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The New Normal: A Spiritual, Metaphysical, and Common-Sense Take on the 2020 Coronavirus Emergency and Its Aftereffects

During a worldwide crisis comes a book to help put it all into perspective. This book!As this book is being published, the world is in the grip of the 2020 coronavirus emergency. Metaphysics author and teacher James Goi Jr. was inspired to write this book to help people to take a step back, to take a deep breath, and to not add to the negative mental, emotional, and spiritual energy currently enveloping the planet. This book will help you to rise above the current climate of fear, turmoil, sadness, and uncertainty so that you may view what is going on right now from a higher vantage point and from the viewpoint of one who is mentally stable, emotionally mature, and spiritually grounded. So, if you've found yourself pulled into the drama of this worldwide crisis and feel like you need a break from it, here it is.Table of Contents:1. It's Not Real2. What Is Real?3. They Tell You What They Want You to Believe4. Never Take Anything for Granted5. What Is Normal?6. Read Between the Lines7. Don't Trust Anyone8. Information9. Seek Ye Widely10. The New Normal11. Our Priorities12. Our Attitude13. Uncertainty14. More Uncertainty15. More Certainty16. Optimism17. Preparedness18. Security19. One Problem, One Solution20. Spirituality21. Spiritual Power22. Home LifeFrom the book:You need your spiritual and metaphysical insight now more than ever. Dig deep. If--as the mystics have been telling us all along and the quantum physicists have now validated--life and so-called reality are much different from what the average human being has thought them to be since human beings have been around and right up until today, how does this current emergency change that? It doesn't. We who see beyond the veil of the material illusion must hold tight to our expanded view of reality, and not be pulled down by the fear and confusion of the masses. Now, more than ever, the masses need us to remain calm and grounded--even though they don't know it.

The Secret of Secrets ( interview with the deadman ) 1 Part

This is the first part of the incredible interview to Uncle Max. Uncle Max was a mysterious, unknown and powerfull western mystic, who died 4 years ago. This first work is part of a project called “The testament of Uncle Max”. Nobody has ever been so frank, trustful in the other people's comprehension, and exhaustive in telling the secret, or rather, “the Secret of Secrets”, which contains the powers of awareness and opens the magics of the Soul. The true “New Age” has just been born. At last, everyone in the world will be allowed to know and learn the simple and hidden “art of salvation”. “Although it seems to be impossible, this is the only natural way to solve definitively every limitation, anxiety or panicDon't suffer uselessly.Join my world.Uncle Max.

The Lies of an Ancient Serpent

Is there really a place of perpetual torment called “Hell,” where the souls of the wicked dead are assigned as a means of everlasting punishment? What happens when our physical bodies die? Do our spirits go directly to heaven or hell? Is there consciousness in death, and can the spirits of the dead communicate with the living? What will the end of time be like? Does the Bible speak about such things? Yes! And, it speaks very plainly. God has given clear and unmistakable instruction on these and other important subjects. But, are God’s people listening? Are we earnestly searching for and heeding God’s warnings? Or, have we been so long in the darkness that our eyes and ears remain shut to the light that God is presently shining upon these vital truths?


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Our Unitarian Gospel

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Unitarianism in America

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The Spiritual Truth,: a Guide into all Truth. Book One.

For 18 years now I have been visited by Spiritual Beings from above who have channelled through those close and not so close to me and through visions and dreams, teaching me long-forgotten Truths, which your Preachers and Teachers no longer preach or teach, but are true and exist regardless of your Preachers and Teachers no longer preaching what you are about to read in my first of seven Guide Books into all Truth.Within this first Guide Book, you will find "The True Way," the way of the Children of Wisdom whose teachings come from their Heavenly Mother, Wisdom Sophia, the Ruach Ha-Kodesh/Holy Spirit/Ruh al-Qudus.You will learn from whence your Souls come before they incarnate and where they return to when they leave this earth, which is where all who have passed before you, your loved ones, friends and strangers are today in this year of our Lord and His Lady, 2018.A Child of Wisdom, Tyler Henry, known as the Hollywood Medium is an amazing 20-year-old man who reveals in great detail those who have passed on from this earth and is a must see if you are looking for many signs and wonders about your loved ones, friends and strangers.Check him out on truTV or Youtube, or simply just Google his name and read all about him, for this Child of Wisdom is sent by our Heavenly Father and Mother to teach and comfort those who have lost loved ones, friends and strangers.Remember this folks, it is written, says the Lord God Most High, "I will pour out my Spirit (Heavenly Mother) upon all flesh; and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, year old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.Tyler Henry, as with me and many others are doing as predicted many moons ago and bringing forth the Truth of Prophecy, Visitations, dreams and visions, and sharing their Truth with their fellow human beings who are searching for Truth and meaning in their lives, in these latter days we now live in.I will take the reader through my earth bloodline of Stewart/Stuart, who were first Tribal Leaders, and then Stewards in many Royal Houses throughout the earth, eventually becoming Kings and Queens in their own right in many parts of the earth, and especially in Scotland, Ireland, England and many other Royal Houses throughout the four corners of the earth.You will learn that Joshua/Jesus/Isa was married to Mary Magdalene and they had three children, whom I will name in this first Guide Book into all Truth, even showing the reader where they can find Jesus and Mary's eldest son, Jesus Jnr within their Christian scriptures.You will learn about the "True Holy Grail" which is not a cup, drinking vessel or chalice as millions believe it is but is a living Heavenly Person, which 7.5bn earthly human beings know nothing about, until now in 2018 and this first Guide Book into all Truth.I will teach the reader as I have been taught and will reveal the Secrets within many scriptures, from all the earthly Holy books.You will learn the Secrets within Proverbs 8 22:36 and who the "Wonder Women" in Revelation 12 is.I will teach you of your Souls and their reason, without whom, your flesh could not function.So join this Child of Wisdom on a Magical journey of Discovery and Self-Discovery, where I will open your Minds and awaken your Souls to Truths long-forgotten by humankind, for the hour is late and the beginning is near."And Wisdom is vindicated by Her children."SAN DOM DE NANTA VAN SAN NANTESS ESTANTO?

The Case Against Atheism

For more writings by Mike Dobbins visit his Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/MikeDobbins Today's atheists should welcome this book with open arms. After all, if they insist on criticizing religious beliefs they should have no qualms with examining their own. Readers will soon discover it’s amazing what logic and reason can do when you apply them to atheism. Rather than being grounded in sound reasoning, atheism is awash in wishful thinking with no scientific evidence to support it. Many young atheists of today would be shocked to learn the disbelief they’ve invested so much energy into is nothing more than another faith. The Case Against Atheism reveals the side of atheism many atheists are reluctant to explore let alone acknowledge. The arguments are precisely what atheist author’s wish their converts would ignore. First, today’s atheism is proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be a faith. The limits of science, skepticism, arguments, and evidence are laid bare. The values of atheism are questioned and evidence for the afterlife is provided. Moreover, the true cost of losing ones religious faith is explored along with the ultimate hopelessness of atheism that leads many to become ex-atheists. The Case Against Atheism provides a direct challenge to those who subscribe to the faith and the best rationale for never adopting the faith to begin with. Those who are seekers or believe in God will be grateful they aren’t atheists and have strong arguments to fend them off in debate. Ultimately, atheism takes away much more than it gives back in return.

A Discourse for the Time, delivered January 4, 1852 in the First Congregational Unitarian Church

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Money & Mysticism: Manipulating Energy Currents For Profit

Learn the principles and techniques of Universal Energy Manipulation to rid yourself of student loan debt!

Outside the Tomb With Mary Magdalen: I WASA THERE

Mary Magdalen waited and waited for the Lord. She was filled with longing for reunion with the Lord, she wept for the Lord and waited patiently outside the tomb in expectant faith. Jesus rewarded her faith, as he does with all his disciples, and appeared to her. Did she recognize him at first? No! She thought Jesus was a gardener. Mary, had the thought of Jesus before his resurrection, but now in the reality of what he appeared like after his resurrection, she didm;t recognize him. Did that change Jesus’ love for her? No! Jesus still knew Mary Magdalen and how much he meant to her. Jesus was Mary Magdalen’s Messiah. We would be hard pressed to find a more faithful disciple than Mary Magdalen. Beside the Mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalen could carry her weight of the cost of discipleship.

Conspiracy Theories: The NWO: The Denver International Airport / The Georgia Guidestones 2 Box Set

Is the Denver International Airport in Colorado, the future headquarters for the NWO (The New World Order)? The proposed theories concerning this, point to the purported underground bunkers and tunnels in the case of an apocalyptic event. The symbolism in the artwork murals, statues, and sculptures, time capsule, etc. are shrouded in mystery reflecting the ideals of their agenda The NWO, a one world government, religion, and currency. In addition, The Georgia Guidestones in Elbert County, Georgia, is a megalithic granite doomsday monument, illustrating written messages of descriptions for humanity after a cataclysm. The secrecy behind the commission and its purpose for its construction, their true motives remaining in question. The conspiracy theories involving the Denver Airport and Georgia Guidestones, share similarities of NWO affiliation, freemasons, and time capsules to be opened in the future. This 2 Box Set, includes my individual books, “Conspiracy Theories Beneath The Radar The Denver International Airport,” and “Conspiracy Theories Post Apocalyptic Monument The Georgia Guidestones,” allow the readers to separate fact from fiction, to determine their own conclusions.

The Legends of the Iroquois

It is not the purpose of this volume to deal to any considerable extent with the history of the Indians, but simply to present some of the legends of the Iroquois. To the reader or student, however, is due a brief statement as to the authority from which the folk-lore contained herein has been drawn, that there may remain no question as to its reliability.Contents:About Indian LegendsThe Authority The Confederation of the Iroquois Birth of the Arbutus A Legend of the River Legends of the Corn The First Winter The Great Mosquito The Story of Oniata The Mirror in the Water The Buzzard's Covering Origin of the Violet The Turtle Clan The Healing Waters The Sacrifice of Aliquipiso Why the Animals do not Talk The Message Bearers The Wise Sachem's Gift The Flying Head The Ash Tree The Hunter Hiawatha The Peacemaker An Unwelcome Visitor Bits of Folk-Lore The Happy Hunting-Grounds The Sacred Stone of the Oneidas

A Day to Remember

A look at modern Christianity's peculiar rebellion against God's central commandment of love and relationship. The modern (and eternal) relevance of God's Sabbath day is stated plainly within the inspired Scriptures. But yet, modern Christianity chooses either to ignore this plain truth or keep it buried underneath centuries of man-made tradition. There are generally three categories of Christians relative to this scriptural truth: those who have never heard of or considered it in conjunction with their Christian lives; those who have considered it but choose either to rebel against it or remain indifferent to it; and, those who have embraced it with a heart of love and gratitude toward God. Into which category do you fall?(Included at the end of this book is a hyperlink to a YouTube video representation.)