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Equity finance

This 6-hour free course looked at the processes used and the markets available across the world for raising equity finance.

The Wealth of Nations

The Wealth of Nations, is the magnum opus of the Scottish economist and moral philosopher Adam Smith. First published in 1776, the book offers one of the world's first collected descriptions of what builds nations' wealth and is today a fundamental work in classical economics. Through reflection over the economics at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution the book touches upon such broad topics as the division of labour, productivity and free markets. The Wealth of Nations is a clearly written account of economics at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. The book was a landmark work in the history and economics as it was comprehensive and an accurate characterization of the economic mechanisms at work in modern economics. Smith believed in a Meritocracy. Smith emphasized the advancement that one could take based on their will to better themselves. This is simply one of the most important books ever written on the subject of economics.

The Investment Trusts Handbook 2021: Investing essentials, expert insights and powerful trends and data

The Investment Trusts Handbook 2021 is the latest edition of the popular annual handbook for anyone interested in investment trusts – often referred to as the City’s best-kept secret, or the connoisseur’s choice among investment funds.With fascinating articles by more than a dozen different authors, including analysts, fund managers and investment writers, plus pages of data and analysis, the handbook is an indispensable companion for anyone looking to invest in the investment trust sector. Contributors include John Baron, Robin Angus, Max King, Sandy Cross, Peter Spiller, Simon Elliott, James Carthew and many more. It is expertly edited by well-known author and professional investor Jonathan Davis.The Investment Trusts Handbook 2021 is an editorially independent educational publication, available through bookshops and extensively online. Distribution is supported by Aberdeen Standard, Allianz Global, Axiom Alternative Investments, Baillie Gifford, Bellevue Asset Management, Fidelity International, JP Morgan and Polar Capital. We share an interest in spreading awareness of investment trusts as an option for self-directed investors and financial advisers.

Investment risk

This 6-hour free course explored investment risk, how and why investors are risk-averse and the risk factors involved in making a decision to invest.

Introducing corporate finance

This 20-hour free course explored the importance of finance, the role it plays in organisations and how it is linked to organisational strategies.

Ultimate Cryptocurrency Guide

Bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies have the potential to be one of the key technologies that define our generation.More than new networks that will power a secure and prosperous internet of the future, cryptocurrencies represent communities of builders that are using these new technologies to solve some of the world's biggest problems.Over the past 10 years, since the launch of the industry-leading Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have rapidly grown up into a global sector that is driving new kinds of new innovation — everything from peer-to-peer payments and decentralized finance to futures markets and digital privacy protection.This Ultimate Cryptocurrencies Guide from Abra takes a deep dive into cryptocurrencies and looks at the use cases driving 30 of the most popular cryptos. For more education content and background resources about cryptocurrencies, visit

The financial markets context

This 4-hour free course explored whether markets can function efficiently, and the main factors that might militate against this.

The Kickass Entrepreneur's Guide to Investing: Three Simple Steps to Build Massive Wealth with Your Business's Profits

*Free for a limited time on Kindle*Are you an entrepreneur, so busy with the needs of your business that you haven’t had time to even think about a proper asset allocation strategy? Does worrying about what to do with business profits keep you up at night? Do you wish there was an easy strategy to building massive wealth with your small business?Where do you turn?Your financial advisor can’t help -  they don’t understand how the business owner’s mind works. You also don't have time to learn and manage a complicated and time consuming approach to wealth management.You’re busting your entrepreneurial ass running your business, and your wealth still isn’t where you feel it should be. Your business is making profits; but you don’t know how to invest those profits.What you need is a quick business strategy for profit allocation. Some good news?Now there is a simple to follow formula that doesn’t require a Phd that even the busiest people can manage.You’re now 90-minutes away from learning the secret to building wealth through your business’s profits and achieving kick-ass compounded returns. It’s time to stop watching the markets, and time to focus on building your portfolio and taking control of your financial independence.In this 90-minute book, we’ll explore a time-tested asset allocation strategy that will allow you to:Jump start your portfolio’s growthBuild massive wealth on autopilot and;Achieve compounded returns with less overall portfolio riskWith this strategy, you’ll be able to grow your wealth, generate superior returns, and continue to run your business. How do you, the entrepreneur, achieve this level of success?Click “buy now” and join the 1%.

50 Pips A Day Forex Strategy

50 Pips A Day Forex StrategyStart making consistent profits in the forex market.This is a very clear and simple to follow forex trading strategy to get you started achieving consistent profits day after day trading the forex market. It will make you 50 pips per day or more every day. It is ideal for beginner traders but it will give a great deal of help to more experienced traders that have not found a clear strategy to make profits consistenly.ComponentsSupport and ResistanceCandlesticksMoving AverageTime frame - 4 hours chartIt is easy to understand and to put in practice.It has very well defined entry, stop loss and exit levels. Apart from the strategy, this book also contains a very useful guide that teaches you how to construct a profitable forex trading system for yourself and how to avoid trading and money management mistakes.How to Build a Solid Trading SystemAre you new to forex trading or just started to trade on a live account but with not much success ?You need a solid forex trading system based on sound principles of the forex market, that has clear trading and money management rules. Do you have a forex trading system and you have been trading with it for a period of time but still you don't have the success you hoped for ?This can only mean that your trading system does not take into account the basic trading rules and principles that any powerful forex trading system incorporates.This book teaches you how to construct your own powerful forex trading system, what are the most important forex trading tools that you must include in it, what not to include in your forex trading system, how to apply solid money management rules and equaly important, how to avoid making trading mistakes that will cost you when you start to trade with your newly developed forex system.

Day trading + Options: The bible on how to make a living in 2020 investing in the stock market using day & Swing strategies, with the right mindset psychology. Achieve financial freedom now

Do you wish to become a successful day and options trader? Do you like to know more about these trading methods but do not know where to begin? Then this book Day Trading + Options: The Bible On How To Make A Living In 2020 Investing In The Stock Market Using Day & Swing Strategies, With The Right Psychology. Achieve Financial Freedom Now is the perfect answer to your concerns!Did you know that day trading is acquired expertise? No one is brought into the world a merchant, nor would anybody be able to convert into efficient informal investors in just a short time. This movement is similar to a business like some other lucrative endeavor.In the event you’re new to day and options trading, this book will go about your practical guide. It will walk you through the method of reaching your goals and becoming an efficient broker.Here’s a quick peek of what you’ll learn in this book:Book 1: Day Trading How to Read the Main Tools and Charts;Which Market to Trade in and Which Broker to Use;How to Evaluate and Compare Stocks and Other Securities;Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis;Disciplined Approaches to Investing;Book 2: Options Trading Disciplined Approaches to Investing;Ways to Trade in a Volatile Market;Day Trading Options Strategies;Steps for Developing the Right Mentality to Grow Your Trading Business;Key Influencers on Options Prices;Your achievement in day and options trading is just one click away! Make sure you click BUY NOW to get started!