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The House Next Door: A Short Horror Story (Horrors Next Door)

From Horrors Next Door collection of short Mysterious, Psychological, Suspenseful and Horror stories that will arouse your senses and puzzle your mind. Some of the stories are inspired by true events. Find out which ones inside the scary collection."The House Next Door"Mr. Spaulding looks like an ordinary old grumpy neighbor with a penchant for growing roses, but he has a dark secret hidden deep inside of his house. A secret no one knows about. Sarah decides to find out if he is just a sweet lonely widower or a twisted man with a mysterious past. What she encounters at his house is beyond her wildest dreams, but this is a nightmare which she can’t wake up from."Horrors Next Door" Collection★★★★★"I'm not even done reading it, and I'm rating it 5 stars. It's keeping me up at night because I don't want to stop reading."★★★★★"This book is horror redefined. Dark and with more twists than a labyrinth. I look forward to reading more from this author."★★★★★ "Each story has a unique twist. Sure to please especially for late-night reads. Good writing skills too. Will read again!"

20 More Dark, Scary, and Sad Short Stories (Dark Scary and Sad Short Stories Book 2)

20 more dark, scary and sad short stories to scare you, depress you and make you feel unsettled inside.

Alien Species Intervention: Books 1-3: An Alien Apocalyptic Saga (Species Intervention #6609 Book 1)

****WARNING**** This book is NOT for sensitive readers. Contains UNSPEAKABLE HUMAN VIOLENCE.Alien Species Intervention #6609, is an alien apocalyptic saga spanning 200 years from the Prohibition to the distant future. It encompasses tender love between divergent species, political downfalls and acts of unspeakable violence. When you think you’ve figured it out . . . WHAM! You won’t see it coming. Thriller, horror, science fiction and fantasy all in one, the series is a gripping psychological exploration of how the inherent greed and evil of man is dooming planet Earth and its inhabitants.In Baby, the prequel to the Species Intervention #6609, Netty is a naïve teenage farm girl given in marriage to an older brutal opportunist disguised as a prominent citizen during the Prohibition years in Sussex County, New Jersey. After years of enslavement, Netty flees into the night from her rapist husband, traveling back to her parents’ farm, where she rescues an enigmatic and damaged creature named “Baby” with whom she falls in love.Netty and Baby find happiness and fulfillment until a handsome Italian stranger, Wil, comes into Netty’s life, creating a tense love triangle made more fraught by Netty’s struggle to hide the bizarre and wondrous changes to her body caused by loving Baby. Baby’s miraculous healing powers on the nature around them can’t be ignored either. The heart-rending and astonishingly brutal climax to their story comes as all three face challenges that ultimately lead to transcendence and the discovery of a new world that promises resurrection.Echo2033. One hundred years have passed since the birth of Baby’s miraculous offspring, Echo. The United States has evolved to a point of politically driven economic collapse.An abused mother escapes with her two sickly children, Scotty and Abby, from the tenements of Short Hills to the farmland of Sussex County. There she unites with a Latino family who has provided a loving home to Jose, a young Costa Rican boy who has been traumatized by murder and kidnap.The two families find themselves the subject of the psychotic attention of Armoni, a soul damaged beyond redemption, as their lives become entwined with Echo’s, who is intent on thwarting the efforts of the heinous people who prey on the lives of other creatures. And as the insidious miscreant, Armoni, tracks them down, bringing brutality and violence to all, Netty recruits a heartbroken Abby to mount a mission to rescue the wildlife of Earth before despicable events bring on the specter of Armageddon.In Armageddon Cometh, the third book in the Alien Species Intervention #6609, Abby plans to abduct the wildlife at the Big Cat Sanctuary under Netty’s guidance by enlisting the help of the charming Italian yacht captain, Cobby, even though this leads to the exposure of hidden changes to her body. Despite her love for Jose, she draws closer to the charming Cobby when Jose departs on his own mission to find his adopted family.At Bird Key, young Scotty embarks on a romance with the troubled rich girl, Chloe. As strange connections and revealed identities collide with political intrigue and murder, a traumatized Chloe and Jose scramble in a frantic dash to escape, wildlife and all, to Tampa Bay. Joining them are Kenya, a sassy and striking pregnant black girl, and Peter, their trusted attorney, who has been left scarred and emotionally ruined by their nemesis, Armoni. In the climax and chaos of the escape ahead of cops and devastation from the sky, it soon becomes clear that Scotty might be the mysterious “One” as foretold in an omen.Warning: Alien Species Intervention #6609 contains violence that a sensitive reader may find confronting.

In Tooth and Claw: The unmissable short story collection packed with suspense and terror

If dreams come true, then so do nightmares. Especially when demons hide - and devour - in plain sight, or the wrong psychopath is recruited for their dream job. When a telephone rings for a forgotten boy in an old red telephone box, or when the sinister origin of a curse is locked within a children's nursery rhyme, then the horror will follow you darkly into your dreams. And it will still be there when you wake. Join the growing zombie horde of readers spellbound by horror author Dan Soule’s storytelling. Grab a copy of In Tooth and Claw today, and let the eight stories fester in your putrefying claw as they worm into your mind. Praise for the author:'Powerful and haunting.’ Best-selling author Adrian J. Walker, author of The End of the World Running Club.'Dan Soule crafts characters that feel so authentic, so real, they become part of you. When he puts them through the ringer, you’re not just scared for them, you’re scared for yourself. His stories aren’t just guaranteed to scare you, they’re guaranteed to devastate you.' Caitlin Marceau, Editor & Publisher, Sanitarium Magazine.If you enjoy short stories by the likes of Dean Koontz, Stephen King and Ray Bradbury, you'll love In Tooth and Claw.Click the buy button and join the growing zombie horde of readers spellbound by horror author Dan Soule’s storytelling. Grab a copy of In Tooth and Claw today, and let the eight stories fester in your putrefying claw as they worm into your mind. Praise for the author:“Dan Soule crafts characters that feel so authentic, so real, they become part of you. When he puts them through the ringer, you’re not just scared for them, you’re scared for yourself. His stories aren’t just guaranteed to scare you, they’re guaranteed to devastate you.” Caitlin Marceau, Editor & Publisher, Sanitarium Magazine.Click the buy button if you enjoy short stories by the likes of Dean Koontz, Stephen King and Ray Bradbury.

The Stone Man and Other Weird Tales

"A fast-paced read filled with nightmarish visions, Micah Castle's The Stone Man and Other Weird Tales grabs you with the first tale and doesn't let you go until the last. I can only imagine what ghastly creations this author has in store next." — Josh Hancock, Horror Novel ReviewsA summary of each story:The Stone Man — While hiking, a professor of geology stumbles upon a stack of stones in the Woodell River. Drawn in by their queer structure and out of place location, he's pulled in and doesn't leave the same. He soon discovers their creator, The Stone Man, and why he builds the strange structures. But what he finds out is more than just a man in the wilderness, so much more.Three Unseen Hours — A husband enticed by the night life stays out too late, discovering that what the people said in the Briswich County Psychiatric Institute were true... For the Unseen leave the sea after three o'clock.Hugo The Clown — A story of a child performer who is in the last steps of his plans to escape the suburbs, and the world. Through a hellish passageway in his cellar, he will be able to cross over from his reality, to theirs.Death Toll — What happens when a driver is stuck in summer traffic, and finds that the Death Toll Sign is no longer adding deaths, but subtracting them?The Shadow on the Belfry — A husband who enjoys looking out over Woodell each morning. He loves the sunken gabled roofs under the early fog, the mountainous backdrop, and the feeling of the crisp chill on his skin. But one morning, masked in the vapor, he discovers something not from his small town, nor from his planet.The Dark Butler — Someone buys a home, discovering that an entity cleans it for him. Dishes, washing clothes, and chores altogether become a thing of the past. But what happens when his curiosity gets the best of him? What happens when all he cares about is knowing what, or who, does these things? Doors, floors, and walls are torn out in his pursuit of The Dark Butler.Once Haunted — He's a writer from the Woodell Gazette, specializing in haunted houses. Every October, he pens "The Haunted Review," an article rating haunts throughout the town and state. A coworker tips him off about a new haunt opening up in town in an unexpected location, and he finds it only opens once a year, on Halloween. Once Haunted is the one haunted house he wished he hadn't stepped foot in.

The Man Upstairs

Tom and April, a newlywed couple, have found the perfect apartment. Well, perfect except for one thing…the neighbor.

The Seance (Jinn Series Book 1)

Do the dead speak?Would you contact him? Frank isn’t here and Eleanor his widow wears a mask of coping. The abyss of loneliness drowns her, she can't live without him, this isn't life she merely exists. Questioning whether their life together was a beautiful lie?Sorrowful Eleanor takes extreme measures because she needs their love to survive. Eleanor needs to believe. Her actions have consequences, she doesn't know them yet but she will soon find out.Buy the seance (first story) in the Jinn Series.Other books in the Jinn Series:1) The Seance2) The Crush3) Magician's Assistant4) Devils Daughter5) The Egyptologist6) Confessions of a Witch7) Possessing Asya

99 Stories of Blood on the Wall: A collection of 99 word horror stories

A collection of 99 flash fiction horror stories, each of which are exactly 99 words in length. From a taunted clown who snaps at a birthday party to an experimental drug that causes its users to commit murder, 99 Stories of Blood on the Wall is not for faint of heart. Readers with little time on their hands will appreciate the instant gratification that comes with consuming nonstop shots of pure horror.

Identity Crisis

Billy Verecker has a problem. He doesn't know who he is. He never has. And the harder he tries to find an identity, the more elusive it becomes. Would anyone notice if he died? Probably not. But that thought leads to another. Would anyone notice if he killed?

Happyish: A poetry collection

A short story told through poetry, of a young girl and the horrors she faces in an amusement park. Recommended 16+.