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Little Pete the Pushy Tugboat

Have you ever made a promise you couldn't keep? In Little Pete, the Pushy Tugboat, Little Pete does just that. After being pushy at school, Little Pete makes a promise, but has to decide what to do in an emergency. Does he make the right choice? Colorful illustrations accompany this little story, just the right size for a bedtime story or for beginner readers!

Little Train TOLERAM: Toleram's Birthday

Today is Toleram’s birthday!He was expecting celebration form his friends, but no one seems to remember Toleram’s birthday.He was very sad, but he needs to run to the next station. The story goes very interesting when Toleram found a strange passenger on a platform….--- About the Author ---Shinsuke YashiroBorn on July 20th 1985Character designer, story writer from Kanagawa, JapanAfter graduated from Nihon University College of Art, he founded "Yashir-O-gram" which focuses on creating original character designs and products.

Spanish - English Vocabulary For Children: Vehicles And Musical Instruments

Raise bilingual children with the vehicles and musical instruments vocabulary bookEarly bilingual education can help your children learn and get familiar and comfortable with language learning, something that can help them making bonds with more people, help their early cognitive development as well as giving them a bunch of opportunities for the future.Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, and there are many spanish speaking people in the United States already.Spanish is also one of the best languages to start, because is rooted in Latin, as well as other languages like Portuguese, French and Italian, and it becomes way easier to transition into those languages after learning at least some spanish.This book is kid friendly, colorful and easy to pickup so anybody, even without knowledge, can teach some spanish words to their kids, also, The author is a native Mexican living in Mexico, so you can make sure he wont have mistakes like other books that claim that medias (socks) are strawberries.Get Bilingual!!Teach Your Children Some Spanish Words!!

Special Delivery: Patience, Race Cars, And More (Greyson's Adventures)

Children's Book: Special DeliveryToday is a special day. One that Greyson has been waiting for all week. Today, the mailman will be delivering a very special package.What could it be? A dinosaur? A new race car? Greyson hears the rumbling of a truck and sprints to the window, eagerly peeking out. It’s here! It’s really here!This bedtime story balances a sense of excitement & anticipation with the power of imagination to bring toys to life. Patience is one of the most important characteristics to teach children, but also one of the most difficult. Waiting a week for a prized gift demonstrates the light at the end of the tunnel. The second half of the story reminds children of the many adventures that surround them if they let their imaginations blossom. About the Greyson’s Adventures Series This is a picture book series told from the perspective of a little boy named Greyson. Readers will join Greyson as he explores the world of dinosaurs, race cars, surprise deliveries, and more. The tone of the books is light and friendly, told from the perspective of the child. Your little ones will connect with Greyson, and his daily adventures will resonate with him or her. There are two books in the series currently available, with several others in the works. From the Author Greyson has an incredible imagination. Coupled with his love for dinosaurs, toy cars, construction trucks, and zoo animals, he creates an immersive world for himself throughout the day. Like most children his age, Greyson loves to find new toys online and add them to his Wish List. One of his favorite things is watching the delivery person come up to the door with a package just for him. As he and I explore his daily adventures, my goal is to bring his imagination to life and have others join him for the ride. - Alexander Kelley About the Book: Special Delivery Special Delivery is a "read out loud" children's book. This book, and series, is appropriate for preschool and kindergarten and for kids who are active readers of I Can Read Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4.Though recommended as a bedtime story, kids can enjoy this book any time of day. It is also an incredible moment for parents, or grandparents, to bond with the child.It also serves as a wonderful teaching moment in the value of patience.This series is part of the short bedtime stories for kids. This children's book is available for FREE as part of the Kindle Unlimited membership!