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Cedric The Shark Gets Toothache!: Pre-school Children's Books (Bedtime Stories For Children Book 1)

Meet Cedric, a little boy shark who loves adventures and playing with his friends.

Cedric loves candy, lollies and toffees. But what happens when he gets greedy?

Can his friend Billy the sea lion help him out?

A visit to Mary puts things right and Cedric learns a sound lesson.

All Kay Carter's pre-school children's picture books contain the magical story world of cartoon friends and their adventures while growing up. A favorite Bedtime Story for children and adults alike.

Don't Miss Out On The Other Books In This Series. Click my Author name above. Suited to ages 2-6 years old but will often remain a favorite once children start reading for themselves.

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Greek Mythology stories for kids: Tales of the Heroes and Monsters - Greek Mythology stories for kids 9 12

Greek Mythology stories for kids 9 12

Welcome to the greatest collection of Greek mythology retellings for children to read and enjoy. Read about the ferociously strong Heracles, the courageous demigod Perseus, the fearsomely undefeated warrior Achilles, The great Gorgon witch Medusa, The blood-thirsty Minotaur, The fiery Chimera and Mythical Creatures of the Greek Myths. These are just some of the many fascinating heroes that kids can discover and learn in their Greek mythology course study.

Each unique story covers the basics of the legends of these heroes from a child's point of view. Sit back and watch as the mythical tales in this creative history book teach your children about the enchanting journeys of the heroes, gods, and creatures of Ancient Greece.

Whoever said that history can't be fun?

Children's Books: THE BUNNY WHO FOUND SOME MONEY! (Fun, Cute, Rhyming Bedtime Story for Baby & Preschool Readers about Blossom the Bunny who Found Some Money!)

The Bunny Who Found Some Money is a read aloud, baby nursery rhymes kids book that is written in easy-to-read rhyme style. This is the perfect picture book for children from preschool to little kids.

In his latest kids bedtime story, "The Bunny Who Found Some Money", Tim Zak -- best selling children's book writer -- helps children relate to many of the problems they encounter each day through the eyes of baby animals. Tim can help you communicate important messages to your children through rhymes and colorful illustrations!

Here Is A Preview Of What Your Children Will Discover...

This is the rhyming story of Blossom the Bunny who found some money!

Blossom discovers a bag full of money while playing with her friends!

Should Blossom spend the money at the local mall?

As Blossom decides what to do, each one of her friends offers her some advice on how she should spend that bag full of money!

Will Blossom spend all the money on herself, her family, her friends, or find the bunny who lost it?

Revolting Rhymers: Competition Winners

The Winning Entries of the most REVOLTING Poetry Competition!

To celebrate the BBC's new two-part animation of Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes, the Roald Dahl Literary Estate launched a poetry competition with a twist, asking chiddlers far and wide to submit their most revolting - and humorous rhymes. We were inundated with thousands of disgusterous entries! To discover our winners, we waded through burps, farts and rotten eggs; bogies, vile stew and goo to find the funniest and most revolting specimens. This eBook contains the creme de la phlegm-hand picked by children's author, songwriter and McFly frontman, Tom Fletcher, and Wales's Children's Poet Laureate, Anni Llyn.

A huge thank you to our revolting partners Puffin Books, the National Literacy Trust, Literature Wales, Magic Light, and the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre for all their help and support!

The Witches' Journal: Recipes, spells, poems, tea leaves, candles, familiars, and more... (Witchwood Estate Collectables Book 1)

FREE ebook - a condensed version of the paperback copy.

Print version $15.99 - jampacked with lots of witchy extras.

A fun little book to help you find your inner witch. Recipes, spells, birthstones, witchcraft terminology, candles, flowers, poetry, broom history, animal familiars, tea leaf reading, and more.

In fairy-tales of long ago, witches dressed in flowing black gowns, wore pointy hats, and flew around on broomsticks at night. By the light of the silvery moon, they would steal little children from their beds...

I'm sure some still do, but know this - not all witches have pointy noses, warts and eat small children. Some are just ordinary people, men, and women, who happen to believe there is magic in this world. The Witches' Journal (book 1) is a fun collection of lots of all things magical from a coven of whimsical folk. We hope you enjoy the words and pictures contained within these pages. Blessed are those who carry kindness and love in their hearts, for they shall always have magic in their lives!

I believe, so mote it be.

Best Horror Short Stories: Big Collection Horror Short Stories

Big Collection Horror Short Stories

Down the Water Slide: an Anthology of Student Poetry (Student Poetry Anthologies Book 5)

Come and join us for a trip down the water slide! On the way, you'll see a dragon protecting a castle and a penguin waddling across an iceberg. Listen and you'll hear the crazy rain cheering for the screaming wind, along with the fierce crackling of a bonfire as we roast gooey marshmallows for s'mores. Feel the scorching sand underfoot as you stroll across a tropical island in the sun and brush your fingers over tiny soft kitties in a basket. Inhale the savory aroma of onion bread in a Taiwan night market and the thick, rustic smell of a chicken coop. Your mouth will water at the taste of sweet and sour lemon pies and freshly-baked cookies from Grandma. So enjoy your trip down the water slide - but beware of monstrous bears, infamous wizards, and killer video game tanks. And whatever you do, watch out for that bull in the China shop!

Created by fifth-grade students, Down the Water Slide features poetry in a variety of styles, from free verse to diamond poetry, acrostics, and haiku. Proceeds from the sale of this anthology will benefit Taichung's Pregnancy Support Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free services for women and babies in need. Learn more at

The Best of Frances Lincoln Poetry

Welcome to The Best of Frances Lincoln Poetry - a free ebook - which showcases our 13 brilliant and talented children's poets. These include:

Roger McGough

Kathy Henderson

Rachel Rooney

John Agard

Tony Mitton

James Carter

Brian Patten

Cheryl Moskowitz

Paul Cookson

Brian Moses

Grace Nichols

John Hegley

Wes Magee

Each poem has been carefully chosen from each poet's collection as a 'taster', and we really hope you'll be inspired to discover all the fantastic poetry books and authors Frances Lincoln has published. Happy reading!

My Superhero Dad

Have no fear. Super Dad is here. Written in beautiful rhyme this is an excellent story that honors all fathers in the world.

My Superhero Dad is an amazing story told from both a daughter and son perspective.

Here's what readers are already saying about this amazing, inspiring story:

"This story is a sweet reminder told in rhyme of how much our children look up to us as their parents. " -- Helen

"This is one of the books that are so incredible you just need to share them with everyone" -- Steve

"This is a cute book, perfect for kids, talks about all the ways that dads are special, no matter what they do " -- Jenny

Who Is Your Biggest Fan And Hero Of Your World? You know the answer would be your Dad! The story explores kids bond with their dads and incredible super powers. They always enjoy awesome piggy back rides with daddy. Dad can gobble up any monsters and say they taste like cookies. Dads are not just heroes. They mean the whole world to that little kids.

Warning! Cuteness overload, so be ready!

This book has a great story and fantastic illustrations that will make you happier or just put a smile on your face.

You and your kids will love this book...grab it now while it's still available at this discounted price.

The Mouse who farted all the way to the moon: And other fun poems about farts

The Mouse who farted all the way to the moon is a fun little book of poems about farts. You will love these and here is a little example stanza for you:

There was once a fella called Rory,

Who with his farts could tell a story,

Download today and read with your child who is guaranteed to laugh!

Dracula who loves garlic and other funny poems: Pufferfish Books Funny Poems Series 1 (Pufferfish Poems Series 1)

Brand new children's author debut poems

Manta Rayula is a brand new children's author and has written her first collection of short stories and poems. Please leave us feedback so that we can help Manta with her development.

Some of the poems included within this edition include:

The Hyena who couldn't laugh

The Chimp who wanted to drive

Dracula who loves garlic

Frankenstein gets a job

We're sure your children will love these poems. This book is free with Kindle Unlimited.