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The Strangler's Daughter

Lisa Ashford's father is a murderer. Ten years ago, he strangled several women, but he was never caught by the police. He eventually promised his daughter that it would never happen again, and their lives seemed to go back to normal. But now there's another body...Timid and shy, Lisa struggles to make sense of the world. Everyone tells her that she's different, that she's a little slow in the head. Last time her father killed, she was an impressionable young girl who believed all his excuses. Having just lost her mother, she was terrified of being left all alone.Now, however, Lisa's a young woman, and ignoring the truth isn't so easy. Can she still stand by while her father commits terrible crimes? Or will she take a stand and try to stop him? Is he even telling the truth about why he kills? And if she finally disobeys his instructions, how far will he go in order to keep his deadly secrets? Could Lisa be his next victim?

Here After

LOVE. LOSS. OBSESSION. REDEMPTION.Following the death of his ten-year-old son, physician Peter Croft embarks on a desperate, seemingly random search for a missing child, risking his sanity, even his life in a grief-induced quest. His journey propels him into the darkest reaches of human suffering, and pits him squarely against an adversary whose own obsession defies all reason.Here After is a story of love, loss, obsession and redemption, with gripping action sequences and a subtle paranormal underpinning. A compelling read from a seasoned storyteller, Costello’s sixth novel will keep you reading deep into the night.Here After has been optioned to film by David Hackl, director of Saw V."An...effective missing-child story with a twist." — Kirkus Reviews (

The Mother of all Things: The twists keep on coming in this addictive psychological thriller (Godless Creatures Book 1)

SAVAGE BEGINNINGS SPAWN BRUTAL ENDS★★★★★ Fast-paced, scary, so well thought out and so rewarding to read - Extremely well written. Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. Left me feeling extremely satisfied.★★★★★ Clever and compelling psychological thriller - Shocking, tense, gripping, surprising, thought-provoking, dark and chilling.Following a traumatic event and the break up of her marriage, Elaine returns to her childhood home in North Yorkshire.Between reconnecting with her mother and keeping the two children occupied over the summer holidays, Elaine starts renovating the run-down farmhouse.Unsettled by terrifying nightmares, the stirring of memories long forgotten, and eerie happenings at the house, she worries her imagination is getting the better of her, a fear soon allayed when confronted by an intruder.The next day a police officer disappears, his last known location, her property.A missing policeman, a suspicious psychiatrist, and an old adversary add to her increasing tension, but when she wakes up covered in blood next to the body of a masked man, things spiral out of control.Facing demons both past and present, Elaine must fight for her sanity, unless, it’s too late.★★★★★ The Mother of all reads! - Really enjoyed this book. The first half develops the characters well, ready for the clever, fast-paced second half. It's hard to decide what genre this book fits in. As a lover of James Herbert and Stephen King, I would say it would probably be along the lines of a psychological thriller/horror.★★★★★ A must-read - Wow! This book had me gripped from the very beginning. So many twists and turns.★★★★★ The best novel I’ve read in a long time - A brilliant novel. The detailing in the description of the characters, places and dreams are breathtaking.★★★★★ An absorbing, disturbing and kinetic thriller that balances a tight rope between a conventional whodunnit and a Gothic horror.★★★★★ In The Mother Of All Things, Mr Blake melds mystery, crime, suspense, drama, and action in a story seeping with dark paranoid tension.Fans of writers such as Stephen King, Ruth Ware, Megan Abbott, Dean Koontz, Peter James, Jeffery Deaver, C. J. Tudor, are in for a real treat and will not be disappointed.

The Girl Who Sees (Sasha Urban Series Book 1)

I'm an illusionist, not a psychic.Going on TV is supposed to advance my career, but things go wrong.Like vampires and zombies kind of wrong.My name is Sasha Urban, and this is how I learned what I am.

Surviving The Evacuation, Book 1: London

Would you survive the evacuation?The outbreak began in New York. Soon it had spread to the rest of the world. People were attacked, infected and they died. Then they came back. Nowhere is safe from the undead.As anarchy and civil war took grip across the globe, Britain was quarantined. The press was nationalised. Martial law, curfews and rationing were implemented. It wasn’t enough. An evacuation was planned. The inland towns and cities of the UK would be evacuated to defensive enclaves being built around the coast, in the Scottish Highlands and in the Irish Republic.Bill Wright broke his leg on the day of the outbreak. Unable to join the evacuation, he watched from his window as the streets filled with refugees, he watched as the streets emptied once more. He watched as they filled up again, this time with the undead.He is trapped. He is alone. He is running out of food and water. He knows that to reach safety he will have to venture out into the wasteland that once was England. On that journey he will ultimately discover the horrific truth about the outbreak, a decades old conspiracy and his unwitting part in it.The first novel in the post-apocalyptic series “Surviving The Evacuation”. (74,000 words)

Heart of Darkness

The reaches opened before us and closed behind, as if the forest had stepped leisurely across the water to bar the way for our return. We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness.As the peak of European Imperialism, steamboat captain Charles Marlow travels deep into the African Congo on his way to relieve the elusive Mr Kurtz, an ivory trader renowned for his fearsome reputation. On his journey into the unknown Marlow takes a terrifying trip into his own subconscious, overwhelmed by his menacing, perilous and horrifying surroundings. The landscape and the people he meets force him to reflect on human nature and society, and in turn Conrad writes revealingly about hypocrisy, morality and the dangers of imperialism.“Heart of Darkness” is an eminent instance of the literary evocation of evil, and we can see how it might be regarded as a representation of the concept of original sin in fresh and secular terms. —T. S. EliotThe heavy hypnotic style [of “Heart of Darkness”] falls around me again, and I am aware of the poverty of my own. —Graham GreeneOne of my favorite books. —William FaulknerConrad endeavored to create a great, massive, multiphase symbol that would render his total vision of the world, his sense of individual destiny, his sense of man’s place in nature, his sense of history and society. —Robert Penn Warren

The Masters of Horror for Halloween: The Greatest Works of Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, Ambrose Bierce & Arthur Machen a?? All in One Premium Edition

e-artnow presents to you this unique collection made especially for Halloween with carefully picked out stories from the very masters of the genre:H. P. Lovecraft:The Call of CthulhuThe Shadow Over InnsmouthDagonThe Dunwich HorrorThe Picture in the HouseThe OutsiderThe Silver KeyIn the VaultThe Whisperer in DarknessThe Thing on the DoorstepThe Shadow out of TimeThe Colour out of SpaceThe Music of Erich ZannThe Haunter of the DarkThe Rats in the WallsPickman's ModelFrom BeyondHerbert West-ReanimatorAt The Mountains Of MadnessEdgar Allan Poe:The Fall of the House of UsherThe Cask of AmontilladoThe Pit and the PendulumThe Tell-Tale HeartThe Masque of the Red DeathThe Black CatThe Murders in the Rue MorgueAmbrose Bierce:The Damned ThingAn Occurrence at Owl Creek BridgeThe Devil's DictionaryChickamaugaArthur Machen:The Three ImpostorsThe Hill of DreamsThe TerrorThe Secret GloryThe White PeopleThe Great God PanThe Inmost LightThe Shining PyramidThe Red HandThe Great Return

Surviving The Evacuation, Book 3: Family

Nations collapsed. The undead rose. Some people survived.Three months after escaping from London, Bill discovers the true extent of the global war that followed the outbreak. Most of the world has been destroyed, but there is a safe haven in a small village on the Irish coast.When he is told of the sanctuary awaiting them, he also discovers that the scientist who created the virus escaped from New York. In order for any of them to ever truly be safe, Bill will have to head north to confront the man, discover the truth behind the outbreak and finally choose between his old family and his new one.This is the third volume of his journal. (78,000 words). Please Note: This novel features characters who first appeared in the short story Zombies vs The Living Dead.The story of post-apocalyptic Britain continues in Book 4: Unsafe Haven, but the story of the outbreak in New York, and of Sholto's attempt to destroy the cabal behind it, is told in Here We Stand: Infected, out now.

The First Seal (The Apocalypse Prophecies Book 1)

If you could survive the coming apocalypse, would you envy the dead?Giles Horn is a man of wealth, power and unspeakable destiny.The sole owner of one of the world’s largest corporations, he controls the economic fate of whole countries.Horn is also a sociopath, a megalomaniac and a man who wants to see the world burn.For Horn is the Antichrist, the one who will bring the end of all things.There is only one force on Earth that can oppose him.A secret order of religious assassins known only as InquisitorsLilith was just a child when she was inducted into the ranks of the Inquisition.Trained to kill without mercy, Lilith has dedicated her life to slaughtering the demonic hordes that have invaded Earth for centuries.She is as ruthless as she is relentless, and yet, despite her efforts, the demon threat grows with every passing day.For the balance has shifted and Lilith is about to discover that the apocalypse, the final and desperate battle for humanity, has begun. "The First Seal" is book 1 of a 7 book apocalyptic horror series recounting the final days of human civilisation.

Surviving The Evacuation, Book 2: Wasteland

Nowhere is safe from the undeadBillions died during the global civil war that followed the outbreak. Anarchy took grip. Chaos ruled. The world collapsed. In Britain, the evacuation failed. Nowhere was safe from the undead.Four months after the outbreak Bill Wright has found safety in a ruined Abbey in southern England, but he is still alone. All he has for company are the files sent to him by his shadowy contact, Sholto. On those, he believes he has found the origins of the undead, and the vast conspiracy in which he discovers he played an unwitting part.He needs answers, and knows the only place they will be found is at the facility that created the virus. As he journeys through the desolate ruins of a dead civilisation, he meets other survivors. He rescues some, is rescued by others, but ultimately discovers that zombies are not the most deadly threat in an undead wasteland. (76,000 words).

The Haunting of Sunshine House (Ghosts of Los Angeles Book 1)

Is the evil lurking in Sunshine House human or something much worse?Once an exclusive Hollywood hotel catering to the likes of Rudolf Valentino and other great stars of the Silent Film Era, the Bockerman Hotel now is the Sunshine House, an assisted living home for seniors.   And its residents are dying…in droves.Sara Caine, paranormal investigator, couldn’t believe she got an invitation to hunt for ghosts in the most haunted building in all of Los Angeles, The Sunshine House. Her excitement turns to horror as the mysteries of Sunshine House reveal themselves to be more terrifying then she could have ever imagined.  The Haunting of Sunshine House is the first book in a creepy new Supernatural Suspense series that will have your spine tingling. If you like Darcy Coates, Amy Cross or Bill Thompson, then you’ll love The Haunting of Sunshine House by Dominika Best.Buy yourself a copy, grab a hot cocoa and turn down the lights. You’re in for a thrilling ride with Sara Caine in The Haunting of Sunshine House. Once you start, you won’t be able to put it down.AUTHOR INTERVIEW:Where did your interest in ghost stories come from?When I was young and living in Poland, I lived next door to an old cemetery. It had been a Jewish Cemetery before World War II, and had been gated since 1945. No one had been inside in all those years, my child brain imagined. Our apartment was on the eleventh floor and I could see through the dense trees down to the half buried tombstones. I convinced myself I had seen several ghosts wandering there at night. My fascination with all things supernatural grew from there. Is that the reason history plays such an important part in this series as well?Yes, absolutely. The ghosts of World War II were everywhere in Poland. You couldn’t escape that dark history. I’ve had a life-long fascination with that time period especially since the tendrils of the horrors still penetrate our modern times. Los Angeles also features prominently in this series. It is called Ghosts of Los Angeles after all. One of the reasons, I loved setting these books in Los Angeles is because of how steeped in history this city is. A different type of history, of course, but one that is stamped on the facades of the city. It’s wild to watch an old silent film and see the downtown streets and buildings prominently featured from that era. The ghosts of all the celluloid stars wander the streets here. On Rudolf Valentino’s birthday, the Hollywood Forever cemetery hosted a live viewing of one of his films on the side of his mausoleum. They had asked the last living organist from that time period to come and accompany that film. Only in Los Angeles. What made you choose a psychic to be the main character in this series?As I was researching this book, I came across stories of Bess Houdini. She held seances on the roof of the Knickerbocker Hotel on every Halloween night for 10 years, trying to contact her husband Harry Houdini. I loved that intersection of the supernatural and the famous. I also met some psychics here that were the coolest ladies. They gave me some help in correctly writing about their world. Who would like this novel?Anyone who loves a good mystery, wrapped in a creepy ghost story. Some good scares, and some familiar names making cameos. It's a book to get cozy with. 

Killing the Dead

Ryan has always lived quietly. He barely knows his neighbours, keeps apart from co-workers and is happy to be left alone. No one knows that he is a serial killer in the north of England. When Lily knocks at his door, pursued by the undead he soon realizes that everything has changed. With the zombies growing in number, Ryan is more than happy to put his skills to the test by killing the dead. Anything to avoid that much greater challenge of learning to live and work with other people to survive.Please note this series contains adult themes, violence and some swearing.

Heaven's Peak: A Gripping Horror Novel

The beautiful resort town of Heaven's Peak is home to gorgeous landscapes and terrifying secrets.After the tragic death of his mother, teenage photographer Kevin Miller moves to a new town with his alcoholic father and eight-year-old sister in the hope of bringing the family together and starting over. However, everything changes when Kevin witnesses his sister being kidnapped by a bizarre creature. The police are skeptical of his story, so he decides to unveil the mysteries surrounding the town on his own.On the other side of the investigation, FBI agent Norman James will do anything to solve the baffling case, except believe a traumatized teenager’s nonsense.Meanwhile, newscasts predict a blizzard approaching in the next couple of days, as people in the town begin to behave strangely.Will Kevin and Norman find Kevin’s little sister before Heaven's Peak is consumed by darkness?Heaven's Peak is the first full-length horror-thriller novel from author Miguel Estrada. If you like suspense, mystery and dread, prepare for a ride you won't forget.

Mist At The Beach House (Beach House Mysteries Book 1)

Murder, Mermaids Legends, & a Kitten from the Mist.Morgan Seaver returns to her family home on Pearl Island, expecting a warm welcome. Instead, she finds her aunt has been murdered, and accusing fingers are pointing her way.Soon she finds more than a murder needs to be solved. Her family has a history with the island, one that she is finding brings the legends of mermaids and her ancestors to the present. She must solve the murder to clear herself and come to terms with a past that has a hold of her future.Start reading A Beach House Mystery with book 1 of 6.

Berkley Street: Supernatural Horror with Scary Ghosts & Haunted Houses (Berkley Street Series Book 1)

An abandoned house. A forgotten evil. Home sweet home…Shane Ryan returns to Nashua and the childhood memories that drove him to join the Marines. After a prolonged legal battle with his aunt and uncle, Shane has possession of the family home where his parents disappeared over 20 years ago. The house, a monstrous castle filled with ghosts and secrets, is more alive than its inhabitants.When his aunt and uncle come to town, then vanish, Shane's life takes a turn for the worse. Detective Marie Lafontaine immediately labels Shane as the prime suspect. And in a race against time, Shane desperately searches for clues about his parents. But there's something lurking beyond the walls and beneath the surface. Something sinister that has haunted him ever since he saw its face in the pond behind the house. And it isn’t happy that Shane is back. It isn’t happy at all.

Haunts and Hotels (The Spirit Vlog Book 1)

Why work a normal job, when you can travel the world doing what you love?Brea Manley decides to do just that when her vlog takes off. Using the money her stream brings in, she decides to quit her job, fix up an RV, and travel the world doing her investigations.She's not just your normal vlogger, though, she live streams her feed, bringing her viewers along with her. So, what does a person film when they aren’t a normal vlogger? Hauntings, poltergeists, and apparitions. That’s right- ghost hunting. That extra pièce de résistance on her feed is what keeps her in the number one spot for most subscribed paranormal channel in the world.When an invitation arrives for the biggest investigation of her career, she can hardly say no. The grand prize of ten thousand dollars, isn't something she can ignore. Now Brea finds herself up against the top investigation teams in the country, one of which is her self appointed rival. It might be a problem for Brea since he’s one of the hottest guys she's ever seen... except the picture perfect fantasy is ruined as soon as he opens his mouth. He thinks she's a fraud and isn't afraid to show it, and now that they’re meeting in person, his accusations only get worse.Between investigating the Finley Lodge, navigating opposing teams, and trying to win the prize, things are about to get...spooky.This is a contemporary reverse harem romance, Brea will not have to choose between her love interests. This book is intended for readers 18 and up.

Dangerous Affections (Book 1) : Bloodlust and Deception

Affections can often be dangerous--and in this case they’re deadly...He is the key to bring balance to a world that he didn’t even know existed. Darkness surrounded him as Trent woke up. He was sure that he was dead; how else could he explain the hauntingly vampires that surrounded him? Now, trapped between two warring vampire clans, Trent must do whatever he can to stay alive and return to his normal life. But what will Trent do when these seemingly human monsters with incredible powers claim that he is the key mongrel? Would he really strike a balance between the two worlds of vampires and humans? Will he accept the truth of his identity, even if it means forsaking the only life he’s ever known? Or will he discover that there is more to him than he could have ever imagined? When Georgia Hills, daughter of the oldest and most powerful vampire in New York, is tasked with guarding the life of Trent, she can’t help but curse her luck. As handsome as he is, Georgia can see that there is something special and unique about him. He is unfocused, scared, and, worst of all, a liability. But Georgia Hills soon discovers also, a hidden power within herself that is only unleashed when she is with him!As enemies surround them from every side, will Georgia be able to help Trent understand who he is while also keeping them both alive? Can Trent figure out what it means to be the key? Or will the world come crumbling down in a fight for survival and control? Get your copy of Dangerous Affections and start this Roller Coaster of a series Vampire Paranormal Romance thriller today!

THE LONG CLAWS : The Ancients Locked the Gates. The Locks Have Broken. Part 1 of 4 (The Long Claws: The Ancients Locked the Gates -- The Locks have Broken)

The Ancients locked them out.The lock broke.“Great Scary Story.” Pat Conroy“I slept with the lights on for two weeks.”“The world of the Long Claws is a terrifying hell.”Two clans: one is human. Each wants survival. They cannot co-exist. Pete Mason is a fifteen-year-old runaway. He’s never fit in, and he is fed-up with trying. With no idea the Mason clan members don’t fit society for a reason, an ancient reason, fate leads him to a long-lost relative, just in time to do what he was born to -- stop creatures from another world.Cut off by rain-swollen rivers: an old veteran with a secret, Pete Mason, and a Cherokee medicine woman face horrific creatures – the Long Claws, a clan of perfect predators evolved to track and kill at lightning speed.In their world, all death is by predation. To sleep is to die. Staying still too long invites death. Parched, broken earth with active volcanoes is their vista. Low roiling clouds thick with sulfur conceal flying creatures great and small. Barriers of plants patiently wait to kill beasts to nourish their roots. All life has a niche to survive – for a short time.An ancient doorway opens, and a clan slips through.The human world presents unknowns and discomforts. They discover humans, slow and lacking teeth or claws, have new lethal ways of fighting back.Once aware of the Long Claws’ presence, the small clan of humans becomes formidable and determined. The Long Claws do not come in anger, rage, or revenge. They come to eat. It is their nature to kill and consume food. They are without human emotions. They are intelligent and have a social structure. They possess forty million years of genetic evolution, driving survival.They want to stay here, hidden and breed.There can be no witnesses to their existence.REVIEWERS“Unbelievable world building”“powerful story, characters, and chills – this book has everything”“the best horror I’ve read since Stephen King”“he creates a hellish world with horrific creatures”“thrilled and impressed by Peek’s ability to pull readers into his story”“half afraid to turn the page”“amazing flair for description”“Grisham-like Painted House feel to the simple rhythms he portrays”“I read Longclaws straight through. The book is that good”“it made me believe it could be real”“the stuff of nightmares.”“I was swept into darkly fabulous storytelling”“Instead of struggling to finish the book, I was thinking about the book when doing other things.”“5 Stars! It is well written, hard to put down, character development, the way the author tied everything together, and the fact that every time I thought I had it figured out, I was wrong!”“I was thrilled and impressed by Peek’s ability to transport readers to another world”

Death in Dark night: A Horror Short Story Collection, Short Ghost Stories with A Twist Ending: Files That Will Keep You Up at Night, Dark Corners collection, Deadly Social Media Influencers.

From the famous author of KEN RICHARD…..horror... Here comes with scary stories.There is a real, secured world, and you should stay within the whole time. At all thinking as though you can't even control your emotions tries to force you to seek the unnamed demons taking up residence in the darkest corners of your mind. It's really the place where the monsters and darkness are silent and carefully hidden, where multiple miscalculations will throw you into a terrifying, impossible showdown for your life.Perfect to read especially at night just before your room is dark and the stormy weather is blinking at the windows, and you say as though you might look up soon and then see an ugly face pressed along your window glass.You can relate to these tales, but they have a primary relation to your mind, quite strongly resembling a story you would tell to.