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Emotional Intelligence: Exploring the Most Powerful Intelligence Ever Discovered

Most people will tell you that they want to improve themselves and grow emotionally. This process of introspection and self-reflection is never easy. It requires the ability to understand and handle your emotions in a healthy manner, and this always takes time and patience. That is why this book, “Emotional Intelligence: Exploring the Most Powerful Intelligence Ever Discovered,” has been written just for you. This book is meant to help make the process of emotional development clearer and smoother.Our lives are filled with constant and continual situations where communication with others is necessary. Your ability to communicate effectively and successfully with others is what sets you apart from animals. However, how many of us actually take the time to think about just how important the way we communicate is? In what ways can we become better able to communicate? This would be a good time to introduce you to the concept of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence, or EI, is defined as the ability to recognize, control, and express your emotions in a way that enables you to handle interpersonal relationships empathetically and judiciously. Emotional intelligence is what enables you to recognize how others are feeling in a given situation, differentiate the myriad of emotions, and act accordingly. It is only through emotional intelligence that we are able to adjust our emotions as we go through life, thus reaching whatever goals we have set. Nobody can claim that they do not have emotional intelligence. The only difference is that people exhibit varying levels of EI – some are simply more emotionally intelligent than others. However, it is not something that is fixed from birth to death. There are steps and actions you can take to become more intelligent emotionally. In fact, if there is one feature of personal development that most people need to work on, it is their emotional intelligence. Research has proven that those individuals who have a higher emotional quotient, or EQ, tend to make better leaders, enjoy a better quality of personal and professional relationships, and are more mentally healthy. All you need to do to increase your emotional quotient is take the time to put into practice the tips and strategies outlined in this book.In here, you will learn how to know yourself better so that you can understand others better. You will learn how your emotional brain works, and how emotional intelligence can be improved. There are some great tools and tips described in this book, so make sure that you are ready to learn and practice them. Get ready to also learn about some of the new discoveries in the field of emotional intelligence.Scroll to the top of this page and click the " Buy Now With One-Click " Button to start your journey on EI

Wicca Herbal Magic: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Wiccan Herbal Magic (with Magical Oils, Baths, Teas and Spells)

☆ Wicca Herbal Magic ☆Are you just getting into Wicca?Are you unsure how herbs affect magic?Do you want to know what herbs to start with?Then this book can helpHerbs are extremely important in Wicca, and you’ll find that there are many herbs that are easy to start with. Many of these herbs you can grow in your own garden and this book will teach you everything from what the herb is used for and how to cultivate it all the way to what spells you can use them in.Inside you will read about...✓ Some Herbal Basics ✓ Basic Herbs to Start With ✓ Some Herbal Baths ✓ Herbal Pouches & Medicine Bags✓ Magical Teas to Start With✓ Magical Oils to Help ✓ More Herbal Magic to Try✓ A Guide to Purchasing Your Herbs✓ A Little about Gathering Herbs✓ How to Dry & Store HerbsIn this book, you’ll find spells for luck, love, divination and so much more. You can kiss bad dreams goodbye, and these spells and rituals will help to enhance your quality of life.

Wicca: Wicca for Beginners: A Guide to Cultivating Real Wiccan Beliefs, Magic and Ritual into Your Life (Wiccan Spells - Witchcraft - Wicca Traditions - Wiccan Love Spells - Paganism - Candle Magic)

Free Wicca Bonus Book IncludedLearn everything you need to know about Wicca and aligning yourself with the natural world.This book is going to show you the charming and beautiful beliefs of Wicca and how you can learn to embody them in your daily life This book is a great start for anyone who would like to learn more about the Wicca religion and the real beliefs and rituals they practice.It contains practical advice throughout the book to help bring these beliefs, rituals and spells into all aspects of your life.It would certainly be sufficient to say that Wicca is certainly not what you see in any of the Harry Potter movies, or read in the books.There are no fireballs and magic sparks and no one in the Wicca community is going to be able to teach you how to transfigure a rat into a tea cup.Wicca is not about sparks and explosions, not at all. It is far more about reconnecting with the true nature of the universe and, when you are able to achieve that you will, through that alignment, be able to make ripples within the oceans of space and time.Here is a preview of what you will learn in this bookWhat true Wicca is and not the misunderstandings society still has .Learn what the Rule of the 3 is all about and the moral code a Real Wiccan follows.Learn about how to join a coven and also the choice to practice Wicca alone.Learn about the four elements in Wicca and Grounding Techniques to practice.Learn Wicca protection spells that can help you in your life.Learn more about candle magic and candle spells.Learn love and blessing spells.

Occultism: The Ultimate Guide to the Occult, Including Magic, Divination, Astrology, Witchcraft, and Alchemy

Have you ever wondered about the “dark” side of life? Perhaps you've gotten over your fear of occult matters just enough to become curious?Or are you an aspiring Wiccan or occultist who has no idea where to start your journey? This book will take you by the hand and tell you everything you need to know about Wicca so that you can dive into your practice with confidence.In this book, you will:Learn the history of the occult and discover the culprits responsible for all the lies and misinformation surrounding it.Discover the wonderful world of Wicca and how you can get started on this path right away.Find out if you’re a natural witch. Learn basic witchcraft terminology that you need to know.Understand what to expect from a coven.Get eye-opening information on the “tools of the craft” and how you can use them.Discover the amazing value in the Book of Shadows and Grimoires and how to start, keep, and take care of yours.Learn how to use the potent magic locked in crystals. Unearth the truth about waking your psychic powers. Learn how to craft your very own spells, just like an experienced Wiccan would.And so much more…With this book as your starting point, you will find the most wondrous things in life that lie just outside the scope of the physical world. Get this book now to learn to work with nature and the divine to craft a world that works for you through the blessed path of Wicca.

The Hidden Power of Herbs: A Basic Guide to Herbal Magick

New to the world of Witchcraft? A Basic Guide to Herbal Magick is a great place to start.This brief introduction into Magick shines a light on some of the most common ways you can get started with Witchcraft herbs in your personal practice and how to use Herbs in a variety of ways.  Check out the helpful reference chart for which types of herbs are most suited for: healing, love, prosperity, protection and more!In A Basic Guide to Herbal Magick you'll navigate the basics of smudging, ritual baths, performing a ritual and more.Simplistic and easy to read, this quick start guide is perfect for those who are new to the craft and eager to explore the possibilities of Herbal Magick!(Now includes a Bonus Love Spell and Prosperity Spell)

Witchy Magic

Step into the world between the worlds and the wisdom of your inner Witch to create an inspiring and magical life...Wise Woman, Medicine Man, Priestess, Druid, Shaman, Witch… Throughout the ages these magical practitioners have worked with natural forces for healing, divination and greater understanding of the world and our place within it. Today many more are feeling the call to walk the path of the Witch, to be healer, spellcaster, eco warrior, intuitive and ritualist. To connect again with the energy of the earth and the wisdom of Witchcraft.From the authors of Faery Magic and Mermaid Magic comes an enchanting new adventure into the power and beauty of the Craft of the Wise, with clear guidance on how you can access this ancient knowledge to create the life you dream of. Witchcraft is an earth-honouring spiritual path and an empowering, beautiful and balanced way of being at one with the universe, taking responsibility for your life, and transforming your every word and action into a ritual and an alchemical tool of change. Within the pages of Witchy Magic you will: * Learn how to create your own magic through connecting with nature.* Craft and cast trusted spells for love, health, joy, wisdom, success and authenticity.* Weave magic with the seasons, the moon cycles and the elements of the natural world.* Celebrate the Sabbats with deep rituals and delicious seasonal treats.* Cast circles, create an altar, brew Witchy potions and craft enchanted tools. * Walk into the Mystery of prophecy, oracles and divination to determine your destiny. * Tap in to your own healing powers as you uncover the Witch as midwife, herbalist, Shamanic journeyer, energy practitioner, sacred ceremonialist and more.* Align your beliefs with your actions to help the planet through environmental activism. * Discover the fascinating history of Witchcraft, and how it has evolved in the modern world.* Unlock the secrets of Familiars, Ancestral magic and working both alone and with a coven.* Meet Dianic Wicca founder Z Budapest, Priestess of Avalon Kathy Jones, Wizard Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Wise Woman Susun Weed, Druid Emma Restall Orr, Witch Fiona Horne, magical author Debora Geary and many more...

Wicca for Beginners: A Guide to Bringing Wiccan Magic,Beliefs and Rituals into Your Daily Life

Free Wicca Bonus Book IncludedEverything you need to get you started in the peaceful Wicca religion and how to incorporate Wicca beliefs, spells and rituals into your daily life.This Wicca book will give you a solid understanding of the essence of Wicca and show you how to incorporate these ideas into your daily life to become closer to nature. You will also learn how to access your own innate power and use it to help yourself and others.There is a lot of confusion and fear about what real Wicca is. However, this Wiccan guide will help the beginner reader build new habits and stir the desire to become a real Wiccan practitioner.Here is a preview of what you will learnWhat real Wicca is and also what misconceptions people have about the Wiccan lifestyleLearn how to perform Wiccan Rituals, Magick, and Pure Spells to help yourself and othersHealing and Protective Spells to help yourself and loved ones be happyLearn the true meaning of Witchcraft and how this can empower your life Self-dedication ceremony and creating your book of shadows for the futureLearning to bring Wicca into your daily life so you can grow as a person and find contentmentDownload your Wicca ebook today

Wicca for Beginners: Learn Wicca, Magic, Rituals, Witchcraft & Beliefs with This Easy to Read Guide

Are you fascinated by other religions and beliefs?Perhaps you have recently discovered the mysterious religion of Wicca, and you are interested in becoming a witch yourselfMaybe you are someone who is generally interested in witchcraft and magic, and you are seeking out more information on this intriguing and spiritual religion to further understand its key beliefs and elements.Or, maybe you have experienced something in your life that seemed otherworldly, or even magical, and you are trying to locate a religion that will help explain this type of extraterrestrial experience.The good news is that any beginner in the Wiccan religion will find all the information that they desire in this one book, Wicca for Beginners.Once you have read this book from back to front, you will have a much better understanding of the Wicca religion, as well as everything that it entails.You don't need to be an expert in religions and witchcraft.You don’t need to have any experience or to have dealt with Wicca before reading this book.You don’t need to have any prior knowledge or to have read anything beforehand to understand and digest the content in this book.Inside Wicca for Beginners, discover:An introduction into the basics of Wiccan religion, including valuable information about Wiccan beliefs, seekers, and studentsA brief history of the Wiccan religion, such as the key principals, traditions, and beliefs of WiccaThe roots of the Wiccan religion and how you can practice itThe many benefits that come with the Wiccan religionThe many benefits of witchcraft and what investing in it can bring to your lifeThe common myths and misconceptions of WiccaThe core beliefs and deities of Wicca, including what Wicca looks like in today's modern worldThe gods and goddesses that are worshipped as part of Wiccan religionThe notable Wiccan holidays and festivals of the wheels of the yearAn overview of the Wiccan covens, circles, solitary practice, and the magick of the witchInitiation techniques, forms of Wicca, and how to practice your own Wiccan ritualsAnd much, much more! Isn’t it time you studied this fascinating religion?Grab a copy of Wicca for Beginners, and you will not be disappointed by what you discover...

Wicca Spells for Beginners: Unlocking the Secrets of Modern Witchcraft and Healing with a Beginnera??s Selection of Spells, Crystals, and Herbal Knowledge

Have you ever been curious about Wicca? Do you feel pulled to the wondrous properties of nature? Are you interested in discovering a peaceful, Earth-centric religion dedicated to nature and balance?Learn to worship the Wiccan way with this practical, expert guide designed for beginners. You learn how to nourish your body – and spirit – with rituals, spellcraft, and practical philosophy that will change your life for the better.Perfect for first-time practitioners and those curious about the craft, WICCA SPELLS FOR BEGINNERS is tailored to start on your journey to discovering Wicca. In these pages, you will:Discover the historic origins and history of WiccaLearn about the duality of Wiccan deities and their powerUnderstand the forms of Wicca, including Alexandrian, Celtic, Blue Star Witchcraft, Dianic and many moreCultivate your ethical and moral growth within the Wiccan philosophyDiscover the power of meditation, grounding, and visualizing your energy to achieve your goalsUnravel the mysteries of Wiccan rituals, sacred festivals, and religious beliefsUnlock mystical knowledge of candles, herbs, crystals, and other tools of the tradeLearn about common herbs and their properties for spellcraftingCreate your own Book of ShadowsThis practical guide will take you beyond the clichés and half-truths about this quickly growing religion and help you find your path to harmony and balance with the world around you. With it’s easy-to-follow instructions for rituals and spells, it’s the perfect book to start your journey.What’s holding you back from discovering a new pathway to harnessing the power within yourself? Pick up WICCA SPELLS FOR BEGINNERS today!

Open Secrets: An Irish Perspective on Trafficking and Witchcraft

OPEN SECRETS grew out of a practical need to understand the human trafficking and witchcraft encountered during Cois Tine’s work with immigrants in Ireland. It provides a clear description of human trafficking, its causes, processes, effects, and of the violence and greed that lie at its heart.Witchcraft is examined from the perspective of its history and its different manifestations in Europe and Africa. During the colonial era and into modern times, these manifestations have intermingled and influenced each other and now, in modern Ireland, they meet again in the violence of human trafficking. OPEN SECRETS is a must read for all who seek to gain an understanding of these issues.


I have created this this Introduction to Wicca and Witchcraft as a guide for New witches. With in-depth explanations to all topics covered, allowing them to tap into the supernatural, and the magical energy which is all around us. We begin with the history of witchcraft, how the Pagan and Wiccan covens came to be founded, along with the Wiccan principles and instructions on how to perform the blessing of the House. The pages that follow are filled with details, along with easy-to - follow explanations, including basic charts that all practising witches need to help channel their powers and create effective spells. I've compiled the contents of my personal Shadows Book along with references from spells8.com. Included is the A-Z of the witches' materials, the altar preparation and the spells of protection. Step by step instructions are included to ensure that your spells can be safely and correctly integrated into your everyday routine and manifest a life that sparkles.

The Dangerous Art of Alchemy: A fascinating free e-short accompaniment to The Ravena??s Head

A free e-short from 'Queen of the Dark Ages' Karen Maitland, author of Company of Liars, which explores medieval Dark Arts practices and the mysterious history of alchemy. **Includes real recipes devised by medieval alchemists and a free sample of Karen's gothic historical thriller, The Raven's Head**'An atmospheric and dark story' The Times on The Raven's Head The black object inside the flask was the head of a raven. Its beak was opened wide as if it cried out a warning, and from its mouth a long forked scarlet tongue quivered in the flickering candle flame, like a viper poised to strike. Alchemy. The word conjures up images of magic, mystery and dark dungeons full of bubbling potions, with shadowy figures poring over ancient manuscripts in pursuit of the secret formula that will allow them to turn base metal into pure gold. And, for centuries, this image of alchemy was not far from the truth...Take science and politics. Mix with desire and desperation. Leave to intensify. And you shall have the legendary world of the medieval alchemists, expertly drawn by the Queen of the Dark Ages.What readers are saying about Dangerous Art of Alchemy:'A book to delve into over and over again''A fascinating read full of information on this strange system of beliefs''A fun book that will whet your appetite for The Raven's Head'

A Tarot Travelogue: A Tour by Astral Projection Through the First Five Tarot Cards

In this short tour of the magical world, the magus Ezekiel takes the reader through the first five tarot cards of the Major Arcana. Rather than seeing the tarot cards as a divination system, Ezekiel uses them as maps of the magical world. The reader is encouraged to suspend disbelief and set off on this journey with the openness of the first tarot card, The Fool.

The Spell Book of a Wicked Witch: Magic Spells To Curse Your Enemies, Hex Your Ex, And Jinx The Jerks in Your Life

Sometimes the only way to get justice is to make it for yourself.Many modern witches believe that you should only use magic to bring positive energy into the world, and most spell books teach you those types of spells. This spell book is different. This spell book is wicked.There are times when you will be hurt by someone you loved, betrayed by someone you trusted, maligned by someone you thought was your friend.  Times when the magic of light and love just will not do.Thalia Thorne is an experienced witch and falls firmly into the camp that knows that there is no such thing as “white magic” or “black magic”. Magic is what you turn to when mundane methods have failed or just won’t work. If you’re not pushing back against those who would walk all over you, then you’re just going to end up being a doormat.This spell book will teach you how to make your own justice and stand up for yourself. For example, you’ll find:Agony of Acne Curse - to give someone a pimpleSour Break Up Spell - to end a relationshipBanish Your Ex Hex - to drive them away foreverBusiness Butcher Curse - to destroy a businessLiar’s Lamentation - to find out who has been spreading liesAnd over 50 other spells that use simple ingredients and provide step-by-step directions that a beginner can follow.The next time someone wrongs you, will you turn the other cheek?Or will you be wicked?

The Self-Hypnosis Formula: The Technique to Hypnotize Yourself into Hypnotic Realities, Meditation, Lucid Dreaming, Sleep and More

How to Hypnotize Yourself in 7 Quick and Easy StepsWould you like the exact steps to move from wide awake and alert, to being deep inside a full-blown hypnotic reality of your own creation? Perhaps you'd just like to supercharge the results you get when listening to hypnosis recordings? Or maybe you just want to explore your mind a bit more and have some fun.Inside this book, you'll find a simple 7-step process that's been designed so that anyone can follow it and go into deep hypnosis. And once you're there, the possibilities are endless.As with lucid dreaming, the hypnotic realities created by this method can be as real as real life itself.All that's needed is a process that anyone can follow, and a tiny bit of effort to get there.I've designed the process in this book to be a quick and easy method that anyone can use to go from not even knowing what self-hypnosis is, to potentially experiencing full-blown hypnotic realities in the space of a few hours.So how do we do that?When I first learnt self-hypnosis many years ago, the process I followed worked, but it took a long time to implement and get going. It required well over 2 hours of focused effort on my part.Luckily, since that time, I've learnt new techniques, and then developed my own so that anyone can hypnotize themselves as quickly as humanly possible.The process that I cover inside this book is quick and easy. It's been designed so that anyone who follows the steps can move from not even knowing that self-hypnosis exists, to being able to do it in less than an hour.After you've perfected being able to induce self-hypnosis on demand, we then move onto how to induce profoundly deep hypnotic trances in yourself.These deep states of hypnosis typically require a skilled hypnotist to guide you to them. Most people never get there from a recording by itself. The processes inside this book have been designed to make it easy.Once you've learnt to access these deep states of hypnosis, you'll find that you can use them to supercharge any hypnotic processes you might choose.Inside this book:A simple 7 step process designed to lead you all the way into hypnosis.How to focus your mind and clear our any thoughts that may be disturbing you.How to move your mind into a state that's perfect for hypnosis of any kind.How to induce self-hypnosis. With a bit of practice, people can get into self-hypnosis using this method in under 3 minutes.How to deepen self-hypnosis, intensifying any experiences you might have while you're there.How to go on a journey inside your self-hypnosis, and step into your own hypnotic reality.How to engage hypnotic time distortion, so that you can spend large amounts of time inside your hypnotic reality, while very little time passes out in the waking world.How to direct your subconscious mind to automatically solve your problems for you while you explore your hypnotic reality.Worked examples on how to use the processes in this book to overcome problems typically addressed by hypnotherapy, and how to hone any skill you might possess so that you can absolutely master it.How to use the process in this book to move directly from awake into a lucid dream.How to make any changes permanent so that they stick.If you've struggled with self-hypnosis and want a simple step-by-step process that anyone can follow...Or if you've tried meditation or lucid dreaming and found that it's hard to get there...Or even if you just want to be able to spin up your own hypnotic realities and have some fun...Scroll up and Click the Button to Buy Right Now!