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Get Your Sexy Back Plan: Get Your Body and Life Back!

Hungry to Feel Sexy Again?

I looked in the mirror, and a stranger looked back at me. Who was this person with the single sagging breast, scars, "mommy pooch," and dark circles under her eyes? It's not that I was looking for all the flaws, but I couldn't help but wonder where the spunky, cute woman of ten years ago had gone.

And it wasn't just in my physical appearance--though that was drastically different. It was in my countenance. You could see it in my eyes and written on my face like carefully sketched lines. I had lost myself. Life had taken too much out of me. All I had wanted was to give my best to my family and my children, but somehow, along the way, I had lost myself.

The idea for this book was born from pain. My pain. My struggle with my health, energy and weight. I feel deeply compelled to share what I have learned with anyone else who is going through similar struggles. Three other incredible women have teamed up with me to share with you their incredible stories and insights on how we can go from a place of "punishing our bodies" to try and fit a certain ideal, to loving and nourishing our bodies.

I've learned fighting breast cancer these past two years that life is too short than to live our very best lives. You may be scared. You be confused. You may be unsure. I've been there too. We've been there. We are here to help you from a very real place. This book is raw. It is written from the heart and soul of women who have suffered, failed, tried and failed again but have come at last come off conqueror and are now living proof that true health, beauty and sexiness comes from within.

In this book we'll cover the following topics:

oThe mindset for success and confidence

oNutrition and nutritional cleansing for energy, radiant beauty, and a healthy, balanced body

oFitness and lean muscle to develop a strong, curvy body


oGet your sexy back hacks: Easy ways to regain that feeling

oBeauty boosters: Beauty tips to look your most radiant

oAccountability and having a team of people to support you in your new lifestyle

We are going to push you to discover your own inner strength. Only you can change you. We will offer you all the support, encouragement and sometimes that "kick in the pants" you need to reach your own goals to be your ideal self. It is an exciting, at times terrifying, messy, beautiful journey and we are thrilled to be part of it!

It's time, girl! It's time!

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