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The Secret of Seaside (Paige Comber Mystery Book 1)

Welcome to Seaside! A sleepy, island village filled with sandy beaches, colorful characters... AND MURDER!Paige Comber dreams of running off to Paris to train at the Cordon Bleu, but fresh out of college, she is stuck running her granny's coffee shop in the small town of Seaside. It looks like a lousy summer until a handsome stranger named Nate arrives. He's here to help his Uncle Byron with his affairs, but when his uncle's body washes up on the beach and Nate is thrown into prison, it is up to Paige to find out who might have been crazy enough to do it.BOOK ONE in the PAIGE COMBER MYSTERY series

Love's Ragged Claws

In this short novella, an old man enters confession for the first time in 50 years and tells the priest he has only three sins to confess, all sins of the flesh, and the confession opens up the byways of human identity and human relationships as it weaves the tale of the three sins.

A Monk's Tale: A Novelette set in the world of The Crafter Chronicles

Cedric is a respected monk at the Ridderzaal monastery. But before he became a man of the cloth, he traveled the land, fighting trolls alongside dwarves and giants, living among the fearsome Krigares, and studying with elves, wizards and Shenn Frith shamans.This novelette provides a back story for one of your favorite characters from The Crafter Chronicles. It is a great standalone read as an introduction to the world of Matthew B. Berg, or as a companion piece to his trilogy begun with The Crafter's Son. (And there are no spoilers in here if you haven't yet begun the series!)Framed around Cedric taking a nostalgic journey through his personal journals, this story is roughly 10,000 words. (About 1/8th the length of the first book.) And, unlike the slower unfolding of The Crafter's Son, this book gets right to the action!

Tangled Up in Ice (Tangled Series Book 1)

I have debts to pay and secrets to keep. When someone threatens my life, I crash into him: Jackson LudlowThe reclusive billionaire of New YorkOnce, he had everything a man could want. Then, he lost the only thing that he ever loved.So, he spent four years holed up in his mansion doing the only thing he knew how to do: make money. We are all wrong for each other. He’s cold, uninterested and demanding. I’m impatient and inexperienced. The only thing we have in common is that we both have secrets. And the closer we get, the more they threaten to destroy us.Praise for Charlotte Byrd"Decadent, delicious, & dangerously addictive!" - Amazon Review ★★★★★"Titillation so masterfully woven, no reader can resist its pull. A MUST-BUY!" - Bobbi Koe, Amazon Review ★★★★★"Captivating!" - Crystal Jones, Amazon Review ★★★★★"Exciting, intense, sensual" - Rock, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★"Sexy, secretive, pulsating chemistry..." - Mrs. K, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★"Charlotte Byrd is a brilliant writer. I've read loads and I've laughed and cried. She writes a balanced book with brilliant characters. Well done!" -Amazon Review ★★★★★"Fast-paced, dark, addictive, and compelling" - Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★"Hot, steamy, and a great storyline." - Christine Reese ★★★★★"My oh my....Charlotte has made me a fan for life." - JJ, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★"The tension and chemistry is at five alarm level." - Sharon, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★"Hot, sexy, intriguing journey of Elli and Mr. Aiden Black. - Robin Langelier ★★★★★"Wow. Just wow. Charlotte Byrd leaves me speechless and humble... It definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. Once you pick it up, you won't put it down." - Amazon Review ★★★★★"Sexy, steamy and captivating!" - Charmaine, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★" Intrigue, lust, and great characters...what more could you ask for?!" - Dragonfly Lady ★★★★★"An awesome book. Extremely entertaining, captivating and interesting sexy read. I could not put it down." - Kim F, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★"Just the absolute best story. Everything I like to read about and more. Such a great story I will read again and again. A keeper!!" - Wendy Ballard ★★★★★"It had the perfect amount of twists and turns. I instantaneously bonded with the heroine and of course Mr. Black. YUM. It's sexy, it's sassy, it's steamy. It's everything." - Khardine Gray, Bestselling Romance Author ★★★★★

Da Vinci's Last Supper - The Forgotten Tale

When Leonardo da Vinci is commissioned to paint ‘The Last Supper’ , he believes it will seal his reputation as the finest artist in Italy.Yet all does not go as planned. The notorious Papal emissary, Father Rodrigo of Salamanca accuses him of blasphemy over his decision to choose a lowly peasant, Alessandro, to be his model for Jesus.To Leonardo’s horror, Alessandro takes on quasi-religious significance for the populace of Milan, dragging both into a journey of political and religious upheaval, violence and scandal, which eventually leads to their climactic confrontation.

Les MisA(C)rables (English language)

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Protected Mate (Catamount Lion Shifters Book 1)

A shifter romance with a guaranteed HEA from USA Today Bestselling Author J.H. Croix! If you like smoking hot paranormal romance with a twist of suspense and adventure, you’ll love this series! Dane Ashworth, a solitary mountain lion shifter, comes from one of the founding shifter families of Catamount, a town deep in the woods of Maine where mountain lion shifters have existed in secret for centuries. The community is in turmoil after the startling death of a shifter. In the midst of upheaval in Catamount, Dane encounters the unassuming, curvy and delectable Chloe Silver.Chloe set out to hike the famed Appalachian Trail in the aftermath of heartbreak. She’s lived a well-planned life, only to learn that the best laid plans could blow up in her face. She’s looking for a fresh start, but trust doesn’t come easily for her. The mere idea of shifters has never crossed her mind, but Dane calls to her in a way that no man ever has. She finds herself tossed and turned by the depth of her attraction to him. The mountain lion in Dane knows Chloe is meant for him, but he has to find a way to earn her trust and make her believe in him and in what lies between them. Passion burns like wildfire between them while events in Catamount put them both in danger. In a love story filled with passion, romance, adventure, betrayal and secrets, Chloe will have to decide if she can accept Dane for who he is, and if she’s willing to believe in the power of love.*All books in this series end with HEA!

Kokomo's CafA(C) Complete (Flagler Beach Fiction Series Book 1)

Flagler Beach Florida is quite the small town, eclectic and quirky... and filled with many unique characters. Kokomo's Café owners Mac and Ginny see their fair share day in and day out. Come meet the locals and the tourists! Contemporary Fiction and a fun beach read! Includes Ten Short Stories set in Kokomo's Cafe!


New Orleans, 1891: Lee Christmas gets drunk and falls asleep at the throttle of his locomotive, plowing straight into an oncoming train. Blacklisted from the railroad and his marriage in tatters, he flees New Orleans on a steamer bound for the tropics. In Honduras, he begins a quiet new life. But trouble has a way of finding Christmas. With unrest sweeping the countryside, he's kidnapped by bandits. Soon, he finds himself taking sides in an all-out civil war--as leader of the rebellion. MERCENARY is the thrilling story of the USA's most famous soldier of fortune: the hard-drinking drifter who changed the fate of a nation.Praise for MERCENARY:"Highly recommended to readers of adventure fiction and history, as well as anyone interested in American adventurism and meddling in Latin America."--Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Michael Wallace."A barnstorming story lifted from the annals of history and brought back to life on the page."--Donald Barker, Reedsy Discovery."Lee Christmas led a roaring life on and off the battlefield. Gaughran's great, fast-paced read keeps you right alongside all his exploits."--Richard Sutton, author of The Red Gate.

Gulliver's Travels Into Several Remote Regions of the World

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Wuthering Heights: "Ellis Bell"

The tale of Heathcliff and Cathy’s ungovernable love and suffering, and the havoc that their passion wreaks on the families of the Earnshaws and the Lintons, shocked the book’s first readers, with even Emily’s sister Charlotte wondering “whether it is right or advisable to create beings like Heathcliff”.Replete with unforgettable characters and situations that have seared themselves into our literary consciousness, Emily Bronte’s intense masterpiece is one of the most haunting love stories in the canon of English literature.Part of the Bronte sisters collection, this edition contains an extensive critical apparatus, extra reading material including a section of photographs and notes.

Fly Away Home (Pigeon Grove Series Book 1)

Is running away from your troubles the best path to a fresh start?  Claire Perkins struggles with her past, even as a thirty-eight-year-old woman.While attending her abusive mother's funeral in the town where she grew up, Claire discovers a deeper emotional scar that challenges her definition of home.No longer willing to put on a facade, buried pain triggers Claire's only logical choice: escape to a quiet place, somewhere far away from the risk of any further disappointment and heartache.  Pigeon Grove appears to be a sleepy southern locale in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. But there is a unique and underlying charm to this small town that has other plans for those looking to slip into the silence of a solitary life.With nothing but a desire to fade into the background, this close-knit community guides Claire along a different path, in a direction that encourages her deep-seated need to connect with others.Hank Charles is a produce shop owner full of quirky facts. Lizzie Perkins is the niece Claire hasn't seen in years because of a falling out with her brother. Jack Burgess is a sketch artist whose troubled past intersects with Claire's in serendipitous ways. If only she gives herself the chance to discover it. Can this small mountain town help Claire connect the dots to create a life she's always imagined?Will Pigeon Grove's beloved message answer her soulful call for guidance before the opportunity escapes her?It's never too late to come home.

Elly in Bloom: A Novel

Surrounded by lush flowers and neurotic brides, Elly Jordan has carved out a sweet life for herself as the owner of Posies, a boutique florist in St. Louis. Not bad for a woman who drove away from her life two years earlier when she found her husband entwined with a redheaded artist. Sure, Elly has an embarrassingly beautiful best friend, a badly behaved sheepdog, and a sarcastic assistant she simply calls "Snarky Teenager," but overall her days are pleasantly uneventful. As a bonus, her new next-door neighbor just happens to be an unnervingly handsome musician who has an eye for curvy Elly. Just when she feels that she is finally moving on from her past, she discovers that an extravagant wedding contract, one that could change her financial future, is more than she bargained for. With the help of her friends, staff, and more than a few tasty sandwiches, Elly bravely agrees to take on the event that threatens to merge her painful history with her bright new life, and finds herself blooming in a direction she never imagined.

Arc Of A Shooting Star: Life Gets Complicated (The Shooting Star Series Book 1)

I was happy—or so I thought… until the day I nearly died. When you rub shoulders with death, it brings a certain clarity of mind. That was the day when everything changed...Wealthy, independent, alone, my name carved forever into the history books—my legacy complete. What more could an ex-rock star wish for? A lot… apparently.Just a simple walk in the Yorkshire Dales with my dog. Who would have thought such an innocent pleasure would turn my world upside down and inside out?I reunited with my friends.I reformed the band.We embarked on the “Resurrection” tour of the British Isles.I fell in love along the way.All good - right?Wrong!Take a missing master tape, a scheming ex-manager, a multinational corporation, a group of dysfunctional idiots, and a pot of gold, bake slowly and what do you get? A world of pain!So, back to the day it all changed.Do I regret what I did? You bet I do!If given the choice, would I do the same again? Hmm… tricky question. I’ll get back to you on that one.Amazon Review:“Wickedly funny, heart-warming, touching and thought provoking. Arc Of A Shooting Star is one of those books you wish would never end.”★★★★★If you enjoy fiction which excites, entertains, makes you laugh-out-loud, and sometimes tests you, then start binge reading the Shooting Star series today, with the first in series.Genre: Omni-GenreTHE SHOOTING STAR SERIES•             Book 1 - Arc Of A Shooting Star•             Book 2 - Catch A Shooting Star•             Book 3 - Fall Of A Shooting Star•             Book 4 - The Resurrection Tour DiariesSOON TO BE RELEASED•             Book 5 - What's it all about… Geordie