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In the Shadows of the City (The Super Adventures of Kid Bean Book 3)

Kid Bean returns to protect the city of of Cornucopia from another vile villain.

In order to save top secret government documents from a mysterious international spy, Kid Bean teams up with one of the leading private investigators in the city, Phil K. Fish. Can our heroes stop the notorious Inkblot from selling these secrets to the highest bidder? Or will they be stopped instead?

Life of a Loser - Wanted: Volume 1

Just when things couldn't get any worse, Lou Zuhr's luck is about to change. After 13 painful years in Pine Bluffs, Lou's dad surprises the whole family by announcing that the Zuhr family will soon be moving to the stinkiest town on the planet - Pittsville, USA. Fail! From a sister Lou claims is a demon, to frequent run-ins with The Law - join Lou on a laugh-out-loud ride through the life of "the unluckiest kid in the whole universe." What else can you expect when your dad is an underwear salesman? #LOL

Tell Me A Story: The Super Hero Chronicles: Birth of Moonlight: Volume 3

Another Tell Me A Story adventure! The Tell Me A Story books are ground-breaking, serialized novellas designed for parents to easily tell their children. Imagine your child hanging on your every word and captivating them every night with an easy to tell bedtime story. Spend quality time with your kids and make memories they will never forget. About The Superhero Chronicles: Birth of Moonlight: Billy was just your average kid with a big heart, until one day something extraordinary happened to him. After a freak accident, suddenly Billy has the powerful ability to read and change emotions. Before he has time to fully understand his powers, a dark force threatens to destroy his city and only Billy can combat its evil. Will he prevail in time? Look for Other Titles in the Tell Me A Story Series: The Tales of Big and Little - Doom of the Three Stones Sean Ryanis & The Impossible Chase The Lost Princess in Winter's Grip OR Buy All Four First Stories for One Low Price!