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Dear God: Am I Too Ugly for Heaven?: Ugli Petz Book 1

A young lady encounters some ugly pets on her way to the shopping mall and is not impressed. But Pope Francis said in 2014 that paradise is open to all of God's creatures... even the ugly ones. Get ready to meet some of the ugliest - yet most adorable - pets that you have ever seen.


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Cover photo credit: Pug Dog, by Alex Brown, CC BY. Available at

Inside, in chronological order:

Sam the Ugliest Dog, by Irish Typepad, CC BY-SA. Available at

Scary mannequin, by Eric Lin, CC BY-SA. Available at

Cross, by Sean MacEntee, CC BY. Available at

Bug Eyed Dog, by Alex Gorzen, CC BY-SA. Available at

Three brothers 3, by Gonzalo Garcia Jaubert, CC BY. Available at

C106_Img, by Ian Webb (jukebox), CC BY-SA. Available at (horse)

Pooh's wink, by tanakawho, CC BY. Available at[email protected]/1483387839

Peacock, by John Clouston, CC BY. Available at

Ugly Bird, by Yuval Haimovits, CC BY. Available at

Goblin Piglet, by Abri le Roux, CC BY. Available at

Tails, by Jos, CC BY. Available at[email protected]/542809223

Wellesley animal control, by christopdesoto, CC BY. Available at

Yuck! A pet possum...and we chase them from our pond., by Diana, CC BY. Available at

126/365 Moth, by S. Carter, CC BY-SA. Available at

big Gorilla butt, by Nicholas Brown, CC BY. Available at

Chained, by Tim Green, CC BY. Available at

***, by Artur Potosi, CC BY. Available at

Radiant Girl (Educational Personal Social He)

A young girl's birthday is usually full of surprises and joy, but for Katya Dubko, it is truly the end of the world as she knows it. Combining history and fantasy, this story follows the life of Katya, an 11-year old Ukrainian girl whose life is turned upside down after the Chernobyl disaster.

My Superhero Dad

Oscar the pacifier gnome

The Truth About Cancer, Second Edition

Monkeys Learn To Share: Puppet Theater Books Presents Funny Illustrated Bedtime Picture Values Book for ages 3-8

"Monkeys Learn To Share" helps children learn to share without fights or negotiation. It teaches the value of doing things right, regardless of what others do or if others 'earned' it. Multi-book author Regi Belton takes young children on a fun ride with 3 little monkeys. "Monkeys Learn To Share" teaches children how to share by going through an example of sharing and not sharing. It also provides parents an entertaining way to teach children expectations. Since every family is special and unique, this book leads to discussion on how to apply sharing in the reader's life. This is a humorous story, delivering an easy lesson in delightful pictures (plus BONUS pictures at the end). This story is ideal for reading to your kids at bedtime again and again! It is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a beginner book for older children.

Heroine: Rising to the Challenge

Busy Life short life

He said in the quiet voice, you do not worry the mother. I will not send anymore. And the one who sent it is not the money in the world. My own money.

Where do you get money again?

And sometimes I give some handkerchief. I do not spend that.

You need a different handkerchurch again? You do not go to the school-college that you hire a rickshaw, bus? And the money of the handkerchurch money is also the money, right?

My Neighbor Abuela

Rian's story will touch the reader's heart as he befriends an elderly Hispanic woman who doesn't speak English.