Fiction Psychological Books

Tipping Point (Project Renova Book 1)

'I didn't know danger was floating behind us on the breeze as we walked along the beach, seeping in through the windows of our picture postcard life.'

The year is 2024. A new social networking site bursts onto the scene. Private Life promises total privacy, with freebies and financial incentives for all. Across the world, a record number of users sign up.

A deadly virus is discovered in a little known African province, and it's spreading--fast. The UK announces a countrywide vaccination programme. Members of underground group Unicorn believe the disease to be man-made, and that the people are being fed lies driven by a vast conspiracy.

Vicky Keating's boyfriend, Dex, is working for Unicorn over two hundred miles away when the first UK outbreak is detected in her home town of Shipden, on the Norfolk coast. The town is placed under military controlled quarantine and, despite official assurances that there is no need for panic, within days the virus is unstoppable.

In London, Travis begins to question the nature of the top secret data analysis project he is working on, while in Newcastle there are scores to be settled...

Behind Closed Doors - Alaska (Faith Book 1)

Faith thinks this day can't be any different from the last one or the next. She's married to Mac, the man she loves, is teaching her teenage son, Liam, to drive, and is pregnant with her second child. So Christmas shopping should just be a normal activity.

But when Liam accidentally rear ends the car in front of him on their way home during rush hour, their life seems to spin out of control. He could have hit anyone. But he hit Emily.

Suddenly, Faith's average life is thrown under a blanket of terror and everything changes in an instant. Her husband is threatened, her son is withdrawing, and the baby she's been carrying is in danger. She doesn't know if she can go on when her reason for living is taken from her, but she has to. She has to choose to live. For her son. For her husband. For herself.

== > Behind Closed Doors - Alaska is approx. 21K words and is volume 1 in the Faith series. This story unfolds over three volumes.

Angelic Attraction: A Psychological Thriller: Billionaire Dark Romance (Angelic Series Book 1)

Angelic Attraction - Psychological Romantic Thriller Book One

Leaving her childhood sweetheart behind, Angel Nichols moved to LA and clinched her dream job as a fashion designer. After a night out at a risque club and a chance meeting with the dashing Brad Singer her life soon begins to lose perspective and control. Initially he's every girl's dream; good looking, amazing in bed, powerful and a not to mention, s billionaire. Dark romance soon taints the relationship though as boundaries are pushed to the limit and the true side of his dangerously obsessive nature begins to surface.

This psychological romantic thriller is full of dips and twists. Just when you think you've got him figured out he throws a curve ball that will leave you guessing once more. Will Angel work out the game he's playing in time? Or will she stay blinded by lust, CEO romance, and fall into a deadly psychological game of lies and twisted romantic obsession?...

Dumb Angel

For Don Wallis, Mary is the ideal wife. She does what she's told, when she's told, no matter how extreme or twisted the demand. So it's a good thing for them both that Mary isn't really Don's wife. In fact, she isn't even human: she's an android sex toy that Don has had specially made to look and sound like his former wife. But where is the real Mary Wallis, and what kind of games did he enjoy playing with her? As Don acts out the excesses of his depraved fantasies, Android Mary is damaged and starts to malfunction. Desperate to keep control of a situation that threatens to spiral into chaos, Don finds his secret play-thing fighting back. At first, he rather enjoys it. But with the ongoing violence, Android Mary's malfunctioning intensifies and Don becomes increasingly aware, not just of his inadequacies as a man, but of his loneliness as a human being. He tries to suppress his emotions with alcohol, but this only serves to unleash more brutality on Android Mary, whose actions are becoming as bizarre as they are unpredictable. And just as he thinks things can't get any worse, the doorbell rings and there on the doorstep stands the defiant figure of his wife, the real Mary Wallis. Whatever the outcome of Real Mary's stepping back into her former home, it's not going to be like anything she - or you, the reader - is expecting. Dumb Angel is the title story from this new collection of nine screenplays from the author of Bully For You and Nine Lives.

Psychosis: 'Nil by Mouth'

The first thing you see when you open your eyes is the face of the Doctor looking down at you. You don't remember anything esle - it's going to take time, and it might be a long journey, but you will get there in the end.

When things go seriously wrong, be grateful just to get back to the place where you were.Ahead, there is light, behind - only darkness.

Crossing In Time (Between Two Evils)

They say that true love transcends space and time, but what if your lover is murdered, and you're given the chance to go back in time to warn his much-younger self? She agrees to go, knowing it will kill her in a matter of hours, because it gives her one last chance to be in the arms of the man she loves. Except... he doesn't believe her. In fact, he thinks she's one fry short of a Happy Meal. (Oh, and she's supposed to save the world while she's at it. Go figure.) Remember How It Feels to Fall in Love? Race against the clock through a dystopian nightmare. Climb naked into an untested time machine (carrying only a seashell and a promise). Wake up twenty years younger on a tropical beach, buck naked and mortally wounded, with your heart in your throat. This is a journey of love, loss, and redemption that will make your pulse gallop and your palms sweat, have you laughing out loud through your tears, and leave you flush with the sublime pleasure of being in love.

Two Wrongs