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What The Fox Learnt (Illustrated) (Four Fables from Aesop)

Four fox tales from Aesop's fables presented with modern illustrations: The Fox and the Crow, The Fox and the Goat, The Fox and the Grapes and The Fox and the Cat. These are short stories that are fun and easy to read. Each story is summarized with a moral that you might have even heard of.

The Tale of the Clownfish and the Great Shark (Fun Rhyming Children's Books)

If you like stories by Maurice Sendak, Jon Klassen, Dr Seuss and P D Eastman then you will love this beautiful clownfish tale told by Lily Lexington.

Jack is one clownfish that will say yes to any dare, no matter how silly or crazy it is. When Ozzie the Octopus dares him to steal a tooth from the Great White Shark, Jack starts swimming down to his lair....

The story ends with a great lesson about friendship that all parents will love.

- Beautiful illustrations with many humorous scenes.

- Rhyming lines help engage your child and sustain interest.

- Your child will love to read this story over and over.

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A to Z of Silly Animals - The Best Selling Illustrated Children's Book for All Ages by Sprogling (The Silly Animals Series 1)

A wonderfully silly A to Z picture book of ridiculous mythical animals.

The charming, original illustrations and witty captions are sure to delight children of all ages as well as parents.

Enjoy the A to Z of Silly Animals with your child today!

Scraps to Snacks: A Cookbook for Kids by Kids to Reduce, Reuse, and Re-Eat

Scraps to Snacks is an eBook written by kids for kids and is filled with recipes made from food scraps normally thrown in the trash.

Surprised by the fact that 31% of our food goes into the landfill, the Lightsabers Phoenix Squadron robotics team created a fun cookbook featuring delicious recipes for treats made from tidbits normally trashed.

The kid friendly recipes in Scraps to Snacks encourage recycling of crumbs to cuisine!

Scraps to Snacks is a recipe for learning to reduce, reuse, and re-eat!

The Painted Pony (Magical Adventures & Pony Tales Book 1)

Nobody knows Stargazer secretly dreams of freedom. Yet all he does is go around in never ending circles, entertaining hordes of excited children at the magical fairground. But when a curious boy climbs aboard the carousel pony's back sharing tales of the Wildlings, Stargazer begins to ponder. Could there be another life outside the fairground where wild horses roam free?

Stargazer will have to muster all his courage to not only believe in his dreams but also believe in himself if he is ever to taste the freedom he so desperately craves.

Can one small boy with big ideas help the painted pony discover freedom or will Stargazer be tethered to the fairground forever?

101 Facts... BEARS! Bear Books for Kids - Amazing Facts, Photos & Video Links. (101 Animal Facts Book 3)

IP Factly presents... "101 Facts... BEARS!"

Amazing facts, photos and video links to some of the world's most lovable animals.

Bear books for children - a fun and fascinating way for young readers to find out more about these highly intelligent creatures.

This bear book for kids mixes facts, photos and even includes a video clip section.

IP Factly's 101 Facts series has been designed to encourage and bolster independent reading.

Accompanying webpage with video clips

This book provides fact after fact for information hungry children to tell family and friends, and even has an accompanying webpage with video clips of the bear species in the book.

The videos are split into bear species to further encourage independent reading and learning.

It makes learning fun and gives a real reason for children to want to read by themselves. Kids will love discovering animal facts to share and enjoy.

The video links mean children come back again and again, naturally developing their reading and learning skills (early kindle models don't support video but the safe website link is given).

Fascinating Facts Include...

The giant short-faced bear existed up until 11,000 years ago. It is believed to be the largest carnivorous mammal to have ever lived.

A bear's sense of smell is seven times better than a bloodhound's!

In spite of being classified as carnivores, about 75% to 85% of a bear's diet is made up of plants.

Bears do eat honey, although they do not like it as much as Winnie the Pooh does. In fact, they prefer to eat the baby bees when they do stumble upon a beehive.

Contrary to popular belief, bears are not nocturnal. In fact, most of them are active during the day.

Bears tend to walk in their own tracks. This means that an area frequented by bears may have only one set of tracks, but the paw prints will appear sunken as if they have been beaten into the soil.

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Kids Want To Know About UFO's: A Childrens Mystery Ages 9-12 (Kids Want To Know About Series)

It's Free!!! Do Your Children Love Stories About Unknown Creatures? Kids Do Want To Know About UFO's

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Discover well known and little known facts about UFO's. Did you know that Christopher Columbus and some of his ship's crew said they saw a flying ship crash into the sea while on his first voyage to America?

Did you know that an Air Force Base Commander reported seeing a UFO with some of his men and also recorded the incident on tape?

Kids will learn what is known and not known about UFO's. Are UFO's real? What do the American people think about UFO's?

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Discover In This Book

Learn about the Roswell incident

Read about the exciting Rendlesham Forest incident

Find out how 1000's of people saw the famous "Phoenix Lights"

You'll learn about the U.S. governments "Project Sign"

Did you know that a President of the United States saw a UFO and filed a report?

Are UFO's real?

And much, much more

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A Bear's Story | A Picture book story about the environment: Fun Bedtime Story : Baby - 8 years (Eva Zonnios Children's Collection 1)

A Bear's StoryThis delightful picture book from the Eva Zonnios Children's Collection is a story about a young bear who wakes up from hibernation and realises that he is not a little bear anymore. A Bear's Story makes a fun bedtime story as we see how Brown Bear suddenly realises that he could lose the place that he calls home. He must now grow up and protect his home and friends as the fully grown, Big Brown Bear.

Learning to care for the environment

This story looks at the issues of growing up by giving the child symbols to emulate, even with the understanding that they may still feel a little scared. This picture book version of 'A Bear's Story', helps children to realise that they are not alone in being scared and that sometimes they must overcome that fear because other people are relying on them.

The outline of the story is that Big Brown Bear finds himself in the position of having to deal with a situation that is bigger than he has ever faced in his life before. He overcomes his fears by remembering a very important lesson that he learned when he was still very young....

Brown Bear remembered something his mother had told him after the accident.

"When you have a big problem, just think bigger!" she said.

This book also contains beautiful images of the baby bear growing up, and images of him with his mother, these are images that the children love. It also gives them a positive vibe to head off to sleep with, which as a parent feels good in assisting the child to have a good night's sleep.

'A Bear's Story', is a part of the Eva Zonnios Children's Collection.

Although 'A Bear's Story' is a children's story that covers real issues of how children have to come to terms with the need to grow up.

By being a children's story as well as being delivered as a picture book, it has become something that parents can use to help in teaching their young children about the environment and about having courage.

The other advantage of the picture book style, is that children can enjoy perusing the images alone even when they cannot read the story word-for-word.

This book is suitable for baby to 8-year-olds. Even young readers can enjoy the pictures and story as a bedtime read.

Children find this story engaging with the emotive images. They love to hear the story again and again, simply to enjoy the larrikin humour of their protective friend, Brown Bear.

Essentially 'A Bear's Story' is an animal story, where children from a young age can be shown that the environment is something that can change and that it depends on what we do to help in keeping a healthy environment for everyone to live in.

This picture book has images that delight. It is told as a kids fun story with the aspect of family love. It truly is an enjoyable book that brings pleasure to both the reader and the child who is being read to.

Interview with Children's Book Author:

The Write Site;

Hello Eva could you tell me who your main audience is for this book - and why you chose that market in this instance?

Eva Zonnios Children's Collection

Yes, It is generally aimed at the young children market. By explaining the issues of environment through a story with an animal it helps them to pay attention and see how the animals that they themselves love, need to have a natural environment in order to survive and enjoy their lives.

The Write Site:

What style of book did you want to follow?

Eva Zonnios Children's Collection

In the tradition of the children's story, Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep, A Bear's Story hit Amazon's Bestseller's lists in its first weeks.

Black Beauty (Young Reading Gift Editions) (3.2 Young Reading Series Two (Blue))

A poignant and moving retelling of Anna Sewell's classic novel, which follows the story of Black Beauty - the brave and noble horse that overcomes danger and cruelty to eventually find a loving home. It is gorgeously illustrated by Alan Marks. Young readers will treasure this beautiful gift edition, which is published in hardback with a ribbon marker., The "Usborne Young Reading" series is designed to encourage independent reading and covers a range of subject matter, introducing children's classics, fairytales and a diverse range of narrative non-fiction.

Blondie McGhee: At Your Service: Volume 1

Got a crime? Need a professional detective? You've come to the right girl. Blondie's the name and solving cases at Graham Elementary is my game. I promised I would never, ever solve a case for that meanie, Owen Thomas, but when he is accused of starting the crazy food fight and is about to be expelled, I am his only hope. Can I wipe his name clean of mashed potatoes before the principal expels Owen for good?

Black Beauty

Black Beauty is an 1877 novel by English author Anna Sewell. It was composed in the last years of her life, during which she remained in her house as an invalid. The novel became an immediate best-seller, with Sewell dying just five months after its publication, but long enough to see her only novel become a success. With fifty million copies sold, Black Beauty is one of the best-selling books of all time. While forthrightly teaching animal welfare, it also teaches how to treat people with kindness, sympathy, and respect. Black Beauty became a forerunner to the pony book genre of children's literature. In 2003, the novel was listed at number 58 on the BBC's survey The Big Read.

Bees Like Flowers: Volume 2 (Mummy Nature)

BOOK 2 in the MUMMY NATURE series of children's books. Watch our happy, helpful friend the Honey Bee, always so busy and buzzy and find out why bees and flowers are such good friends. Illustrations using vivid colours include many real flower species which children may recognise from their garden or have seen growing in the wild, 3 of them are named at the end of the book too. The narrator shows us what these fascinating bugs have been getting up to in her garden. What we can learn: concepts: Simple ideas about the life of a bee Bees are insects Some common flowers: Daisy, Poppy, Sunflower new words: Insect, Pollen, Nectar, Hive, Honeycomb, Blossoms PAGES: 26 WORDS: 262 LEVEL: Preschool to 6yrs Other books in the series: Meet Bacteria! Travelling Seeds MUMMY NATURE series - nurturing children's curiosity Each book in the series is one mini nature lesson wrapped up in colour and rhyme. These books are intended for very young children including toddlers and will give them just a glimpse into some of the wonders of the natural world. Illustrated for maximum vibrancy and visual impact, using rhyme to engage young minds and encourage participation. Read the rhymes to your children and soon they will be reading them to you! The narrator is a small child and keen observer who tells us in short rhyming phrases everything she thinks we should know, and all about the magical things she sees around her. Sometimes she is camouflaged in the long grass and other times she has to climb a tree to get a better look.

Spike the Dinosaur: Short Stories for Kids, Games, Jokes, and More! (Fun Time Series for Beginning Readers)

Are you looking for a children's book that is highly entertaining, great for beginning readers, and is jam-packed with stories, jokes, and more?Follow the adventures of Spike the Dinosaur! This is an excellent read for beginning readers. Each story is full of adventure and excitement with cute and bright illustrations for younger readers!These stories are great for quick bedtime stories, waiting rooms, traveling, and reading aloud at home!Excellent for early and beginning readersGreat for reading aloud with friends and familyCute short stories that are great for a quick bedtime storyFunny and hilarious jokes for kidsCool puzzles and mazesStory List & Activities HatchingIt's Time to Face ChargerThe EscapeNew FriendsMonstersDinosaur JokesPuzzles and MazesScroll up and click 'buy' and spend some quality time with your child! tags: kids books, kid books, children books, books for kids, dinosaurs, dinosaur, dinosaur books, dinoaur books for children

Willy the Whale: Short Stories, Games, and Jokes! (Fun Time Series for Beginning Readers)

Are you looking for a children's book that is highly entertaining, great for beginning readers, and is jam-packed with stories, jokes, and more?Follow the adventures of Willy the Whale! This is an excellent read for early and beginning readers. Each story contains an important moral and lesson with cute and bright illustrations for younger readers, puzzles, jokes, and more!These stories are great for quick bedtime stories, waiting rooms, traveling, and reading aloud!Excellent for early and beginning readersGreat for reading aloud with friends and familyFun short stories that are great for a quick bedtime storyFunny and hilarious jokes for kidsBonus activities: puzzles and mazesStory List & Activities Willy the Whale Discovers His TaleSafety FirstThe Pod Moves ForwardWilly Meets HumansWilly Learns to SingFunny JokesPirate MazePirate Maze (Solution)Each story contains an important lesson for strong character development in children.Scroll up and click 'buy' and spend some quality time with your child! tags: books for kids, kids books, children books, children chapter books, ages 4-8, beginning readers

The Spider Diaries: Part 1: Volume 1

In every town, in every home, behind every wall, there lives a house spider, plotting vigorously to scare the pants off every human in its sights. But there is one little girl who begs to be different. They call her The She-Devil. She absolutely adores them. So much so she keeps them as torture later. But behind the wall, fugitive house spiders Bateman, Parker and Carmen have bigger problems. They must take on the vicious Spider Army, led by the sinister General Raimi, and attempt to take back their home... With no plan, no help, and absolutely no hope whatsoever. Everything you thought you knew about spiders is about to change forever...

Finley the Fish: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and More! (Fun Time Series for Beginning Readers)

Are you looking for a kid's or children's book that is highly entertaining, great for early readers, and is jam-packed with bedtime stories, jokes, games, and more? This children's storybook has it all!Finley is a shy fish. He has a hard time making friends because he is so shy, but his best-friend Barney is always by his side. Follow the adventures of Finley and Barney! This is an excellent read for beginning and early readers. Each story is easy to read and exciting with ute and bright illustrations for younger readers.This book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and read aloud at home.Fun games and puzzles includedExcellent for beginning and early readersCute short stories that are great for a quick bedtime storyFunny and hilarious jokes & illustrations for kidsThis story is great for a quick bedtime story and to be read aloud with friends and family.Your child will be entertained for hours!Story List & Activities: Finley the FishFinley's Best Friend, BarneyGeorge the Green FishFinley Meets a SharkFinley Meets the Colorful FishJust for Fun ActivityFunny Jokes for KidsGames and PuzzlesGame and Puzzle SolutionsScroll up and click 'buy' and spend some quality time with your child!

Maya & Filippo Show Aloha

""An engaging book to entertain and educate young readers about the Hawaiian lifestyle and culture."" Rating: 5.0 stars from Readers' Favorite Reviews. Have you ever been to Hawaii? Let Maya & Filippo show you around! Learn important facts about the islands' geography and history. Discover the culture of Hawaii with its lei, ukeleles and hula dance. But there's more. Learn how to live the spirit of Aloha with Maya & Filippo. If you enjoy kids' books for ages 4-8, this will be a wonderful introduction to Maya & Filippo's world of cruise travel.

Angels Club: Volume 1

I Love to Keep My Room Clean: Children's Bedtime Story

Kids are masters of mess-making, especially in their rooms! How can you teach them to take care of their playthings and to keep things tidy? This children's book may motivate the kids to take responsibility and keep their rooms organized. Follow along as little bunny Jimmy and his brothers learn their lesson in this picture book. They learn to work together, clean up their room, and organize their toys.

The Rabbit Ate My Homework

Rattles, the Barn Cat Misfit

Little Ruby helps

Little Ruby

Me Tawk Funny: A Shaggy Dog Story for Kids 6 to 11

How did Hector's dog start talking?

Hector Dumble thinks he's dumb. When his dog, Buster, starts talking to him, Hector begins to think he's crazy too. Things become even stranger when Hector learns that his teacher Mr Weazel has a secret identity. How will Hector handle having a dog that can talk and a teacher who wants to take over the world?

Find out in this shaggy dog story for kids ages 6 to 11.