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Grammar Launch Intermediate 1: Completely master 15 English grammar structures using this book and the Grammar Launch MP3s so you can reach your goal of becoming fluent in English.

Grammar Launch Intermediate 1 will bring you from your current level of English to the next level. Would you like to use English grammar more effectively? Do you want to know exactly how to use structures like had better, the present perfect, used to and the future tenses? This book can help you achieve all these and more.You will learn how to use these selected grammar structures in detail, so that you can fully master each one.This book contains over 450 natural examples of the grammar structures. You also get free access to the MP3 packs which will ingrain the English in your brain.Level up your English today with Grammar Launch Intermediate 1!In this book, you’ll learn:• how to use 15 common grammar structures in English.• detailed examples of each structure.• how we use these structures in natural, native English.• how to access the Grammar Launch MP3s to accelerate your English fluency.Plus much more.Free resources for learning English ->

Easy Learning LKG English

Designed to give children a real sense of achievement, easy learning books improve essential skills through activity-packed fun. The colourful, motivating activities help boost confidence and develop good learning habits for life. Parents' notes are included to help you

Easy Learning UKG English

Designed to give children a real sense of achievement, easy learning books improve essential skills through activity-packed fun. The colourful, motivating activities help boost confidence and develop good learning habits for life. Parents' notes are included to help you

Intermediate English Comprehension - Book 1

Intermediate English Comprehension – Book 1This is the first book in the bestselling series ‘Intermediate English Comprehension’. Each book contains fifteen interesting articles on a variety of topics such as: history, religion, the natural world, science, travel, food and more. It is perfect for students of English who want to improve their reading comprehension and will help with exam practice. The eBook includes:● 15 fascinating short articles.● Glossaries which include key words with explanations.● Questions about each text (with clickable links to the answers).● Video links for each article (if your device allows it).This book has articles on the following topics: The Komodo Dragon, Vampires, The Maya Civilisation, Cloning, British Cuisine, Cosmetic Surgery, Stockholm, Papua New Guinea, Cleopatra and more.If you want to improve your reading comprehension AND enjoy the texts you read, download this book now!

Teenagers, Literacy and School: Researching in Multilingual Contexts

This unique and timely book follows the experiences of four Arabic teenagers, their families and their community, focusing on the role of literacy in their daily lives and the differences between home and school. The author looks at the conflict between expectations and practices at school and in the home, arguing that problems are inevitable where class and cultural differences exist.Emerging themes include:how literacy practices in the community are undergoing rapid change due to global developments in technologyhow the patterns of written and spoken language in English and Arabic in the home are linked with social practices in logical and coherent wayshow many of the family practices that differ from school culture and language become marginalised.Built around these insightful case studies yet grounded in theory, this book is of immediate relevance to teachers working in multicultural contexts and students and lecturers in language/literacy or on TESOL courses.

The Wild Swans a?? De vilde svaner (English a?? Danish): Bilingual children's book based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, with audio (Sefa Picture Books in two languages)

Bilingual children's picture book (English – Danish), with audioThe Wild Swans' by Hans Christian Andersen is, with good reason, one of the world's most popular fairy tales. In its timeless form it addresses the issues out of which human dramas are made: fear, bravery, love, betrayal, separation and reunion. The edition at hand is a lovingly illustrated picture book recounting Andersen's fairy tale in a sensitive and child-friendly form. It has been translated into a multitude of languages and is available as a bilingual edition in all conceivable combinations of these languages. ♫ Listen to the story in both languages, read by native speakers!► NEW: With printable coloring pages! A download link in the book gives you free access to the pictures from the story to color in.Tosproget børnebog (engelsk – dansk), med lydbog"De vilde svaner" af Hans Christian Andersen er et af de mest læste eventyr i verden. Det omhandler tidløse emner som udgør vores menneskelige dramaer: frygt, tapperhed, kærlighed, forræderi, adskillelse og genforening. Den foreliggende udgave er en kærligt illustreret billedbog, der fortæller Andersens eventyr i en følsom og børnevenlig form. Den kan fås som tosproget udgave i alle tænkelige sprogkombinationer. ♫ Få historien læst op af native speakers! ► NYHED: Nu med billeder som du selv kan farvelægge! Med et link i bogen kan du downloade historiens billeder og selv farvelægge disse.

Advancing Human Assessment: The Methodological, Psychological and Policy Contributions of ETS (Methodology of Educational Measurement and Assessment)

This book is open access under a CC BY-NC 2.5 license.​​This book describes the extensive contributions made toward the advancement of human assessment by scientists from one of the world’s leading research institutions, Educational Testing Service. The book’s four major sections detail research and development in measurement and statistics, education policy analysis and evaluation, scientific psychology, and validity. Many of the developments presented have become de-facto standards in educational and psychological measurement, including in item response theory (IRT), linking and equating, differential item functioning (DIF), and educational surveys like the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), the Programme of international Student Assessment (PISA), the Progress of International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) and the Trends in Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). In addition to its comprehensive coverage of contributions to the theory and methodology of educational and psychological measurement and statistics, the book gives significant attention to ETS work in cognitive, personality, developmental, and social psychology, and to education policy analysis and program evaluation. The chapter authors are long-standing experts who provide broad coverage and thoughtful insights that build upon decades of experience in research and best practices for measurement, evaluation, scientific psychology, and education policy analysis. Opening with a chapter on the genesis of ETS and closing with a synthesis of the enormously diverse set of contributions made over its 70-year history, the book is a useful resource for all interested in the improvement of human assessment.

Reading Success in the Primary Years: An Evidence-Based Interdisciplinary Approach to Guide Assessment and Intervention (Springerbriefs in Education)

This open access book describes the Reading Success project, in which a 5-step, assessment-to- intervention process, based on the Simple View of Reading, was used within a primary school setting in Australia to better support those students who struggle with reading. It provides an easily accessible overview of each step of the process involved in implementing this approach and highlights the crucial importance of collaboration between professionals involved in the teaching of reading within a school setting. It focuses on the decision-making processes used, such as rich dialogue with the leadership team and teachers, and shares participants’ perspectives gathered throughout the project. Using case studies, the book describes how the 5-step approach assists in creating detailed profiles of students’ strengths and weaknesses in spoken and written language skills that can be used to guide targeted intervention This book offers valuable insights for educators, speech pathologists, researchers, and pre-service teacher education students interested in the teaching of reading

Psychometric Framework for Modeling Parental Involvement and Reading Literacy (IEA Research for Education Book 1)

This volume offers insights from modelling measures of parental involvement and their relationship with student reading literacy across countries, exploring and incorporating cultural differences. This is a significant contribution to a field where cross-cultural comparisons from a triangulated perspective are sparse. For readers interested in exploring the relationship between parental involvement and student attainment, the literature review provides a useful starting point. Meanwhile, for the more methodologically interested reader, this report presents state-of-the-art ways to identify and model cultural differential item functioning in international large-scale assessment (ILSA), illustrating the extent to which the parental involvement construct may be influenced by cultural differences and how this may affect the outcomes of cross-cultural comparisons. The framework is generic and should provide a solid foundation for future ILSA practices and secondary analyses. ILSA studies like the IEA’s Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) provide valuable data, containing both student achievement data and contextual background data from schools, teachers, students and parents for over 41 countries.

Script Effects as the Hidden Drive of the Mind, Cognition, and Culture (Literacy Studies Book 21)

This open access volume reveals the hidden power of the script we read in and how it shapes and drives our minds, ways of thinking, and cultures. Expanding on the Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis (i.e., the idea that language affects the way we think), this volume proposes the “Script Relativity Hypothesis” (i.e., the idea that the script in which we read affects the way we think) by offering a unique perspective on the effect of script (alphabets, morphosyllabaries, or multi-scripts) on our attention, perception, and problem-solving. Once we become literate, fundamental changes occur in our brain circuitry to accommodate the new demand for resources. The powerful effects of literacy have been demonstrated by research on literate versus illiterate individuals, as well as cross-scriptal transfer, indicating that literate brain networks function differently, depending on the script being read. This book identifies the locus of differences between the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans, and between the East and the West, as the neural underpinnings of literacy. To support the “Script Relativity Hypothesis”, it reviews a vast corpus of empirical studies, including anthropological accounts of human civilization, social psychology, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, applied linguistics, second language studies, and cross-cultural communication. It also discusses the impact of reading from screens in the digital age, as well as the impact of bi-script or multi-script use, which is a growing trend around the globe. As a result, our minds, ways of thinking, and cultures are now growing closer together, not farther apart.

Library and Information Sciences: Trends and Research

This book explores the development, trends and research of library and information sciences (LIS) in the digital age. Inside, readers will find research and case studies written by LIS experts, educators and theorists, most of whom have visited China, delivered presentations there and drafted their articles based on feedback they received. As a result, readers will discover the LIS issues and concerns that China and the international community have in common.The book first introduces the opportunities and challenges faced by the library and information literacy profession and discusses the key role of librarians in the future of information literacy education. Next, it covers trends in LIS education by examining the vision of the iSchool movement and detailing its practice in Syracuse University.The book then covers issues in information seeking and retrieval by showing how visual data mining technology can be used to detect the relationship and pattern between terms on the Q&A of a social media site. It also includes a case study regarding tracing information seeking behavior and usage on a multimedia website.Next, the book stresses the importance of building an academic accreditation framework for scientific datasets, explores the relationship between bibliometrics and university rankings, and details the birth and development of East Asian Libraries in North America.Overall, the book offers readers insight into the changing nature of LIS, including the electronic dissemination of information, the impact of the Internet on libraries, the changing responsibilities of library professionals, the new paradigm for evaluating information, and characteristics and functions of today's library personnel.

An Introduction to Using Games in the ESL/EFL Classroom: Some Principles and Practical Examples

This short introductory guide to using games in the ESL/EFL classroom gives some guiding principles for creating and selecting which games to use, and then gives three in-depth examples of games you can make for your own classroom, with photos of the games in use and a discussion of adaptations and variations.While all of the example language is from English-teaching contexts, the games would work equally well to teach other languages.


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Impact of Information Society Research in the Global South

The second volume in the SIRCA book series investigates the impact of information society initiatives by extending the boundaries of academic research into the realm of practice. Global in scope, it includes contributions and research projects from Asia, Africa and Latin America. The international scholarly community has taken a variety of approaches to question the impact of information society initiatives on populations in the Global South. This book addresses two aspects— Impact of research: How is the research on ICTs in the Global South playing a role in creating an information society? (e.g. policy formulation, media coverage, implementation in practice) and Research on impact: What is the evidence for the impact of ICTs on society? (i.e. the objectives of socio-economic development). This volume brings together a multiplicity of voices and approaches from social scientific research to produce an engaging volume for a variety of stakeholders including academics, researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and those in the business and civil sectors of society.

The Second Verse to the ABCs: Reading as the Power of Anything

A heartwarming story with an inspirational message doubling as a reading primer. Uses loving, child-led Socratic dialogue to teach and inspire reading. Features captivating black and white illustrations to spark the imagination, and presents the lyrics and chords of "The Second Verse to the ABCs" for all to use. The Second Verse to the ABCs is an engaging read-sing-aloud learning activity for families, schools, libraries, and more.