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BenBella's Best of Plant-Based Eating: Recipes and Expertise from Your Favorite Vegan Authors

Living plant-based doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to eating salads for every meal (although we wouldn't say no to a bowl of leafy greens). BenBella's Best of Plant-Based Eating has creative and delicious recipes for a well-balanced, varied, and satisfying vegan lifestyle. Inside you'll find nearly 50 recipes from our top-selling cookbooks (and upcoming fall releases!) including:Thai TacosFig & Caramelized Onion TartBuddha Lentil BurgerCinnamon BunsAnd more!Along with recipes, you'll also find selections exploring the global implications of a plant-based lifestyle, to feed your mind as well as your body.BenBella’s Best of Plant-Based Eating includes recipes and selections from:Del Sroufe’s Better Than VeganChristy Morgan’s Blissful BitesLeAnne Campbell’s The China Study CookbookLindsay Nixon’s Happy Herbivore SeriesThe Happy Herbivore CookbookEveryday Happy HerbivoreHappy Herbivore AbroadHappy Herbivore Light & LeanHappy Herbivore Holidays & GatheringsTracy Russell’s The Best Green Smoothies on the PlanetEric Brent and Glen Merzers's The HappyCow CookbookLaura Theodore’s Jazzy Vegetarian ClassicsKim Campbell’s The PlantPure Nation CookbookHeather Crosby’s YumUniversePam Popper and Glen Merzer’s Food Over MedicineJ. Morris Hicks’s Healthy Eating, Healthy WorldT. Colin Campbell and Howard Jacobson’s Whole and The Low-Carb Fraud

A taste of Deliciously Ella: The Plant-based Cookbook

FOUR DELICIOUS VEGAN RECIPES FOR FREE - GET A TASTER OF THE PLANT-BASED COOKBOOK! I am so excited that you can get a sample of The Plant-based Cookbook: we're sharing four of my absolute favourite recipes and a piece I've written about why this book means such a lot to me.These are the recipes inside:Corn Fritters with Smoky Baked Beans and Avo SmashSpiced Peanut Sweet PotatoesQuinoa and Black Bean BurgersTuscan Bean StewThe photography is beautiful and I hope the delicious flavours will create a true sense of happiness for you all!Ella x

The Effective Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook: 101 Healthy Recipes for the Busy or the Lazy

The Effective Vegan Instant Pot CookbookEvery few years it seems that there is some new, hot, culinary trend. To be honest, many of these trends seem to disappear as quickly as they arrive, leaving in their wake kitchen cupboards filled with gadgets and appliances that will never see the light of day. It is possible that you might even be able to find a few of these gems in your very own kitchen. I am always a little skeptical when it comes to new kitchen appliances. In my opinion, the ones that we have had for decades seem to be working so well that it is rare that one comes along that really gains my attention. Recently, one has and it is taking kitchens by storm. The appliance that I am speaking of is not only the topic of this book, but is quickly becoming the topic of culinary conversations everywhere. The Instant Pot is an ingenious appliance, and I am very excited to help you explore all the wonderful possibilities for your vegan lifestyle.We are at a time when our schedules are hectic, lives are busy and cheap food is easy. I think most of us have good intentions when it comes to eating a healthy diet, but we all know that finding the time to prepare and cook a healthy meal, especially a vegan meal, can be challenging. Just when it seemed that frustrations in the kitchen were about to reach an all-time high, the Instant Pot came along to make us fall in love with cooking wholesome meals once again.The Instant Pot is one appliance that functions as many. No matter what you have in mind, the Instant Pot can make it happen with just the touch of a couple buttons. Meals that once would have taken all day to prepare can now land on your table in a matter of minutes, without losing anything in terms of flavor or quality. Personally, I feel that this is even more important for vegan diets. The vegan lifestyle has a reputation of being repetitive, boring, and simply difficult to adhere to every day. Most vegans will stick to their diets, but will sacrifice variety and nutrition for the sake of not spending precious spare time in the kitchen. The Instant Pot helps to balance out our busy lifestyles with our desire to eat natural, healthy foods. This book was created to help you do just that. Not only do your hands hold an amazing collection of vegan recipes, they also hold practical advice for using your Instant Pot and loving your vegan lifestyle.In this book you will learn about:The Instant Pot: What it is and Tips, Tricks and Advice for Using ItThe Vegan Diet: Key Points and BenefitsEssential Pantry List101 Vegan Instant Pot RecipesLet’s not waste any more time and get on with the culinary adventure of a lifetime.See You on the Effective Side!-Chef Effect

Low Carb Recipes: 50 Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes for Successful Weight Loss in Just 2 Weeks

A vegan or vegetarian diet not only means cutting out meat or animal products. Just a glance at the recipes in this cookbook will show the also adapting this limited range of foods to low carb rules isn't a loss but rather a culinary plus. Targeted at 14 days, aside from weight loss the focus is also on how your diet can not only have a negative, but also a positive impact on your weight.Combined with a balanced diet without feeling hungry, "Motivation" becomes much less of a factor than other changes in nutrition or diets. To ensure you will be able to eat vegetarian/vegan as well as low carb all day long over the 2 week target the recipes in this cookbook are split into a total of 5 categories. This includes: Breakfast RecipesQuick to prepare or with attention to detail. With these breakfast recipes you will always start your day with a culinary highlight.Soups and SaladsWarm or cold, vegetarian/vegan cuisine always has a few surprises with clever soup and salad recipes boasting full flavor without a lot of carbs.LunchTaking a break from your tough morning while replenishing energy for the rest of the day. Lunch is one of the most important meals of the day, which is easily reflected in these recipes.DinnerDinner always means different tastes coming together at the same table. These dinner recipes will fit any taste. Create dishes in your pan, pot or the oven which may just become new favorites in your kitchen.Snacks Nutritious snacks for at home, the office or on the go. These snacks make it easy to forgo fast food and the like and indulge in your own balanced snack.Every recipe includes nutrition facts, difficulty and the cooking time. They make it easy to keep the needs of those working outside the home as well as families with little time to cook in mind. This truly allows anybody to become a low carb fan in these 2 weeks and in exchange feel more confident about your body.Healthy weight loss and trim down with the low carb diet! Download your copy today!

The Effective Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook for 4: Lose Weight and Reduce the Chances of Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Stroke, and Type 2 Diabetes with These Easy Vegan Recipes

The Effective Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook for 4Animal products are high in saturated fat and cholesterol, which can cause a buildup of plaque in the arterial walls, hindering proper blood flow and damaging the arteries. Insufficient blood flow impairs proper functioning of the bodily organs and systems, and, at the same time, shoots up the risk of heart disease and many other serious conditions.Here’s the good news: there is a way to prevent these diseases. Experts agree that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains can help avert heart-related ailments. In fact, a plant-based diet can lower the risk of heart attack by 2.5 percent.A vegan diet can also help reduce cholesterol levels to as low as 146. This is about thirty percent lower than a meat-eater’s average cholesterol level of 194.No wonder going on a vegan diet helps keep serious conditions at bay and is integral to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.This book will cover:An Introduction to the Vegan DietBenefits & Drawbacks of the Vegan DietWho Should Follow the Vegan DietIntro to Slow CookingBenefits of Slow Cooking50 Amazing Vegan Recipes for 4Get your copy today and start your exciting Vegan Journey right away.See You on the Effective Side!-Chef Effect

Easy Tofu Cookbook: 50 Unique and Easy Tofu Recipes

Tofu is no longer a dish for only Vegetarians. . . But if you are a Vegetarian here are some great Tofu ideas!Get your copy of the best Tofu recipes from BookSumo Press!Come take a journey with me into the delights of easy cooking. The point of this cookbook and all my cookbooks is to exemplify the effortless nature of cooking simply. In this book we focus on cooking with Tofu. The Easy Tofu Cookbook is a complete set of simple but very unique Tofu recipes. You will find that even though the Tofu recipes are simple, the tastes are quite amazing. So will you join me in an adventure of simple cooking?This Cookbook will Teach You: Tofu's Chinese Origins and Why it is a Mysterious food. A historical fact that will change the way you think about butter, tofu, and cheese. (This single fact will make you ponder every time you eat either: cheese, butter, or tofu. And make you more appreciative of them.) The complete nutritional nature of tofu and why it is a powerhouse source of energy. What the FDA has said about Tofu and how it can improve your life. The exact reason why tofu is absolutely great for people with high cholesterol. Why proper storage of tofu is very important and how to properly store it. The exact # of days and months tofu will last and how to increase this time with simple methods. The differences between soft and firm tofu, why this matters and, what types of cooking methods are best for each type. The tofu secret and why it is NOT bland. How to create an infinite number of unique tofu tastes. Why cooking tofu is FUN. How tofu is enjoyed in Thailand, Vietnam, and India. Plus 47 additional delicious tofu recipes that will change your opinion of it.Here is a Preview of the Recipes You Will Learn: Coconut Curry and Lemon Grass TofuSoutheast Asian Tofu with Broccoli 3 Cheese Pasta Shells Creamy Asiago Tofu Pad Thai Much, much more!

VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK & MEAL PLAN FOR DIABETES: 2021 Scientifically Proven Plant-Based Recipes For Newly Diagnosed Type 1 & 2 Diabetics, With A Week Healthy ... Plan To Help Reverse Diabetes, Weight...

This vegetarian cookbook for Diabetes contains simple way to prepare diabetes-friendly meals without any stress or much calculations! To control diabetes and foster a balanced lifestyle, learn how to make perfectly-portioned meals with a healthy mix of greens, protein, and just the right amount of carbohydrates. With many mix-and-match recipes to choose from, you will never run out of ideas for  a tasty, easy meals the entire family will enjoy. You’ll find recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.Every recipe was designed to conform with the American Diabetes Association's diet recommendations in this critical diabetes cookbook, so you can prepare your meal with confidence knowing that you are cooking fun, tasty, and healthy meals. This book is the first step in your path to a better you, whether you are new to treating diabetes or prediabetes or you are just looking for a stress-free guide to healthy meal planning!More than just a cookbook, you’ll also find:Tips & Meal choices for people with diabetesThe Foods to Eat as a Diabetic Patient and the Foods to AvoidCommon Substitutes a Vegetarian Diabetes Can UseBenefits of a Vegan Meal for DiabetesThings to Consider When Adjusting to a Vegetarian DietThe Vegetarian Diet that is Suitable for Each Type of DiabetesA Week Meal PlanAnd a lot moreWhat are you still waiting for? Rush and click on the BUY button to get your own copy NOW!

Vegetable Salad Cookbook: Recipes For The Perfect Salads, Marinades, Sauces, And Dips

Pure and simple: vegetables are good for you―and we’re all looking for appetizing ways to eat more of them. A celebration of flavors, textures, and colors, vegetables offer an endless array of culinary possibilities. Vegetable salad Cookbook for Vegetarians has everything you need to take your veggie-based cooking to the next level with dishes that let the natural vibrancy of your vegetables shine.Packed with hundreds of tasty vegetable-forward meals, sides, and snacks, this vegetable cookbook will show you just how much you can do with nature’s bounty. Discover the freshest vegetable for each season, plus must-have tools and pantry essentials. Explore detailed flavor profiles―including how to prepare each veggie and some popular pairings―before cooking up flavorful dishes like Sweet Corn Risotto and Braised Eggplant Shakshuka.

Eat Green Get Lean: 100 Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean and Staying Healthy (The Build Muscle, Get Lean, and Stay Healthy Series)

If you want to know how to build muscle and burn fat by eating delicious vegetarian and vegan meals that are easy to cook and easy on your wallet, then you want to read this book.Let me ask you a few questions.Do you worry that building muscle or losing fat is too hard as a vegetarian or vegan?Are you not sure of how to prepare food that is not only delicious and healthy but also effective in helping you build muscle and lose fat?Are you afraid that cooking nutritious, restaurant-quality meals is too time-consuming and expensive?Do you think that following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle means having to force down the same boring, bland food every day?If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, don’t worry—you’re not alone. And this book is the answer.With it, you can cook fast, healthy, and tasty vegetarian and vegan meals every day (and on a reasonable budget) that will help you build muscle or lose weight, regardless of your current skills.In this book, you’re also going to learn how to eat right without having to obsess over every calorie. These 9 scientifically proven rules for eating are the foundation of every great physique and can be , and they have nothing to do with following weird diets or depriving yourself of everything that tastes good.And the recipes themselves? In this book you’ll find 100 healthy, flavorful recipes specifically designed for vegetarians and vegans that want to build muscle or lose fat. Regardless of your fitness goals, this book has got you covered.Here’s a “sneak peek” of the recipes you’ll find inside:•20 fast, delicious breakfast recipes (13 vegetarian and 7 vegan), including Berry Cheesecake Muffins, Red Pepper & Goat Cheese Frittata, Tempeh Hash, PB&J Oatmeal, Tex-Mex Tofu Breakfast Tacos, Healthy French Toast, and more.•20 mouthwatering entrees (10 vegan and 10 vegetarian), including Raw Almond Flaxseed Burgers, Greek Pasta Salad, Eggplant Parmesan, Seven Layer Bean Pie, Tofu Puttanesca, High Protein Mac & Cheese, and more.•20 savory side dishes (18 vegan and 2 vegetarian), including Carrot Fries, Cranberry Apricot Squash, Quinoa & Smoked Tofu Salad, Sherry-Asiago Cream Brussels Sprouts, Three Bean Salad, Greek Potatoes, and more.•20 awesome snack recipes (5 vegetarian and 15 vegan), including Maple Pumpkin Protein Bars, Protein Parfait, Blueberry Banana Oat Cakes, Chocolate Black Bean Energy Bars, Baked Kale Chips, No-Bake Almond Protein Bars, Homemade Applesauce, and more.•10 hearty, healthy protein shake recipes (8 vegetarian and 2 vegan), including Double Chocolate Protein Smoothie, Pumpkin Delight, Cherry Vanilla Protein Smoothie, Blueberry Flax Smoothie, and more.•10 delectable desserts (6 vegetarian and 4 vegan), including Banana Caramel Bread Pudding, No-Bake Vanilla Cake, Protein Peach Surprise, Blackberry Parfait, and more.SPECIAL BONUS FOR READERSWith this book, you’ll also get a free spreadsheet that lists every recipe in the book along with their calories, protein, carbs, and fats! Chances are you’re going to want to use the recipes to plan out your daily meals, and this spreadsheet makes it a simple matter of copy and pasting!Scroll up and click the “Buy” button now and learn how to cook nutritious, delicious vegetarian and vegan meals that make building muscle and burning fat easy and enjoyable!

Vegan Diet For Beginners: Adopting A Vegan Diet For Weight Loss & Good Mental Health! (Vegan For Beginners, Vegan For Dummies Book 1)

Thinking Of Going Vegan But Afraid To Make The 1st Step? If So, Then "Vegan Diet For Beginners" Is The Right Book For You!What's A Vegan Diet?A vegan diet means that you eat no animal products containing dairy products. Eradicating what makes up the majority of foods used up in the typical American diet can be extremely overwhelming. My first suggestion is transition in steps and don’t do it all at once. Take a slow start.Even if you’re not involved in the vegan diet this book is a great addition to your collection due to the informative section about desires. Ever have those desires for something crispy, or sweet and salty for some chocolate? Well, these needs are described in detail and suggests a healthy alternative that recognizes the vitamin deficiency and the food that would address that desire.For instance, have an impulsive desire for chocolate? It means our body might actually be craving magnesium which can be found in seeds, nuts, fruit and Legumes. Are you craving for sweet or sugary foods? Then your body might require carbon, sulfur, phosphorus or chromium. These vitamins are found in fresh fruits and broccoli just to name a few.Why You Should Buy This BookThis book is the vital book for learning about the benefits of a vegan diet. It will helped you understand the science behind a vegan diet and showed to you that veganism was the way to go.The books explains in simple terms how a vegan diet is the sturdiest tool we have against disease and ailment. It is easy to read and will entirely change how you ponder about food. You’ll be hooked by the Introduction where the book tells you that by simply changing your diet, you can completely avoid heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.It also reexamines the myth about protein and depicts how not only vegans are getting sufficient protein, but that eating a lot of protein actually promotes cancer. This book teaches you how to eat in order to make your health best and longevity, and tells why you haven’t been educated proper diet before. The book lastly looks at the frightening truth as to why there is so much distortion about how we should be eating.This is a fantastic Vegan For Beginners Guide. Plain & Simple.Here's what you'll find inside this vegan diet guide:IntroductionWhy I wrote this bookWhy should you Read this BookChapter 1: What is Veganism?Chapter 2: Reasons to Go Vegan Today1. Long Life2. Slimmer and Smarter3. Healthy Planet4.  Save Animals5. Yummy and Easy6. Meat, sometimes disgusting7. Dairy as Source of Pus and Blood8. Vegan fashion9. How Flesh is formed10. Save Money11. You’re in good company12. it’s not a religion13. Glowing skinChapter 3: The Do's and Don’ts of a Vegan LifestyleDon't…Rely on packaged vegan foods.Forget about the protein.Just eat raw food.Do eat whole plant-based foodsDON'T load up on vegan junk foodDO drink plenty of waterDON'T forget about proteinDo Veganize Usual MealsDON'T forget about ethnic eateriesChapter 4: Best Approach for weight loss on a vegan diet1. Lower in fat, cholesterol and calories2. No Hormones3. Vegan Diet Creates Food Awareness4. Don’t Count Calories but Eat Real Food6. Don’t Replace Meat7. Power up with plant based protein powderConclusion…Go ahead & Grab your copy now by scrolling to the top and clicking on the orange "buy now" button!