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Leta??s Talk Foundation!: The Essential Foundation Makeup Guide for Asian Women

For many years, Heidi Yi was a makeup artist specialising in wedding makeup and much sought-after for commercial work. Being of Asian descent, she understood Asian skin and there were things she loved and things she struggled with. One of the challenges she faced when applying Asian makeup was matching the right foundation colour, as everyone had a different skin tone depending on which part of Asia they originated from. And culturally, she found some wore their makeup lighter… much lighter. There is no right or wrong when it comes to makeup. For some that’s how they like it. For others it could be a case of just not knowing how to pick the right colour. This book will explain how to identify and find a solution for any skin tone; for anyone who wants to understand how to find the perfect foundation for your skin in whatever climate you live in!

Skincare for Acne-Prone Skin: The Simple Guide to a Glowing Complexion

The simple guide to a glowing complexion.This short guide will show you how to choose skincare that nourishes your skin instead of attacking it.You will discover the key products needed for a glowing complexion, the skincare ingredients best avoided, and the tools and techniques that really make a difference.Claire Hamilton draws on a decade of personal experience with acne to provide practical advice that gets results. When you balance the needs of both your skin type and your skin condition, you take your complexion from inflamed and irritated to calm and clear.Learn to love your skin with this soothing, no-fuss routine.The right skincare can transform your skin.

Shea Butter Hair Secrets: Shea Butter Recipes for Hair

Shea Butter Benefits. What Is Shea Butter? What Does Shea Butter Do to Your Hair? How To Use African Shea Butter. Refined And Unrefined Shea Butter. Shea Butter For Natural Hair. Shea Butter For Relaxed and Black Hair. Shea Butter For Curly Hair. How To Use Shea Butter On Hair And Scalp and Bonus Shea Butter For Hair Recipes.

Homemade Hair Treatments for Oily, Dull, Dry, Frizzy, Damaged Hair.: 20 Recipes Inside!

Most of the Ingredients for these amazing hair remedies can already be found in your kitchen! Solutions for all you hair needs are only a click away. Here is a taste of what's inside.Types of Homemade Hair Treatments.What Type of Hair Treatment Do You Need?How Often To Use A Hair Treatment.Homemade Hair Treatments That Save You Money.Focus On The Tips While Treating Your Hair.Heat and Hair Treatments."Bonus Recipes include"Oatmeal Hair Treatment, Papaya Hair Treatment, Maple Syrup Hair Treatment, Aloe Vera Hair Treatment, Baking Soda Hair Treatment, Cornstarch Hair Treatment, Beer Hair Treatment, Banana, Honey, Almond Hair Treatment, Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon Hair Treatment, Yogurt Hair Treatment, Banana Hair Treatment, Egg Hair Treatment, Strawberry Hair Treatment, Mayonnaise Hair Treatment, 30 Minute Hair Treatment for Split Ends, Avocado, Olive Oil and Honey Treatment for Dry Hair, Milk and Honey Hair Treatment, Honey And Olive Oil Treatment For Dry Hair,Coconut Rinse Hair Treatment.Find out the what, why, and where for all your hair needs.

Homemade Coffee Scrubs: Coffee Scrub Recipes For Beautiful Face, Body And Skin.These Diy Benefits and Help Remove Acne, Stretch Marks and Cellulite.

Want Beautiful Skin? What Is A Coffee Scrub? How Do Coffee Scrubs Get Rid Of Cellulite? Diy Coffee Scrub For Face. Homemade Body Scrub. Diy Coffee Scrub For Acne.Coffee Scrub Recipe With Coconut Oil. Coffee Scrub For Stretch Marks. Bonus Sugar Scrub Recipes. Vanilla Latte Sugar Scrub, Peppermint Mocha Coffee Scrub, Coffee Salt Scrub, Coconut Coffee Scrub, Cinnamon Coffee Scrub,Lavender Coffee Scrub, Peppermint Coffee Sug

Vanilla Bean Melt & Pour Soap Recipe

Learn how easy it is to make this creamy melt and pour soap with natural vanilla beans. This type of soap is wonderful for all skin types and would make an excellent addition to any bath & body gift basket! Includes step-by-step photos!

How to Apply Makeup Like the Pros Do

Learn Professional Makeup Tips with This Exhaustive Guide.Your total guide for how to do your own makeup is right here.Straight from a pro, you’ll learn makeup tips for beginners that are easy to execute. Along with step-by-step instructions, you’ll get useful makeup tricks and tips that can take your look from ordinary to stunning.This Beginners Guide to Makeup Is All You NeedIf you’re just dipping your toes into the makeup world, or only have a basic knowledge about products and application, this guide is for you.Get PreppedFirst, learn how to prep your face and achieve a flawless canvas for makeup application. You’ll learn about the benefits of toning, moisturising, and exfoliating, along with tips for greasy skin and undereye bags.Lay the FoundationOnce your skin is prepped, you’ll learn the ins and outs of foundation, concealer, and primer. Find out if you need primer at all, and how to avoid cakey-looking foundation. You’ll also get the scoop on pro techniques like contouring.Create Your Own Unique Look with Basic Makeup TipsNext, you’ll get an overview of the most common products that should be in your beauty arsenal: eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and lipstick.Learn basic application for each product, then take it to the next level with gorgeous makeup looks. You’ll finally get the hang of how to do a smoky eye, discover which eyeliner you should use, and find out how to apply blush based on your face shape – plus, so much more.Makeup Artist Tips Give You a Beauty EdgeThese professional makeup tips ready you to enhance your natural beauty and make your features pop. This is a guide you’ll turn to again and again for quick tips, advice, and easy-to-follow instructions. Dive in to get going on your beauty adventure!

Eliminating Acne

You’ve watched the countless late night infomercials promising you the instant cure that will rid you of your recurring acne forever. You’ve sat there, frustrated and feeling hopeless as the countless “before and after” photos that flicker on the screen, each one showing a famous celebrity who used this “magic formula in a bottle” to rid themselves of acne forever.  They’ve never looked better.But there’s a real problem with these late night advertisements that prey on your fears, and attempt to lure you in with promises of clear, clean and blemish free skin forever..

Homemade Salt Scrubs: 50 DIY Salt Scrub Recipes

Want Beautiful Skin? What Is A Salt Scrub? How Do Salt Scrubs Get Rid Of Cellulite? Diy Salt Scrub For Face. Homemade Body Scrub. Diy Salt Scrub For Acne.Salt Scrub Recipes With Coconut Oil.Salt Scrub For Stretch Marks.Bonus Salt Scrub Recipes.

Homemade Organic Sunscreen: 25 Easy And Natural DIY Sunscreen Recipes For Summer 2016

Homemade Organic Sunscreen25 Easy and Natural DIY Sunscreen Recipes for Summer 2016Have you ever thought about how fragile your skin can be? Using chemical sunscreen products can be scary. The reason for this is that most of these chemicals are composed of potent substances that have the ability to influence the endocrine system. According to a report given by expert dermatologists, exposure to these chemical substances can cause changes on the skin for the worse! Most of the “healthy” chemical sunscreens that are sold to us often contain nanoparticles associated with increased rate of skin aging, environmental toxicity as well as rampant cases of skin cancers. This is because most of them are composed of masked with Omega-6 rich oils that often interfere with the healthy fat balance in the body thus resisting oxidation. Based on the information that I have just mentioned, your question might be what sunscreen substances are recommended for use to ensure skin safety? Well, thanks to this book that we will discuss the various organic components that you can use to make your sunscreen from the comfort of your home! These natural homemade sunscreens are rich in antioxidants that prevent accumulation of free radicals that may lead to aging and skin cancers!Come with me, and I will tell you how! Download your copy of "Homemade Organic Sunscreen:25 Easy and Natural DIY Sunscreen Recipes for Summer 2016" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now With 1-Click" button.

The Acne Survival Kit: How To Cure Acne The Safe, Cheap & Natural Way (Acne Cure, How To Cure Acne)

The Proven And Effective Way Of Curing Acne The Natural Way!Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at 9.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.You’re about to discover a survival kit that will answer the age old dilemma: how to finally cure acne using cheap and natural methods. Millions of people around the world are affected by acne, and with the many available medications and treatments out there in the market, the search for a simple cure can be stressful and overwhelming. Thus, the aim of THE ACNE SURVIVAL KIT is to ensure a simple solution to a common enemy!Here Is a Sample of What You'll learn... Different Kinds of Acne Organic Cures for Acne Non-Organic Cures for Acne... and much, much more!Download your copy today!Tags: acne, how to cure acne, whiteheads, blackheads, papules, natural way, acne treatment, pimple, cystic acne, rosacea, acne remedy, acne free, acne solution, homemade acne treatment, acne home treatment, back acne treatment, acne medication, acne causes, natural acne treatment, best acne treatment

Mindful Beauty Cleanse: A mindful journey to healthier skin

In modern times, following the wrong diet, a lack of rest and exercise, overworking and exposure to chemicals present in our food, make-up and skincare are just some factors that interrupt the healthy rhythm of our body, making allergies and health issues too common.Mindful Beauty Cleanse acts as a guide with useful tips to restore balance and good health in the body using nature’s resources, bringing you harmony and long lasting beauty from the inside.

All-Natural Homemade Beauty Products: Easy to Make Body Lotions and Creams, Scrubs and Body Butters Recipes (DIY Beauty Products)

Get ready to pamper yourself and get radiant and youthful skin. It’s easier than you think! Learn to prepare your own organic beauty products like body lotions, creams, moisturizers, body scrubs, body butter and more with all-natural ingredients that are hiding in your own kitchen! Inside, you will find directions and recipes for three very important components of your skincare regime: body lotions and creams, and body butters:•You need to exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells to reveal the beautifully young and pliable ones underneath. This is where scrubs come in. The recipes included in this book will have you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and tingly all over with lovely concoctions like Mint Chocolate Scrub and our special Epsom Foot Scrub. •Retaining moisture in your skin is the ultimate necessity to younger looking skin, and that’s where body lotions and body butters come in. These two help you to pull moisture from the air and get it into your skin as well as retain that moisture by creating a shield over the skin. We’ve combined the best of butters, oils, and essential oils to create all-natural and balanced moisturizing for the skin with concoctions like Double Chocolate Lotion and Strawberry Vanilla Butter. The fact of the matter is that the better the ingredients you put on your body, the better job your skin can do to protect you. This will be reflected in the way it glows, in its plumpness, and how soft it feels to the touch. This is the one thing you can easily do right away to help you look better, feel better, and walk with the confidence of a beautiful person on the inside and out. So let’s get started, scroll back up and grab your copy today!

CURE FOR ACNE: A Study on Acne, Prevention, Causes and Treatments

CURE FOR ACNEA Study on Acne, Prevention, Causes and TreatmentsAcne is a skin condition, caused by inflammation of the skin. This in turn causes pimples, spots, bumps, etc on the body. Usually this affects the face, forehead, chest, back and shoulders.Acne is one of the most common skin condition in the affecting the population in the United States of America (USA), as it affects about fifty (50) million persons yearly.It can be a very embarrassing condition or situation for the person affected. These pimples can stay in places where they cannot be hidden or treated without the notice of other persons. In some cases affected person(s) may even start considering extreme measures such as relocating, becoming antisocial and unfriendly, just to overcome and move away from the shame of not being as beautiful as some others.With a good knowledge of this skin condition, its causes, possible ways to avoiding and managing it, one can easily decide what is to be done and possible expected result. Some persons have become victims of anxiety and low self esteem because they lack proper knowledge of how to prevent and care for their skin. Some uniformed persons; due to lack of information resort to creams, lotions and other cosmetics that further endangers their skins.This book is therefore recommended for all and sundry, especially those who are affected by acne and other skin defections.What Are You Waiting For?Grab Your Copy Now!

Spark Of Hope

Everyone wants to get an easy and concise solution to their problems. This book will cover all the topics that are necessary to stay healthy and which will remove the blemishes and bring a radiance on the face that will make you confident. Nothing is impossible in this world, but what you need most are your determination, passion, and dedication. This guide will inspire you in your journey of finding authentic beauty. Every turning page will create a spark of hope in you regardless of your age or circumstances.

The Original Beauty Bible

The Original Beauty Bible: Skin Care Facts for Ageless Beauty