowledge you are armed with the easier and more beneficial that journey will be. This is your own personal and unique path so embrace all that you encounter and remember it's all about the ride.