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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [illustrated]

Includes Sir John Tenniel’s classic illustrations, along with a gallery of art from six different artists’ interpretations!Mix equal parts creativity, bewilderment, and complete nonsense and you have Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. On a day that begins like any other, Alice notices a rabbit—a rabbit with a pocket watch. She chases after it and stumbles down a hole… and keeps falling and falling and falling. That’s when things start to get weird. She encounters a bizarre cast of characters — the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, a pipe-smoking caterpillar, the Pigeon, a Duchess, the Cook, and the decapitation-happy Queen of Hearts. It’s an adventure of completely intolerable logic, as witty as it is completely insane.

Ghost In The Mirror: A Supernatural Horror Story Collection, Best Horror, Crime, Suspense, Romantic, Thriller and Mystery Short Stories, Supernatural Horror with Scary Ghosts & Haunted Houses.

♥♥♥Grab Your Copy Now♥♥♥.★★Real Ghost Stories Collection.★★Best Collection of ghosts, Suspense and Thriller Stories.Collection of Short Tales of horror that are better then most scary movies you've watchedAvailable for your Kindle Unlimited “Ghost In The Mirror”Need I say more?⚠You Shouldn’t Read Alone.◆This Book or contents that may be unpleasant to some readers.Do you dare read these tales of terror...or are you just too scared?Bookmark my author page, you will soon find hot new books.Now relax I will take you to a world full of pleasure ...               

Alien Kid

What happens when a mind-reading alien goes to middle school?Charlie Baker is the new kid at school. He looks like any other kid, but he’s far from it, and somehow he has to fit in and not reveal his secret.He thought it would be easy, but on the first day, he already messed up big time. Now, a girl, Maya, knows he’s from outer space, and the school bully, Caden, is out to get him. But Charlie has to make this middle school on earth thing work, so he’s willing to do whatever it takes–even if it means getting Caden flowers or wearing toilet clothes! Buy the first book in the series now!Alien Kid is the new, fun middle-grade series (ages 9-12) from Kristen Otte, the author of The Adventures of Zelda series. She writes funny books that parents can trust.

THE SECRET - Book 1: Mind Magic: (Diary Book for Girls Aged 9-12)

Book for Girls 9 – 12... The Secret - Book 1: Mind Magic When 12-year-old Tessa moves with her family to a new neighborhood, she attempts to befriend her neighbor who she discovers isn't very popular at school. When the cool group tries to lead her astray, Tessa has other ideas, and she steps in to defend her friend. A series of bullying incidents take place, and a hidden power comes to the fore. What happens when Tessa discovers the secret and will she stick by her neighbor, or move on to the popular group who are very eager to have her join their ranks? If you love reading about kids with special powers and you enjoyed my best selling series, 'Mind Reader,’ then you are sure to enjoy this series too. It’s another exciting story full of drama, suspense, romance, boy crushes, friendship issues, and much, much more. The Secret is a fabulous book for girls 9 - 12 that you won’t be able to put down. Young teens will also enjoy this story!

The Elyrian: A Fantasy Book for Kids Ages 9-12 (The Emerson Chronicles 1)

A witch’s most powerful tool isn’t magic, it’s deception.Since witches only exist in fairy tales, Ace Halder never put much thought into the matter. But when he discovers a mysterious stone entrenched in myth on his grandfather’s ancient ship, he’s forced to confront the lies he was raised to believe.Not only are they real, they’re taking over the world one wicked deed at a time. Now only one thing can stop them. The Emerson Stone. Ace is faced with a choice. Run and hide? Or risk everything at one last chance to save Yutara.*********"Reminiscent of the Pendragon and Chronicles of Narnia series, this is a story brimming with vibrant, otherworldly scenery, an intriguing take on magic and witches, and an adventure filled with twists and turns that you can’t help but be pulled in by." - Amazon ReviewerArtemis Fowl meets Michael Vey in this action-packed fantasy adventure! A great family-friendly read for young readers that parents will also enjoy!

Firemancer Collection: The Fated Chronicles Books 1-3 (Awaken: Heirs of Magic, Shifting: Prophecy of Fire, Embrace; Trials of Initiation) (Fated Saga Box Set Book 1)

Colin Jacoby is thirteen going on eighteen but stuck in the body of a ten-year-old. He can disappear into a fantasy novel for days. His twin sister Meghan despises reading anything without pictures and spends her days picking fights with the bullies that target her geeky brother. But when a mysterious talking book comes into their lives that neither of them can ignore, well, life is about to get a whole lot more dangerous, and maybe even deadly, as they awaken an ancient prophecy that has an entire magical world hunting them.But is this prophecy even real? Or are they just pawns in someone else's game?

Beast Quest and Sea Quest: An Unexpected Adventure (Free Story)

Max, the hero of Sea Quest, finds himself transported to the seas of Avantia where he meets Tom, the hero of Beast Quest. Will the two boys be able to work together to defeat evil and restore peace to Avantia? Whether you're already a fan of Beast Quest and/or Sea Quest or new to the books, you'll love this exciting adventure story!

Power and Fury: Eden Chronicles, Book One

"This book. This author. The entire series. Uber creativity and style!"Daisy, Archie, and Isabella stumble into an extraordinary quest.To find the source of life itself.The original Garden of Eden.But a primeval force stands in their way......and it seeks its revenge from events at the beginning of time.Now, the children of our present must conquer the evils of the past to protect our future.To save us, first they must survive.Pick up your copy of Power & Fury for a roller-coaster ride of adventure, magic, twists and thrills. A book that has already delighted thousands of adults and children alike."These books should be mandated in schools."“An amazing book and a brilliant choice for our Book Club! We read it, discussed it, loved it .”Set in the evocative heart of England amongst the ancient villages of the Yorkshire Moors, you're invited to lose yourself in a startling adventure that welcomes you into a new dimension. Containing Hogwarts-like twists,  Da Vinci Code mystery, fantasy elements that fans of CS Lewis, and Phillip Pullman will recognize, try this fresh adventure fantasy series today. "What a story. It's full of life and strife, it'll make you laugh and bring tears to your eyes. Come and get lost in James's world for awhile, you won't regret it."James Erith's Eden Chronicles Books:  0 - Truth - A prequelPower & FurySpider Web PowderBlabisterberry JellyThe Dragon's GameEyes of CainThe KeyEden Chronicles Books Set: Books 1-3More From Readers of Eden Chronicles: "A fantasy adventure so fresh and richly descriptive. I can see it as a film already." “I was transported to a fabulously exciting, brilliantly written and imaginative world.” "Probably the best British fantasy book and series you've never heard of."“… a roller-coaster adventure with magic spiders, loyal friends, school bullies, gnarly old folk and a lot of water!”

Broken Sky Act 1: The Twilight War

In the world of the Dominions, everyone has a power. Spirit-stones, implanted at birth by the mysterious Deliverers, grant strange abilities. Some can shape metal. Some can see into the past. Some can make people see you as you are not. The stones determine who you are and what your place is in the world.Ryushi and Kia, twin brother and sister, have grown up in the mountains on their father’s isolated wyvern stud. Ryushi’s stones let him command pure force; one day he will be able to turn a key in a lock as easily as he smashes a wall. Kia manipulates the earth, raising golems from the ground, opening doors where there are no doors. Every day they train in the fighting arts, and learn how to harness the powers they were gifted at birth.Soon they will find out why.The arrival of a strange, waifish girl at the stud sets into motion a chain of events that will pull the twins into a world they had never imagined. A world where strange machines, powered by the stones of Pilots, battle alongside airborne wyverns; where stalking horrors step out of mirrors, hunting traitors wherever they hide; where rebels plot against the king in a hidden city.And there is more. A shadow-world, a heartbeat away from their own. A mirror-land ruled by a despot. Kia and Ryushi will find themselves drawn into a battle for two worlds, and in doing so, they will discover the truth about who they are, what they want to be… and the very nature of the spirit-stones themselves. Broken Sky was an international hit upon its release in 1999, selling over 250,000 copies in the US alone, and was translated into over 15 languages. Now available on ebook for the first time, this epic fantasy for all ages is set to capture a new generation of readers.