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PATHWAY: The Channelled Love and Wisdom from the Trans-LeA?tions of the Two Sisters Star Group

Do you believe in Aliens? Are we alone in the Universe?David Knight —author of 8 ‘self-help/transformation’ books— has channelled spirit guides and entities for over 25 years. As a guest speaker, he has also shared his enlightened experiences to promote 'oneness' and self-realization at various Mind, Body, and Spirit engagements in the UK. Let him show you truth of Alien worlds and ‘life’ beyond your imagination.Learn that his communications with NBE’s (Non-Biological Entities) will unmask the mysteries regarding Aliens, their visitations upon the Earth, and their true purpose within the Universe.In this book you will discover:The hidden, overlooked, and buried history of mankind.Despite Government (MIB) cover ups – there’s no need to fear abduction.How to bear witness to forms of extra-terrestrial life without the need for telescopes or ‘science’.The origin of the ‘Greys’ … exactly who and what they are, the technologies they use, and why truly compelling photographic evidence of the phenomena known as UFO’s will never be captured.Why you will turn from being a sceptic to a true believer.Through the Divine source of energy that flows throughout Creation (our God ‘connection’) you should never feel alone or lonely ever again.Allow Pathway: The Channelled Love and Wisdom from the Trans-leátions of the Two Sisters Star Group to help you decide whether they are benevolent guardian Angels —who love, protect, and guide humanity— or if they will eventually reign fire like the Hollywood blockbuster, Independence Day. This is all the proof you need!End the Speculation That We Are Not Alone by Scrolling Up and Clicking the “Buy now with 1-Click” Button to Get Your Book Instantly.

Spirits & Spells True Paranormal Anthology

Spirits & Spells is a podcast by USA Today bestselling authors Heather Marie Adkins & Alex Owens, both of whom are obsessed with things they can't explain - especially the weird, the witchy, and the woefully spectral.Step beyond the veil with twenty-one spooky tales of TRUE supernatural encounters by some of today's hottest paranormal authors. Between these pages, you'll witness a pair of disembodied legs cross the street and wake up beside ghostly felines; you'll experience visits from deceased family members and be haunted by terrifying shadow people. But be forewarned: these strange tales will send shivers down your spine and make you certain you're not alone, even when you are.The old saying is true: real life is stranger (and scarier!) than fiction.Stories included:Heather Marie Adkins - Residual DarknessAlex Owens - Nobody Puts Baby in a CornerRick Gualtieri - A Ghost Cat, Broken Crystal, and No Body in SightKarin Cox - Paws For ThoughtJennifer Rainey - Up Close and Personal: A Visit to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic AsylumCandace Osmond - NightmaresLily Luchesi - The Man in the Black HatAlyssa Breck - Wicked GameMichelle Hughes - A Haunting on North StreetKim Cleary - Uplifting Real Life ParanormalLindsey R. Loucks - Just CuriousAnn Gimpel - The Benson Hut GhostShannon McRoberts - PrecognitionCaia Daniels - We See Dead PeopleTanya Dawson - My Paranormal ExperiencesBrea Viragh - Poppy's ComingDebra Kristi - A Ghostly Research TripLA Kirk - Gravity in ReverseSelene Kallan - The ChaseBria Lexor - Encounter with the Devil in MexicoS K Gregory - A Ghostly Encounterand a bonus novella from Caroline Peckham - A Game of Vampires (A Vampire Games Prequel Novella)

My Lucid Dream Adventures Part 1: Lessons Learned From Dream Entities - October 2003

These are based upon entries from my lucid dream/out of body journals that have spanned over 30 years.

Ghost Hunting Diary Volume I (Ghost Hunting Diaries Book 1)

Scared of the dark? T. M. Simmons doesn't find ghosts only at night. She and her Aunt Belle prowl haunted places and graveyards in dark and full moon, as well as daylight hours. Time after time, they interact with another dimension, where lost souls linger and search for peace. Ghost Hunting Diary, Volume I, is a collection of some of the adventures T. M. Simmons has had during her twenty-five-years-plus in the paranormal world. Up until now, she has only shared the diaries with a few friends and relatives. Encouraged by their interest, and the awe and sometimes apprehension on their faces, she is rewriting some of the dozens upon dozens of diaries in her files to share with her readers. Volume I contains Down the Ghost Trail, which chronicles the beginning of Simmons’ ghost hunting career at the haunted Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Crossing Over explains how she learned to help lost souls cross into The Light. In Midnight Ferry, a late-night phone call sends her into a confrontation with a nasty ghost-witch who meant horrific harm. The other three stories are ones she chose as some of her favorites. She has also included a few definitions of her beliefs, as well as the rules by which anyone she allows to share her adventures must abide. These stories are true, and Volumes II through V are also now available, with Volume VI on the agenda.


When the lights go out and you pull the covers up to your neck, do you lie there listening to something that sounds like footsteps in the hall? Do you glimpse a mist out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn your head to look, nothing is there? Are those strange noises you hear, the knocks and bangs, just the house settling, or is it something more sinister?Some might say you're crazy, but many of us believe.Within these pages are true ghost stories. Many of the circumstance were experienced by the author and several were relayed to her by close friends. Have you ever witnessed paranormal events? Do you believe in ghosts?

Aliens on the Moon: According to the aliens, the Moon is the key to the what the aliens are doing on Earth as well as the future of humans! (Blue Planet Project)

Now, for the first time, a complete picture of the Moon’s alien presence, based on a long history of Moon observations, scientific facts, official contacts I have that want to see the truth revealed, and most importantly, from NASA, through leaks from their staff, communications, photos and scientific information they have failed to alter, or hide completely. It must be driving NASA crazy as they try to pretend nothing is going on as they stumble upon alien bases, cities, and industrial applications and aliens are popping up everywhere around them as they are trying to block the camera lenses, turn off radio communications and switch to secure frequencies that we can’t hear.

The Top 5 Most Haunted Places in America

Could One of These Places Be Near You?If you're using an iPhone and not able to buy the Kindle version of this book, copy & paste the following link into Safari: https://amzn.to/2kH7egTIn this short special report, author John Morrison takes you across America, showing you the top 5 places which are haunting the country. Have an interest in ghosts and the supernatural? This will be an exciting, quick read for you.As a FREE bonus, you'll also receive John's special report titled The Top 5 World Mysteries. This special report is not available to the general public, or anywhere else. It exists solely as a "thank you" to buyers of this book.Learn the top 5 places haunting America! Click the "Buy Now" button at the top of the page!

THE GHOST SIGNAL: New Paranormal Research in recently deceased ghosts, entities, new theories, new Techniques, new enhancements and the afterworld revealed.

New Paranormal Research in recently deceased ghosts, entities, new Theories, new Techniques, new enhancements and the afterworld revealed.Two ghost trials revealed the best and worst methods of detecting ghosts.Enhanced methods or ways of enhancing ghost detection revealed.Through several months of research and observation, new theories of ghost abilities emerged.Communication and visitation by ghosts turned into visitation only and the reasons unfolded twice.Ghost TV shows learned secret techniques not fully mentioned to become a successful ghost hunter of your own.Jimmy Ghinis has a Master of Science Degree from the University of Liverpool. His first thesis written was Data Mining Techniques for evaluating Cost Per Click Website Advertising. Google Adword and Yahoo Overture was evaluated in his action research and there he achieved his MSC degree.

Paranormal All-Stars Presents Vol. 1

Around the mid-2010's, Mab De Narra created a social media group that was meant to be a place where people can share their personal paranormal and supernatural experiences without the fear of being judged by others. They could even find others who can help them with their paranormal questions, spiritual issues, and supernatural problems on this page.Meanwhile, she was eventually included in The Paranormal All-Stars, where she is able to help even more puzzled and troubled individuals. And by sharing these cases and experiences through this book, we hope to help more to not fear what they don’t know......but to see beyond what their senses tell them.After all, there’s always more to these things than meets the eye.

Cancer Glue For Miracles: Believing & Preparing & Expecting

Miracles are not as hard to find as many people think because you can pre-pave the path to the manifestation and the acceptance. You Invite the Miracle; you plant a Seed that can attract Divine Energy and Human Support.Typically, the word miracle that we are familiar with is not able to be explained in scientific terms. The occurrence of a miracle may not be evident from the natural order of things either.The expected manifestation of the miracle may be attributed to an alignment with God, a supernatural being, a deity, an angel, a miracle worker, a Saint, or religious leaders.Informal language may describe an outcome that is unlikely from existing circumstances and events. A survivor walking away from a terrible auto wreck may be seen as a miracle manifested.A person with an illness can be viewed as having a miracle when the diagnosis is upgraded without a logical cause. The arrival of an infant itself can be seen as the miracle of birth.The kind of miracles or Breakthrough that we will discuss now are the ones invited by spiritual preparation and belief. If you really would like one, consider getting ready and staying ready.As you shift to constant readiness, there can be a kind of attraction field that envelops everything and everybody.

Thor the Strange

A destitute woman is visited by a stranger during a violent storm. The night visitor behaves in a very odd way but leaves her essentially unharmed. Suffering from depression, the woman is later lured away from her trailer to a rendezvous with this same strange man. From this point on and in an apparent time-slip, she finds herself travelling into a post-apocalyptic, supernatural world populated by primitive apelike beings. Whilst this might seem like a trip to Walllmart, it proves otherwise.

The Most Terrifying Places on Earth: Searching Through the World's Most Horrifying and Scary Locations

Prepare to be frightened...very frightened by these extraordinarily scary places most of us probably never knew existed!The world around us is a scary place. With danger lurking around so many corners, the threats we can explain are often easily quantified and dismissed. Rather, it is the unexplainable, the paranormal and the strange which present the biggest threats to our psychological well-being. All across the planet, certain places and buildings have come to represent these abnormal and unexplainable phenomena. From ghosts to genocides, brutal murders to witches’ covens, these locations are both hyper specific and universal.In almost every town, village or city, there is often an area where people are wary. A certain building people say is haunted, or a home they know has a particularly gruesome past. People might warn children to stay away, these buildings might form the backbone of some local folklore, or they might actually be condemned and restricted to the public. In these buildings our imaginations run riot and we wonder what could be possibly be lurking down the long, dank and dark corridors. But not all of these places are created equal.In this book, we will examine some of the most terrifying, strange, bizarre, odd and depressing places on earth. These might be haunted homes or the resting place of a murderous maniac. Some have been created by the evils of modern man while others are tributes to ancient and dark mysteries we still struggle to explain. The one thing they share is their ability to chill you to the bone. But as you work through this list, the true extent of humanity’s capacity to imagine the horrific should not be underestimated. When you are ready to learn about some of the worst places in the world, like the island of the doll in Mexico, the Paris catacombs, the Hell fire Club in Ireland, the Ridges in the USA and much more…just read on!Scroll back up and grab your copy today!

Area 51: What They Don't Want You to Know (Paranormal Activities Book 2)

The Infamously Secretive Area 51 Exposed!There are things out there that defy belief; there are certain unknowns that just can’t be easily explained. The massive base hiding in plain sight known as Area 51 is one of those unknown quantities. It was initially nothing more than a no-man’s land of desert and sage brush, and during World War II, the military sought to utilize this desolate environment to test some of the deadliest weapons known to man.After the war, the place fell under the jurisdiction of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), which designated its administrative sections as numbered “areas” for ease of reference. It was from this simple organizational scheme that the infamous “Area 51” was born.And although Area 51 would become home to the biggest military installation in the U.S for the next several decades, not much else would be known about it. A few years ago, however, the government finally owned up to the existence of its most secret base—and now the floodgates have begun to open.As the information pours out, we are on the scene collecting unprecedented flow of data. Gathering the most important testimony and accounts from those who claim experience with Area 51, this book seeks to break down the barriers of secrecy that have long surrounded the base that they never wanted you to know existed!Read FREE with Kindle UnlimitedScroll back up and click the BUY NOW button on the right side of the page for an instant download!

NecroSERV: Your Online Guide to Ghosts

Alleged spiritual guide to the world of ghosts through a computer program entitled NecroSERV.

Warren Billy Smith: UFO Investigator or Hoaxster?

Do UFOs Exist?Can we trust our UFO Investigators?Are there UFO Hoaxes?A SKEPTICAL INQUIRYWarren Smith was a prolific writer who specialized in books and magazine articles about UFOs, psychic predictions, the abominable snowman and the hollow earth theory. He also authored dozens of Westerns and Historical romance novels. But during his long and storied career, questions have been raised about the accuracy of his UFO writings. In fact, some claim Smith is a hoaxster. This book, (24 pages) written by one of Smith's long time friends, answers those question for once and for all by citing specific scenarios from Smith's life that shed light on his credibility.If you are a serious student of UFOs and the paranormal then you must read this book!