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Kim Kardashian Saves The World (After President Trump Nearly Ends It)

A #1 KINDLE POLITICAL HUMOR BESTSELLER! Uh-oh! Newly elected President Trump is ill prepared for the 3 a.m. phone call he receives from his National Security Adviser Sean Hannity alerting him to a nuclear strike in Canada's Northwest Territories. Taking advice from Secretary of State Sarah Palin, the sleep-deprived Trump makes an impetuous decision that could set the world on course for nuclear annihilation.

Fortunately, Trump is soon informed that help is on hand: "You know how there's The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice, sir? It turns out that as well as the CIA, there's also the Celebrity CIA."

Headed by Jodie Foster, the Celebrity Intelligence Agency (CELIA) sends globetrotting agent Kim Kardashian to London, then Russia, and finally the Arctic Circle as she races against time to resolve the crisis.

With a cast that includes everyone from Jesse Ventura to Justin Bieber, Rick Santorum to Maria Sharapova, and, of course, a reality TV star even more powerful than Trump himself, KIM KARDASHIAN SAVES THE WORLD (AFTER PRESIDENT TRUMP NEARLY ENDS IT) is both a fast-paced read and an urgent warning: "For people not paying close attention, the idea of voting for Donald Trump may have great appeal, if only for the fun of watching him play at being President," says author Richard Hine. "I wanted to write a story that reminds people to take this year's election very seriously, because the next President is sure to face challenges that are sudden, unexpected, and terrifying." UPDATE: Between Election Day and Inauguration Day 2017, 100% of all author proceeds from this ebook will be donated to The Trevor Project (, the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth.

Flushed: A funny short story (The Meantime Stories Book 1)

"I was unable to stop reading this absurd and awfully seductive tale of power, politics and poo. Most highly recommended." -Readers' Favorite (5/5 STAR REVIEW)

The President's world is about to turn upside down in this acclaimed and hilarious short story about power, politics and an obstinate toilet.

During a summit, the President faces his biggest challenge yet: A clogged toilet. What's the man to do? Leave the bathroom and say nothing on the matter? Or, take matter into his own hands?

THE MEANTIME STORIES is a funny short read series that draws inspiration from Terry Pratchett, Monty Python, and Douglas Adams, drenched in Nordic Noir (human folly, plentiful abrupt deaths, snappy dialogue, quirky deep thoughts, and absurd outcomes). It's glittering darkness, and clouded light.

Each story is a stand-alone, ready to be enjoyed when you yearn for 30 minutes of wacky, brainy, and laugh-out-loud entertainment. Longing for surprises, unexpected twists, and silliness with an edge? Look no further, because in the Meantime, anything can happen!

How Not to Run for Pope

There once was a pope from Kentucky, or at least there almost was. The true story of one man's unintentionally humorous quest for Vatican power is finally being told.

The Dennis for Pope campaign promised to lower the tithing rate, shorten church services, and end "meatless Fridays" once and for all. This irreverent short book documents the outsider candidacy that challenged conventional wisdom and tested the boundaries of religion, politics, and (occasionally) good taste.

The United States of Air: A Satire

Food Enforcement Agent Jason Frolick believes in America. He believes in eating air. He struggles to get the food monkey off his back. As part of the Global War on Fat, his job is to put food terrorists in Fat Camp. When a pizza dealer gets whacked in the park across the street from the Thin House, the Prophet Jones himself asks Frolick to investigate. For the first time ever, Frolick solves a murder--but what he finds out shakes his faith. Will he ever be able to eat air again?