Biography Theatre & Performance Art Books Presents Kount Kracula's Twisted Sinema: !: Obscure 21st Century Underground Horror /Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Thriller Movies & Shorts #1 ( ... Presents Kount Kracula's Twisted Sine

The based author (Filmmaker/Actor/Cartoonist/ Recording Artist/ D.J. & Movie Festival creator): Tony 'Tex' Watt [aka T.V. horror host : Kount Kracula] exploits the exploiters in this, the first volume of :"Kount Kracula's Twisted Sinema!: Obscure 21st Century Underground Horror /Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Thriller Movies & Shorts #1": Watt's non-fiction book will focus on 9 selected works of quirky, talented and unostentatious multi-genre B-moviemaking luminaries (Himself included!)- Lloyd Kaufman’s TROMEO & JULIET- Jürgen Heimann's PUPHEDZ: THE TATTLE-TALE HEART- Lee Gordon Demarbre's JESUS CHRIST VAMPIRE HUNTER-Steve Herold's H.R. PUKENSHETTE - Kim Sonderholm's CRAIG-Barry MacKinnon's MOOSE HUNTER- SV Bell's CRAWLER-Scott McCullough’s GOD’S HELPER- Tony Watt’s ACID HEAD: THE BUZZARD NUTS COUNTY SLAUGHTERIn our journey we will celebrate campy, cinematic outsider , camp culture with the B-movie-makers; as well as browse through their lives and get personal behind-the scenes insights about the processes & influences that inspired their independent spirited, low-budget ‘alternative’ modern-day motion picture creations! As an addendum this book will link you readers through the subjects' motion picture screening & filmmaker related web-links; as a bonus for you quizzically curious cinephiles, to be further informed, amazed & further able to experience, make sense of and get movie-screener web-links to what Watt believes is today’s best: obscure 21st century underground/alternative movies & shorts, so far; that (for now) only a handful of pop culture enthusiasts have admired and understood!... What is : obscure 21st century underground feature b-movies & shorts!"Kount Kracula's Twisted Sinema!: Obscure 21st Century Underground Horror /Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Thriller Movies & Shorts #1" will focus on treasured movies from Watt's personal DVD/VHS collection & favorite Twisted Sinema Festival B-movie selections (as well as content from his own SINematic motion picture creations, as well as ‘alternative’ artistic ephemera from the Online web-store). Watt's insightful studies comes from his varied experiences in the indie scene...His former involvement (starting in 2003) as a former U of T 'Cinephiles' ( filmmakers showcase) CIUT radio-host/' 'Twisted Sinema' t.v. producer and wacky vampire-costumed 'Twisted Sinema Underground Movie Festival' creator/guest-programmer (as Kount Kracula) at the CINEFORUM, the infamous Reg Hartt's world infamous Toronto, Canada-based screening room; ( which also serves as a hangout for local movie-makers, film-buffs & celebs; which once housed legendary Canadian cartoonist: John Kricfalusi, of 'Ren & Stimpy' fame). This freaky, fact filled compendium, celebrates the independent spirited, low-budgeted, creative gems, of wily, talented, unostentatious multi-genre movie-makers; from: ACID HEAD: The Buzzard Nuts County Slaughter to Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter! Watt exposes the new wave that is: Modern Alternative 21st Century independent underground movies, their related artistic subculture, DIY movie-making techniques and a quick overview ofthe history of Hollywood (The Motion Picture State of Mind)! Also included insightful Q&A interviews, after each movie/moviemaker profile. You’ll be a hit at snazzy hipster 'film-schmooze' party circles and haughty festival 'happenings', after reading this entertaining tome, Hep-Cats!... Can you dig it?.. We knew you could!And to the curious, wide-eyed set, that’s interested in milking information …If you’re not careful… You may learn a few things!

Pat: A Biography of Hollywood's Blonde Starlet

Pat Sheehan was one of Hollywood's most talked-about celebrities. Initially a San Franciscan vying for the title of Miss America, she quickly caught the attention of numerous columnists, producers, and admirers. She won pageants, appeared in newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Examiner, modeled for magazines like Scene and Parade, and attracted such men as Bing Crosby, Howard Hughes, and Rod Taylor. Her appearance was compared to actresses Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth. Studios such as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and 20th Century Fox casted her for their movies, and she was frequently seen on television with talents like Dean Martin, Mickey Rooney, and Art Linkletter. She was signed by the National Broadcasting Company in February 1956, being promoted by the network as "Television's First Starlet". Today, Pat Sheehan is remembered for being Playboy's Playmate of the Month for October 1958 with actress Mara Corday. Her centerfold was seen in Clint Eastwood's Space Cowboys (2000). She was one of Hollywood's most talked-about celebrities of the 1950's and 1960's, and that she remained closely associated with Hollywood afterwards. Those who knew her described her as personable, intelligent, and kind.

The Sue Kim Story: The Authorized Biography

Sue Kim’s story is one of tragedy, imagination, luck, perseverance and the hand of God as she went from a life of wealth and privilege to displaced refugee, immigrant then super stardom as the first wave of Korean’s in American. Along the way, Sue broke racial barriers on every major stage in America, from New York to Los Angeles, pitched the first baseball at a MLB opener, was feted by Elvis, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, but ultimately met and married a New Yorker, who became the longest running casino boss in America. Together, they reigned over Las Vegas at the height of its glamour, eventually having children and conquering the demons that come with decades of stardom. Sue’s story is truly the greatest American story never told.SJ Choi, Producer, the Dimo Kim Musical Theatre Company, Broadway"I have always been fascinated by the untold stories of Asian entertainers who overcame difficulties and cultural differences to make their name in Hollywood - e.g. Anna May Wong, Sessue Hayakawa, Johnny Yune, Philip Ahn, etc. Despite the fact the Kim Sisters were the first and the most successful Korean singers to ever perform in the U. S., over the years they have mostly been forgotten by Americans and Koreans alike, and I always wanted to learn more about them. I'm deeply impressed by not only the wonderful storytelling of this book but also the comprehensiveness of the material. Most of the details in the book were unavailable through any other sources I could find in either Korean or English An eye opening read." Chuck Pryor, Producer, the Joel Osteen Show"The best movies... like the best books... and frankly, the best life comes from real, true, stories. These real, true, stories include everything from joy, heartbreak, tension, sadness, exuberance, conflict, impossible odds, defeat, overcoming, and a plethora of ups and down that can only be matched by the worlds most raucous roller coaster ride... it thrills you, it terrifies you, and at times you think it's going to kill you. That's real life... that's Sue Kim's real life.I recently had the privilege of meeting her and her family... She is as kind as she is beautiful and I loved meeting her. Her husband gave me a copy of this book and I was captivated. Sarah Gerdes does a masterful job of telling The Sue Kim story, with all the ups, downs, heartache, joy, and everything in between do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. It truly is the greatest story NEVER told... until now."Lucas’ Foster, Producer, Warp FilmImagine a 12-year-old having the sense to sing, sell bottles on the black market, and keep her family alive. She was the start of the Korean community in the United States, which but this story is far bigger than that. Sue’s story is an incredible love story, of overcoming adversity against all odds, and one of sacrifice and perseverance. It’s time that the rest of the country learned about her amazing contribution to music and to America and Sarah Gerdes does an excellent job capturing it all.It truly is the greatest story NEVER told.

Dancing Bare

Dancing Bare is an amusing and unconventional autobiography. Rigby, an impossibly innocent young man, swaps the suffocating confines of middle class New Zealand for love and liberation in nineteen-sixties London and Europe. Revelling in the freedom conferred by anonymity, he becomes an actor, stripper, rent boy, lover, teacher and dedicated traveller through Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, where travellers were uncommon and countries still retained many of the differences that made travelling so interesting. Rigby meets with a wide variety of people, life styles and customs, eventually settling in Paris where the state did not consider his sexuality to be a criminal offence.A moving and amusing story of hope and love, sex and sexuality, theatrical showmanship and artless innocence, laced with a little philosophical speculation as he wanders the world in pursuit of true love.

The Miracle Mongers, an ExposA(C)

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Hollywood Royals: Tinseltown's First Families and Their Legacies

Does Hollywood have royalty? Meet nine of Hollywood's most famous families!Do you love Hollywood? Do you park yourself in front of the television whenever the awards shows are on? Are you constantly looking forward to the cinematic release of what is sure to be your new favorite movie?Well, Hollywood Royals is for you! Inside, you will find details of many of Tinseltown's most famous (or infamous) families, including:- the Allen family- the Beatty family- the Carter family- the Douglas family- the Harmon family- the Jenner/Kardashian family- the Penn family- the Smith family, and- the Zappa family.Find out about the matriarch or patriarch of each family, other famous family members, extended family, awards, and - of course - controversy.Scroll up and download today to learn about Hollywood's royal families!