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Discovering Your Strengths: A Practical Guide

Everyone has talents and skills that make them unique in some way, but many people aren't aware of them, or how to use them to improve their lives. In this course, you'll learn about the difference between talents and skills, and why it's important to know what talents and skills you possess. This course also covers techniques for identifying your unique capabilities, and outlines what you should include in a talent action plan to utilize and develop your key talents.There's always room for improvement, right? Self- improvement is a lifelong journey that can have lasting positive impacts on your personal and professional life. In this course, you'll learn about the key principles for committing to self-improvement. You'll also learn how to create a plan to organize self-improvement activities, how to build and maintain an effective self-improvement mentoring relationship, and what common obstacles you may encounter in your self-improvement efforts.Self-confidence is a crucial factor in your willingness to face challenges and take risks, both in your personal and your professional life. Your self- confidence isn't just something that affects you; self-confidence radiates out to the people around you. Because self-confidence can fluctuate, you need to be able to evaluate your current level, raise it when necessary, and maintain it. In this course, you'll learn about techniques for assessing, increasing, and maintaining a healthy level of self-confidence.

30 Interactive Brainteasers to Warm up your Brain (Riddles & Brain teasers, puzzles, puzzles & games)

A Fun Mini Edition by Puzzleland!!! "30 Interactive Brain teasers to Warm Up your Brain" is a mini edition by Puzzleland, containing 30 easy and short brain teasers to get your mind warmed up for the day!This little fun book is ideal for teens and adults who look for some creative ways to spend their free time, entertain their mind or simply keep themselves busy while waiting in public locations!The difficulty level of the brainteasers in this mini collection is appropriate for beginner teens or adults, and even for smart kids.This book is specially formatted to provide clues, simply with a click, before providing the answer! You can ask for a clue before seeing the answer which is really great and makes the game a lot more fun! Download your Copy and start having fun right away!

Choose to Change: It's your life: 25 steps to self-discovery and peace of mind

It's your life: Choose how to live it!Free PDF journal offer inside.Do you want peace of mind and contentment? Is your happiness important to you? Do you have a vision for your life, but feel uncertain how to make your vision a reality?Choose to Change: It's your life, will show you, in easy to follow steps, how to unlock the life you want. After training in behavioural therapy and working with a number of spiritual gurus, author Jacqui Penn learned how to find the strength and determination to overcome life's challenges. Now she's going to share her expertise and inspiration with you.Among the many empowering strategies, you will learn how to:Be happy and proud of who you areMake choices that will enrich your lifeLet go of what holds you backBe positive and wipe out negativityGain the confidence to walk tall into the life you desireContaining inspirational quotes, thought-provoking questions, and a free downloadable journal to keep you on track and motivated, Jacqui Penn is offering a powerful tool towards positive change. If you want concise, easy to follow advice, Choose to Change: It's your life, will help you realise your dreams and hopes and make a difference today. People say:´You've put an amazing tool out there in the world for those of us that choose to use it.´´Lovely easy to follow steps and the journal is a fantastic bonus´´Just like sitting down for a chat over coffee. Loved the ideas.´´Read it through and now going to go back and put it into practice.´´Just what I needed to get me going.´´Didn't think I needed to change anything when I got a free copy of this book, but I'm certainly going to change a few things now.´Make a difference, and download now!

The Positive Thinking Secret

WARNING: DO NOT READ THIS BOOK UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO START FEELING AMAZING EVERY DAY.What would it be like to stop feeling blindsided by life?To wake up feeling thrilled to be alive regardless of your circumstances?To feel happy and at peace even when all hell is breaking loose around you?You're about to discover the Positive Thinking Secret that will revolutionize your life by showing you how to increase the joy, happiness, and freedom you experience in your life starting today...and your life will never be the same.Author Aaron Kennard exposes in frank and emotional detail how this secret revitalized his own life overnight, and then later sustained him with the peace, hope, & faith required to navigate torturous unimaginable pain and disease while feeling immense gratitude for it all. The Positive Thinking Secret has already helped many find greater freedom to enjoy life. You're next.

Positive Thinking: The scientific and practical guide to change your thinking and change your life: Discover the Power of Positive Thinking and Remove ... for Good (Life Psychology Series Book 4)

Positive thinkingThe scientific and practical guide to change your thinking and change your lifePart of the Life Psychology Series, books written by Psychologists who have practical experience, bringing together the latest thinking and practice in a simple and easy to read format aimed at people who need a simple but effective guide for addressing their problems and improving their life. Finding it hard to overcome the inevitable setbacks that life throws at you? Going through a difficult set of personal challenges or changes in your life? Starting a new job and feeling nervous and anxious? Feeling miserable and unmotivated in life? There has been a huge amount written about positive thinking and how by changing your thoughts you can change your life, following extensive research by leading psychologists in the new field of positive psychology it has been shown that this is indeed the case. Just by changing how you think, you can change your life. By changing how we think we then change how we feel as our feelings follow on from our thoughts, it is these renewed feelings of hope, confidence and motivation that then change our lives as we can then make the changes we want in our lives and discover our own true potential that lies within us.But the ability to think positively and keep an optimistic outlook in the face of adversity is not something that always comes naturally. Perhaps you are someone that would like to be more optimistic but find that you struggle with negative thoughts and behaviour, or that you are generally a positive person that is finding a certain life event a real challenge to get over. This book aims to help you understand the power of your thoughts, and to learn how to influence them through many easy-to-learn techniques. We also consider how the mind and body are connected and that we should take a comprehensive approach to keep a positive and healthy mind. What others say about Positive Thinking "I was going through a difficult time in my life, changes of both a personal and professional nature at the same time and felt pretty overwhelmed, I actually found this book really useful and grounded in some proper techniques in how to change my perspective, feeling much better now, in control and the techniques helped me feel stronger about what I had to do.” “I spent a large part of my life in the misery of pessimism, always worrying, feeling stressed, and expecting the worst so I was ready for it, by changing how I think it has liberated me and I wish I had done this years ago, but in the spirit of my new freedom better late than never! ☺ ” “Positive thinking has been a bit of a buzzword and I was sceptical, but this book and advice is more than just the usual think positive clichés, it has some solid ideas and techniques to help change thinking and not just the fluffy think positive thoughts advice”

I Don't Have a Bucket List but My F*ck-it List is a Mile Long: The hilarious guide to making your life happier, richer, and even more kick-butt!

"Put this funny self-help winner on your must-read list, along with Jen Sincero's You Are a Badass books and Mark Manson's The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. We dare say there's a bit of Tina Fey's Bossypants in here, too."Looking for a refreshing new take on kicking ass at life? Ruby Rey is not your mother's life coach. She's one hilarious professional writer who has overcome her sucky genes to become happy, rich, and (you be the judge after you read this book) wise.If you're seeking motivation, you'll love Ruby Rey's fresh take on important topics such as:- living the kind of amazing life you'd watch on the big screen- how to change your everyday habits- what the hell it means to "choose happiness"- not being the prettiest, sexiest girl in the room, and how that's an advantage- ditching those frenemies- an alternative to hard work and luck- one weird trick for improving your mood every dayDo you like lists? This book has lists! Plus Ruby Rey's real life stories that are sometimes raw, frequently funny, and always honest and insightful. There's something for everyone, from self-help newbies to the more advanced, who've "been there, done that" through all the basic stuff. What's different about this book is how it's filtered through the keen eyes and witty mind of a professional writer who knows how to craft the entertainment you love.Get ready to realign your mind, shake up your routine, and get back on track. Or just kick back and enjoy a few laughs. This collection of easy-to-follow life lessons may be a powerhouse, but it doesn't take itself too seriously. Warning: I Don't Have a Bucket List but My F*-It List is a Mile Long contains no sugarcoating. There are, as you may have guessed, a few swear words.If you enjoy the ebook, you'll LOVE the AUDIOBOOK -- available now!

How to Improve Your Writing: Write Better Faster with 7 Practice Habits to Improve Your Writing Process

Featuring Q&As with bestselling authors like Andy Weir, Jodi Picoult, and Gregg Olsen, How to Improve Your Writing presents an uncommon but effective method of becoming a great writer.How do you get better at writing?The "write a lot and read a lot" method of improvement is insufficient. Writing and reading are both necessary, of course, but if that's all you do, you're eventually going to hit a plateau. What then?Engel has the answer. Actually, he has seven. After conducting an online survey, asking over 1,000 writers how they improve their fiction, Engel grouped the answers into seven main categories, 7 Drills to help you write better. With these writing habits, you can level up your craft and reach your publishing dreams. If, that is, you have the secret sauce.The 7 Drills are effective in their own right, but to get the most out of them, you need something called deliberate practice. Pioneered by the researcher who coined the "10,000-hour rule", deliberate practice is practice on steroids, crafted from several principles. This book explains those principles in the context of the 7 Drills, gives real life examples, and provides a step-by-step guide for how to convert your knowledge into effective habits.Take ownership of your talent. You can be better. You just need the right drills.“After surveying the working methods of over 1,000 writers and researching best writing process techniques in available literature, Mason has distilled that information into a very solid, practical, clear, and accessible approach to writing.”-Steve Adams, Pushcart-winning author and writing coach

Anything is Possible: An Inspirational Anthology (6 Books in 1)

In this truly inspirational anthology, you will be challenged to think about what is possible for you in your life.From the meaning and purpose of life, to more down to earth and practical matters, this book deals with the subject of success; how to achieve your wildest dreams and deepest desires.In all, six full works from author Will Edwards are included.Book 1 - The 7 Keys to SuccessBest Seller: Over 2 Million People Have Now Enjoyed This Life-Changing, Inspirational BookAn inspirational book that will change your life, The 7 Keys to Success contains an important message - it is time for you to wake-up and start living the life you were born to live. Once you acquire these seven important keys, you will not only go on to be astonishingly successful in life, you will also know that inner peace that comes from living a life that truly matters; one that actually makes a difference.Book 2 - The Deepest Desire of Your HeartLike everyone else, you want success but you also feel there is more to life than that. You are here to achieve something significant and important, and you are ready to make it happen. Using the exact methods taught in this life-changing book, many people have gone on to achieve outstanding success, and so can you.The culmination of many years of study and application of the principles of success, The Deepest Desire of Your Heart is much more than a self help book. It is the personal success blueprint you have been waiting for to kick-start you on your journey to outstanding success.Book 3 - The Bible SecretTHE SPIRITUAL SECRET TO PROSPERITY, HAPPINESS AND ABUNDANCE THAT CAN COMPLETELY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFEThe sad consequence of missing this secret is that many people end up settling for lives of mediocrity, never releasing the most powerful force in the universe into their lives. If you are not living the spiritually satisfying and materially rewarding life God intends you to live, quite simply, you should read this book today.Book 4 - You May be a Badass But You Need a Plan!If you want to start making money and you don’t know where to begin, this book is for you. The internet is full of get rich schemes and bad advice on how to make money. Good advice is rare, but this personal account of how I managed to create my own online success story can become your blueprint too.This story is an allegory that follows my personal journey, describing how I built an online income from scratch. Read it today and begin your journey to success, the right way. Because it may be true that you are a badass, but you want to start making money ... and to do that, you need to stop thinking and start planning!Book 5 - Napoleon Hill's Awesome SecretNapoleon Hill’s early career was as a newspaper reporter, during which time he met and interviewed the wealthy entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie who issued him with a challenge. Carnegie (the richest man in the world at the time) commissioned Hill to interview 500 extremely successful men and, from the experience, distil the secret of success into a simple workable formula.In Will Edwards’ book Napoleon Hill’s Awesome Secret, his ‘secret’ for creating wealth is outlined in a simple 7-step formula that anyone can apply to create abundance.Book 6 - Think BIG and Grow RichLike every person who created their wealth from scratch, you need to understand the information presented in this life-changing book. Read it, study it, digest and apply the infallible system presented, because natural laws and principles of success are an integral part of our reality and they are waiting for you to make full use of them.With knowledge of the laws of success and a desire to make it happen, you too can become an unstoppable force as you learn how to steadily attract more and more money into your life. It is quite a claim, however, it is a fact that this book can show you how.

The Cult of One: Explorations on Belief Systems, Relationships and Self Love

Learn What Drives Your Decision Making and Take Control of You.The Cult of One reveals our innermost systems and exposes the mechanisms behind the quality of our lives by challenging the systems of how things are done.Author Jonathan Calmus distills his experience over 15 years as a tech entrepreneur and his pursuit to live a self aware life by recounting formative examples. There are no false promises of remarkable results and gimmicks, just a simple review of our behaviors and belief systems. The Cult of One addresses how our deepest desires and insecurities drive our decision making capacity and decreases our ability to edit with more quality.Reality is as addictive as crack cocaine and our understanding of it is limited. Recognizing the systems over what we know can help provide more clarity and insight into how we operate. You are the leader and the follower simultaneously.