Horror Books

Typhon (Project Proteus Book 2)

In the cold darkness of the deep, nightmares become real.After her brother goes missing during a saturation dive, submersible pilot Chloe Gietz heads out into the Arabian Sea on a desperate search and rescue mission. What she finds is a corporate cover-up to protect a concealed underwater habitat.Typhon is a place of secrets that its owners want hidden from the outside world. But an experiment goes horrifically wrong, and a powerful, destructive organism is unleashed.The once calm waters becomes a battleground for survival, as employees of a ruthless conglomerate will stop at nothing to cover their tracks, and a nightmarish creature that can both survive and hunt within the crushing pressure of the aquatic abyss awaits them all...Don't miss this latest, pulse-pounding thriller by John Triptych, with new characters, nonstop action, and a more terrifying monster!Project Proteus (each book is a self contained story and may be read separately):Book 1- LemuriaBook 2- TyphonBook 3- Irkalla

Here After

LOVE. LOSS. OBSESSION. REDEMPTION.Following the death of his ten-year-old son, physician Peter Croft embarks on a desperate, seemingly random search for a missing child, risking his sanity, even his life in a grief-induced quest. His journey propels him into the darkest reaches of human suffering, and pits him squarely against an adversary whose own obsession defies all reason.Here After is a story of love, loss, obsession and redemption, with gripping action sequences and a subtle paranormal underpinning. A compelling read from a seasoned storyteller, Costello’s sixth novel will keep you reading deep into the night.Here After has been optioned to film by David Hackl, director of Saw V."An...effective missing-child story with a twist." — Kirkus Reviews (kirkusreviews.com)

The Mother of all Things: The twists keep on coming in this addictive psychological thriller (Godless Creatures Book 1)

SAVAGE BEGINNINGS SPAWN BRUTAL ENDS★★★★★ Fast-paced, scary, so well thought out and so rewarding to read - Extremely well written. Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. Left me feeling extremely satisfied.★★★★★ Clever and compelling psychological thriller - Shocking, tense, gripping, surprising, thought-provoking, dark and chilling.Following a traumatic event and the break up of her marriage, Elaine returns to her childhood home in North Yorkshire.Between reconnecting with her mother and keeping the two children occupied over the summer holidays, Elaine starts renovating the run-down farmhouse.Unsettled by terrifying nightmares, the stirring of memories long forgotten, and eerie happenings at the house, she worries her imagination is getting the better of her, a fear soon allayed when confronted by an intruder.The next day a police officer disappears, his last known location, her property.A missing policeman, a suspicious psychiatrist, and an old adversary add to her increasing tension, but when she wakes up covered in blood next to the body of a masked man, things spiral out of control.Facing demons both past and present, Elaine must fight for her sanity, unless, it’s too late.★★★★★ The Mother of all reads! - Really enjoyed this book. The first half develops the characters well, ready for the clever, fast-paced second half. It's hard to decide what genre this book fits in. As a lover of James Herbert and Stephen King, I would say it would probably be along the lines of a psychological thriller/horror.★★★★★ A must-read - Wow! This book had me gripped from the very beginning. So many twists and turns.★★★★★ The best novel I’ve read in a long time - A brilliant novel. The detailing in the description of the characters, places and dreams are breathtaking.★★★★★ An absorbing, disturbing and kinetic thriller that balances a tight rope between a conventional whodunnit and a Gothic horror.★★★★★ In The Mother Of All Things, Mr Blake melds mystery, crime, suspense, drama, and action in a story seeping with dark paranoid tension.Fans of writers such as Stephen King, Ruth Ware, Megan Abbott, Dean Koontz, Peter James, Jeffery Deaver, C. J. Tudor, are in for a real treat and will not be disappointed.

Mist At The Beach House (Beach House Mysteries Book 1)

Murder, Mermaids Legends, & a Kitten from the Mist.Morgan Seaver returns to her family home on Pearl Island, expecting a warm welcome. Instead, she finds her aunt has been murdered, and accusing fingers are pointing her way.Soon she finds more than a murder needs to be solved. Her family has a history with the island, one that she is finding brings the legends of mermaids and her ancestors to the present. She must solve the murder to clear herself and come to terms with a past that has a hold of her future.Start reading A Beach House Mystery with book 1 of 6.

Dare Me: A Paranormal Demon Romance (The Demonology Series Book 1)

One Commanding Demon.One struggling mortal.An obsession that will change them both forever.She's a hungry artist. I'm a powerful demon.My fixation is as strong as I am.If I take her, there'll be consequences.But she'd be mine.Entirely.For eternity.She'll paint for me while I master her enchanting beauty.I'll let her bewitch me and damn the aftermath.But in this dangerous game, the real question is, who will possess who?If you devour dark heroes of the supernatural, and enjoy feisty female characters, then this sizzling paranormal romance series is for you.1-Click your copy now and prepare to be consumed by this tantalizing, fast-paced world of dazzling demons and their spirited heroines. Get lost in the frenzy of lust and temptation as the mortal and demonic realms collide!Dare Me is a full-length paranormal romance novel with no cliffhanger ending.Beware: spirituality and religion, but not as you know it!

The Girl Who Sees (Sasha Urban Series Book 1)

I'm an illusionist, not a psychic.Going on TV is supposed to advance my career, but things go wrong.Like vampires and zombies kind of wrong.My name is Sasha Urban, and this is how I learned what I am.

Surviving The Evacuation, Book 1: London

Would you survive the evacuation?The outbreak began in New York. Soon it had spread to the rest of the world. People were attacked, infected and they died. Then they came back. Nowhere is safe from the undead.As anarchy and civil war took grip across the globe, Britain was quarantined. The press was nationalised. Martial law, curfews and rationing were implemented. It wasn’t enough. An evacuation was planned. The inland towns and cities of the UK would be evacuated to defensive enclaves being built around the coast, in the Scottish Highlands and in the Irish Republic.Bill Wright broke his leg on the day of the outbreak. Unable to join the evacuation, he watched from his window as the streets filled with refugees, he watched as the streets emptied once more. He watched as they filled up again, this time with the undead.He is trapped. He is alone. He is running out of food and water. He knows that to reach safety he will have to venture out into the wasteland that once was England. On that journey he will ultimately discover the horrific truth about the outbreak, a decades old conspiracy and his unwitting part in it.The first novel in the post-apocalyptic series “Surviving The Evacuation”. (74,000 words)

Surviving The Evacuation, Book 2: Wasteland

Nowhere is safe from the undeadBillions died during the global civil war that followed the outbreak. Anarchy took grip. Chaos ruled. The world collapsed. In Britain, the evacuation failed. Nowhere was safe from the undead.Four months after the outbreak Bill Wright has found safety in a ruined Abbey in southern England, but he is still alone. All he has for company are the files sent to him by his shadowy contact, Sholto. On those, he believes he has found the origins of the undead, and the vast conspiracy in which he discovers he played an unwitting part.He needs answers, and knows the only place they will be found is at the facility that created the virus. As he journeys through the desolate ruins of a dead civilisation, he meets other survivors. He rescues some, is rescued by others, but ultimately discovers that zombies are not the most deadly threat in an undead wasteland. (76,000 words).

Surviving The Evacuation, Book 3: Family

Nations collapsed. The undead rose. Some people survived.Three months after escaping from London, Bill discovers the true extent of the global war that followed the outbreak. Most of the world has been destroyed, but there is a safe haven in a small village on the Irish coast.When he is told of the sanctuary awaiting them, he also discovers that the scientist who created the virus escaped from New York. In order for any of them to ever truly be safe, Bill will have to head north to confront the man, discover the truth behind the outbreak and finally choose between his old family and his new one.This is the third volume of his journal. (78,000 words). Please Note: This novel features characters who first appeared in the short story Zombies vs The Living Dead.The story of post-apocalyptic Britain continues in Book 4: Unsafe Haven, but the story of the outbreak in New York, and of Sholto's attempt to destroy the cabal behind it, is told in Here We Stand: Infected, out now.

The Ghost in the Bakery

After her controlling husband’s death, entrepreneur Kate Mills happily trades big city life for her dream, owning a small-town bakery. The quiet life she envisioned is thwarted by a demanding mayor who hates progress, a sheriff with romance on his mind, and oh, yes, a couple of resident ghosts only her six-year-old son can see. If Kate can’t solve a murder—or two—her dreams will fall as flat as a half-baked cake. Join Kate as she makes a new life (or does she?) and look for a few of her favorite recipes at the end. By the author of Peril in Paradise, Murder on Deck, The Cookie Cutter Legacy, and The Dim-Witted Hitman

Heart of Darkness

The reaches opened before us and closed behind, as if the forest had stepped leisurely across the water to bar the way for our return. We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness.As the peak of European Imperialism, steamboat captain Charles Marlow travels deep into the African Congo on his way to relieve the elusive Mr Kurtz, an ivory trader renowned for his fearsome reputation. On his journey into the unknown Marlow takes a terrifying trip into his own subconscious, overwhelmed by his menacing, perilous and horrifying surroundings. The landscape and the people he meets force him to reflect on human nature and society, and in turn Conrad writes revealingly about hypocrisy, morality and the dangers of imperialism.“Heart of Darkness” is an eminent instance of the literary evocation of evil, and we can see how it might be regarded as a representation of the concept of original sin in fresh and secular terms. —T. S. EliotThe heavy hypnotic style [of “Heart of Darkness”] falls around me again, and I am aware of the poverty of my own. —Graham GreeneOne of my favorite books. —William FaulknerConrad endeavored to create a great, massive, multiphase symbol that would render his total vision of the world, his sense of individual destiny, his sense of man’s place in nature, his sense of history and society. —Robert Penn Warren

Berkley Street: Supernatural Horror with Scary Ghosts & Haunted Houses (Berkley Street Series Book 1)

An abandoned house. A forgotten evil. Home sweet home…Shane Ryan returns to Nashua and the childhood memories that drove him to join the Marines. After a prolonged legal battle with his aunt and uncle, Shane has possession of the family home where his parents disappeared over 20 years ago. The house, a monstrous castle filled with ghosts and secrets, is more alive than its inhabitants.When his aunt and uncle come to town, then vanish, Shane's life takes a turn for the worse. Detective Marie Lafontaine immediately labels Shane as the prime suspect. And in a race against time, Shane desperately searches for clues about his parents. But there's something lurking beyond the walls and beneath the surface. Something sinister that has haunted him ever since he saw its face in the pond behind the house. And it isn’t happy that Shane is back. It isn’t happy at all.

Killing the Dead

Ryan has always lived quietly. He barely knows his neighbours, keeps apart from co-workers and is happy to be left alone. No one knows that he is a serial killer in the north of England. When Lily knocks at his door, pursued by the undead he soon realizes that everything has changed. With the zombies growing in number, Ryan is more than happy to put his skills to the test by killing the dead. Anything to avoid that much greater challenge of learning to live and work with other people to survive.Please note this series contains adult themes, violence and some swearing.

The Wantland Files

"The Wantland Files gripped me from the beginning and didn't let go. Filled with suspense, romance, and mystery, this novel has all the right elements to keep you guessing until the end."--Tamara Grantham, RONE-award-winning author of the Fairy MD series ★Oklahoma Book Awards Best Fiction Finalist★She sees dead people. He's sure they don't exist. Psychic Kimberly Wantland investigates paranormal disturbances. Her television show, The Wantland Files, catapulted her from private paranormal investigator to media sensation. She receives thousands of requests for help every day, but the desperate pleas of a distraught mother terrorized by a ghost touch something deep inside her. Her producer invites Sterling Wakefield, a renowned illusionist and confirmed skeptic, to join the investigation. Despite his mesmerizing eyes and playful smirk, Kimberly instantly dislikes Sterling. Her investigation leads her to a conclusion she never expected—the mother’s children are in grave danger. Pushing all her powers to the limit, Kimberly must repel the spirit before it possesses the children—even though it means enlisting Sterling’s help and putting her own life at risk.

Scouse Gothic: The Pool of Life... and Death

Melville wakes with a pounding headache – there had been too many hangovers recently, but this one felt different. What had he been drinking last night? Then he remembered – it was blood.Enter the bizarre world of Scouse Gothic where a reluctant vampire mourns a lost love and his past lives, where a retired ‘hit man’ plans one more killing and dreams of food, and a mother sets out to avenge her son’s murder, and, meanwhile, a grieving husband is visited by an angry angel.Set in present day Liverpool, vampires and mortals co-exist, unaware of each others’ secrets and that their past and present are inextricably linked.But as their lives converge, who will be expected to atone for past sins?

The Haunting of Sunshine House (Ghosts of Los Angeles Book 1)

Is the evil lurking in Sunshine House human or something much worse?Once an exclusive Hollywood hotel catering to the likes of Rudolf Valentino and other great stars of the Silent Film Era, the Bockerman Hotel now is the Sunshine House, an assisted living home for seniors.   And its residents are dying…in droves.Sara Caine, paranormal investigator, couldn’t believe she got an invitation to hunt for ghosts in the most haunted building in all of Los Angeles, The Sunshine House. Her excitement turns to horror as the mysteries of Sunshine House reveal themselves to be more terrifying then she could have ever imagined.  The Haunting of Sunshine House is the first book in a creepy new Supernatural Suspense series that will have your spine tingling. If you like Darcy Coates, Amy Cross or Bill Thompson, then you’ll love The Haunting of Sunshine House by Dominika Best.Buy yourself a copy, grab a hot cocoa and turn down the lights. You’re in for a thrilling ride with Sara Caine in The Haunting of Sunshine House. Once you start, you won’t be able to put it down.AUTHOR INTERVIEW:Where did your interest in ghost stories come from?When I was young and living in Poland, I lived next door to an old cemetery. It had been a Jewish Cemetery before World War II, and had been gated since 1945. No one had been inside in all those years, my child brain imagined. Our apartment was on the eleventh floor and I could see through the dense trees down to the half buried tombstones. I convinced myself I had seen several ghosts wandering there at night. My fascination with all things supernatural grew from there. Is that the reason history plays such an important part in this series as well?Yes, absolutely. The ghosts of World War II were everywhere in Poland. You couldn’t escape that dark history. I’ve had a life-long fascination with that time period especially since the tendrils of the horrors still penetrate our modern times. Los Angeles also features prominently in this series. It is called Ghosts of Los Angeles after all. One of the reasons, I loved setting these books in Los Angeles is because of how steeped in history this city is. A different type of history, of course, but one that is stamped on the facades of the city. It’s wild to watch an old silent film and see the downtown streets and buildings prominently featured from that era. The ghosts of all the celluloid stars wander the streets here. On Rudolf Valentino’s birthday, the Hollywood Forever cemetery hosted a live viewing of one of his films on the side of his mausoleum. They had asked the last living organist from that time period to come and accompany that film. Only in Los Angeles. What made you choose a psychic to be the main character in this series?As I was researching this book, I came across stories of Bess Houdini. She held seances on the roof of the Knickerbocker Hotel on every Halloween night for 10 years, trying to contact her husband Harry Houdini. I loved that intersection of the supernatural and the famous. I also met some psychics here that were the coolest ladies. They gave me some help in correctly writing about their world. Who would like this novel?Anyone who loves a good mystery, wrapped in a creepy ghost story. Some good scares, and some familiar names making cameos. It's a book to get cozy with. 

Watery Graves: An Urban Magic Academy Fantasy with Mermaids and Mermen (Gates of Eden: The Voodoo Legacy Book 4)

Voodoo isn’t just for land lovers… Meet the Mermaids and Mermen of Agwe’s Wyrmrider Academy.Vilokan has fallen. The surviving students and Loa of the Voodoo Academy are dispersed, and on the run. The souls of the dead linger beneath the broken firmament. To stand against Kalfu, Annabelle’s only hope is to recover a lost relic, once belonging to Agwe, the Voodoo Lord of the Seas. But the underwater world is a perilous place full of sea serpents, insidious spirits, and even zombie sharks. The spirit of a fallen Caplata has claimed the relic that Annabelle seeks. Will Annabelle, with the help of Agwe’s mermaid wymriders, be able to recover the relic in time? Or, will Kalfu fulfill his plan to raise Vilokan’s fallen and unleash his undead army on New Orleans? Watery Graves is the forth book in the Gates of Eden: The Voodoo Legacy series. Theophilus Monroe’s Annabelle Mulledy is a snarky badass heroine with plenty of attitude. Monroe draws on the legend and myth of Voodoo lore in a way that neither caricatures the arts as “demonic” nor glosses over the dark side of the Voodoo tradition. With dark magic, dragons, vampires, light romance, and more, Gates of Eden: The Voodoo Legacy series has something for everybody.

Ash - A Thriller (Asher Benson Book 1)

9 AM EST: A senator shoots himself on national television.10:32 AM EST: An entire floor of government agents leap to their death from their office building.12:57 PM EST: All the police officers inside a station murder each other.And the day has just begun.Lieutenant Asher Benson left Iraq with a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and a Purple Heart. His doctors warned that the symptoms would be life altering. They had no idea. As his body healed, the thoughts of those around him began to echo through Ash’s mind, stretching the boundaries of his sanity.Five years later, Ash is drowning the voices with copious amounts of booze and self-loathing.When unidentified intelligence agents abduct him in broad daylight, Ash is thrust into a world of espionage and assassinations. A unique terrorist is operating on U.S. soil, and the government needs Ash, and the malady that has plagued him for half a decade, to find the killer.*Ash is the first book in the Asher Benson thriller series, which is full of snarky humor and nonstop action.

The Girl in the Woods: A Ghost's Story (Off-Kilter Tales Book 1)

Would you stop if you saw a little girl wandering through the woods at night?Andy did.He's now dead.This is Andy's story.The Girl in the Woods - A Ghost’s Story is the first in a collection of Off-Kilter Tales. It’s a short story about a man in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or the right place at the right time. You decide.What the reviewers are saying:5 stars - “I read it straight through and couldn’t put it down.” - Amazon customer.5 stars - “It keeps you reading until you go … wow!” - Amazon customer.5 stars - “A brilliant story that takes all of your senses through a horrific experience.” - Amazon customer.

Heaven's Peak: A Gripping Horror Novel

The beautiful resort town of Heaven's Peak is home to gorgeous landscapes and terrifying secrets.After the tragic death of his mother, teenage photographer Kevin Miller moves to a new town with his alcoholic father and eight-year-old sister in the hope of bringing the family together and starting over. However, everything changes when Kevin witnesses his sister being kidnapped by a bizarre creature. The police are skeptical of his story, so he decides to unveil the mysteries surrounding the town on his own.On the other side of the investigation, FBI agent Norman James will do anything to solve the baffling case, except believe a traumatized teenager’s nonsense.Meanwhile, newscasts predict a blizzard approaching in the next couple of days, as people in the town begin to behave strangely.Will Kevin and Norman find Kevin’s little sister before Heaven's Peak is consumed by darkness?Heaven's Peak is the first full-length horror-thriller novel from author Miguel Estrada. If you like suspense, mystery and dread, prepare for a ride you won't forget.

The Curse of Wetherley House

When she agrees to visit a supposedly haunted house with an old friend, Rosie assumes she'll encounter nothing more scary than a few creaks and bumps in the night. Even the legend of Evil Mary doesn't put her off. After all, she knows ghosts aren't real. But when Mary makes her first appearance, Rosie realizes she might already be trapped.For more than a century, Wetherley House has been cursed. A horrific encounter on a remote road in the late 1800's has already caused a chain of misery and pain for all those who live at the house. Wetherley House was abandoned long ago, after a terrible discovery in the basement, something has remained undetected within its room. And even the local children know that Evil Mary waits in the house for anyone foolish enough to walk through the front door.Before long, Rosie realizes that her entire life has been defined by the spirit of a woman who died in agony. Can she become the first person to escape Evil Mary, or will she fall victim to the same fate as the house's other occupants?

The First Seal (The Apocalypse Prophecies Book 1)

If you could survive the coming apocalypse, would you envy the dead?Giles Horn is a man of wealth, power and unspeakable destiny.The sole owner of one of the world’s largest corporations, he controls the economic fate of whole countries.Horn is also a sociopath, a megalomaniac and a man who wants to see the world burn.For Horn is the Antichrist, the one who will bring the end of all things.There is only one force on Earth that can oppose him.A secret order of religious assassins known only as InquisitorsLilith was just a child when she was inducted into the ranks of the Inquisition.Trained to kill without mercy, Lilith has dedicated her life to slaughtering the demonic hordes that have invaded Earth for centuries.She is as ruthless as she is relentless, and yet, despite her efforts, the demon threat grows with every passing day.For the balance has shifted and Lilith is about to discover that the apocalypse, the final and desperate battle for humanity, has begun. "The First Seal" is book 1 of a 7 book apocalyptic horror series recounting the final days of human civilisation.

Horror Stories: Scary Ghosts, Paranormal & Supernatural Horror Short Stories Anthology (Scare Street Horror Short Stories Book 4)

A young woman’s night-time escapade goes eerily wrong. A man is forced to relive the horrible accident that tore his family apart over and over again. An underground thrill through ancient catacombs proves disastrously horrific. A young boy is haunted by the scarecrow in the fields behind his home. And a woman is revisited by the ghost of a psychotic killer in the most dreadful of ways.Scare Street brings you some of the best short horror stories by authors Ron Ripley, David Longhorn, Eric Whittle, Sara Clancy and A. I. Nasser, all in one book. Together, these stories promise more than just a shiver down the spine and a fear of the dark, but the soft caress of terror that comes with the unknown and the unexpected. Join us through the pages of the best of what Scare Street has to offer, and be sure to bring a night light along with you. You definitely don’t want to be left alone in the dark!

The House Next Door: A Short Horror Story (Horrors Next Door)

From Horrors Next Door collection of short Mysterious, Psychological, Suspenseful and Horror stories that will arouse your senses and puzzle your mind. Some of the stories are inspired by true events. Find out which ones inside the scary collection."The House Next Door"Mr. Spaulding looks like an ordinary old grumpy neighbor with a penchant for growing roses, but he has a dark secret hidden deep inside of his house. A secret no one knows about. Sarah decides to find out if he is just a sweet lonely widower or a twisted man with a mysterious past. What she encounters at his house is beyond her wildest dreams, but this is a nightmare which she can’t wake up from."Horrors Next Door" Collection★★★★★"I'm not even done reading it, and I'm rating it 5 stars. It's keeping me up at night because I don't want to stop reading."★★★★★"This book is horror redefined. Dark and with more twists than a labyrinth. I look forward to reading more from this author."★★★★★ "Each story has a unique twist. Sure to please especially for late-night reads. Good writing skills too. Will read again!"


Hazel a girl from Chicago was expelled from her last school And has now been sent to live with her mum in wolfhaven. Wolfhaven has recently had many people disappearing with no clues to why or what Is going on Hazel soon gets dragged into a supernatural life full of wolves , vampires and even witches The wolves are top dog around wolfhaven, And have been for quite a while now Well until hazel come to town that Is .Hazel although unaware at first , Is also supernatural But what is she ? A wolf ? A vampire ? A witch ? Or maybe something even more powerful than all three combined ? As hazel deals with being the new girl she now also has to deal with being part of the supernatural world How will she cope And what lies around the bend .

Ghost Stories: Scary Ghosts & Paranormal Horror Short Stories Anthology (Scare Street Horror Short Stories Book 1)

In his first collection of short stories, Ron Ripley delivers eight spine-tingling tales of the strange and the macabre. Weaving an intricate web of storytelling, readers are asked to join him on a journey through some of the darkest of his works. Book a room at the old Crowe’s Bed and Breakfast, but be certain you can leave.Join the Treasure Hunter as he digs up graves and awakens more than just the dead.Lay beside a homeless man in a Shelter, but make sure you’re not trespassing.Set up your cameras alongside The Ghost Hunters, just don’t follow them into the dark.Ghost Stories promises to do more than just make you sleep with the lights on. It will plant a cold kiss on your cheek and draw you into the dark where no one will ever hear you scream!This horror short story collection contains:1. Crowe’s Bed and Breakfast2. The Dog Tracker3. The Treasure Hunter4. The Rosary5. Shelter6. The Shepherd7. The Shortcut8. The Ghost Hunters

Classic Ghost Stories: By Charles Dickens, M.R. James, Washington Irving, Lewis Carroll, Oscar Wilde and more

CLASSIC GHOST STORIES is a collection of some of the finest tales of the supernatural in world literature. Featuring such signature works by major authors as A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving and The Turn of the Screw by Henry James, this volume also brings together works you may not have encountered before. Lafcadio Hearn’s Kwaidan is the best introduction to the eeriest supernatural tales in the Japanese canon, and Phantasmagoria is as playfully inventive as any of the poems in Lewis Carroll’s Alice. The complete list of works in this collection isThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow - by Washington IrvingPhantasmagoria and Other Poems - by Lewis CarrollKwaidan - by Lafcadio HearnThe Turn of the Screw - by Henry JamesGhost Stories of an Antiquary – by M.R. JamesGrim Tales – by Edith NesbitThe Canterville Ghost – by Oscar WildeA Christmas Carol – by Charles DickensEnjoy the tales, whether in the broad light of day, or in the flickering half-light of a gas lamp, with brandy and cigar safely to hand, and faithful hound asleep by the roaring fire. And visit my website to discover my spooky stories for younger readers, GHOST RESCUE and FEAR RESCUE.

The Daemoniac (Gaslamp Gothic Book 1)

Sherlock Holmes meets The X-Files in this acclaimed paranormal mystery series from the author of the Fourth Element TrilogyIt's August 1888, just three weeks before Jack the Ripper will terrorize Whitechapel, and another murderer is stalking the streets of New York. His handiwork bears the hallmarks of a demonic possession—but amateur sleuth Harrison Fearing Pell is certain her quarry is a man of flesh and blood. And she hopes to make her reputation by solving the bizarre case before the man the press has dubbed Mr. Hyde strikes again.From the squalor of the Five Points to the high-class gambling dens of the Tenderloin and the glittering mansions of Fifth Avenue, Harry follows the trail of a remorseless killer, uncovering a few embarrassing secrets of New York's richest High Society families along the way. Are the murders a case of black magic—or simple blackmail? And will the trail lead closer to home than she ever imagined?Praise for The Daemoniac"While the clever mystery is reason enough to keep pages turning, the novel’s writing remains its greatest asset. Employing a tone that affects the style of Victorian literature and the Conan Doyle stories, but without the stiffness readers might associate with older fiction, the prose is a genuine delight. Furthermore, the characters conjure Holmes and Watson without belaboring the point or adopting a sense of smug superiority. Ross provides two endlessly charming sleuths, and Harry’s womanhood adds new depth to familiar ground. All in all, there’s an impressive amount of detail and care packed into these pages, not only in references to the Holmes canon, but also in inventive storytelling and colorful portraiture of 19th-century New York. An unexpected treat of a detective novel with a strong heroine, making Ross a name to look out for." -Kirkus Reviews"Harry and John are a most appealing pair…Frequent nods to the Sherlock Holmes canon and a blend of charm and darkness turned this first volume of a hopefully long-running series into a few hours of pure pleasure." -Buried Under Books"This mash-up of genres is amazing…Anyone who enjoys mysteries will appreciate this unique setting and intriguing setup. The characters are deep and the background is gripping." -Desert Rose Reviews"A truly gorgeous gothic mystery." -Mama Reads Blog"Greatly entertaining, fun, thrilling, at times chilling and with a light hint of romance. I have no word left to say, only 'perfect'." -Field of Bookish Dreams"Absolutely fascinating and delightful! The Daemoniac kept me guessing with a great cast of characters, wonderful atmosphere, and a mystery that I was eager to have unraveled. Definitely looking forward to the next book!" -It Starts at Midnight"The Daemoniac is a great read. Perfect for fans of the Jackaby series and of the Netflix TV show Penny Dreadful." -Book Briefs"Ross proved that the landscape of historical New York is just as magical as any fantasy setting." –Crazy for YA"An incredibly well written and developed story and one that will grab you from the very first page…This is a must read. That ending!!! Can't wait to see where the author goes with it!!" -Book Lovers Life

Oakshot Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe (Illustrated, Inline Footnotes) (Classics Book 1)

Ebook specifically formatted for kindle devices and tested with all Kindle 5 way navigation functions and Kindle table of contents button. Ebook comes with main table of contents and interlinked sub table of contents. Ebook contains illustrations and inline footnotes where applicable.Each chapter is clearly marked so user knows which book within the boxset is being read.The Novels.•Narrative Of A. Gordon Pym. (Inline Footnotes)•The Journal Of Julius Rodman. (Illustrated / Inline Footnotes)The Complete Tales. (Inline Footnotes)The Complete Poetry. (Inline Footnotes)The Play.•Politian.The Non Fiction.•The Conchologist’s First Book. •A Chapter On Autography.•Marginalia. (Inline Footnotes)•Fifty Suggestions. (Inline Footnotes)•The Literati. (Inline Footnotes)The Letters Of Edgar Allan Poe 2 Vols.The Complete Essays. (Inline Footnotes)The Biographies.•Death Of Edgar A. Poe. By N. P. Willis.•Edgar A. Poe, A Psychopathic Study By Robertson, John W. (Illustrated / Inline Footnotes)•Edgar Allan Poe by Woodberry, George Edward. (Inline Footnotes)•Figures of Several Centuries by Arthur Symons.•Famous American Writers By Sherwin Cody.•The Home Life of Poe by Susan Archer Talley Weiss. (Inline Footnotes)•Life-Story of Edgar Allan Poe by Mary Newton Stanard.•Edgar Allan Poe by Stedman, Edmund Clarence. (Illustrated / Inline Footnotes)•Edgar Allan Poe A Critical Study By Ransome, Arthur. (Inline Footnotes)•Edgar Allan Poe; How To Know Him By Smith, C. Alphonso. (Inline Footnotes)•Israfel The Life And Times Of Edger Allan Poe Vol I & II By Hervey Allen. (Illustrated / Inline Footnotes)Update 2 - 3rd November 2016Reviewed and updated all books to include either paragraph indents or correct line spacing between paragraphs to make it easier for the user to read and distinguish paragraph start and end.

Odd Interlude Part One

The first part of a spine-tingling 3-part Odd Thomas novella, exclusively in ebook. Includes a preview of the next thrilling novel in Dean Koontz’s acclaimed Odd Thomas series: Odd Apocalypse. Small-town guy meets big-time evil…THERE’S ROOM AT THE INN, BUT YOU MIGHT NOT GET OUT…Odd Thomas and Annamaria need a break from the road. Nestled on a lonely stretch along the Pacific Coast, the warm lights of Harmony Corner welcome them in. The quaint roadside outpost offers everything a weary traveller desires – a cosy diner, a handy service station, a cluster of motel rooms … and the Harmony family homestead presiding over it all.But Odd has a bad feeling about this place. There’s more to the secluded haven than meets the eye – and between life and death there is something more frightening than either. Odd has faced evil many times and he will face it again before the night is over…

Shadow Grove (Shadow Grove Series Book 1)

What would you do if you turned 18 and found out you were a witch?Ariel Temple is leading a perfectly normal existence. She does well in school and mostly keeps to herself. She lives with her father and wonders why they have never visited her grandfather, even though they speak to him every week on the phone.When her grandfather suddenly dies, Ariel and her father must travel to Shadow Grove to settle his affairs. Shadow Grove holds many, many secrets, not the least of which is what really happened to Ariel's mother and why her grandfather left her a powerful amulet before he died. When she finds out she is a witch, Ariel has some decisions to make. But first, who can she trust...the mysterious man who appears in her dreams or the recluse whom her father clearly despises?Scroll up to download and take a trip to Shadow Grove today...

Madhouse: A Suspenseful Horror

Don't talk to strangers...Faced with his parents' divorce, eleven-year-old Lucas runs away from home in the hope that his family will get back together to find him. While walking through the empty streets, he is picked up by a mysterious woman, who offers to take care of him and provide him with a loving family.The boy then wakes up in shackles, confined to a bed in a decrepit house in the middle of nowhere and will have to face his deepest fears in order to survive in his new home.Join Lucas in a desperate attempt to get back to his family in Madhouse, the first published book from horror-thriller author Miguel Estrada.

Polly's Haven: Scary Horror Short Story (Scare Street Horror Short Stories Book 2)

A woman tries to come to terms with repressed childhood memories while keeping the nightmare that has plagued her family for generations at bay.

The Ghost Files

Cherry blossom lipstick: check Smokey eyes: check Skinny jeans: checkDead kid in the mirror: check For sixteen year old Mattie Hathaway, this is her normal everyday routine. She’s been able to see ghosts since her mother tried to murder her when she was five years old. No way does she want anyone to know she can talk to spooks. Being a foster kid is hard enough without being labeled a freak too. Normally, she just ignores the ghosts and they go away. That is until she see’s the ghost of her foster sister… Sally. Everyone thinks Sally’s just another runaway, but Mattie knows the truth—she’s dead. Murdered. Mattie feels like she has to help Sally, but she can’t do it alone. Against her better judgment, she teams up with a young policeman, Officer Dan, and together they set out to discover the real truth behind Sally’s disappearance. Only to find out she’s dealing with a much bigger problem, a serial killer, and she may be the next victim… Will Mattie be able to find out the truth before the killer finds her?

The Tale of the Vampire Bride (The Vampire Bride Dark Rebirth Series Book 1)

All I ever wanted was the freedom to live life as I pleased, despite my aristocratic parents’ hopes I’d secure a prestigious husband. But my fate was far more terrible than an arranged marriage when my family became prisoners to one of the most fearsome and powerful vampires of all time, Count Vlad Dracula. Imprisoned in the decrepit castle in the Carpathian Mountains, my new life as a Bride of Dracula was filled with bloody feasts, cruel beatings, and sexual depravity. There was no hope of escapeIt was only when he took me to the picturesque city of Buda on the Danube River and I met a handsome, mysterious vampire in the darkened city streets, did I dare hope to find love and freedom.

The Zombie-Driven Life

High school nobody Kenan is doing just fine in the midst of the zombie apocalypse, thank you very much, but when his dream girl Katy comes stumbling around the corner, she turns his world upside-down as they embark on a nightmarish road trip that leads to the very source of the plague of the walking dead. An action-packed horror tale laced with dark humor."Well-written and highly entertaining. Great dollops of black humour and some wonderful characterisation round out this extremely enjoyable romp. Definitely one to add to the private library." Necroscope"The Zombie Driven Life is a fast-paced, zombie story that manages to be thoughtful, humorous, and surprising while giving zombie fans everything they love about the genre—gore, desperate situations, and a big body count. The perfect book to devour in a single day." Jeremy Bishop, author of Torment"Wood paints a horrific scenario of a world in ruin and a few survivors struggling to find safe havens and a reason to carry on. Powerful and disturbing by turns, with plenty of black humour along the way. The Zombie-Driven Life is a great read." Alan Baxter, author of RealmShift and MageSign"Give The Zombie-Driven Life a try - it may just set you on the road to obsession!" The Aussie Zombie

The Chronicles of Kerrigan Prequel Series Books #1-3: Paranormal Fantasy Romance

A Boxset collection of the first 3 books in the Chronicles of Kerrigan Prequel Series!>Christmas Before the Magic - Book #1>Learn how it all began … before the magic of tatùs.When Argyle invites his best friend, Simon Kerrigan, home for the Christmas holidays, he wants to save Simon from staying at Guilder Boarding School on his own. Simon comes along and doesn’t expect to find much more excitement in the tiny Scottish town where Argyle’s family lives. Until he meets Beth, Argyle’s older sister. She’s beautiful, brash and clearly interested in him. When her father warns him to stay away from her, Simon tries, but sometimes destiny has a hope of it’s own.Question the Darkness – Book #2Learn how it all began … before Rae Kerrigan. The sins of the father are the sins of the son. What did Rae’s father do that put fear in people’s eyes at the name Kerrigan? Simon Kerrigan is a bright kid. He likes to ask questions and push adults in their way of thinking. He’s falling for a girl he’s been warned to stay away from. Tempted by forbidden love, he also must face the biggest challenge of his life: receive a tattoo on his sixteenth birthday. This ink is going to give him a supernatural ability unlike anyone before him. When secrets of the past begin to reveal themselves, he questions everything he’s ever known. Pressure from Guilder Boarding School and the Privy Council only confuse Simon more as he struggles to find himself. How hard will he have to shake the family tree to find the truth about the past? The Chronicles of Kerrigan Prequel is the beginning of the story before Rae Kerrigan. Christmas Before the Magic is just the beginning (but not the end...) Into the Darkness – Book #3What did Rae’s father do that put fear in people’s eyes at the name Kerrigan? After a mysterious attempt is made on his life, Simon Kerrigan has more questions than ever, and this time, he's not the only one. The beginnings of a secret society are formed at Guilder. A society of other like-minded students all unsatisfied with the status quo. All searching for the truth. But things aren't always as they seem. When Simon gets an unexpected visitor, his entire world is turned upside-down. Suddenly, the rules that were made to keep him safe, are the only things standing in his way. Who can he trust? Can he learn to master his tatù? Most importantly, can he do it in time to protect those things that are most precious to him? Prequel Series:Christmas Before the MagicQuestion the DarknessInto the DarknessFight the DarknessAlone in the DarknessLost in DarknessThe Chronicles of Kerrigan SeriesRae of HopeDark NebulaHouse of CardsRoyal TeaUnder FireEnd in SightHidden DarknessTwisted TogetherMark of FateStrength & PowerLast One StandingRae of LightThe Chronicles of Kerrigan SequelA Matter of TimeTime PieceSecond ChanceGlitch in TimeOur TimePrecious TimeThe Chronicles of Kerrigan: GabrielLiving in the PastPresent for TodayStaring at the Future

Once Upon A Hell - (Revised Edition) (The Trouser Trilogy Book 2)

For Emery Trouser life had taken a turn for the worse.Sentenced to fifteen months in Ernwood Prison, you might be forgiven for thinking that at least the worst was over.But then a portal to Hell opened in his cell.Again, Emery is called upon to help do battle with an ancient evil that threatens the very existence of Hell and Earth and time is not on his side.Book 2 of The Trouser Trilogy."The Sequel To Trouser's Edge is a simply Hell-Arious Adventure!"

Midnight Ugly Ghost: A Supernatural Horror Story Collection, Best Horror, Crime, Suspense, Romantic, Thriller and Mystery Short Stories, ghosts and spirits, supernatural horror.

From the famous author of KEN RICHARD …..horror... Here comes with scary stories.There is a real, secured world, and you should stay within the whole time. At all thinking as though you can't even control your emotions tries to force you to seek the unnamed demons taking up residence in the darkest corners of your mind. It's really the place where the monsters and darkness are silent and carefully hidden, where multiple miscalculations will throw you into a terrifying, impossible showdown for your life.Perfect to read especially at night just before your room is dark and the stormy weather is blinking at the windows, and you say as though you might look up soon and then see an ugly face pressed along your window glass.You can relate to these tales, but they have a primary relation to your mind, quite strongly resembling a story you would tell to.

Rings On Her Fingers: A Romantic Cozy Mystery (Psychic Seasons Book 1)

Four best friends, two pesky ghosts, and one spiteful ex Toss in an ancestral home that’s falling apart at the seams and Julie Hayward has hit her limit. A total pragmatist, Julie has no time for anything that sparks of woo woo, until an unplanned meeting with a psychic medium changes everything. The last thing Julie needs is a set of cryptic clues to a lost family fortune and another man underfoot. Enter Tyler Kingsley. Former journalist with a nose for news. What red-blooded man could resist a beautiful woman, or a treasure hunt? When Tyler realizes Julie is in danger, he decides to do whatever it takes to help her. Even if it means losing his heart.Grab your copy of the first book in this enchanting, romantic cozy mystery series because you want to live in a world where four best friends find love, adventure, humor, and suspense.

Haunted: The Sparkly Badgers' Anthology

Join us on a pumpkin spiced, ghost-riddled, spooky journey amongst the imaginations of fifteen horrifyingly excellent indie-authors. Let them take you on a candle-lit journey through the minds of the depraved, departed and desperate as they treat you to their haunting tales. Lock the doors, close the curtains and don’t turn off the light!

Dark Isle: Paranormal & Supernatural Horror Story with Scary Ghosts (Dark Isle Series Book 1)

Mark Stine is an American academic enjoying his year as a visiting professor at Cambridge University. But when he starts researching the long-dead English writer, Monty Summerskill, he quickly discovers that truth is stranger than fiction. Turns out Summerskill's ghost stories were based on horrifying reality. One that caused the author's shocking death.Mark's journey takes him to dark places, where he finds himself haunted by a ghost from his troubled childhood. But that's nothing compared to the terrors that await as he heads towards the Dark Isle, where the solution to an ancient mystery lies. Something far more terrifying than any ghost is on his trail. Awakened after decades of hibernation, it is deadly, unstoppable and hungry. Hungry for blood.

What Goes On In The Walls At Night

Winner: 2018 Red City Review Book Award (Fantasy)"★★★★★ Schrader's writing does much more than amuse. He urges us to acknowledge that while life is mind-boggling and frightening beyond belief, it's also fascinating as hell. Schrader has proven that even some of our nightmares are worth remembering." -- Red City ReviewsFeatured on the Reddit No Sleep Podcast, What Goes On in the Walls at Night is a twisted and shocking collection of tales from the borders of reality.Satisfy your craving for the odd and unexpected with stories of building-eating children, pants-grabbing TSA agents, and nature-devouring machines. Sit back, strap in, and let this powerful collection of interesting and other-worldly adventures take you away.If you like Black Mirror and stories with delightfully disturbing endings, you'll love What Goes on in the Walls at Night.Download or buy it on paperback today.


Riley Haig is a mild-mannered wage slave returning to his hometown following a decade-long absence. From the moment he arrives, everything feels off by a degree or two. Dark secrets lurk behind every corner, long-forgotten figures re-emerge from his murky past, and he is haunted by the eerie notion that something terrible could happen at any given moment.Then the bodies begin piling up.Langdon Pryce is a bestselling novelist in creative freefall, in the middle of writing a story about a mild-mannered wage slave returning to his hometown following a decade-long absence. A crisis of confidence forces him to re-examine his own life and values, spurring him on to produce what he hopes could be his greatest work to date.Then things get weird.

The Spirit Chaser (Spirit Chasers Book 1)

Some places are too evil. Some places should be left alone.Austin Cole has it made. Star of the hit television show Spirit Chaser Investigations, he has become the world’s most famous paranormal investigator. Although hard work, a talented investigation team, and favorable genetics have something to do with it, it’s his lack of fear and willingness to take risks no one else will that make Spirit Chaser Investigations cable’s number-one show. When a ghost-hunt-gone-wrong seriously injures his best friend and lead psychic, Austin is forced to find a replacement for a team member he considers irreplaceable.Casey Lawson can’t catch a break. She’s been on her own since she turned eighteen and is scraping by as a part-time psychic and cashier at a New Age store. When a desperate Austin Cole calls her up and offers her a position on his team, has her fortune finally changed?He’s a control freak; she’s stubborn and opinionated. It takes time, but when they finally realize they’re working on the same side, everything clicks, both on and off screen.Just when things are looking up, a new threat emerges. Over the years, Austin has angered plenty of demons, and one of them has set her sights on him. Now he’s the one in danger, and it’s up to the team to rescue him from the riskiest investigation of their lives.

A Place in Time: A Ghost mystery (The Spirit of Peterborough Book 1)

An ancient artefact, and a mystery ghostThe unlikely discovery of an ancient artefact changes the life of Neil Pressland. His wife Judy, and best friend Nasra wonder what it has got to do with any of them - especially as the find took place over a decade ago? A mystery ghost figure appears from many centuries earlier but what Neil must discover is why he is haunted by the present.British ghost stories with a hint of Time travel?The first of a series of stories based in Peterborough UK. Just an ordinary city full of people like you and me, steeped in history and totally unique, but it could be anywhere, really, it could. Every city holds secrets from its past that lie dormant ready to affect the future, but what if there was more than that? What happens when something from another time rises to the surface to confront us? The three of them soon find themselves drawn into something very deep and dark that is shaping their future. Spooky mysteries have their way of piecing the bits togetherCan Nasra work it out and get to Neil in time? Is he really who he seems to be? And as gradually his ghost gifts emerge, we wonder what can he really know about the past? As the plot thickens and pieces of an uncomfortably placed jigsaw start to fall into place, Nasra realises she must act fast to ensure their summer ends in the way it was always meant to be. This is a mystery english to the core, that tells a story like never before.Now open your mind and I pledge you will see,your home city -  quite differently.A fascinating tale of ghostly time travel based on elements of historical fact. Taking place in a contemporary setting in the heart of rural England this is the first book in a series of Peterborough-based mystery short stories.

The Man Upstairs

Tom and April, a newlywed couple, have found the perfect apartment. Well, perfect except for one thing…the neighbor.

The War On Horror II: Return of the Undead Menace

The world remains in a state of flux, but life in a post-zombie society goes on.It’s now three years since Bernard Marlowe’s stunning election victory. Incidents involving the undead have fallen to an all-time low, and great strides have been made in the development of a groundbreaking treatment to reverse the devastating effects of the infection.The new prime minister is still grappling with the realization that running the country isn’t quite the walk in the park he thought it might be. The one-time flavor of the month is now the most unpopular leader in recent memory. His scandal-plagued government has degenerated into a laughing stock and is hurtling head-first toward a humiliating electoral defeat. Regaining the public’s trust, or restoring their deepest fears, may be his only chance of winning – and there is nothing he won’t do to hold on to power.

Trouser's Edge - (Revised Edition) (The Trouser Trilogy Book 1)

For Emery Trouser life was safe and mundane, contented and nondescript.Or so he thought.And then a portal to Hell opened in his kitchen.He hadn't expected that.So imagine his surprise upon discovering he was also a hunted pawn in a much bigger game and that the very fate of Hell lay partly in his hands.This is Book 1 of The Trouser Trilogy.(This Revised Edition has seen the original story tweaked here and there and contains the occasional inclusion of new text, but if you already own a previous version of the book, you wouldn't need to replace it with this.)

Reckless: Book 1 of the Mia Kazmaroff Mysteries (Mia Kazmaroff Mystery Series)

Mia Kazmaroff has a gift nobody wants. She's able to tell the story behind any object simply by touch. It’s a gift that comes in handy when her only brother, a detective with the Atlanta Major Crimes Division, is murdered. Determined to find his killer, Mia reaches out to the one person in Atlanta she believes can help her—Dave’s partner, Jack Burton. Unfortunately, Burton is also the prime suspect.Together, Mia and Jack create a partnership that breaks all the rules, skirts every law, and lobs as many sparks and landmines at each other as if they were adversaries–which half the time they are—all while attempting to ignore their undeniable mutual attraction.Can two people so different—one intuitive and inexperienced, the other cynical and by-the-book—work together to solve the murder? And can they do it before the killer turns his attention to Mia?

Alien Species Intervention: Books 1-3: An Alien Apocalyptic Saga (Species Intervention #6609 Book 1)

****WARNING**** This book is NOT for sensitive readers. Contains UNSPEAKABLE HUMAN VIOLENCE.Alien Species Intervention #6609, is an alien apocalyptic saga spanning 200 years from the Prohibition to the distant future. It encompasses tender love between divergent species, political downfalls and acts of unspeakable violence. When you think you’ve figured it out . . . WHAM! You won’t see it coming. Thriller, horror, science fiction and fantasy all in one, the series is a gripping psychological exploration of how the inherent greed and evil of man is dooming planet Earth and its inhabitants.In Baby, the prequel to the Species Intervention #6609, Netty is a naïve teenage farm girl given in marriage to an older brutal opportunist disguised as a prominent citizen during the Prohibition years in Sussex County, New Jersey. After years of enslavement, Netty flees into the night from her rapist husband, traveling back to her parents’ farm, where she rescues an enigmatic and damaged creature named “Baby” with whom she falls in love.Netty and Baby find happiness and fulfillment until a handsome Italian stranger, Wil, comes into Netty’s life, creating a tense love triangle made more fraught by Netty’s struggle to hide the bizarre and wondrous changes to her body caused by loving Baby. Baby’s miraculous healing powers on the nature around them can’t be ignored either. The heart-rending and astonishingly brutal climax to their story comes as all three face challenges that ultimately lead to transcendence and the discovery of a new world that promises resurrection.Echo2033. One hundred years have passed since the birth of Baby’s miraculous offspring, Echo. The United States has evolved to a point of politically driven economic collapse.An abused mother escapes with her two sickly children, Scotty and Abby, from the tenements of Short Hills to the farmland of Sussex County. There she unites with a Latino family who has provided a loving home to Jose, a young Costa Rican boy who has been traumatized by murder and kidnap.The two families find themselves the subject of the psychotic attention of Armoni, a soul damaged beyond redemption, as their lives become entwined with Echo’s, who is intent on thwarting the efforts of the heinous people who prey on the lives of other creatures. And as the insidious miscreant, Armoni, tracks them down, bringing brutality and violence to all, Netty recruits a heartbroken Abby to mount a mission to rescue the wildlife of Earth before despicable events bring on the specter of Armageddon.In Armageddon Cometh, the third book in the Alien Species Intervention #6609, Abby plans to abduct the wildlife at the Big Cat Sanctuary under Netty’s guidance by enlisting the help of the charming Italian yacht captain, Cobby, even though this leads to the exposure of hidden changes to her body. Despite her love for Jose, she draws closer to the charming Cobby when Jose departs on his own mission to find his adopted family.At Bird Key, young Scotty embarks on a romance with the troubled rich girl, Chloe. As strange connections and revealed identities collide with political intrigue and murder, a traumatized Chloe and Jose scramble in a frantic dash to escape, wildlife and all, to Tampa Bay. Joining them are Kenya, a sassy and striking pregnant black girl, and Peter, their trusted attorney, who has been left scarred and emotionally ruined by their nemesis, Armoni. In the climax and chaos of the escape ahead of cops and devastation from the sky, it soon becomes clear that Scotty might be the mysterious “One” as foretold in an omen.Warning: Alien Species Intervention #6609 contains violence that a sensitive reader may find confronting.

A Little Girl In My Room & Other Stories

A Little Girl in my Room & Other Stories is a collection of dark flash fiction by Claire Farrell. This book is Rated R: Adults Only. Some may find the themes addressed disturbing. Content includes child abuse, rape, suicide, murder and violence.This dark fiction collection contains 12 short stories:Skeleton in the Closet and Childlike Bride - What happens to the vulnerable when they are taken advantage of then abandoned? A Friend – A lonely ghost bears witness to a Halloween prank that ends in tragedy.Frozen and Frozen in Reverse – Parallel stories detailing an attack in the words of the victim and then the rapist.Ready or Not – What’s your idea of hell?Justice – The lengths the heartbroken will go to for justice . . . or revenge.Forever Young – Sometimes regrets come too late.Peace, Deals, A Great Day, A Little Girl in my Room – Four offerings of the supernatural kind.

Midnight Magic (A Ghost & Abby Mystery Book 1)

As the janitor in a haunted house, single mom Abby Jenkins has many contacts with the living and the dead in the small Pacific Northwest town of Sunset Cove, which puts her in a perfect position to solve local mysteries. Or so she thinks. Hired to find diamonds hidden in a haunted manor she gets help from a Viking ghost with existential issues. Will she survive? This book contains bad-boy ghosts, mischievous magic, and a woman who knows what she wants in a Viking hayloft.

Five Tales of Horror and Suspense

Five Tales of Horror and Suspense. A young man finds out from a fortune teller that there’s always a price to be paid. A rich man doesn’t quite have the 25th high school reunion experience he expected. Beware of strangers on a train. A dog may not be man’s best friend. An aging hitman takes a trip down memory lane.

Ferris Wheel (Trasis)

Jack Ferris is stuck. In the car journey from hell. At home with his tyrannical stepfather. And in a deserted office complex where a vampire is hunting him. Yet it's 1978 and he knows not all of these situations can be real. Something strange has happened to him and now the mysterious Walter wants him to take on a dangerous mission. He must unlock the riddle of his disintegrating life before it becomes too late to return to reality.​"Mind-bending cosmic horror" A TRASIS novella

Every Little Evil: An Urban Fantasy Mystery Thriller. (The Hipposync Archives Book 1)

Bloody symbols in a locked room. A missing victim. Lots of clues but no explanation. There is only one person the police can turn to…once they’ve had a cup of tea.Captain K Porter is a specialist. Her job is to ensure that nothing unpleasant sneaks across the border into our world from all the others. Because something is always trying, the monstrous little buggers. 

When a high-profile politician disappears from a house under armed guard, the authorities are clueless. The arcane symbols daubed on his bedroom wall don’t help. 

Neither does the fact that they’re written in his own dripping blood.
Nor that the missing minister is a philandering, pompous git.

For supernatural investigator Kylah, this is a chance to earn her spurs. But as well as confronting an unsolvable puzzle, she faces hostility in the shape the cynical police officer running the investigation. 
He doesn’t believe in the occult. He’s convinced it’s just another tawdry urban crime. But Kylah suspects someone’s paying a terrible price for dipping a toe, or something even less savoury, in the murky depths of the dark arts. 
She knows her career and the missing man’s life are on the line. Now time is running out for the both of them…NB — Please be aware this is a short introduction to the series and is only 75 pages long.
Every Little Evil is an urban fantasy crime story full of intrigue, mystery and dry, sardonic humour. If you like Jim Butcher, Terry Pratchett, Ben Aaronovitch, Robert Crane, Shayne Silver, Patricia Briggs, Megan Scott Molin or Wilkie Martin, you’re sure to LOVE this, short, sharp and FREE first instalment in the Hipposync Archives.
Now re-released with new covers.
Click or tap BUY NOW to jump into a world YOU won’t want to leave TODAY. And it’s totally FREE for crying out loud.

Scary Horror Dark Night: Horror Short Stories Collection, Supernatural Horror with Scary Ghosts & Haunted Houses, Short Horror Stories Anthology, Short Horror Stories Anthology.

From the famous author of SIMON WISE …..horror... Here comes with scary stories.There is a real, secured world, and you should stay within the whole time. At all thinking as though you can't even control your emotions tries to force you to seek the unnamed demons taking up residence in the darkest corners of your mind. It's really the place where the monsters and darkness are silent and carefully hidden, where multiple miscalculations will throw you into a terrifying, impossible showdown for your life.Perfect to read especially at night just before your room is dark and the stormy weather is blinking at the windows, and you say as though you might look up soon and then see an ugly face pressed along your window glass.You can relate to these tales, but they have a primary relation to your mind, quite strongly resembling a story you would tell to.

The Blacktongue Thief Sneak Peek

Set in a world of goblin wars, stag-sized battle ravens, and assassins who kill with deadly tattoos, Christopher Buehlman's The Blacktongue Thief begins a 'dazzling' (Robin Hobb) fantasy adventure unlike any other. Download a FREE sneak peek today!Kinch Na Shannack owes the Takers Guild a small fortune for his education as a thief, which includes (but is not limited to) lock-picking, knife-fighting, wall-scaling, fall-breaking, lie-weaving, trap-making, plus a few small magics. His debt has driven him to lie in wait by the old forest road, planning to rob the next traveler that crosses his path.But today, Kinch Na Shannack has picked the wrong mark.Galva is a knight, a survivor of the brutal goblin wars, and handmaiden of the goddess of death. She is searching for her queen, missing since a distant northern city fell to giants.Unsuccessful in his robbery and lucky to escape with his life, Kinch now finds his fate entangled with Galva's. Common enemies and uncommon dangers force thief and knight on an epic journey where goblins hunger for human flesh, krakens hunt in dark waters, and honor is a luxury few can afford.“The Blacktongue Thief is fast and fun and filled with crazy magic. I can't wait to see what Christopher Buehlman does next." - Brent Weeks, New York Times bestselling author of the Lightbringer seriesAt the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

In Tooth and Claw: The unmissable short story collection packed with suspense and terror

If dreams come true, then so do nightmares. Especially when demons hide - and devour - in plain sight, or the wrong psychopath is recruited for their dream job. When a telephone rings for a forgotten boy in an old red telephone box, or when the sinister origin of a curse is locked within a children's nursery rhyme, then the horror will follow you darkly into your dreams. And it will still be there when you wake. Join the growing zombie horde of readers spellbound by horror author Dan Soule’s storytelling. Grab a copy of In Tooth and Claw today, and let the eight stories fester in your putrefying claw as they worm into your mind. Praise for the author:'Powerful and haunting.’ Best-selling author Adrian J. Walker, author of The End of the World Running Club.'Dan Soule crafts characters that feel so authentic, so real, they become part of you. When he puts them through the ringer, you’re not just scared for them, you’re scared for yourself. His stories aren’t just guaranteed to scare you, they’re guaranteed to devastate you.' Caitlin Marceau, Editor & Publisher, Sanitarium Magazine.If you enjoy short stories by the likes of Dean Koontz, Stephen King and Ray Bradbury, you'll love In Tooth and Claw.Click the buy button and join the growing zombie horde of readers spellbound by horror author Dan Soule’s storytelling. Grab a copy of In Tooth and Claw today, and let the eight stories fester in your putrefying claw as they worm into your mind. Praise for the author:“Dan Soule crafts characters that feel so authentic, so real, they become part of you. When he puts them through the ringer, you’re not just scared for them, you’re scared for yourself. His stories aren’t just guaranteed to scare you, they’re guaranteed to devastate you.” Caitlin Marceau, Editor & Publisher, Sanitarium Magazine.Click the buy button if you enjoy short stories by the likes of Dean Koontz, Stephen King and Ray Bradbury.

20 More Dark, Scary, and Sad Short Stories (Dark Scary and Sad Short Stories Book 2)

20 more dark, scary and sad short stories to scare you, depress you and make you feel unsettled inside.

Witches of Wyvern's Landing: Discovery

Violet and Scarlet are just like every other child their age: energetic and excitable. Being twins means having a constant playmate, and they've been thick as thieves since the moment they were born, balancing each other and playing confidante or co-conspirator as needed. Violet, older by a few minutes (and don't you forget it) is her father's daughter; level-headed, curious, eager to learn. Scarlet is the fierier and more whimsical of the two, always getting them into trouble.Together, they run around their gardens and into the park near their house, having grand adventures where they fight dragons and brew potions in their wild imaginations. After all, magical ability manifests by the age of thirteen, and that birthday came and went, and no one in the family has shown any magical inclination that they know about.They are perfectly normal young girls with their whole lives ahead of them, content with their parents in a grand, comfortable home in Virginia, where nothing dramatic ever happens.Until, one night, their Aunt Cal – a mysterious and chaotic woman at the best of times, who comes and goes like a summer storm with no concern for the drama she stirs in her wake – visits their parents, a month after their thirteenth birthday. She comes bringing news of the impossible – magical blood is in their family line. Violet and Scarlet may be powerful witches and must go to Wyvern's Landing immediately to be assessed.Suddenly, these two perfectly normal girls might not be as normal as they thought they were. A real adventure awaits them at Wyvern's Landing, a magical school hidden in the rural flatlands of Ohio. Behind the veil and within the hallowed halls, excitement and danger and mystery await, as well as burgeoning power that will require both of them to harness and control.

Rogue Wolves Prison: An Omegaverse Romance

Once, I knew what my future was going to be like. I was bound to mate an Alpha chosen by my father, to be his Omega and have his pups. But I changed that future when I dared to fight off my would-be mate. When I killed him and became a rogue wolf.There's only one place left for me now - Rogue Wolves Prison. The penitentiary built for the most vicious, unrepentant werewolves alive. It's not a place where I can expect to survive sane, let alone find love and a soulmate.But all my expectations, hopes and fears are torn apart the moment I meet Killian Wolfsbane.He's fierce, destructive, stronger than any werewolf I've seen. He's the leader of The Killers, the gang that holds almost as much power over the prison as the Warden. He looks at me with yearning and protects me, but can't seem to bear my presence. I can see myself in his grief.It's foolish to pursue the attraction between us. It's foolish to hope. It's foolish to expect salvation. But maybe it's not foolish to believe in him. Rogue Wolves Prison might be hellish, but there might be a future for me here.

Easy Reading for Difficult Devils: An Anthology of Dark Fiction

Strange things come down from the heavens. A medical ward is full of patients who explode. A man must dispose of a corpse for his idiot brother. A little boy finds himself trapped beneath an outhouse. These, and others, are the strange tales contained within Easy Reading for Difficult Devils, a dark fiction anthology featuring stories by Kevin Sweeney, C.V. Hunt, Edward Martin III, and many more, as well as classics by Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, and Jack London.

A Winter's Night: A thrilling mix of history and fantasy, for fans of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series

Enter if you dare...A man driving through a remote part of Denmark is forced to take shelter from a snowstorm in a lonely castle. Inside, he encounters the Count who lives there, a strange old man who begins to talk. And as the Count does, the visitor learns of an ancient legend, of the noble family's mysterious secret, and of the curse that overshadows them...

The Phantom Tree: Free sample

FREE SAMPLE‘There is much to enjoy in a sumptuous novel that slips between present day and 1557.’ Sunday Mirror“My name is Mary Seymour and I am the daughter of one queen and the niece of another.”Browsing antiques shops in Wiltshire, Alison Bannister stumbles across a delicate old portrait – supposedly of Anne Boleyn. Except Alison knows better… The woman is Mary Seymour, the daughter of Katherine Parr who was taken to Wolf Hall in 1557 as an unwanted orphan and presumed dead after going missing as a child.The painting is more than just a beautiful object from Alison’s past – it holds the key to her future, unlocking the mystery surrounding Mary’s disappearance, and the enigma of Alison’s son.But Alison’s quest soon takes a dark and foreboding turn, as a meeting place called the Phantom Tree harbours secrets in its shadows…*************************************************************Readers love Nicola Cornick:‘Alluring and hypnotising… I was hooked from page one.’‘A haunting and mesmerising story.’‘Atmospheric and filled with tension and danger.’‘Full of dark twists and spooky turns. Brilliantly written, unguessable and page-turning.’‘Spellbinding, with a narrative that left me bewitched. Not to be missed!’‘A fabulous read. I was completely enthralled, and kept guessing throughout.’


"Matt Drabble is a name that will one day be as widely recognized as Stephen King & Dean Koontz" - READERS FAVORITEThis Kindle version is completely FREE! Abra-Cadaver is a full length (327 pages) Horror/Thriller/Murder/Mystery.It is the 2017 Readers Favorite Silver Medal Winner for Horror Fiction.Winner of a prestigious Indie Book of the Day Award, a 2015 Kindle Book Review Award Finalist and is the 2016 Book Excellence Awards winner for Horror Fiction.Tommy, Dixon, McEwen, PJ, and Alison were always a close knit group, childhood friends who stood strong against the world around them with the sort of unbreakable bond that only exists in the minds of children. That was until Tommy's 12th birthday party. Obsessed with magic tragedy strikes when an illusion goes horribly wrong and a young woman lays dead leaving families screaming in horror.A local magician Arnold Boone is railroaded during a rigged trial and locked away to soothe the fears of a shocked community. His crime was to marry the daughter of a local powerful man and use her as his assistant in his act.Forever protesting his innocence he is forced to pay the price to allow good minded residents to sleep easy. After a vicious assault in prison, he is eventually sent to a mental institution in a catatonic state and a town breathed easy as his name fades into local legend.Now Tommy is all grown up and heading home for the first time in decades.Returning to settle his father's estate and hoping to slip in and out of town unnoticed, but he's not alone.Someone is slaughtering the residents of Denver Mills involved in Boone's trial with illusion themed murders.Tommy will have to find the strength to bring his old friends together in order to solve the mystery and survive. Secrets and lies are exposed throughout the small town of his childhood as fractured relationships are put to the most extreme of tests. All of those that he once called friends now carry their own dark baggage, baggage that has followed them into adulthood scarring them all deeply.Something evil is coming home, and they're bringing a whole new bag of tricks.Selected other works of Matt Drabble:DOUBLE VISIONS - "Sometimes when you stare into the darkness, something stares back" (FREE KINDLE version available)THE ASYLUM TRILOGY - an Amazon US Horror Chart #5 best seller, voted #5 on The Horror Novel Review's Top 10 Books of 2013 and is a 2014 Readers Favorite Gold Medal winner, a 2016 Readers Favorite Silver Medal winner for Anthology Fiction.THE LAST RESORT -The 2019 Readers Favorite Silver Medal Winner for Horror Fiction & The 2019 Kindle Book Review's Winner for Horror/Suspense you can find more information:Website: mattdrabble.co.ukTwitter: MattDrabble01Facebook: matt.drabble.3Instagram: mattdrabble01

MIDNIGHT UGLY EVIL: Scary Ghosts & Paranormal Horror Short Stories Anthology, Ghost short stories, true paranormal, haunted house, true ghost stories, unexplained mysteries, Suspense.

From the famous author of ALFRED PARKER …..horror... Here comes with scary stories.There is a real, secured world, and you should stay within the whole time. At all thinking as though you can't even control your emotions tries to force you to seek the unnamed demons taking up residence in the darkest corners of your mind. It's really the place where the monsters and darkness are silent and carefully hidden, where multiple miscalculations will throw you into a terrifying, impossible showdown for your life.Perfect to read especially at night just before your room is dark and the stormy weather is blinking at the windows, and you say as though you might look up soon and then see an ugly face pressed along your window glass.You can relate to these tales, but they have a primary relation to your mind, quite strongly resembling a story you would tell to.

Curious Goods: Pandora's Box - Book 1

What is the worst thing that can happen to a father?Paul is the doting single father trying his best to give his daughter the best he can. Then the unthinkable happens and she gets diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She doesn't have much time left.At a loss, he wanders the city lost in sorrow and finds a quaint antique store. The owner listens to his tale of woe and offers him a miracle. She get better! Life is good. Until a series of strange events begin to make him doubt everything is as it seems.Is Paul willing to pay the price to save her?Book 1 of the Curious Goods series. Each book is a complete story written in the Curious Goods universe.

The Jo Fletcher Books Anthology

Whatever you fancy - enthralling epic fantasy or spine-tingling ghost-story, mythical thriller or riveting alternate history - Jo Fletcher Books has it all.Here at Jo Fletcher Books we pride ourselves on publishing high quality fantasy, science fiction and horror, of all types (we don't like to be bored). To demonstrate this, we've put together an anthology featuring a collection of short stories written by our wonderful authors. The Jo Fletcher Books Anthology includes stories from award-winning and bestselling writers including Lisa Tuttle, Alison Littlewood and Christopher Golden as well as many others: a showcase of the fantastic talent contained within this small but perfectly formed Imprint. Whatever your taste, there is something in here for everyone

Astounding Stories of Super-Science, Volume 5: May 1930

No science fiction library would be complete without Astounding Stories of Super-Science, a highly influential pulp magazine of both sci-fi and horror from the early 1930s! Enjoy Volume 5 of the classic series. 

The Veil

When Jensen Kripke learns of his twin brother's mauling death, he knows the coroner's report sounds fishy. To learn the truth behind his brother's death, Jensen enrolls at Smithfield College and quickly finds himself steeped in a world of Christian mysticism, religions beyond his reference point, and supernatural powers vying to take control of the campus. Smithfield College, and its protectors, attempt to keep the veil between the supernatural and natural worlds in-check, but when a third party enters the picture determined to bring the veil crumbling to the ground, Jensen must join forces with the most unlikely group before the dark forces succeed and the veil is left in tatters permanently.

How To Make Friends And Not Incinerate People (Shadow Valley Book 1)

Being a teen is hard enough without supernatural powers.Aiden discovers a new world when his changeling abilities manifest. He's forced to move to Shadow Valley, a town hidden from the world -- and full of monsters. Students at the high school learn how to control their supernatural powers alongside regular classes. Graduation means the freedom to go out into the human world. Failure means being trapped in town for good.Aiden struggles with the fear of his powers and his strange classmates. When he meets bad boy Dylan, a dragonkin, they begin an unlikely friendship. But a mysterious figure stalks their dreams, tempting them with their heart's desire. To Aiden, he offers the chance to meet the fae family he's never known. To Dylan, he whispers promises of freedom from the wardens who enforce paranormal law. All they need to do in return is one little spell...When Dylan makes a dangerous choice, can Aiden act in time to save him?This YA contemporary fantasy series is centered on friendship and is appropriate for teen readers ages 12 & up.

The Hotline Psychic - A group of wealthy snobs make the mistake of mocking a hotline psychic: A scandalous Crime and Suspense thriller - standalone Book

"You no longer turn your husband on. That's why you sleep in separate bedrooms." Angry psychic A group of socialites are dining in their mansion during a mother of a storm one evening, minding each other’s business, when the electricity goes out. Worse, they are rudely interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s a rain-drenched woman who complains about car trouble and begs for shelter from the storm. At first, the hosts refuse to help her, because of, you know, stranger-danger and stuff. That, and the fact that she looks poor and sort of homeless. However, when they learn that she is a hotline psychic, they say, “Come on in!” The reason for their change of mind? To get her to entertain them during the storm with palm readings. For free, of course. Sounds reasonable, right? They give her shelter, she gives them free palm readings … win, win. Yeah, they’ve got limousines and mansions, but still – they’d like to save a buck where they can.The look on their faces when the psychic refuses to read their palms? Priceless, I tell you. The snarky women in the group start to mock and ridicule her, call her a scam artist and demand that she demonstrates her “so-called” psychic abilities, or else. Since the “or else” is not an option because of the raging storm, the psychic, having no choice, goes ahead and read their palms. But … here’s the kicker – she retaliates by openly revealing their deepest, darkest secrets. That’s right, maliciously drags it all out in the f**king open and flings it into their Botoxed faces. Cool, huh? The snobs, horrified at the psychic’s ‘lies’, lose their sh*t – the women in the group gang up on the psychic, bully and hurls insult after insult at her. You feeling sorry for the psychic? Well, don’t, because the feisty thing fires back in more ways than one, even crossing the line and doing something unforgivable – she flirts with their husbands! Damn, it gets ugly! I’m talking Coronavirus, toilet paper shortage, ugly. Soon, friendships are fractured, relationships are wrecked, and the inferno inside the mansion, man, it is more catastrophic than the storm outside!And then? Well, there’s plenty of “and thens”, too many to mention here, so you’ll have to read the book for yourself to find out more. (I suggest a pitcher of tea when reading this book. Long Island Tea, that is, with extra shots of everything. Not chamomile, please, because it’s a pretty screwed up tale.)This is a scandalous crime and suspense novella, and it’s FREE for a limited time. So, go ahead, hit one-click.Click! Wait! One more thing: this is a standalone, no cliff-hanger book. So, go ahead, hit one-click.Click!Wait! One more thing – this isn’t the kind of book that would make Oprah’s book club, because it has violence, cussing and sex, so … sorry, not sorry. So, go ahead, hit one-click.Click!Wait! One last thing: someone gets murdered too. I forgot to mention that. Silly me. So, add murder mystery to that genre, will you? Click!Whachu waiting for? Click! Click! Click!This book is FREE on Barnes and Nobel, Kobo and Smashwords.com and should be FREE on Amazon as well. To get it free in your country, please notify Amazon about it being free at the above stores (click on "Notify us of a lower price" which is on the middle of this page, to the left) by sending them these links:.https://www.kobo.com/au/en/ebook/the-hotline-psychichttps://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-hotline-psychic-eve-rabi/1136973209?ean=2940164064754 https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1016972

99 Stories of Blood on the Wall: A collection of 99 word horror stories

A collection of 99 flash fiction horror stories, each of which are exactly 99 words in length. From a taunted clown who snaps at a birthday party to an experimental drug that causes its users to commit murder, 99 Stories of Blood on the Wall is not for faint of heart. Readers with little time on their hands will appreciate the instant gratification that comes with consuming nonstop shots of pure horror.

It's the Apocalypse, Dave: Try to Have Fun

Dave's a bit of a loser. Even he'd admit that was true. He's no good at relationships, he's a terrible employee, and he's got no clue what to do with his life. Quite frankly, the world doesn't seem to have a place for him. But that's okay, because the world's just about to end.An experiment thousands of miles away is about to initiate a world-wide apocalypse that's going to change everything. The world as Dave knew it is over, and he's going to find that the apocalypse has it in for him. While people all around him become infected by nightmarish creatures, Dave discovers he's got some friends left alive who need his help. Together, they're going to have to do battle with parasitic squid creatures out for blood, and find a way to survive an apocalypse designed to eliminate all human life.

Grosvenor Lane Ghost

As the Professor's assistant, it was my duty to perform whatever tasks he laid out for me. It was a simple enough arrangement, until he took me on my first investigation at a run-down house in South Entrance. The house at Grosvenor Lane showed me a brief glimpse of the world beyond, a world that exists with or without my blessing. But my investigations also revealed that the application of science to an ethereal plane is anything but straightforward.

Stalker (free sampler)

You thought you were alone. Think again.The groundbreaking fifth thriller in Lars Kepler’s bestselling series featuring Joona Linna. Perfect for fans of Stieg Larsson and Jo Nesbo.CLOSE THE CURTAINSA film arrives at Stockholm’s National Crime Investigation Department showing a woman in her own home, plainly unaware she is being watched. The police don’t take it seriously … until she is found murdered.LOCK THE DOORWhen the next video arrives, Detective Margot Silverman frantically attempts to identify the victim. But it’s already too late. Because at the time the video was sent, the killer was already inside their house…BEFORE IT’S TOO LATESoon Stockholm is in the grip of terror. Who will the Stalker target next?

The Seance (Jinn Series Book 1)

Do the dead speak?Would you contact him? Frank isn’t here and Eleanor his widow wears a mask of coping. The abyss of loneliness drowns her, she can't live without him, this isn't life she merely exists. Questioning whether their life together was a beautiful lie?Sorrowful Eleanor takes extreme measures because she needs their love to survive. Eleanor needs to believe. Her actions have consequences, she doesn't know them yet but she will soon find out.Buy the seance (first story) in the Jinn Series.Other books in the Jinn Series:1) The Seance2) The Crush3) Magician's Assistant4) Devils Daughter5) The Egyptologist6) Confessions of a Witch7) Possessing Asya

THE LONG CLAWS : The Ancients Locked the Gates. The Locks Have Broken. Part 1 of 4 (The Long Claws: The Ancients Locked the Gates -- The Locks have Broken)

The Ancients locked them out.The lock broke.“Great Scary Story.” Pat Conroy“I slept with the lights on for two weeks.”“The world of the Long Claws is a terrifying hell.”Two clans: one is human. Each wants survival. They cannot co-exist. Pete Mason is a fifteen-year-old runaway. He’s never fit in, and he is fed-up with trying. With no idea the Mason clan members don’t fit society for a reason, an ancient reason, fate leads him to a long-lost relative, just in time to do what he was born to -- stop creatures from another world.Cut off by rain-swollen rivers: an old veteran with a secret, Pete Mason, and a Cherokee medicine woman face horrific creatures – the Long Claws, a clan of perfect predators evolved to track and kill at lightning speed.In their world, all death is by predation. To sleep is to die. Staying still too long invites death. Parched, broken earth with active volcanoes is their vista. Low roiling clouds thick with sulfur conceal flying creatures great and small. Barriers of plants patiently wait to kill beasts to nourish their roots. All life has a niche to survive – for a short time.An ancient doorway opens, and a clan slips through.The human world presents unknowns and discomforts. They discover humans, slow and lacking teeth or claws, have new lethal ways of fighting back.Once aware of the Long Claws’ presence, the small clan of humans becomes formidable and determined. The Long Claws do not come in anger, rage, or revenge. They come to eat. It is their nature to kill and consume food. They are without human emotions. They are intelligent and have a social structure. They possess forty million years of genetic evolution, driving survival.They want to stay here, hidden and breed.There can be no witnesses to their existence.REVIEWERS“Unbelievable world building”“powerful story, characters, and chills – this book has everything”“the best horror I’ve read since Stephen King”“he creates a hellish world with horrific creatures”“thrilled and impressed by Peek’s ability to pull readers into his story”“half afraid to turn the page”“amazing flair for description”“Grisham-like Painted House feel to the simple rhythms he portrays”“I read Longclaws straight through. The book is that good”“it made me believe it could be real”“the stuff of nightmares.”“I was swept into darkly fabulous storytelling”“Instead of struggling to finish the book, I was thinking about the book when doing other things.”“5 Stars! It is well written, hard to put down, character development, the way the author tied everything together, and the fact that every time I thought I had it figured out, I was wrong!”“I was thrilled and impressed by Peek’s ability to transport readers to another world”

OLD LANAI - A True Ghost Story from Hawaii

'Old Lanai' is a transcription from the journal of a renowned professor who traveled to Lanai, Hawaii in 1940 to investigate the strange disappearance of the villagers of Keamoku at the hands of 'evil spirits'. He never returned. (5000 words) *This edition includes a 2nd bonus short story.EDITOR'S BULLETIN: THIS IS THE ABRIDGED VERSION WITH NO ILLUSTRATIONS OR PHOTOGRAPHS. The complete, unabridged version, with photographs, is now available as both a picturebook and e-book, entitled: 'Old Lanai (Illustrated)'

Handbook for the Criminally Insane (Codex of the Demon King 1)

Zombies. Ghosts. A serial killer. Demon Chihuahua.So, you know, bring an axe or something.Welcome to Redmondsburg. You’re just gonna love it here! From the tall statue of Hank Redmond - the founder of the town - in Pheasant Park, to the local eateries and historic library over on Whipple Avenue. Main Street is literally gorged with quaint antique emporiums and locally owned trinket shops! You’ll be so busy soaking in the small town atmosphere that you won’t even mind the smell emanating from somewhere south of town. There’s nothing of any interest happening at Lakeshore Cemetery, and there are no strange or repulsive odors. In fact, forget I even mentioned it. Dead means dead in Redmondsburg. We promise. The Mayor, currently campaigning for re-election, is a friendly sort. He isn’t bent on sacrificing an innocent on Halloween in order to bind with an ancient and unholy power. Nope, not him. His little dog isn’t a bloodthirsty demon. Of course not! It’s perfectly safe here.You’re just gonna love it! We all do. Oh and if you see someone that looks dead or something, it’s probably the flu. It definitely wouldn’t be a zombie. Because that would just be stupid. The book is free, so take one!

Dangerous Affections (Book 1) : Bloodlust and Deception

Affections can often be dangerous--and in this case they’re deadly...He is the key to bring balance to a world that he didn’t even know existed. Darkness surrounded him as Trent woke up. He was sure that he was dead; how else could he explain the hauntingly vampires that surrounded him? Now, trapped between two warring vampire clans, Trent must do whatever he can to stay alive and return to his normal life. But what will Trent do when these seemingly human monsters with incredible powers claim that he is the key mongrel? Would he really strike a balance between the two worlds of vampires and humans? Will he accept the truth of his identity, even if it means forsaking the only life he’s ever known? Or will he discover that there is more to him than he could have ever imagined? When Georgia Hills, daughter of the oldest and most powerful vampire in New York, is tasked with guarding the life of Trent, she can’t help but curse her luck. As handsome as he is, Georgia can see that there is something special and unique about him. He is unfocused, scared, and, worst of all, a liability. But Georgia Hills soon discovers also, a hidden power within herself that is only unleashed when she is with him!As enemies surround them from every side, will Georgia be able to help Trent understand who he is while also keeping them both alive? Can Trent figure out what it means to be the key? Or will the world come crumbling down in a fight for survival and control? Get your copy of Dangerous Affections and start this Roller Coaster of a series Vampire Paranormal Romance thriller today!

Curse of the Murderous Dummy (Atomic City Terror Book 1)

Welcome to Atomic City. A spooky and isolated mountain town, with more scares per square inch than anywhere else in the world. Discover a place where cutting edge science walks hand-in-hand with horror, and mind-blowing technology is indistinguishable from rip-roaring terror. UFO cults, wicked witches, wayward werewolves—vampires, zombies, and aliens—all have a home in Atomic City. And these are their stories. In this very special inaugural installment, there’s an evil dummy on the loose, and he has murdering on his mind. What connects a brilliant physicist who accidentally blew up his wife in a science experiment, a family of four whose father is struggling with alcoholism, and a sentient dummy with an appetite for bloodshed?Is it just a common love of ventriloquy, or is there something more sinister afoot? In this terrifying tale, some dummies will live and other dummies will die. And behind it all, a struggle to control the minds of everyone on Earth.

The Stone Man and Other Weird Tales

"A fast-paced read filled with nightmarish visions, Micah Castle's The Stone Man and Other Weird Tales grabs you with the first tale and doesn't let you go until the last. I can only imagine what ghastly creations this author has in store next." — Josh Hancock, Horror Novel ReviewsA summary of each story:The Stone Man — While hiking, a professor of geology stumbles upon a stack of stones in the Woodell River. Drawn in by their queer structure and out of place location, he's pulled in and doesn't leave the same. He soon discovers their creator, The Stone Man, and why he builds the strange structures. But what he finds out is more than just a man in the wilderness, so much more.Three Unseen Hours — A husband enticed by the night life stays out too late, discovering that what the people said in the Briswich County Psychiatric Institute were true... For the Unseen leave the sea after three o'clock.Hugo The Clown — A story of a child performer who is in the last steps of his plans to escape the suburbs, and the world. Through a hellish passageway in his cellar, he will be able to cross over from his reality, to theirs.Death Toll — What happens when a driver is stuck in summer traffic, and finds that the Death Toll Sign is no longer adding deaths, but subtracting them?The Shadow on the Belfry — A husband who enjoys looking out over Woodell each morning. He loves the sunken gabled roofs under the early fog, the mountainous backdrop, and the feeling of the crisp chill on his skin. But one morning, masked in the vapor, he discovers something not from his small town, nor from his planet.The Dark Butler — Someone buys a home, discovering that an entity cleans it for him. Dishes, washing clothes, and chores altogether become a thing of the past. But what happens when his curiosity gets the best of him? What happens when all he cares about is knowing what, or who, does these things? Doors, floors, and walls are torn out in his pursuit of The Dark Butler.Once Haunted — He's a writer from the Woodell Gazette, specializing in haunted houses. Every October, he pens "The Haunted Review," an article rating haunts throughout the town and state. A coworker tips him off about a new haunt opening up in town in an unexpected location, and he finds it only opens once a year, on Halloween. Once Haunted is the one haunted house he wished he hadn't stepped foot in.

CANDYMAN (The Grid Series Book 1)

How does the dark half of a split personality win the girl? It's Madness. You don't know I exist. Don't feel bad. No one knows I exist. Except him and he's an asshole. Sure, everyone thinks he's a hero but I know better. Because I live in his head. You see, he's not the hero everyone thinks he is. Sure, he'll own up to being gun slinger in the Old West. No problem ticking off the big bounty on his head and how many bodies hit the dirt at the end of his smoking gun. Will he tell it's because of me he didn't die? No. Because I'm the flaw he doesn't want to show. The dark, killer side. The one that keeps us both alive. And that's how it would have always been. Until her... I swear she knew I was there. And the bastard just had to break her heart. For that, he's going to pay. Even if it means we're both going to die.

Psychosis: Tales of Horror

Explore the true anatomy of horror through these thirteen tales of despair and terror, each written by the author of the original short story "Psychosis."PsychosisThe BonewalkerThe Fire of the Soul"Come Closer"ScribblingsThe LodgeCorrespondenceStrangers in a GraveyardThe Lonely GraveThe BasementErosionStrange ThingsThe Seven Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Lust for Blood

'The Lust for Blood' is a collection of thirteen grisly short stories written by the author Charmain Marie Mitchell.The stories range in size from 1,400 words to 9,800 and focuses on the complexities of the human mind (with a couple of supernatural tales thrown in for good measure). There is nothing so complicated as a human being and sometimes nothing so horrific!Contents:A Passion for Death - Never published before. A new twist on an old tale.Beecham Manor - Never published before. A ghostly tale from Cornwall.Sometimes Sacrifices need to be made - Previously published story Review:By DiogenesThis is a very short tale, but nicely put together. It shows how the craving for fame can unbalance the impressionable mind.The Stalker – Previously published story.Review:By Angel Marie JobeI really liked it the way the drama and suspense keep going and going it was one of the coolest books I've read in a long time By Karen MassariThis piece did not come across as a short story, it was more like a bold painting. My heart is still racing from reading it. Punishment Time – Previously published story.Review:By Ethel BarkleyCourious insight into the mind ! Abuse at any level can have deep seated and lasting consequeses. Punishment Time delves into the hatred that can result from such action. All should read as I did after downloading from Amazon.com to my Kindle Fire Scorned – Never published before. A tale about when love goes wrong.The Vampire Requiem – Previously published story.Review:By Robin E ListonWhen 252 year old Edward Manning falls in love with Maria, a beautiful young lady, he decides that he can't live without her, and plans to tell her that he's a vampire. If his love is rejected, Edward will end his long, lonely life. How will she react? Will she choose to spend an eternity with him, or reject him? But, as fate would have it, their lives are intertwined in an unexpected way.This short story by Charmain, allows us a brief look into the life of a modern day vampire. When Edward finally decides to reveal himself to Maria, and shows her the "face of a true vampire," her reaction causes an event that will catch you by surprise.I look forward to reading more stories by Charmain Mitchell. The Rape of Suzy J – Never published before. Chilling tale of rape and murder.Cyber Scream – Never published before. A story about misplaced jealousy.Tudor Witch – Previously published story.Review: By Lord D. M. Prosser (UKLet me say straight away that Charmain Mitchell is an expert at description. By the time I'd heard how Kezziah looked I had no problem in visualising her.By the time I'd finished the story and had read the description of what acts she had to perform I wasn't sure I'd ever sleep again.This book 'Perpetual Hell' manages in it's few short pages to cram in more than many full novels do but believe me the heroine is not someone you'll cheer for. Despite the great love she's meant to hold all I could remember was that her smile didn't reach the eyes.I'm certainly not sure I'd want a youngster reading this but no doubt they've all heard worse at hallowen. I am sure though that most young adults will enjoy the style of this young writer and the fifteen minutes of pure hell the reading gives them.The Man in the Mirror – Never published before. Tale of a fragmented mind.Food for Thought – Never published before. A tasty tale of fear.The Beings – Never published before. A story of a blood lust that will consume the world.Throughout her life, Charmain has wanted to become an author, but family and business commitments stood in the way and her writing consisted of a few short stories on the rare occasion that she had time to write them. In late 2012 a freak accident finally allowed time for Charmain to indulge in her passion for writing.website: www.charmainmariemitchell.com or blog: http://CharmainMitchell.blog

Here Be Monsters - An Anthology of Monster Tales

Eight tales of vampires, werewolves, demons, zombies, and other horrors: M.T. Murphy - Blackmail. S.M. Reine - Something Wrong. India Drummond - The Reaver. Anabel Portillo - Lux. Jeremy C. Shipp - Figs. Samantha Anderson - Deals and Demons. Sara Reinke - Periphery People. M.T. Murphy - Spider Bag.

The Little Town Creeps: Werewolves, Folklore and Fiends: Book 1

Introducing ‘’The Little Town Creeps’’ – Werewolves, Folklore and Fiends Book 1.A Breathtaking and NEW Horror-Comedy Series by a young Successful Author Courtneey J. Williams! "Does science beat myth?"For ''The Littletown Creeps’', four teenage boys obsessed with horror movies, it was obvious what that thing was, but it didn’t seem possible. How could the horror they loved on the screen suddenly become a threat in their real world? How could they, armed only with books and fragments of folklore, prepare themselves before the next full moon? Introducing ‘’The Little Town Creeps’’ – Werewolves, Folklore and Fiends ”

All Hallows' Eve

“All Hallows’ Eve” – hear the whispering voices … began as a Halloween flash fiction writing contest on Facebook, sponsored by Sharon Van Orman.Writer ‘friends’ joined in and produced the harrowing, spine-chilling short stories found in this collection.The contest ran for the month of October and each week’s twenty-five entries were voted on with comments; the story with the most comments won.The winning writers of the first four weeks competitions then competed for an ‘author’s dream’ prize package of free ebooks, paperbacks, hardcovers, gift cards and more.But everyone agreed all the stories were excellent…The Facebook thread exploded. Comments and new ‘friends’ were acquired … all with the same goal … writing!This is not one person’s achievement, but a collective of people from around the block and around the world.~*~“Hal L. O’ween” is the pen-name of a group of writers from around the world that have joined together to ‘scare your pants off!’Many thanks go to the following writers—without their involvement, this collection wouldn’t have been possible:Devin Berglund, Brian Bigelow, Melissa Blume, Carol Bond, Michelle Patricia Browne, Jaleta Clegg, Richard Cotton, Russell Cruse, J. A. Cunningham, Toy Davis, Bella Doerres, Debra Elliott, Jiva Fang, Paul Freeman, Joseph Alan Gharagheer, Pamela Griffiths, Erik Gustafson, Rylee Hales, Denise Hemphill, Bruce Hesselbach, Rob Holliday, Katrina Jack, Gerald D. Johnston, Mel L. Kinder, Merita King, Pamela K. Kinney, Neil Leckman, Tracy Lesch, Rosemary Lynch, Ellen McKinney, Wolfen Lee McKoy, Shannon Marie Mead, Jason Mueller and C. L. Foster, Matthew Christopher Nelson, Sharon Van Orman, Patrick Ottuso, Cheryl C. Ramirez, Martin Reaves, Katherine Rochholz, Kincaid Savoie, Adam Sifre and Splinker, Gretchen Steen, Michael L. Turner, Rahima Warren, Richard A. Wentworth, Lisa Williamson, Sherill Willis, Stephen L. Wilson, Kay D. Ziegler.Enjoy these spooky bits, for they are what makes Halloween special!

Kill Them Dead 1

Complete Season Boxset now available! Zombies in Space...yes Freaking Space! A zombie book perfect for the purist and science fiction lover. If you have ever wondererd how the Zombie Outbreak will start...wonder no more...When asteroid mining vessel, Photon-II returns to the space station, Orion, it immediately becomes apparent that something is very wrong . A total communications blackout forces the crew of Photon-II to dock manually, however, once on board they discover that the Orion appears to be completely abandoned.David Taylor and Jason Clark split the crew into two groups to try and figure out what went down on the Orion. They soon discover that they are not alone, and that something deadly is lurking in the shadows.Episode 1 promises to leave you begging for the rest! Read all Episodes for Free on Kindle UnlimitesWho will be prepared?With a host of brilliant characters. A setting like no other and a breed of Zombies never seen before, Kill Them Dead: Genesis Season 1 will answer the one question no other Zombie Apocalypse book covers… Don’t be left in the dark! Get your copy! Click the buy now button! *** Book contains strong language and depictions of explicit violence. For mature audiences only! *** Complete Season Boxset now available!

By Heart

An intense and unsettling short tale of a man struggling to come to terms with loss, and the trickery and illusion of a mind gripped by grief, By Heart is a short story which will grip you right until the very end. To find out more about Emerald Street and sign up to their newsletters go to: http://www.emeraldstreet.com/To find out more about Blackfriars and the books we publish, please go to: http://www.blackfriarsbooks.com/

Anno Zombus: Year 1; First Quarter

The first three months of the end of the world...

The Call Of Chaos: Descending Into Darkness

The dark of the night holds fear, mystery, and madness. Peter Holmes, a prohibition-era private investigator with a penchant for gin and tobacco, is one of those who hears the whispers in the night. Since a young age shapeless monstrosities have plagued his sleep. Every night he is frozen still, helpless to watch as the dark creatures slowly drive him to the verge of insanity. When he receives a strange letter from Arkham, Massachusetts for a job, the reward offered is too good to refuse. The darkness there will take more from him than he knows. Gin and tobacco will not be an escape from the darkness he will face. Will the horrors break Peter, or will he manage to overcome the madness and escape with his life and his sanity?The Call of Chaos is the first in a series of Novelette's. The series is a H.P. Lovecraft inspired horror series. It follows a group of people who face against the darkness, and suffer from the maddening effects. If you enjoy Lovecraftian horror, and lore this short story series is worth your time.

Hamilton House

As they drove up to Hamilton House, its beauty and magnificence were breathtaking. The morning sun shone bright and gave the house a peaceful glow that masterfully hid the horror that lay inside. This group of people could have no idea what they were embarking on by entering the home, but it wouldn’t be long before the house revealed its true self. Since before the Civil War, Hamilton House had served as a home, a museum, a bed and breakfast, and most disturbingly a resting place for an evil that no one could or should imagine.

Short Monster Fiction Volume 2: Scary Zombies, Boogeymen, Werewolves, Vampires, Cryptids and other Paranormal Horrors (Knock Knock Supernatural Series)

Horror lurks around every corner...For ages 18 and over.Make sure you have plenty of garlic, silver bullets, or whatever you have close at hand, you'll need them to defend yourself from these 3 terrifying tales by Richard Van Gramberg. They will leave a lasting impression on you - well after the last horrifying page. The stories are fast-paced, mysterious, and end with creepy revelations.In volume 2:A young woman goes on a date with her new boyfriend - the problem is, her brothers are a gang of killer vampires, thirsty for his blood. A survivor in a zombie apocalypse discovers a terrifying truth while taking a bucket-shower in a stranger's garden, and a teen pajama party turns into a nightmare when the girls discover more than 'love bites' on their necks.Will the monsters prevail? Read to find out!Includes:Date Night from HellA Cry for Help 2Love BitesWarningSome stories contain descriptions of graphic violence, and disturbing scenes.

The Seer of Possibilities and Other Disturbing Tales

Sometimes, otherworldly beings reach out to you in strange and mysterious ways. They may have a request for you to fulfill, or maybe they simply take pleasure in terrifying you senseless. It’s even possible that they just want your help in creating something beautiful. If you’re lucky, you might even live to tell the tale… or maybe not. This book contains six stories that will enthrall you on one page and scare you on the next. The popular story, The Seer of Possibilities, starts this collection off. I can guarantee that you won’t guess the ending. It’s followed up with A Story of Death and Beauty, which is a companion piece to the first story. Again, if you figure out the ending beforehand, then I commend you. The third story is The Phantom Arm of Sebastian Culpepper, which is the tale of a man whose phantom limb pain is caused by something much more sinister than a medical condition. The Trees of Ohwayhee is the next story, and it’s perhaps the strangest and most disturbing of the lot. You should just read this one for yourself, as I can’t even begin to encapsulate it here. Next up, we have Jasperson’s Game, which might seem like sci-fi horror at first, but at its core, it’s just regular blood-and-guts horror. The final piece of this collection is The Perfectly Behaved Boy, which, like the lead story, began its life as a popular piece on horror themed websites. In it, a boy gets his Christmas wish. In fact, he gets exactly what he asks for. How could that possibly go wrong? So there you have it, six stories that will stay with you long after you’re done reading.

How to be a saint (The Salvation game Book 1)

Who stands between you and the devil when the lights go out?A novice Guardian is sent to earth to battle sin and the devil on behalf of a boy. The boy is in such a state that the Guardian thinks he is possessed. The Guardian appeals to heaven for divine intervention to help him in his quest.With only the advice of a reluctant mentor and a pair of Sin Detectives, he must stop the boy from going to hell. Otherwise, he could be next….A satire about heaven, hell, and all in between. With a hell of a lot of sin.‘How to be a saint’ is the first novel in the horror satire series ‘The Salvation Game’.Buy ‘How to be a saint’ to explore this exciting new series today.

Northwoods Wolfman (Monsters in the Midwest Book 2)

When Dallas, the self-proclaimed Hero of Trappersville, is recruited by an ancient order of monster hunters, he’s more than happy to sign up. The group’s leader, Colton, is solid as an oak. Randall ain’t half bad, despite his tendency to whine. The whip-smart, beautiful, and totally badass Aletia is whip-smart, beautiful, and totally badass. Under their guidance, Dallas learns everything there is to know about hunting monsters (or close enough) and pledges to keep his friends safe.Now there’s a werewolf in town, and Dallas and Stanley are on the case. As far as Dallas is concerned, monsters are monsters, and they have no place in Wisconsin. Or do they? When an unexpected discovery and an unlikely reunion turn his world upside down, Dallas realizes he may not get to choose which side he’s on.Booze, bar fights, boo hags, beer cans, Bigfoot, brujas, and a full moon. Who knew that hunting monsters would make life so exciting?Book Two of the Monsters in the Midwest Series

Les & Terra Battle Darkness: Chapter One: Meeting At The Maple Oaks Hotel

Leslie Johnson was enjoying adult refreshments aplenty until he crossed paths with a mysterious woman named Terra.