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Tasty Toppings: 18 Dairy and meat free recipes with gluten, soy, egg and nut free options (The Little Book of Allergy-Friendly Recipes)

There are a lot of foods you miss out on when you can't eat dairy, soy, gluten, egg, meat, or nuts. For example, what do you dollop on a baked potato if sour cream is off the menu because you can't eat dairy? What do you stir through coleslaw if you can't have traditional mayonnaise due to an egg sensitivity?

Additionally, sushi and cold rolls aren't as fun when you can't have soy sauce. Not to mention enjoying nachos is difficult when you can't eat avocados or cheese.

The Little Book of Allergy-Friendly Tasty Toppings, by the creators of the Australian free-from online cooking show Alternative Chef Kitchen offers some alternatives for those with allergies to many everyday ingredients. The alternatives in this book include:

oFour different sour cream alternatives (made with soy, sunflower seeds, cashews, and one very untraditional option made with butter beans).

oA soy-free cold roll/sushi dipping sauce alternative.

oSome tasty toppings for tacos and baked potato including a simple salsa, two guacamole options, easy-to-make taco seasonings, and raw BBQ onions.

oFour mayonnaise alternatives (a traditional egg mayonnaise, one with chia seeds, an avocado option, and one with hemp seeds, cashew, or macadamia nuts).

oLastly, some tasty simple salad dressings that are also yummy on steamed veggies.

The book has a detailed "Extra Resources" section and video footage to support the recipes. Furthermore, beginner free-from cooks will benefit from a comprehensive list explaining the less common ingredients and where to buy them as well as descriptions of the techniques used to help turn the foods you "can eat" into foods you "want to eat."

Quick and Easy Quinoa Recipes: Low Fat, Healthy Recipes - Quinoa Vegetarian Cookbook for Balanced Weight Loss Diet Plan (Diet Recipe Books – Healthy Cooking for Healthy Living 6)

Discover 50 Delicious, Quick and Easy Quinoa Recipes that will Improve Your Health and Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts!

This book will guide you to the art of cooking delicious, low-calorie dishes while using quinoa as a main ingredient. These easy-to-follow recipes will help you reach your weight loss goals and achieve optimum wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

You will find 50 healthy and flavorful quinoa dishes in this book with each of them containing less than 250 calories per serving. The easy-to-follow recipes will teach you how to transform quinoa into your favorite dishes such as soups, salads, main dishes, smoothies, omelets and desserts. Once you try these recipes, you will be convinced that it is possible to lose weight while enjoying the clean flavors and fragrant aromas of quinoa mixed with other organic ingredients.

I hope that this book will inspire you to incorporate healthy ingredients such as quinoa into daily meals for the family. Blending quinoa with healthy amounts of vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, eggs, herbs and healthy oils and serving these nutrient-dense entrees at the dining table is a huge step towards successful weight management and disease prevention.

It is also expected that you combine these healthy quinoa recipes with regular exercise and a positive outlook on life, for these three components will help you lose weight and gain the life you truly deserve.

BenBella's Best of Plant-Based Eating: Recipes and Expertise from Your Favorite Vegan Authors

Living plant-based doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to eating salads for every meal (although we wouldn't say no to a bowl of leafy greens). BenBella's Best of Plant-Based Eating has creative and delicious recipes for a well-balanced, varied, and satisfying vegan lifestyle. Inside you'll find nearly 50 recipes from our top-selling cookbooks (and upcoming fall releases!) including:

Thai Tacos

Fig & Caramelized Onion Tart

Buddha Lentil Burger

Cinnamon Buns

And more!

Along with recipes, you'll also find selections exploring the global implications of a plant-based lifestyle, to feed your mind as well as your body.

BenBella's Best of Plant-Based Eating includes recipes and selections from:

Del Sroufe's Better Than Vegan

Christy Morgan's Blissful Bites

LeAnne Campbell's The China Study Cookbook

Lindsay Nixon's Happy Herbivore Series

The Happy Herbivore Cookbook

Everyday Happy Herbivore

Happy Herbivore Abroad

Happy Herbivore Light & Lean

Happy Herbivore Holidays & Gatherings

Tracy Russell's The Best Green Smoothies on the Planet

Eric Brent and Glen Merzers's The HappyCow Cookbook

Laura Theodore's Jazzy Vegetarian Classics

Kim Campbell's The PlantPure Nation Cookbook

Heather Crosby's YumUniverse

Pam Popper and Glen Merzer's Food Over Medicine

J. Morris Hicks's Healthy Eating, Healthy World

T. Colin Campbell and Howard Jacobson's Whole and The Low-Carb Fraud

Vegan Flat Tummy Cookies: 3 Ways (The Mini Cookbooks)

Welcome to the Mini Cookbook Series!

These cookbooks are meant to be easy to read and offer practical recipes for our busy lives! More importantly, everything tastes great! Food is meant to be savored and enjoyed! Each cookbook offers options for those of us who are vegan, vegetarian or omnivore. These recipes were enjoyed during my #weightlossjourney of over fifty pounds and I have kept the weight off! These recipes are included in my busy week and I still make time for cheat meals! So whip up a cup of coffee or grab a glass of wine and get in that kitchen!

Whip up bar worthy appetizers in:

The Buffalo Bible

Satisfy sweet cravings without weight gain in:

Vegan Flat Tummy Cookies: 3 Ways

Enjoy satisfying smoothies in:

Top Five Smoothies: Swim Suit Slim

Every recipe has been tasted and approved by myself, family & friends!

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? Amy Noelle, Nutritionist

I lost 50 pounds enjoying all of the recipes in The Mini Cookbook Series. We can enjoy food and be healthy at the same time!

VEGETABLES!: Simple and Easy Vegetable Crock Pot Recipes

Delicious & Healthy Vegetable Crock Pot Recipes!Are you looking for easy, how-to recipes that anyone can make? This simple vegetable crock pot cookbook has 25 step-by-step recipes for anyone looking to save time, eat better, and cook delicious meals for the family.

Have any of these statements ever crossed your mind?

I don't have enough time to prepare food.I don't know where to start, what to do, or how to do it!It just takes too long to do and makes such a mess.Cooking is just too complicated! (This is a myth.)Easily cook healthy meals for you and your family! Crock pots and slow cookers require little clean-up, little prep work, and they make wonderful meals!

Your Problems Have Been Solved --> EASY, STEP-BY-STEP RECIPES!This simple and easy recipe book will help you...

Save time and moneyLearn how to cook for yourself and othersEasy cooking with 'how-to' recipes and instructions25 vegetarian crock pot recipesGreen Beans and New PotatoesSweet Potato MashCorn CasseroleBroccoli Cheese SoupCorn on the CobMashed PotatoesButternut SquashCreamed SpinachBaked BeansCollard GreensCheesy BroccoliRefried BeansCaramelized OnionsCreamy Tomato SoupMinestroneVegetarian ChiliCheesy Vegetable SoupMexican CasseroleStuffed PeppersJambalayaLentil-Quinoa Taco FillingVegetables and QuinoaSquash and ApplesVegetable SpaghettiMushroom StroganoffNow you can prepare savory meals at home for the entire family to enjoy!

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Easy To Be Vegan: Overcoming All The Challenges and Difficulties of Becoming a Vegan (Vegan diet, Vegan, Vegan lifestyle, Vegan recipes, Healthy vegan, Veganism, Plant Based Diet)

Overcoming All The Challenges and Difficulties of Becoming a Vegan

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Do you think about every single ingredient, where it comes from and how it was produced or grown? Do you think the following about being vegan?:

You will not enjoy your food, You can't enjoy foods without doubling your food budget, Being vegan is hard, etc.

Too often in today's society we take the easy way out and listen to what commercials and magazines force feed us without learning the real truth. Instead, we should educate ourselves with the correct knowledge and resources.

Veganism is probably one of the most misunderstood concepts in dieting, but this book will educate you about the real truths. You will learn that all of these ideas, and more, are wrong. Being vegan is not only a more healthy way of living, but can be easy as well.

If you've ever considered veganism, but thought it was too hard or expensive - pick up Easy to be Vegan and start changing your mind, and life, today.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Dealing With Your Social Life As a VeganHow To Avoid Deficencies On The Vegan DietShopping and Meal Planning As a VeganHow To Go Vegan The Right WayHow And Why Vegan Diet Doesn't Have To Be ExpensiveHow And Why You Don't Need To Give On Great Tasting FoodsThe Benefits Of a Vegan DietMuch, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Green & Lean: 20 Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean, and Staying Healthy

If you want to know how to build muscle and burn fat by eating delicious vegetarian and vegan meals that are easy to cook and easy on your wallet, then you want to read this book.

Do you worry that building muscle or losing fat is too hard as a vegetarian or vegan?

Are you not sure of how to prepare food that is not only delicious and healthy but also effective in helping you build muscle and lose fat?

Are you afraid that cooking nutritious, restaurant-quality meals is too time-consuming and expensive?

Do you think that following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle means having to force down the same boring, bland food every day?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, don't worry--you're not alone. And this book is the answer: With it, you can cook fast, healthy, and tasty vegetarian and vegan meals every day (and on a reasonable budget) that will help you build muscle or lose weight, regardless of your current skills.

In this book, you're going to learn how to eat right without having to obsess over every calorie. These 9 scientifically proven rules for eating are the foundation of every great physique and can be , and they have nothing to do with following weird diets or depriving yourself of everything that tastes good.

And the recipes themselves? In this book you'll find 20 healthy, flavorful recipes specifically designed for vegetarians and vegans that want to build muscle or lose fat. Regardless of your fitness goals, this book has got you covered.

Download this book now and learn how to cook nutritious, delicious vegetarian and vegan meals that make building muscle and burning fat easy and enjoyable!

Vegan Ketogenic: High Fat And Low Carb Vegan Recipes For Weight Loss

Do You Want To Stay Looking Young and Radiant Forever?

Want Laser Like Ketogenic Focus Without Stuffing Yourself with Artery Clogging Bacon & Butter?

Our b?d? other than proteins ?nd carbohydrates ?l?? needs a g??d ?m?unt ?f vit?min? ?nd min?r?l?. R????r?h?? have ?h?wn th?t fruit? ?nd v?g?t?bl?? ?r? full of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates ?nd fib?r.

Inside this book you'll find:

Chapter 1: The Ketogenic Diet

Chapter 2: History And Current Uses Of Ketogenic Diet

Chapter 3: Why You Should Go On Ketogenic Diet

Chapter 4: Health Advantages Of Ketogenic Diet

Chapter 5: Vegetarianism

Chapter 6: What Are The Health Effects?

Chapter 7: Keto-Flu & Mineral Deficiencies

Chapter 8: What Should I Eat?

Chapter 9: Recipes

Everyone can safely benefit from eating a low-carb, high-fat diet. Being in ketosis lowers your blood sugar levels, increases mental focus, and boosts your energy. It also increases HDL and decreases LDL-levels and can be therapeutic for epilepsy patients. Reap all these benefits the vegan way - delicious and 100% plant-based.

Achieve your weight-loss goals quickly with tasty, low carb-high fat recipes while remaining true to your vegan principles. Learn about the state of ketosis, veganism, essential nutrition, and how to cook delicious keto vegan foods including their macro counts.

Not a single animal will be hurt when you prepare and consume recipes found in this cookbook!

What are you waiting for?

Get instant access today!!

The Udderly Delicious NoMooz Nut Milk Bag Recipe Book

Make "Udderly" Delicious Nut Milk at Home. Cows Will Thank You!

Bored with dairy milk and thinking of moooving on over to nut-based milk? Make your own, right in the comfort of your own kitchen with the help of The Udderly Delicious NoMooz Nut Milk Bag Recipe Book. This book contains the basics on how to use the NoMooz Nut Milk Bag along with 10 delicious recipes.

Join the mooovement and download this book!

GREEN FOR SIX-PACK ABS! 21 Vegetarian and Vegan Diet Recipes! For Weight Loss, Building Lean Muscle and Boosting Your Energy

+2nd FREE BONUS BOOK INCLUDED! - at the end of this book!

??? Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited! ???Let all of your fitness dreams come true by combining the vegan diet with a surefire fitness program that will help you form those washboard six pack abs!

Of course, your diet is just as important as your workout routine, for only with the right diet would you be able to get rid of the layers of fat that are concealing those abs. Remember, no matter how many times you do sit-ups, they won't show until you get rid of those fats! The vegetarian or vegan diet will certainly speed things up for you, because with it you can get rid of excess fat faster than omnivores and carnivores can.

One major concern among aspiring vegetarians and vegans, though, is the misconception that there is not enough protein in this type of diet. This recipe book will provide you with delicious, high protein dishes that will promote your workout program for those abs. Specifically, you can have high protein breakfast, lunch, dinner meals, and even snacks that are all vegan! All of the recipes in this book are easy to prepare and call for the use of everyday kitchen items. Many of the recipes can even be cooked in bulk and stored in the refrigerator for easy reheating. Now, all you will need to do is to buy your ingredients at the grocery store.

Have fun on your journey to becoming a lean, mean, and green muscle machine!

...also, don't forget to check your awesome FREE bonus book, "LOSING WEIGHT WITHOUT STARVING YOURSELF!", at the end of this book!

Get this book today! You'll be so glad you did! Take Control Of Your Health And Download Your Copy Today!

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Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days: Low Carb Diet For Healthy Weight Loss

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, read it to the end and see "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter after the conclusion.

Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days:

Low Carb Diet For Healthy Weight Loss

Losing weight and be difficult, and all those recipes that take forever to make are not a big help when it comes to the busy, every day person. Don't fret! This book is filled with recipes that will help you lose weight as well as keep you satiated. They're all recipes that can be done in the slow cooker, so that you can start it before you go to work or whenever you have time. Then you don't have to worry about having dinner on the table in the evening because it's already cooked!

In this book you will find the following:

o High Fat, Low Carbohydrate Chicken Recipes

o High Fat, Low Carbohydrate Turkey Recipes

o High Fat, Low Carbohydrate Beef Recipes

o High Fat, Low Carbohydrate Pork Recipes

Download your E book "Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days: Low Carb Diet For Healthy Weight Loss" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button!

Vegetables: Vegetable Recipes

VEGETABLES --- Vegetable Recipes You Will LOVE!Are you looking for easy, how-to recipes that anyone can make? This simple vegetable side dish cookbook has 25 step-by-step recipes for anyone looking to save time, eat better, and cook delicious meals for the family. This is a great recipe cookbook for vegetarians also!This quick and easy vegetable cookbook has step-by-step recipes that are easy to follow and simply prepared. What's your favorite vegetable side? The recipes in this book are sure to impress."This book includes recipes for: "-Zucchini-Carrots-Vegetable Casseroles-Cauliflower-Green beans-AND MORE!Hannie P. Scott is a best-selling author that knows a thing or two about cooking! Cooking and experimenting with foods is her life passion. Driven by her desire for cooking for others (and herself), Hannie spends a lot of time in the kitchen! She enjoys sharing her love of food with the world by creating "no-nonsense" recipe books that anyone can use.

Awesome Vegetable Recipes

AWESOME VEGETABLE RECIPES --- Easy VegetablesAre you looking for some delicious vegetable recipes? This simple and easy cookbook has step-by-step vegetable recipes that will wow even the pickiest of eaters! You will impress your friends and family with these delicious and healthy meals.Before long you'll have everyone asking for more. With a nice variety of delicious and healthy vegetable recipes, you can please everyone!"This book includes recipes for: "-Salads-Casseroles-Side Dishes-Snacks-AND MORE!Hannie P. Scott is a best-selling author that knows a thing or two about cooking! Cooking and experimenting with foods is her life passion. Driven by her desire for cooking for others (and herself), Hannie spends a lot of time in the kitchen! She enjoys sharing her love of food with the world by creating "no-nonsense" recipe books that anyone can use.