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Bob Marley: A Life from Beginning to End (Biographies of Musicians)

Discover the remarkable life of Bob Marley...Free BONUS Inside!Bob Marley, the most prominent reggae musician of all time, was truly an icon. He lived a life about as full as his 36 years on this earth would allow. By the time he was 16, he was in the studio making records, and although superstardom didn’t come to him immediately, Marley never ceased his pursuit of it. He also never ceased in his pursuit of wisdom and spiritual wellbeing. In later life, Marley became a champion for political freedom and even managed to get two vehemently opposed political leaders to shake hands on stage—all to the backdrop of a reggae groove. Bob Marley was many things to many people—in this book, we explore all facets of his unique personality. Discover a plethora of topics such as From His Grandfather's Farm to Trench Town Marriage and Children Marley the Rastafari The Birth of Reggae Music The Wailers Break Up The Assassination Attempt And much more!So if you want a concise and informative book on Bob Marley, simply scroll up and click the "Buy now" button for instant access!

Pablo Escobar's Story 1: The Rise

“Finally, the definitive book about Escobar, original and up-to-date” – UNILAD, Joseph Loftus Pablo Escobar was a mama’s boy who cherished his family and sang in the shower, yet he bombed a passenger plane and formed a death squad that used genital electrocution.Most Escobar biographies only provide a few pieces of the puzzle, but this action-packed 1000-page book reveals everything about the king of cocaine.Mostly translated from Spanish, Part 1 contains stories untold in the English-speaking world, including:The tragic death of his youngest brother Fernando.The fate of his pregnant mistress.The shocking details of his affair with a TV celebrity.The presidential candidate who encouraged him to eliminate their rivals.

The Six Wives of Henry VIII: A Captivating Guide to Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, and Katherine Parr (Captivating History)

Explore the Captivating History of the Six Wives of Henry VIIIFree History BONUS Inside!Henry VIII, King of England and Ireland in the first half of the 16th century, is one of history’s most famous monarchs for many reasons. He ruled ruthlessly, was quick to cry “treason!” and execute, and equally quick to fall in and out of love. Henry changed the religious fabric of England forever and left his mark on the wider world – but what of the six women he took as his queens? From the regal and capable Catherine of Aragon to the patient and generous Katherine Parr, Henry’s wives represented a range of personalities, goals, beliefs, and influences on the king. Each of Henry’s six wives represented a facet of the king himself, whether he liked to admit it or not; unfortunately, a Queen of England at the side of Henry VIII could never be sure of her husband’s love – or her safety. These are the stories of three Catherines, two Annes and one Jane.This captivating history book covers topics such as:Henry Tudor Catherine of AragonMistress Elizabeth BlountMistress Mary BoleynAnne BoleynAnne of ClevesMistress Mary SheltonThe Wooing of Jane SeymourCatherine HowardThe Culpeper AffairKatherine ParrMore Theories on Henry Tudor’s FertilityThe Illegitimate Children of Henry VIIIAnd much more!So if you want to learn more about the six wives of Henry VIII, click "buy now"!

Benjamin Franklin: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Inventors)

Benjamin Franklin* * *Download for FREE on Kindle Unlimited + Free BONUS Inside!* * *Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet.Founding Father Benjamin Franklin came from humble beginnings to take his place in the annals of history as one of the most celebrated Americans ever to stand on the world stage. The Boston apprentice who ran away because of his brother’s ill-treatment found his destiny in Philadelphia, where he became a printer, a scientist, an author, an inventor, a politician, and a citizen of the world.Inside you will read about...✓ Born in Boston✓ From Philadelphia to London✓ Benjamin Franklin, the Citizen✓ Benjamin Franklin, the Inventor✓ Franklin and Colonial Politics✓ Franklin the American✓ Franklin: The Conscience of AmericaHis inventions and his philosophies had the same ultimate goal—to make the world a better place—and Franklin achieved that goal. Europeans saw him as a symbol of what America represented; Franklin saw himself as the result of what America produced. Pragmatism ruled his life, and yet he believed passionately that it was the role of the government and the church to improve the world for all. He has been called the first American, but every American who followed owes something to this remarkable man who designed his own destiny.

Aaron Burr: A Captivating Guide to the Life of Aaron Burr and the Most Famous Duel in American History (Captivating History)

Explore the Captivating Life of Aaron Burr and His Duel with Alexander HamiltonFree History BONUS Inside!Based on his early achievements, Aaron Burr Jr. should have become an obscure but respected figure in American history. An officer in the Continental Army, a high flying lawyer, and an influential politician, his career peak was becoming the third vice president in US history.But after all these achievements, Burr's name is now associated with corruption and cruelty. He killed a man in an illegal duel while in office, and interest in that man, Alexander Hamilton, has revived Burr's reputation as one of history's villains. It was a reputation earned not just through the duel, in which he killed one of the brightest lights in the political firmament, but through a treasonous conspiracy after leaving the vice presidency.Who was Aaron Burr? What drove him to such achievements and such failures? And how did a respected politician become a publicly reviled villain? Pick up this book now to find out.This Book Covers Aaron Burr asA Young ManA RevolutionaryA PoliticianA Vice PresidentA DuellistA ConspiratorAnd an ExileScroll to the top and select the "BUY NOW" button for instant download so you can learn more about Aaron Burr

Alexander Hamilton: A Captivating Guide to One of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America (Captivating History)

Explore the Fascinating Life of Alexander HamiltonFree History BONUS Inside!Alexander Hamilton is one of the most extraordinary figures in American history. A deep thinker, a military leader, and a political dynamo, he was George Washington's right-hand man and perhaps the most important figure in the shaping of the Constitution. His policies and practices in government set the United States down a path of commercial wealth and economic stability. His ideas still resonate in the powerful nation he helped create.During his time, Hamilton was a divisive figure. A political extremist who antagonized the conservative parts of the new republic while protecting its former opponents. The man at the heart of the nation's first major sex scandal. A political operator whose actions outraged opponents and eventually led to the duel that cost him his life.It was an extraordinary life, made more extraordinary by Hamilton's origins. He was an outsider, an immigrant from the Caribbean who arrived in New York to make a new life for himself. In doing so, he helped to shape the framework of politics and commerce in America. In retrospect, the amazing thing about his fame is not its recent resurgence, but that it took so long for him to be widely recognized.This book tells the story of Alexander Hamilton. The story of a nation born in blood, in struggle, and in the dynamism that immigrants could bring.This Book Includes Captivating Stories and Facts about Alexander Hamilton'sCaribbean ChildhoodEducation and Quest for Finding WorkMilitary CareerFirst Steps in PoliticsPart in the 1796 Election CampaignTime in Public OfficeLife After the TreasuryAffair with Maria ReynoldsLegacyFurthermore, Alexander Hamilton also played a big role inThe Constitutional ConventionCreating the Federalist PapersThe Formation of a National BankThe Creation of PartiesAnd a Great Deal More that You don't Want to Miss out on!So scroll to the top and download the book now to learn more about Alexander Hamilton's extraordinary life and memorable achievments

Thomas Jefferson: A Captivating Guide to an American Founding Father Who Was the Principal Author of the Declaration of Independence and the Third President of the United States (Captivating History)

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson rewrote the Bible?Free History BONUS Inside!Although one can speak of Thomas Jefferson in a tediously factual way, he was an enigma. Historically, he is noted for writing the Declaration of Independence, which was a daring and courageous statement of the rights of Americans and, indeed, of all people. Hidden beneath the many cloaks of legalistic terminologies that he was fond of using, all the strengths and vulnerabilities of Jefferson as a man were there too. Like many people of today, he had a difficult childhood. He also liked to party while in college and loved to play the fiddle. The names of his friends and colleagues are featured in all the history books of yesteryear and today—Patrick Henry, John Adams, George Washington, Lewis and Clark, Benjamin Harrison, and Lafayette. Thomas Jefferson also knew the scoundrels of the day like Benedict Arnold and Aaron Burr. He was not only a lawyer, a statesman, and a founding father of the USA, but a political and moral philosopher. He even rewrote the Bible. But that's not all...This captivating history book covers topics such as:Young Jefferson Leaps into Adulthood“Two if by sea!” – Jefferson: Evolution into a RevolutionaryJefferson and the Declaration of IndependenceThe “War” Governor of VirginiaThe Many Roles of Thomas Jefferson 1785-1800The Third President of the USJefferson Re-Elected in 1804Intellectual, Writer, FarmerAnd much more!So if you want to learn more about the remarkable life of Thomas Jefferson, click "buy now"!

Thomas Edison: A Captivating Guide to the Life of a Genius Inventor (Captivating History)

Explore the Captivating Life of Thomas EdisonFree History BONUS Inside!Thomas Edison was born into a hard-working but attentive family. He struggled in school and became deaf at an early age. Born on February 11, 1847, Edison would become, arguably, the best-known American inventor of all time. His invention of the light bulb was one of more than 1,000 patents he held during his lifetime. Others included the phonograph, the electrical grid, and motion pictures. His work changed the way we see and hear the world around us. Some of the topics covered in this book include:America Before EdisonEnter the EdisonsEdison’s Mother and Life in Port HuronTelegraphy and Leaving HomeInventing the Future in Menlo ParkThe Industrial Revolution and Lighting New YorkThe Phonograph and Moving PicturesThe World Columbian ExpositionThe War of the CurrentsLove, Marriage and Seminole LodgeEdison’s War WorkEdison and Anti-SemitismThe Electric ChairThe Next Generation of Edison’sEdison’s LegacyAnd much more!Scroll to the top and select the "BUY NOW" button for instant download

Nikola Tesla: A Captivating Guide to the Life of a Genius Inventor (Captivating History)

Explore the Captivating Life of Nikola TeslaFree History BONUS Inside!Obsessive, brilliant, and tortured, Nikola Tesla was lauded for his invention of the alternating current (AC), and other significant contributions to science. His claim that “harnessing the forces of nature was the only worthwhile scientific endeavor" both impressed and enraged the scientific community. Eventually, his peers could no longer dismiss his eccentricities and began to view him as a crackpot — a potentially dangerous one. Although Tesla’s work was a major factor in the success of the second Industrial Revolution, he died alone, impoverished, and largely shunned by the scientific community that once hailed him a genius.Beset by visions, without a wife or children, Nikola Tesla’s brilliant mind changed the world, even though at the time of his death he passed unnoticed into obscurity.Some of the topics covered in this book include:ChildhoodEducation and Early CareerPatents and PoliticsThe Eccentric GeniusTesla’s Coil and the Niagara ContractInfluential Friends and the Lure of FlightThe Wardenclyffe Tower1914 and BeyondAnd much more!Scroll to the top and select the "BUY NOW" button for instant download

George Washington: A Captivating Guide to an American Founding Father Who Served as the First President of the United States of America (Captivating History)

Explore the Captivating Life of George WashingtonFree History BONUS Inside!One day at Mount Vernon, a young boy climbed into a window, fell, and hurt himself. George Washington, who had advanced rheumatism then, called for his servant to help. When the boy recovered, Washington asked why the boy had come in. The servant told him the boy wanted to get a look at the president. Washington then asked to see the boy. “You wanted to see the president, did you? Well, I am George Washington.” “No!” retorted the boy, “You are only just a man. I want to see the President!”This is the history of George Washington who was a president, a general and a Founding Father of a new nation. But, most of all, it is the story of George Washington the man. Many of the anecdotes related herein are true stories told by the people who were his own family and friends.This captivating history book covers topics such as:She Was Horrified!From Tranquility to TurmoilTwo If by Sea!One Shot Starts the RevolutionCanada to New JerseyA Year of HardshipVictoryGeorge Washington, The First PresidentThe New CapitalWashington ReelectedPeace at LastThe Last Days of a Noble ManAnd much more!So if you want to learn more about the remarkable life of George Washington, click "buy now"!

James Madison: A Captivating Guide to an American Founding Father Who Served as the Fourth President of the United States of America (Captivating History)

Explore the Captivating Life of James MadisonFree History BONUS Inside!James Madison earned the title “Father of the Constitution.” How did this man who was diminutive of stature with a weak constitution produce such an energetic document? Through more than 200 years, it stands like a silent sentinel to protect the freedom and independence of the American people.It was a time when the Americans were weary from the tumult of the Revolution, but Madison’s job had barely begun. He realized that it was up to him now to help fashion the future of a country that would outlive him.Although characterized as introverted and pensive, Madison had a ferocious absorption to persevere until he could effectively shepherd the Constitution through all the logistical stages necessary to make it real.In this new captivating history book, you'll discover the story of his remarkable life from beginning to end. This captivating history book covers topics such as:Early Life and EducationJames Madison: Prankster and Protester!Spirit of the RevolutionThe Governor’s Council – The Second Continental Congress and its AftermathJames Madison: Father of the ConstitutionCongress or Not: That Is the QuestionDelicate Dolley – Manipulative Hamilton – Wild LyonSecretary of State and Fourth PresidentPartial Retirement and DeathAnd much more!So if you want to learn more about the remarkable life of James Madison, click "buy now"!

Grandpa Mudcake and the Crazy Haircut: Funny Picture Books for 3-7 Year Olds (The Grandpa Mudcake Series Book 1)

Grandpa Mudcake has FOUR different hairstyles in this book - can you spot them all?You'll usually find Grandpa Mudcake in his armchair, watching TV. Sometimes, you'll find him in the kitchen eating biscuits. After lunch, he likes to take a little nap. Don't disturb him or he'll get very grumpy.In this first book in The Grandpa Mudcake Series, Grandpa's hair is growing longer and longer. He desperately needs a haircut. However, a trip to Bazil's Barber Shop leads to a terrible - but hilarious - mix up!•  What happens to Grandpa Mudcake's hair?•  What will Bazil do to make things better?•  What will Grandma Mudcake say when Grandpa arrives home?Find out what happens to grumpy Grandpa Mudcake in this funny picture book for 3-7 year olds.With its quirky illustrations, this book will amuse children and parents alike.For a FREE kindle copy of "Grandpa Mudcake and the Crazy Tea Party" visit: (WARNING: With Sound Effects!)Some 5 Star Amazon Reviews:★★★★★ Hilarious★★★★★ Love this book★★★★★ Really funny story★★★★★ Grandkids liked it★★★★★ Good illustrationsMore Quirky Picture Books by Sophia J. Ferguson:•  The Adventures of Reginald Stinkbottom•  Grandpa Mudcake and the Crazy Tea Party•  Grandpa Mudcake and the Kitchen Calamity•  Grandpa Mudcake and the Angry Chihuahua•  BRAND NEW: Grandpa Mudcake Goes Internet Shopping•  BRAND NEW: The Reginald Stinkbottom Colouring Book•  BRAND NEW: The Reginald Stinkbottom MINI Colouring Book•  COMING SOON: The BARGOS Catalogue: Handy Gadgets for Really Old People (A Grandpa Mudcake Special Edition)

The Duel: A Captivating Guide to the Lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr

Explore the Individual Lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr and their DuelFree History BONUS Inside!Two captivating manuscripts in one book:Alexander Hamilton: A Captivating Guide to One of the Founding Fathers of the United States of AmericaAaron Burr: A Captivating Guide to the Life of Aaron Burr and the Most Famous Duel in American HistoryAlexander Hamilton is one of the most extraordinary figures in American history. A deep thinker, a military leader, and a political dynamo, he was George Washington's right-hand man and perhaps the most important figure in the shaping of the Constitution. His policies and practices in government set the United States down a path of commercial wealth and economic stability. His ideas still resonate in the powerful nation he helped create.During his time, Hamilton was a divisive figure. A political extremist who antagonized the conservative parts of the new republic while protecting its former opponents. The man at the heart of the nation's first major sex scandal. A political operator whose actions outraged opponents and eventually led to the duel that cost him his life.It was an extraordinary life, made more extraordinary by Hamilton's origins. He was an outsider, an immigrant from the Caribbean who arrived in New York to make a new life for himself. In doing so, he helped to shape the framework of politics and commerce in America. In retrospect, the amazing thing about his fame is not its recent resurgence, but that it took so long for him to be widely recognized.The first part of this book tells the story of Alexander Hamilton. The story of a nation born in blood, in struggle, and in the dynamism that immigrants could bring.The First Part of this Book Includes Captivating Stories and Facts about Alexander Hamilton'sCaribbean ChildhoodEducation and Quest for Finding WorkMilitary CareerFirst Steps in PoliticsPart in the 1796 Election CampaignTime in Public OfficeLife After the TreasuryAffair with Maria ReynoldsLegacyFurthermore, Alexander Hamilton also played a big role inThe Constitutional ConventionCreating the Federalist PapersThe Formation of a National BankThe Creation of PartiesBased on his early achievements, Aaron Burr Jr. should have become an obscure but respected figure in American history. An officer in the Continental Army, a high flying lawyer, and an influential politician, his career peak was becoming the third vice president in US history.But after all these achievements, Burr's name is now associated with corruption and cruelty. He killed a man in an illegal duel while in office, and interest in that man, Alexander Hamilton, has revived Burr's reputation as one of history's villains. It was a reputation earned not just through the duel, in which he killed one of the brightest lights in the political firmament, but through a treasonous conspiracy after leaving the vice presidency.Who was Aaron Burr? What drove him to such achievements and such failures? And how did a respected politician become a publicly reviled villain? Pick up this book now to find out.The Second Part of this Book Covers Aaron Burr asA Young ManA RevolutionaryA PoliticianA Vice PresidentA DuellistA ConspiratorAnd an ExileScroll to the top and select the "BUY NOW" button for instant download so you can learn more about Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr and their Duel!

Helpless: A True Short Story

A dramatic short story from experienced foster carer Rosie Lewis.Baby Sarah is born to a crack-addicted mother on a freezing cold night in December. Rosie is woken a few short hours later, at 1am, and taken to the maternity unit by police escort to collect the infant and take her to a place of safety.But it soon becomes clear that Sarah is suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms. Knowing that separation is inevitable, Rosie tries to maintain a professional distance but that’s easier said than done.

Constance Street: Part 1 of 3: The true story of one family and one street in London’s East End

Constance Street can either be read as a full-length eBook or in 3 serialised eBook-only parts.

This is PART 1 of 3.

You can read Part 1 two weeks ahead of release of the full-length eBook and paperback.

One forgotten street, 12 unforgettable women.

Through the story of one street - Constance Street - we hear the true life tales of a tight-knit group of working class women in the East End of London set against a backdrop of war, hardship and struggle.

It's a story of matriarchy and deep family ties, of a generation that was scattered away from the street during the blitz bombings, but which maintained the ties of that street for decades afterwards.

Set in an area of East London called Silvertown, a once thriving docking community that at the turn of the 20th century was the industrial heartland of the south of England; the story focuses on the lives of 12 incredible women and their struggle to survive amidst the chaos of the war years.

We have Nellie Greenwood, the author's great grandmother who runs a laundry in Silvertown which becomes the focal point of the community. In 1917 a munitions factory in Silvertown explodes flattening much of the surrounding area and causing extensive damage to Constance Street - Nellie's daughter is blown from her crib but miraculously survives.

Deciding to open the laundry as a field hospital for the injured, Nellie and the women on the street come together to tend the wounded, the sick and the emotionally shattered as they cope with the aftermath of not just one but two world wars.

Through the Great War, the roaring Twenties, the Depression and then the unimaginable - the outbreak of a second world war - Nellie and the street survive with love, laughter and friendships that bind the community together. But just as this incredible group of women live through the worst, the unthinkable happens. On 7 September 1940, Constance Street is no more.

Following in the footsteps of Farewell to the East End by Jennifer Worth and The Sugar Girls, Constance Street is a life-affirming, heart-warming read that reminds us of a time when people pulled together.

Amelia's Story

While the nation fights in The War of 1812, Amelia Samuels fightes her own battle. Her father is forcing her to marry Thomas Van Martin, the son of the wealthiest man in Millersport. Thomas is everything she's against in a man and the last thing she wants is for him to be her husband. When she has nobody to turn to, she befriends Patrick Buchanan, the village stranger. After falling in love, Amelia and Patrick discover the reason behind her unwanted engagement but Amelia finds herself in grave danger before she can make things right.Amelia's Story is about a village seeking the truth. It's what happens when one man's mistakes effects the entire community. Though the residents of Millersport never learn the complete truth, the readers of this story will know exactly what happened that frightful night of August 25, 1813.

Vlad the Impaler: A Life From Beginning to End

Vlad the ImpalerThe character Count Dracula is well-known throughout the world. He is a dark, seductive, pale man wearing a cape. His gaze is quite literally captivating, and he has the strength of ten men. The story, written by Bram Stoker in 1897, has been retold hundreds of times, but is there a historical figure upon whom the character is based? Is there really a Dracula? Many scholars argue that Vlad III Dracula, also known as Vlad the Impaler, is the real Dracula. He was known in western Europe for his cruelty, most especially his penchant for impaling his victims. He is said to have killed somewhere between 40,000 and 100,000 people during his crusade to stop the Ottoman Empire from expanding into eastern Europe. He was equally harsh on the people he ruled and is said to have taken great pleasure in torturing his victims. Inside you will read about...✓ Vlad’s early life and family✓ Rise to power: Vlad’s first reign✓ War with the Ottomans, Vlad’s main reign✓ Vlad’s imprisonment, third reign, and death✓ Vlad Dracula’s legacy✓ Vlad the Impaler in fiction: Count DraculaHis story, however, is much more complicated than the oft-reported details of his atrocities would imply. He lived in a time of conflict where many were equally as cruel, and he is viewed as a hero in Romania where he is remembered as a protector of his people. This eBook tells the story of his life and times, and discusses his connection to the fictional Count Dracula, in a succinct, compelling manner, which makes for an entertaining read that is packed with historical information.

The Deadly Dozen: America's 12 Worst Serial Killers (American Serial Killers)

The Shocking True Crime Stories of the 12 Worst Serial Killers in American HistoryDavid Berkowitz: Known as the “Son of Sam,” Berkowitz was a deeply disturbed young man who prowled the streets of New York dispensing death with his .44 caliber revolver.William Bonin: One of a trio of deadly psychopaths who trawled the freeways of Southern California during the late 70’s and early 80’s. Bonin was a depraved child killer who abducted, raped and tortured more than 20 teenaged boys.The Boston Strangler: Albert De Salvo took the fall but most experts agree that he was not the Strangler. So who was the real killer? And how did he get away with the series of brutal murders that so terrified the citizens of Boston?Ted Bundy: Charming, intelligent and lethal, Bundy is America’s most notorious serial killer, a deadly fiend who cut a swathe of destruction across the country, raping, killing and committing necrophilia on his young victims.Dean Corll: Along with two willing teenaged accomplices, Corll orchestrated what was at the time the biggest murder spree in American history, raping torturing and killing at least 25 young boys.Jeffrey Dahmer: Hideously depraved killer who preyed on young homosexual men in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, cannibalizing them and conducting bizarre experiments on their bodies.Albert Fish: He looked like a frail old man, but Albert Fish was actually a psychotic child killer and torturer, with a taste for human flesh.John Wayne Gacy: Cold-hearted killer who raped, tortured and strangled at least 33 young men, burying their bodies in the crawlspace of his Chicago house.Randy Kraft: The least well known of California’s three “Freeway Killers.” And yet Kraft was both the most prolific and the most depraved, responsible for the torture killings of as many as 67 young men.Dennis Rader: Known as the “BTK Killer” (after his M.O.: Bind, Torture, Kill) Radar held the citizens of Wichita, Kansas in a state of fear for over 30 years, during which time he claimed 10 known victims.Richard Ramirez: A satanic burglar who went by the terrifying sobriquet, “The Night Stalker,” Ramirez raped, battered, shot and stabbed his victims during a bloody reign of terror in 1980’s Los Angeles.Gary Ridgeway: As the horrific “Green River Killer,” Ridgeway engaged the Washington police in a deadly game of cat and mouse, claiming more that 60 victims over two decades.˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃Scroll up to grab a copy of The Deadly Dozen: America’s 12 Worst Serial KillersBook Series by Robert KellerMost of my works cover serial killers, while the “Murder Most Vile” series covers individual true crime stories. These are the main collections;American Monsters50 American Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard OfMurder Most VileHuman MonstersBritish MonstersAustralian MonstersCanadian MonstersGerman MonstersCannibal KillersPlus various other standalone books, including the The Deadly Dozen, which is available as a free download on Amazon, and Serial Killers Unsolved, which you can get for free when signing up to my mailing list.Robert Keller’s True Crime eBook Categories:Serial KillersTrue CrimeSerial Killer BiographiesMurder and MayhemTrue Murder CasesSerial Killer Case FilesTrue Crime Short Stories

ESCAPED KILLER: Serial Killer Allan Legere. One of Canada's most Prolific Killers

When this killer was on the loose, citizens were vigilant, yet scared. Children were not allowed outside to play without adult supervision. But then he was captured, tried, convicted, and put away for life in prison. The community could finally breathe again. They are out of danger. Until the day the convicted killer escapes prison and rains terror upon anyone and everyone in his way. The manhunt pursues, the killer kills, and earns the title of a serial killer. This is the story of Allan Legere—a monster.Inside Bonus - the story of Andrea Yates from the book, "Parents Who Killed Their Children"

In The Attic (Based On True Crime Book 1)

“I’m so terrified... that psycho’s going to kill me!” Maria Dersch prophetically predicted her death at the savage hands of her ex-boyfriend, Billy Ray Shaughnessy, who hid in her attic for two and a half days with an ax before sneaking down in the dead of night, chopping Maria and her new lover to death.In The Attic is based on a true crime story - an intense, shocking, and unforgettable psychological crime thriller - and a real double murder case author Garry Rodgers investigated as a homicide detective. It’s also told from the killer’s point of view through his lyrical, psychotic, and homicidal thoughts.In this lightning-paced, mind-twisting, psychological ride, you’re suspended in a six-day investigation and search for Billy Ray after Maria reported a violent, knife-point, sexual assault committed by him on a Friday afternoon. Over the weekend, police and friends made a frantic attempt to lock Billy Ray from the house and track him down to prevent escalation. They failed. In The Attic allows a terrifying yet fascinating access to a psychopathic, anti-social mind—a mind diagnosed as one of the most outstanding cases of mental disorder a team of forensic psychiatrists ever saw.Here’s what readers of In The Attic are saying:“Aghast! This is one of the best written and easily the most horrifying suspense story I have read. The writing is so clear and so compelling that you are immediately drawn in. I. Could. Not. Put. This. Down.”“The author’s seamless POV transitions are genius. You’re given a disquieting look into the deeply disturbed, misogynistic psyche of a killer and the concern of a dedicated, seasoned police officer.”“As events unfolded, I found myself praying the victim would somehow survive, which is absurd, as you know going in, the story is about a double murder. Garry Rodgers’ writing is so fluid, he places you in the detective’s shoes without effort—you’re there, you’re experiencing scenes as they unfold. I’m not prone to nightmares by something I’ve read, but Garry Rodgers has succeeded where others left little, or no impact.”“Do not let the horrific and graphic nature of this novel dissuade you. This is a must-read for crime novel enthusiasts. I felt driven to finish this book in record time. True story, great writing, emotional investment. What more could you want from a title?""In my opinion, Garry Rodgers is slated to become one of the most outstanding crime writers of our time.””If you've ever read The Widow by Fiona Barton or The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, my feeling while reading In The Attic was akin to my feelings while reading Widow and Train. I don't just think it's a great read, I think it's an important story—of mental illness, abuse, and how the limitations in social services can sometimes coalesce at the wrong moment, hurting all involved.”“It sounds like a cliché, but I couldn’t put it down. I was gripped from the first sentence, and was not so much reading as inhaling the story until it was done. I took a long, cathartic shower to get my head back in my own world, so I could write sensibly about my experience as a reader of this gripping story.”"No awareness that I was reading a book, more like I was completely inside the story"Look Inside In The Attic

A Talent to Amuse: A Life of Noel Coward

“Forty years ago he was Slightly in Peter Pan, and you might say that he has been wholly in Peter Pan ever since.” Kenneth Tynan (writing in 1953)Noel Coward, ‘the master’, is one of the most remarkable figures in the history of twentieth century entertainment. Prodigiously talented, he blazed a trail through theatre, film and song on both sides of the Atlantic. In the theatre he wrote hit plays like The Vortex, Private Lives, Hay Fever, Cavalcade and Blithe Spirit. On film he wrote the war classic In Which We Serve and the timeless love story Brief Encounter. His songs, which number into the hundreds, include ‘Mad Dogs and Englishmen’, ‘I’ll See You Again’, ‘A Room with a View’, ‘The Stately Homes of England’ and ‘Mrs Worthington’.His greatest creation may even have been himself – what Time called ‘a sense of personal style, a combination of cheek and chic, pose and poise’. This led to his increasing celebrity on American television in the 1950s and in a series of wildly successful one-man shows in Las Vegas, not to mention his popularity as a character actor in the last decade of his life. But as this shrewd biography shows, Coward also suffered, throughout his career, from accusations that he was squandering his gifts for the sake of superficial acclaim. Was his merely ‘a talent to amuse’? Rather than allowing such a claim to stand, this biography reveals the man as an innovator, enduring influence and immortal in the worlds which he sought to conquer.‘Highly readable … a valuable addition to the growing body of Cowardiana.’ Los Angeles Times‘Admiring but judicious’ New York Times

Kidnapping My Daughter

At just twenty-years-old, Rachel Jensby finds herself faced with a desperate reality: either continue to hand her nineteen-month-old daughter over to the man who is sexually abusing her as the court has ordered her to do, or go into hiding to help her child escape the certainty of further sexual assaults. Kidnapping My Daughter is the true account of a mother who spent more than two years on the run, first from local and state authorities only, and then eventually from the FBI as well. As more and more children are faced with court-licensed abuse every day, Rachel Jensby hopes to be a voice among many; joining other mothers who are effecting change by finally finding the courage to come forward with their stories.Kidnapping My Daughter is an account of events leading up to, and all that transpired during, this family's life on the run.A second volume, titled Bringing Cheyenne Home, tells the story of what happened afterward - starting with the family's first day back in court and goes on to detail the tumultuous years afterward, including a peek into Cheyenne's life today. Bringing Cheyenne Home will be available soon on Amazon for Kindle.

The Man Across the River: The incredible story of one man's will to survive the Holocaust (Holocaust Survivor True Stories WWII Book 8)

Yankel's simple life is upended when the Nazis invade Romania in this biographical novel. As the fascist dictator Ion Antonescu imposes increasingly ruthless antisemitic edicts, the horrors of the Holocaust are visited on Romania's Jewish community. Stripped of their rights, Yankel's family is forced from their home in Czernowitz and sent on a long and dangerous journey across the Dniester River to Transnistria - the Ukrainian killing fields. Through the ghettos and labor camps of Ukraine, the front lines of the Red Army, and the displaced persons camps of Italy, death stalks Yankel at every turn as he struggles to survive.This biographical novel, written by Yankel's grandson, is the harrowing story of a young man's remarkable courage, strength, and determination to survive.This incredible story of perseverance in the face of monstrous evil will stay with you long after you put it down.

Three Things I’d Tell My Younger Self (E-Story)

A very special FREE collection of advice for our younger selves, compiled by Joanna Cannon - the author of THREE THINGS ABOUT ELSIE and THE TROUBLE WITH GOATS AND SHEEP

If you could send a message to your younger self, what three things would you want to tell them? This inspiring, moving and frequently hilarious collection includes advice from - among others - authors, journalists, clergy, nurses and doctors; and their words will offer both solace and entertainment to readers at any milestone in life, from exam results and educational choices to love, health, friendship and careers. Here you will find the wise words of:

Ignasi Agell

Sue Armstrong

Hannah Beckerman

Ann Bissell

Dr Sue Black

Fern Britton

Wendy Burn

Joanna Cannon

Tracy Chevalier

Julie Cohen

Charlotte Cray

Dr John Crichton

Miranda Dickinson

Suzie Doore

Janet Ellis

Nathan Filer

Patrick Gale

Sam Guglani

Dr Helen-Ann Hartley

Kerry Hudson

Mandy Huxley

Reverend Andrea Jones

Adam Kay

Erin Kelly

Mr Kipling

Dr Kate Lovett

Katy Mahood

Anna Mazzola

Lydia Elise Millen

Dame Helena Morrissey

Hannah O'Brien

Femi Oyebode

Lev Parikian

Nina Pottell

Jonathan and Angela Scott

Anita Sethi

Lionel Shriver

Graeme Simsion

Dr Laura Varnam

Kate Williams

Escape from Venezuelaa??s Deadliest Prison

After getting arrested at a Venezuelan airport with a suitcase of cocaine, Natalie was clueless about the danger she was facing. Sentenced to 10 years, she arrived at a prison with armed men on the roof, whom she mistakenly believed were the guards, only to find out they were homicidal gang members.Immediately, she was plunged into a world of unimaginable horror and escalating violence, where murder, rape and gang warfare were carried out with the complicity of corrupt guards. Male prisoners often entered the females’ housing area, bringing gunfire with them and leaving corpses behind.After 4.5 years, Natalie risked everything to escape and flee through Colombia, with the help of a guard who had fallen deeply in love with her.

Martin Van Buren: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of US Presidents Book 8)

Martin Van Buren* * *Download for FREE on Kindle Unlimited + Free BONUS Inside!* * *Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet.Martin Van Buren, the eighth president of the United States, was the first president who was born an American and not a British citizen, a change in demographic which reflects his modern influence upon the office he held. His rise to political power began in the humble setting of Kinderhook, New York, where he was born to Dutch parents who ran a tavern frequented by the Empire State’s political elite, including Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Inside you will read about...✓ An American is Born ✓ The Little Magician ✓ Van Buren Enters the National Stage ✓ President Jackson’s Right-Hand Man ✓ Van Buren’s Turn ✓ In and Out of the White House ✓ The Legacy of the Little Magician And much more!From his earliest involvement in government, Van Buren was committed to the nurturing of political parties as a way to deliver the most effective leadership to the American people. He was a loyal supporter of President Andrew Jackson, but when Van Buren took office, he inherited the financial crisis that Jackson’s policies had helped to create. The Panic of 1837 brought the economic prosperity of the country to a screeching halt and ultimately, Van Buren, who was not re-elected for a second term, paid the price. Whatever his failings as a president, he was a pre-eminent politician, and when the story of America is told, Van Buren’s contribution to the political process must be highly ranked.

George Stephenson: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Engineers Book 2)

George Stephenson* * *Download for FREE on Kindle Unlimited + Free BONUS Inside!* * *Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet.George Stephenson is one of the world’s most famous engineers. His pioneering work on steam-powered locomotion would supercharge the industrial revolution in the United Kingdom and help bring about the heyday of the British Empire. Through his talent and passion for engineering, Stephenson was able to transform the landscape around him, ushering in an era when travel across the country could be achieved in hours instead of days or even weeks. He is the epitome of the self-made man, rising from the lowest of origins to dominate the society in which he lived.Inside you will read about...✓ A Childhood in Coal✓ From Illiterate to Engineer✓ The Self-Made Man✓ The Safety Lamp Controversy✓ The Liverpool-Manchester Failure✓ The Rocket Takes Over the WorldAnd much more!This book tells the story of George Stephenson, from those humblest of origins to his final days as one of the country’s most revered and successful men.

Two Countries, One Me - What Is My Name?: A Children's Multicultural Picture Book

Two Countries, One Me - A Multicultural Children's Book Series What Is My Name? (Book 2) KJ is spending time with Grandma and Nanna whilst his parents are away for the week. He is intrigued by a picture of a little baby with his mum and dad. The question of “What Is My Name?” comes up when KJ learns that the photo was the day of his naming ceremony. In this story, Grandma and Nanna explain KJ’s Nigerian and Ghanaian names whilst helping KJ understand the decision and thought process behind each given name. “What Is My Name?” is written to help kids and others understand the cultural significance that having an African or multicultural name has on the child and their families identity. The power a child gets from calling or hearing an African name is an upliftment of self-esteem and confidence. Such names help to reaffirm the richness of a child’s heritage and the cultural diversity that surrounds them.Remember to grab a copy of book #1 “Where Am I From?” and continue to keep a look out for what KJ learns next in the ‘Two Countries, One Me’ book series!Subscribe and download free colouring pages at

A Terrible Secret: Part 1 of 3: The next gripping story from bestselling author, Cathy Glass

PART 1 OF 3Tilly hates her stepfather, Dave. He abuses her mother, but she refuses to leave him.Frightened for her own safety, Tilly asks to go into foster care and is placed with Cathy. Tilly arrives with a graze on her cheek and Cathy becomes increasingly concerned by Dave’s behaviour, especially when she learns he has been showering Tilly with gifts. While she’s busy looking after Tilly and trying to keep her safe, Cathy is also worried about her own daughter, Lucy. She has a very difficult decision to make that will affect the rest of her life, and Cathy hopes she makes the right choice.

Bwana Kidogo: Scenes from a colonial childhood

‘Bwana kidogo, Scenes from a colonial childhood’, is a memoir of Australian writer Chris Durrant about growing up in colonial Kenya in the years after the Second World War. Set initially in the tea country above the capital, Nairobi, and then down in the city itself, the book traces the author’s journey from a toddler speaking Kiswahili with his Kikuyu ayah, to boarding school in the Rift Valley and then back home to Nairobi for his high school years. It is the tale of a fascinating period in Kenya’s history, moving from colonial rule, through the turbulence of the Mau Mau Emergency, and then the inevitable progression to full independence under Jomo Kenyatta. ‘Bwana kidogo’ is a highly entertaining and insightful account of what it was like to live in those exciting times in what remains one of the most beautiful, diverse and interesting countries in the world, seen from the point of view of an ordinary person who grew up there.This short memoir about Chris Durrant is a precursor to his acclaimed novel ‘Under the same moon’, a drama and romance set within the period during The Great War.

My People, the Amish: The True Story of an Amish Father and Son

In My People, the Amish, Joe Keim paints a detailed picture of life behind the bonnets and buggies. More than a biography, this is an honest look at the heart-warming traditions that mingle with the deep-rooted legalism of the Amish community in Ashland, Ohio.Born, raised, and baptized in an Old Order Amish church, from childhood Joe Keim was taught that if he didn’t follow the twenty-two-page ordinance letter that governed his community, there was no way he could get to heaven. What started as a path of rebellion led Joe and his wife Esther to a caring group of Englisher Christians who would love them like family and show them how to live out their new found faith in Jesus Christ. Nine months after their traditional Amish wedding, Joe and Esther left family and friends forever to live openly for Christ, and endured shunning and excommunication with bold faith. Since then, the Lord has brought many former Amish people to Joe and Esther for help. Because of their passion for the Amish people and with the support of fellow believers, they have brought biblical truth to thousands of Amish through the ministry they founded in 2000, Mission to Amish People (MAP).About the AuthorJoe Keim was born and raised in Ashland, Ohio. He married Esther Keim in 1986 and they left the Old Order Amish community in 1987. They have two grown children, Jonathan and Rachel. In 2001, Joe left his job as a tool and die maker for full-time ministry. The Keims travel all over the US, speaking in churches, as well as to hospital staff, to law enforcement, and at colleges, helping people understand how to communicate with the Amish.Through personal witness, home Bible studies, home prayer meetings, the Bible Club, The Amish Voice, and the Audio Ministry, the Keims want to see every Amish person hear the clear message of salvation. MAP offers counseling and protection to those who are victims of sexual, mental, and physical abuse. The ministry also provides help with needs such as getting a GED, obtaining a birth certificate, and finding a job. Through the Bible Club alone, they have seen more than 2,500 Amish make commitments for Christ.

True Crime Stories: A Prequel: 4 Shocking True Crime Cases

There are killers who stalk their prey, learning all they can about an intended target before striking. Some commit the act of murder out of hatred or revenge for someone in their lives. Killers like Detlev Guenzel searched for like-minded souls who would allow them to indulge in their deepest darkest fantasies. Then of course, there are those who brutally murder for no apparent reason whatsoever. Each of the four true crime murder cases in this true crime anthology are all different from each other in many ways. The wife who was cast aside for a much younger model; the vore who sought out a willing participant in the act of consensual homicide and cannibalism; the young man who butchered his elderly neighbours; and the man whose partners either disappeared or turned up dead over the period of 54 years. For these true crime murder stories we delve into the background of each killer, the acts they committed, and the criminal investigation that brought them down. We look at why they killed, even when there seems to be no apparent motive. True murder cases like these are hard to fathom, and will leave you wondering about the horrors of humanity. True crime stories are the most frightening of all, as you discover what people have the capability of doing to others.This is a prequel to Jack Rosewood's best true crime books series, True Crime Stories.

The Mongols: A History

The Mongols erupted out of Central Asia in 1206 and soon controlled an empire stretching from Poland to Korea; although remembered as a destructive force, they united a great part of the world under one rule, and their combined arms and mobile tactics have had considerable influence on subsequent military thinkers.Jeremia Curtin, born 1835, was an American translator and folklorist. He died in 1906.

Kid Legends: True Tales of Childhood from the Books Kid Artists, Kid Athletes, Kid Presidents, and Kid Authors

Funny and totally true childhood biographies and full-color illustrations tell the tales from the challenging yet defining growing-up years of great writers, artists, athletes, and presidents.

End of the Road (The Rozzers Book 1)

What is it about cops that we find so intriguing? Most people have strong views of the police, but how many of these views are based on evidence, and which are biased or stereotypes? What makes a person leave a perfectly normal life and join the police, putting themselves instantly into harms way, and suffering health issues that come with working a lifetime of shift-work, not to mention a messed-up social life?This is the true, short story of just such a person who ended up spending 12 years at the sharp end of policing in the beautiful city of Cambridge in the UK.It starts with a seemingly routine day in the life of young British soldier Diem Burden. His life is at a crossroads: his military career rapidly coming to an end with no idea of what to do post-army. With a new family to support, the pressure is mounting on him to find a way forward – and soon.Returning back to camp after an idyllic day out, the squaddie is thrown into a horrifying tragedy which puts him to the test, as well as those around him. Later, whilst trying to cope with the trauma of that dreadful event, a seed is quietly planted which, with a slight bit of nurturing, leads Diem along a certain path. If you thought being an unarmed British cop was tough, deciding to become one can be even tougher.Warning: Contains strong language and graphic descriptions of death and injury from the outset.

Serial Killers: Exploring the Horrific Crimes of Jack The Ripper & Ted Bundy (History Books)

2 ManuscriptsJack The RipperThe mystery of Jack the Ripper and the murders he committed in London’s East End in the late nineteenth century has horrified and fascinated spectators and readers for over a century. In one of the first recognized mass murderers, he terrorized some of London’s poorest and most vulnerable residents and brutally killed a series of women before seeming to disappear. Police investigative practices were in their infancy at the time, and without sophisticated tools, London’s forces of order were unable to catch the criminal. More than 100 years later, his true identity is still unknown, and the hunt for Jack the Ripper has consumed many an armchair sleuth. By reading this book, you, too, will be able to take part in a now-historic search for a murderer who has never been brought to justice. Step back in time to 1888 and try to discover, if you can, the man who was Jack the Ripper.Ted BundyIf you want a view into the mind of a serial killer and America’s most notorious at that, then Ted Bundy: The Crimes Of America’s Most Notorious Serial Killer is for you. As you look back at Bundy’s childhood after digesting what he did to his unknown number of female victims, then behaviors such as playing with knives and placing them around his sleeping aunt take on a new meaning. Which was more influential in contributing to his killing behavior between the deception about his parentage and his letdown when Stephanie Brooks dumped him when the two were dating in college? Can we know anything meaningful or significant from a man whose testimony to various people through the years consists as much of contradiction as it does statements of fact? By all accounts, it is hard to point to or single out any one specific episode in his life that would have sent him out on a murderous course at the beginning of his adult life. Bundy’s story is full of disguise, deception, evasion and a bizarre quest for control on all levels where others were concerned. This compelling account sheds light on the details of the life of the man whose sequence of killings provided the blueprint for investigating mass murderers. Scroll to the top of the page and click Add To Cart to read more about this extraordinary chapter of history

Bought and Sold (Part 1 of 3)

A heart-stopping story of lies, brutality and fear. British girl Megan Stephens tells the true story of how an idyllic Mediterranean holiday turned into an unimaginable nightmare when she was tricked into becoming a victim of human trafficking and held captive for six years by deception, threats and violence.

While on holiday with her mother at a popular Mediterranean coastal resort, Megan fell in love. Just 14 years old, naive and vulnerable, she had no reason to suspect that the man who said he loved her would commit the ultimate betrayal of her trust.

When her mother returned to England, Megan stayed with Jak, who said he would find her a job as a waitress and promised they would be together forever. But when Megan travelled to the city with Jak, his attitude quickly changed and instead of finding her work as a waitress, he allowed her to be raped and then sold her to a human trafficker.

Abandoned by Jak but still unable to accept that everything he'd told her had been a lie, Megan was coerced by threats and violence into working as a prostitute in private homes and brothels. Then the trafficker threatened her mother's life and it was Megan's turn to lie: sending her mother the staged photographs that had been taken of her apparently working as a waitress in a cafe, she told her she was happy.

Too frightened and bewildered to trust or reach out to anyone, Megan remained locked in a world of brutality and abuse for six years. In the end, there only seemed to be one way out.

Megan's powerful story reveals the devastating realities of human trafficking and the fear that imprisons its victims more effectively than any cage could ever do.

Genghis Khan: A Life From Beginning To End (One Hour History Military Generals Book 3)

☆ Genghis Khan ☆Genghis Khan was the most unlikely of conquerors. An orphan of the Mongolian Steppes, his rise went all but unnoticed by all the great powers around him. His people had been divided and discounted by the Chinese dynasties to his south and completely dismissed by the encroaching Islamic empires to his west.Inside you will read about...✓ Mystery of the Steppes✓ When Warriors Are Made✓ Rites of Passage✓ A Battle Against Shamanic Destiny✓ United They Stand✓ Throwing Sand at an Empire✓ Genghis Khan’s Crusade✓ The Last Days of Genghis KhanKnown as little more than bandits and nomads, Genghis Khan and his Mongolian horde would shake Kings and Emperors to their very core as they descended like locusts upon all four corners of the known world.

Giacomo Casanova: A Life From Beginning to End

Giacomo CasanovaFree BONUS Inside!* * *Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet.Casanova. Womanizer. Playboy. It has been more than 200 years, but Giacomo Casanova’s name is still a slang word. That name, emblazoned across Europe in the 1700s, is synonymous yet today with a player, someone who seduces a woman, makes a sexual conquest of her, and leaves her. It was once something more than that. Beyond the scams and the scandals, beyond the gambling debts, even beyond the lace ruffles and the powdered wigs, Giacomo Casanova was once something more, someone more. Someone formed by the social customs of the day; molded by the unique experiences of a little boy in Venice; sparked into life by the intelligence, philosophy, adventure, and passion that was Giacomo Casanova.Inside you will read about...✓ Early Years of Abuse✓ Casanova’s Career in the Church✓ Broken Promises of Marriage✓ Spying and Dueling, Incest and Imprisonment✓ Later Life and DeathAnd much more!

True Crime: 4 True American Crime Stories: Vol 1 (From police files of the 1920s to the 1950s)

Do you like true crime stories?You should love these tales thenOriginally authentic police files, True American Crime Stories are from the 1920s through to the 1950s - the era of gangster, molls and prohibition. Almost (but not quite), lost in the mists of time, these tales romp along with plenty of action and recreate the atmosphere of this exciting and dangerous era using the vernacular of the times.You may not have heard much about some of these bad guys, but they were real, ruthless hoodlums and all had their "15 minutes of fame", leaving trails of death and mayhem behind them. Most did not live to an old age, and those that did were probably in jail.Their escapades were daring and reckless and many paid the ultimate price in the end.Volume 1 contains•The Jekyll and Hyde Mob After a rash of robberies, lawmen of the Los Angeles Sheriff's office had killed off or jailed every gang of bank robbers in the county. However, three suave gentlemen continued to loot the banks in daring fashion, leaving the lawmen completely clueless.•The Whispering Bride Death cast its long, silent shadow over a sleepy New England town as Mrs.Wegner, a widow, waved good-bye to the last of the summer boarders. Little did she realize that she was waving good-bye forever, that death would soon claim her as its victim in the strange case of THE WHISPERING BRIDE.•The Red Bandit The desperation of a hunted man gave Oklahoma its greatest reign of terror when a youth, vowing never to serve a 75 year rap for robbery, set off a series of events that gave the authorities a veritable nightmare as they pursued their quest down the bloody trail of crime.•The Master Forgers Counterfeit checks - hundreds of them - were flooding Milwaukee in 1937 and 1938 until science scored a victory for the law!Order your copy today..!Scroll back up for instant download

The New Arrival: Part 1 of 3: The Heartwarming True Story of a 1970s Trainee Nurse

The New Arrival can either be read as a full-length eBook or in 3 serialised eBook-only parts.

This is PART 1 of 3 (Chapters 1-9 of 30).

You can read Part 1 two weeks ahead of release of the full-length eBook and paperback.

17-year-old Sarah Hill leaves behind her home in Wales and enrols at Hackney General Hospital, where she is due to start her training.

Looking up at the rows and rows of little windows, there was no way Sarah could have guessed just what she was getting herself into...

More than just a hospital, Hackney General was part of the community, just as much as the Adam & Eve pub the staff frequent. A place where the poorly children of Hackney were nursed to health, a place where young nurses would discover just want they wanted from life, fall in love with shy photographers and grow into women. But it's not all smooth sailing in Hackney: for every baby that goes home to its loving family another is abandoned, unloved, or never gets to go home at all.

Funny, warm and deeply moving, Sarah Beeson's poignant memoir captures both the heartache and happiness of hospital life and 1970s London through the eyes of a gentle but determined young nurse.

The devil's children: 10 serial killers from Poland (Most famous Serial Killers from Poland Book 1)

Stories of serial killers from Poland . Gruesome and shocking stories that will keep you awake. A strong book only for people who can control themselves. Authentic stories of 5 ruthless murderers whose ERA of the criminal has long since ended.You feel scared trust me.

Bulger On Trial: Boston's Most Notorious Gangster And The Pursuit Of Justice

The trial of James “Whitey” Bulger this summer was supposed to bring an end to one of the greatest scandals in the history of the FBI, but it dredged up a toxic swamp instead. Horrific crimes, depraved witnesses and sordid accounts of FBI agents who gave their allegiance to the mob boss emerged from the muck as families of 19 murder victims endured the presentation of broken skulls and jaws along with photos from the morgue. At center stage was the defendant, who had been listed and protected by the FBI as a secret informant. He claimed the government had given him a free pass, but prosecutors fought to keep the trial away from questions of who made Bulger what he became and how. In an extraordinary measure of their outrage, the families of the victims cheered Bulger’s own attorneys as they savaged the government’s “cover-up” and the deals prosecutors had given to Bulger’s former associates to win testimony.In the first book to explore the trial in a larger context, WBUR investigative reporter David Boeri weaves his daily trial dispatches into the complete backstory of Bulger’s ruthless ascent to power, the men and the agency who made that possible, and the families of victims who were victimized again and again by the government’s protection of the killer. Boeri’s storytelling is informed by 26 years of national award-winning reporting on the Bulger case. He aggressively dug into FBI corruption and tracked the Bureau’s delayed, often inept search for the 16-year fugitive.Years before Bulger was arrested in Santa Monica, Bulger travelled to California to follow his own tips in search of Whitey and showed the lack of FBI effort and enterprise. His investigation of crimes aided and abetted by FBI agents took Boeri to old murder scenes of Bulger victims in Oklahoma, Florida and Massachusetts. He followed detectives in the difficult and painful search for the bones of Bulger victims long ago buried. He sought out the families to learn what they had endured and sought out Bulger’s criminal associates even tracked some down who were in the Witness Protection Program to chronicle Bulger the boss and Bulger the killer. In “Bulger On Trial,” Boeri brings the reader into the same close contact with Bulger’s corrupt FBI handler, the younger brother who made a parallel rise to political power, the families, the criminals and the saga that links them all.

John Adams: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of US Presidents Book 2)

John Adams* * *Download for FREE on Kindle Unlimited + Free BONUS Inside!* * *Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet.The drama of the life of the second president of the United States has been stirringly chronicled both in print and on television. Yet the life of John Adams is so rich in history, emotion, power, and tragedy that no medium can entirely contain its essence. Reading the story of his life is to be introduced to a nation, new and untried, that would rise to prominence in no small part due to his legacy of leadership. Inside you will read about...✓ John Adams, the Farmer’s Son✓ John Adams Begins His Career✓ The Man from Massachusetts✓ Adams in Philadelphia✓ Destination Europe✓ An Experiment in Nationhood✓ President✓ A Friendship RestoredJohn Adams was no bland hero; he had his personal blemishes, and he made his share of mistakes. He was born in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and died a citizen of the United States. Along with his wife, the impressive Abigail Smith Adams, the minister’s daughter whose lack of formal education did not hinder her intellectual advances, John Adams sired a political dynasty that served the United States well.

At the Coalface: Part 1 of 3: The memoir of a pit nurse

A heart-warming story of a woman who devoted her life to helping others. This is the memoir of Joan, who started nursing in the 1940s and whose experiences took her into the Yorkshire mining pits and through the tumult of the 1984-85 miners' strike.

Joan Hart always knew what she wanted to do with her life. Born in South Yorkshire in 1932, she started her nursing training when she was 16, the youngest age girls could do so at the time. She continued working after she married and her work took her to London and Doncaster, caring for children and miners.

When she took a job as a pit nurse in Doncaster in 1974, she found that in order to be accepted by the men under her care, she would have to become one of them. Most of the time rejecting a traditional nurse's uniform and donning a baggy miner's suit, pit boots, a hardhat and a headlamp, Joan resolved always to go down to injured miners and bring them out of the pit herself.

Over 15 years Joan grew to know the miners not only as a nurse, but as a confidante and friend. She tended to injured miners underground, rescued men trapped in the pits, and provided support for them and their families during the bitter miners' strike which stretched from March 1984 to 1985.

Moving and uplifting, this is a story of one woman's life, marriage and work; it is guaranteed to make readers laugh, cry, and smile.

Innocent: Part 1 of 3: The True Story of Siblings Struggling to Survive

Innocent can either be read as a full-length eBook or in 3 serialised eBook-only parts.This is PART 1 of 3Innocentis the shocking true story of little Molly and Kit, siblings, aged 3 years and 18 months, who are brought into care as an emergency after suffering non-accidental injuries.Aneta and Filip, the children’s parents, are distraught when their children are taken into care. Aneta maintains she is innocent of harming them, while Filip appears bewildered and out of his depth. It’s true the family has never come to the attention of the social services before and little Kit and Molly appear to have been well looked after, but Kit has a broken arm and bruises on his face. Could it be they were a result of a genuine accident as Aneta is claiming? Both children become sick with a mysterious illness while, experienced foster carer, Cathy, is looking after them. Very worried, she asks for more hospital tests to be done. They’ve already had a lot. When Cathy’s daughter, Lucy, becomes ill too she believes she has found the cause of Kit and Molly’s illness and the parents aren’t to blame. However, nothing could be further from the truth and what comes to light is far more sinister and shocking.

Andrew Jackson: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of US Presidents Book 7)

Andrew JacksonOld Hickory. King Mob. The Peoples President. King Andrew I. The nicknames by which the seventh president is known reflect the different facets of his complicated nature. He believed in the rights of the common man because he came from humble beginnings and distrusted the vested institutions of power. The first American president born to immigrant parents, Jackson was the embodiment of the new blood which infused the American spirit in the early 19th century. Inside you will read about...✓ The Birth of a Legend✓ Jackson the General✓ Jackson and Politics✓ Jackson’s Home Life✓ Jackson’s First Term✓ Jackson’s Second Term✓ Jackson Returns to Tennessee✓ Jackson’s LegacyLike his country, he was both ruthless and chivalrous, hot-tempered and steadfast, an authoritarian and a believer in equality. Jackson cannot be described in one-dimensional terms because there were layers to the Tennessee frontier president. Jacksonian democracy invigorated the national government and became a foundation of the modern political process. Controversial and complicated, Andrew Jacksons life is worthy of examination. To understand America, it’s vital to understand Andrew Jackson."

Secrets Hidden: Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey

The Brutal Killing of JonBenét Ramsey. On the night after Christmas 1996, six-year-old beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey suffered an agonising death. She had been bludgeoned about the head, strangled, and possibly sexually assaulted. Her lifeless body had been found hidden under a white blanket, on the basement floor of her home, with a nylon cord around her neck.Since JonBenét’s death, her family has been entangled in controversy. Depending on whom you believe, John and Patsy Ramsey are killers who murdered their child, liars who covered up a murder by their son, Burke, or innocent people plagued by unjust accusations.Few have delved into who the Ramsey family really is—and what they did before and after JonBenét’s painful death. Titbits from their lives cast suspicion everywhere—and might hold the key to cracking the case.So, who viciously murdered JonBenét Ramsey? I will give you all the harrowing and bizarre facts to help you to make your own chilling deduction.

My Mother Married My Rapist (Based On A True Story)

"I think I was eight years old when Patrick began to come into my room at night and play with my chest. I call it my chest because my breasts weren't fully developed yet."My Mother Married My Rapist is the harrowing true story of a sexually abused child whose cries for help went unanswered. This courageous memoir details Sherri Marie's struggle to survive life with a pedophile for a father figure and a mother who refused to acknowledge her daughter's plight.Sherri Marie's tragic yet inspirational journey through abuse, heartbreak, and finally, love and success will open your eyes to the reality of what a child goes through when no one will listen.


BUS STOP READS ARE SHORT QUICK READS17 DEADLY WOMEN THROUGH THE AGESTRUE CRIME: WOMEN SERIAL KILLERS Our society can barely account for evil in males, let alone imagine it in females. The female nests, creates, and nurtures doesn’t she or is it that we just want to believe in the intrinsic non-threatening nature of women?Yet, history is full of instrumentally violent women: women who have fought wars and battles throughout the world, with no less ferociousness than men, women such as Dynamis of Bosphorous, who starved her husband to death and took control of his kingdom, or Artemisia, the queen of Halicarnassus in the 5th century, who conducted a brilliant but brutal military campaign against the Greeks. Mary Tudor, Queen Mary 1 of England, in 1553 became known as “Bloody Mary,” for her extreme cruelty and willingness to execute people.In this short book meet 17 less known but equally murderous cold blooded women. After reading it you may find your perception of the gentler sex changed irrevocably. Enjoy.

Uncommon Character: Stories of Ordinary Men and Women Who Have Done the Extraordinary, Abridged 3rd Edition

Third Edition, AbridgedA captivating non-fiction anthology filled with heroic profiles, epic tales, and timeless parables. You'll meet valiant personalities who've challenged and changed the world in remarkable ways. Their unforgettable stories are religious and secular, historical and current, unknown and familiar, foreign and domestic. Prepare to encounter priests, farmers, pilots, immigrants, missionaries, engineers, martyrs, businessmen, lawyers, pioneers, presidents, soldiers, writers, and scientists – their dynamic legacies are destined to become part of us and our heritage. Collectively, their stories answer the pertinent questions of our time: What makes a genuine hero? How can a hero personify godly character? Why is personal character so vital for our families and country? These are unique tales told with zest; these are unforgettable tales to long treasure. Enjoy the exciting profiles and parables; then share them in family, church, workplace, ministry, and educational settings because that's where they began and that's why they were written. The 26 portraits will quickly find special places in heart and head, dwelling therein to influence life's crucial choices. It's unlike any other book due to the dual advocacy on behalf of the redeeming value of stories and the critical need for reinvigorating personal and national character. Every chapter advocates making a positive impact on others and mastering the days we are given. Readers depart with an abiding conviction of the significant difference one committed life can make. No matter our past or where we find ourselves today, we will be inspired to finish well. About the AuthorDouglas Feavel retired from a career in technology marketing and management. He holds a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and a master’s degree in Christian education from Bethany Divinity College and Seminary. Barbara and he have celebrated more than fifty years of marriage. Appleton, Wisconsin is their hometown, but Vincennes, Indiana is their current base. They volunteer at non-profits in teaching, outreach, and ministry roles domestically and abroad when not with their children and grandchildren.

Wicked Children: Murderous Tales from History

Step back in time with Karen Maitland, author of the much-loved Company of Liars, as she explores some true-crime cases of murderous children throughout history. In Wicked Children: Murderous Tales from History, the Dark Ages meets Stephen King's Carrie or We Need to Talk About Kevin.'A brilliant writer, with a real sense of history' Susanna Gregory 'An adult who commits murder usually has some kind of motive we can understand, however twisted, but a child who kills often does it simply because they discover they can - and no one is stopping them.'Karen Maitland, Queen of the Dark Ages, has created possibly some of the most wicked children in fiction. From Narigorm, the child rune reader with a penchant for death, from Company of Liars, to the scheming yet devastatingly beautiful Leonia in The Vanishing Witch, they revel in manipulating the world around them - and those foolish enough to cross them. In Wicked Children: Murderous Tales from History, Karen Maitland explores some of the real-life cases of dangerous and powerful children which have inspired her own young - but deadly - characters.What readers are saying about Wicked Children:'A short and not all sweet story from the brilliant Karen Maitland. Just as good as all the other full-length novels''Excellent writing from Karen Maitland, as always'

Oh, Nurse!: One Mana??s Journey Through the Nursing Life, a Personal Account of the Highs and Lows

You think hospitals are full of calm competent professionals? You’re about to get a true behind-the-scenes look at exactly what it’s like to be a nurse. (And a male nurse, at that!)Oh, Nurse! is David Daniels’s first-hand account of his experiences as a nurse, offering personal anecdotes to peel open the curtain to unveil the secrets of the nursing life. Following Daniels over the course of his 30-year career, this book helps the reader discover the hidden truths of medical professionals, both good and not so good, and it even describes specific instances where he either succeeds or fails to help particular patients.This book will show you: The good, bad, and ugly everyday life of a nurse. The nuances of being a male in a female-dominated profession. What it takes to be successful in the medical field. Hidden truths of medical professionals from dirty secrets in the break room to losing the motivation to help patients.With its memoir structure, Oh, Nurse! brings the nursing profession to life. As David Daniels finds the strength to overcome his own hurdles, he also manages to help his patients find joy and hope in the grimmest of situations. And with this tell-all book, he aims to do the same for you.

40 GREAT MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM IN THE LAST 400 YEARS!: fascinating profiles of Godly men and women and what we can learn from them!

Yet another book from Jerry Finch, this one written just before Covid. In this book he explores the lives of over 40 significant men and women of God from all the four countries of the UK in the order of Scotland, England Wales and Northern Ireland. The author shares the basic and some times in depth details of their lives in easy to read 'bios' and shares what we can learn from their successes and failures. Be prepared to be astounded and inspired by most of this. This book will be appreciated by any Christian wishing to draw closer to God and to take encouragement and faith from how God used men and women of like passions in the past!

A Life Half Lived: A True Story of Love, Addiction, Tragedy, and Hope

Twenty year-old Speedy Chase Rodgers seemed to have it all. His family loved him dearly. His generosity and sense of humor made him popular among his peers. His speed, agility, and competitive nature made him a force to be reckoned with on the football field. Young ladies were drawn to his good looks, quiet charm, and spontaneity. How will his family and friends cope when Chase makes choices that ultimately lead to his death in a tragic car wreck? A Life Half Lived gives the reader a glimpse inside the modern drug culture and the consequences that come with it.

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners (Updated, Illustrated): A Brief Account of Goda??s Exceeding Mercy through Christ to His Poor Servant, John Bunyan (Bunyan Updated Classics Book 5)

Come and hear, all ye that fear God, and I will declare what he has done unto my soul. (Psalm 66:16) This is a short and honest account of how God demonstrated His exceeding great mercy to His unworthy servant, John Bunyan.This story specifically tells how Bunyan was converted. John Bunyan was a companion of sin and was troubled by sin. He fought temptation and sin in his own strength and lost, and in despair he gave up hope of ever finding God’s mercy; but the Lord Jesus Christ at last delivered him from the guilt and terror that so often and so viciously troubled him.In addition to this, a short account of Bunyan’s call to the work of the ministry is told, along with the trials and trouble he encountered – including some of the difficulties he faced while in prison.This is all taken from his writings and is now published for the encouragement and support of others who are weak and tempted and need strength and hope and victory in Jesus.About the AuthorJohn Bunyan was born in November 1628, in Elstow, England. A celebrated English minister and preacher, he wrote The Pilgrim’s Progress (1678), the book that was the most characteristic expression of the Puritan religious outlook. His other works include doctrinal and controversial writings; a spiritual autobiography, Grace Abounding (1666); and the allegory, The Holy War (1682).

James Monroe: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of US Presidents Book 5)

James Monroe* * *Download for FREE on Kindle Unlimited + Free BONUS Inside!* * *Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet.What American president would not relish the thought of his time in office bearing the description “Era of Good Feeling”? That was the title given to the time when President James Monroe occupied the White House. Monroe was a Virginian, like better-known Founding Father Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. But his destiny was not defined solely by his loyalty to his state. He was an American, assured of a future destined to be grand because he lived in a nation where possibilities were probable. Inside you will read about...✓ A Virginia Gentleman ✓ An American Soldier ✓ Monroe at Home and Abroad ✓ A Virginia President ✓ The Second Term And much more!Monroe grew up in the colony of Virginia as the son of a moderately prosperous plantation owner, but his career in service to his nation took him to the battlefields of the Revolutionary War, diplomacy in Europe, the governorship of Virginia, Cabinet posts in Washington D.C., and through it all, America’s future. By establishing the Monroe Doctrine, he warned other nations that trespassing in the Western Hemisphere would be taken as an attack upon the United States. That he made this proclamation at a time when the United States was a mere fledgling compared to the predators of Europe demonstrates his confident audacity in the country he governed. He was a nineteenth-century believer in the twenty-first American century.

Public Enemies: 5 True Crime Gangster Stories from the Roaring Twenties(Vol 1)

Do you like true crime stories? Public Enemies – True Crime Gangster Stories from the Roaring Twenties From the era of gangsters, molls and prohibition, almost (but not quite), lost in the mists of time, these tales romp along with plenty of action and recreate the atmosphere of this exciting and dangerous era using the vernacular of the times. You’ll have heard of most of these notorious criminals, but possibly not so much about one or two of them. All of them were real, ruthless hoodlums, and all had their "15 minutes of fame", leaving trails of death and mayhem behind them. Most did not live to an old age, and those that did were probably in jail. Their escapades were daring and reckless and many paid the ultimate price in the end. Volume 1 contains • Lucky Luciano –From Streetwise Kid to the Father of Organized Crime Leaving poverty ravaged Sicily for New York with his family at the age of 10; Lucky was running his own protection racket and making a name for himself whilst still in his teens. Inevitably, he moved on to become the undisputed boss of organized crime in the USA, but it was his own ‘family’s’ involvement in prostitution which landed him a jail sentence of 30 to 50 years. It didn’t end there however as he continued to run the family affairs from prison where Lady Luck visited him with an offer he couldn’t refuse. • Bugsy Siegel and “The Flamingo Hotel”Through his gambling and bootlegging operations, plus numerous ruthless contract murders, Bugsy Siegel established himself as a key member of “The Syndicate” in New York. Relocating to Las Vegas with the blessing of Lucky Luciano in 1945 to expand the organizations activities, he built the famous Flamingo Club and Casino in the desert of Las Vegas using money provided by the East Coast mobsters. The hopelessly mismanaged project went way over budget, implicating Bugsy in the ‘misappropriation’ of funds and enraging his bosses – Bugsy’s day were numbered.• Dutch Schultz – Beer Baron and Vicious Killer From the slums of New York, Dutch Schultz rose through the ranks of crime to be named “the nation’s top gangster” by the FBI. Claiming to be a good guy simply supplying people with the beer they wanted, (illegally of course), he was also responsible for killing at least two of his own men he suspected of ‘skimming’ more of the proceeds than was due to them. • Hymies Weiss - The Man Al Capone FearedEarl Wojciechowski was born on Jan 25th 1898 in Chicago, but over time became known as Hymie Weiss, eventually teaming up with Dean O'Banion the leader of the North Side Gang who he succeeded after his murder in 1924. Hymie swore to avenge his friends death and waged wore on the Torrio-Capone criminal empire, even attempting to assassinate Capone himself. Violent gun battles on the streets of Chicago were regular occurrences during this period as the gangs fought for control of the lucrative bootlegging and other rackets - things had to come to a head sooner or later. • Wilbur Underhill – The Tri-State TerrorIt took a 24 man task force to bring down Mad Dog Wilbur Underhill in the end. During 12 years of rampaging through the Southwest he was sentenced to life for a murder in Oklahoma, and received another life sentence in Kansas after escaping jail in a ten man breakout and murdering a policeman. Suspected of involvement in the famous Kansas City Massacre, Wilbur began his life of crime as a burglar, and quickly moved on to armed robbery and murder. Order your copy today..! Scroll back up for instant download

Dancing for Your Life: The True Story of Maria de la Torre and Her Secret Life in a Hong Kong Go-Go Bar

Dancing for Your Life is the true story of a beautiful, young Filipina who, in order to help her family financially, leaves her home in the quiet Philippine countryside to work as a dancer in Hong Kong’s red-light district of Wan Chai.This book will hold special appeal for readers interested in gaining a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of an Asian go-go bar and will serve as a companion guide for individuals interested in cultural studies, gender studies, or spirituality. It presents a rare first-person account that is thought provoking and controversial. Here is the “untold story” of faith, friendship, and sacrifice, but also of triumph and forgiveness.

Letters from Alice: Part 1 of 3: A tale of hardship and hope. A search for the truth.

Letters from Alicecan either be read as a full-length eBook or in 3 serialised eBook-only parts.This is PART 1 of 3.It was a stormy evening in 1920s London. When newly qualified almoner, Alice, stepped into the home of Charlotte, a terrified teenager who had just given birth out of wedlock, she did not expect to make a pact that would change her life forever. Thrown into secrecy after an unexpected turn, Alice was determined to keep bewildered Charlotte and her newborn baby safe. But when a threatening note appeared, she realised that Charlotte may need more protection than she first thought. But from who?Based on extensive research into the archive material held at the London Metropolitan Archives, and enriched with lively social history and excerpts from newspaper articles, LETTERS FROM ALICE is a gripping and deeply moving tale, which brings the colourful world of 1920s London to life. Full of grit, mystery and hope, it will have readers enthralled from the very first page.

Naked in Budapest: travels with a passionate nomad

After 'running away from home' later than most, and travelling the world solo with no bookings, and then whether naked in Budapest, canoeing down the Zambesi, sailing the Great Barrier Reef, eating durian on a Malaysian beach, cooking in Athens, shaking hands with the King of Cambodia, watching bear cubs in Alaska, visiting Gracelands, or having a young lover, Heather says she feels most alive when on the road.A slow traveler, Heather gets to know locals, eat their food, and learn something of their language, culture, and religion.

Xenakis: His Life in Music

Xenakis: His Life in Music is a full-length study of the influential contemporary composer Iannis Xenakis. Following the trajectory of Xenakis’s compositional development, James Harley, who studied with Xenakis, presents the works together with clear explanations of the technical and conceptual innovations that shaped them. Harley examines the relationship between the composer and two early influences: Messiaen and Le Corbusier. Particular attention is paid to analyzing works which were vital to the composer’s creative development, from early, unpublished works to the breakthrough pieces Metastasis and Pithoprakta, through the oft-discussed decade of formalization and the evolving styles of the succeeding three decades.

Lenin and the Making of the Soviet State: A Brief History with Documents (The Bedford Series in History and Culture)

Vladimir Ilich Lenin (1870 - 1924) led the first successful revolt against market-based liberal democracy and founded the Soviet State in 1917, serving as the new nation s chief architect and sole ruler for the next five years. This collection of primary sources allows readers to learn about Lenin through his own words and emphasizes Lenin s actions rather than his ideology. Jeffrey Brooks and Georgiy Chernyavskiy have translated newly available documents that make it possible to provide a more accurate portrait of a ruthless political strategist whose actions created a new political, economic, social, and cultural system that in its heyday challenged the military, technological, and cultural might of the United States. Document headnotes, a chronology, questions for consideration, and a selected bibliography offer additional pedagogical support and encourage students to analyze the actions and beliefs of a man who transformed world history and whose legacy continues to affect social and political movements throughout the world.

The Girl Who Wanted to Belong Free Sampler: The True Story of a Devastated Little Girl and the Foster Carer who Healed her Broken Heart

The Girl Who Wanted to Belong can either be read as a full-length eBook or in three serialized eBook-only parts. This is part one of three.Author Angela Hart is an experienced foster carer; The Girl Who Wanted to Belong is the moving story of her experience fostering one little girl with a heavy burden to carry.Lucy is eight years old and ends up in foster care after being abandoned by her mum and kicked out by her new stepmother. Two aunties and then her elderly grandmother take her in but it seems nobody can cope with Lucy’s disruptive behaviour. Social Services hope a stay with experienced foster carer Angela will help Lucy settle down. She misses her dad and three siblings and is desperate for a fresh start back home, but will Lucy ever be able to live in harmony with her stepmother and her stepsister – a girl who was once her best friend at school?The Girl Who Wanted to Belong is the fifth book from well loved foster carer and Sunday Times bestselling author Angela Hart. Another true story from the experienced and bestselling foster carer – sharing the tale of one of the many children she has fostered over the years. A story of the difference that quiet care, a watchful eye and sympathetic ear can make to those children whose upbringing has been less fortunate than others.

I Miss Mummy: Free Sampler

Discover the incredible memoirs of internationally bestselling author Cathy Glass with this free extended eBook sample of I Miss Mummy, the story of Alice, a young and vulnerable girl who is desperate to return home to her mother.Alice, aged four, is snatched by her mother the day she is due to arrive at Cathy's house. Drug-dependent and mentally ill, but desperate to keep hold of her daughter, Alice's mother snatches her from her parents' house and disappears.Cathy spends three anxious days worrying about her whereabouts before Alice is found safe, but traumatised. Alice is like a little doll, so young and vulnerable, and she immediately finds her place in the heart of Cathy's family. She talks openly about her mummy, who she dearly loves, and how happy she was living with her maternal grandparents before she was put into care. Alice has clearly been very well looked after and Cathy can't understand why she couldn't stay with her grandparents.It emerges that Alice's grandparents are considered too old (they are in their early sixties) and that the plan is that Alice will stay with Cathy for a month before moving to live with her father and his new wife. The grandparents are distraught – Alice has never known her father, and her grandparents claim he is a violent drug dealer.Desperate to help Alice find the happy home she deserves, Cathy's parenting skills are tested in many new ways. Finally questions are asked about Alice's father suitability, and his true colours begin to emerge.

#dearcancer: Things to help you through

When journalist and broadcaster Victoria Derbyshire was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, she made the decision to share her experiences in a series of video diaries in an effort to help demystify cancer treatment. Overwhelmed by the response, Victoria set up a Facebook page inviting people to share their own stories, talk openly about cancer and support one another.The result is this collection of writing from cancer patients and their loved ones. Whether you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, or a friend or relative has, everyone who has contributed to this ebook has been through the same journey, and hopes you will take strength from these 'things to help you through'.From practical tips on managing your treatment and your everyday life with cancer, to advice on understanding and dealing with the emotional rollercoaster that begins with diagnosis, this free resource is packed with hard-won wisdom and insight, at once useful and poignant.This exclusive collection is published ahead of Victoria Derbyshire's book, Dear Cancer, Love Victoria: A Mum's Diary of Hope.

The Art of Fugue: Bach Fugues for Keyboard, 1715a??1750

A free ebook version of this title is available through Luminos, University of California Press’s new open access publishing program for monographs. Visit to learn more. Fugue for J. S. Bach was a natural language; he wrote fugues in organ toccatas and voluntaries, in masses and motets, in orchestral and chamber music, and even in his sonatas for violin solo. The more intimate fugues he wrote for keyboard are among the greatest, most influential, and best-loved works in all of Western music. They have long been the foundation of the keyboard repertory, played by beginning students and world-famous virtuosi alike. In a series of elegantly written essays, eminent musicologist Joseph Kerman discusses his favorite Bach keyboard fugues—some of them among the best-known fugues and others much less familiar. Kerman skillfully, at times playfully, reveals the inner workings of these pieces, linking the form of the fugues with their many different characters and expressive qualities, and illuminating what makes them particularly beautiful, powerful, and moving. These witty, insightful pieces, addressed to musical amateurs as well as to specialists and students, are beautifully augmented by performances made specially for this volume: Karen Rosenak, piano, playing two preludes and fugues fromTheWell-Tempered Clavier—C Major, book 1; and B Major, book 2--and Davitt Moroney playing the Fughetta in C Major, BWV 952, on clavichord; the Fugue on "Jesus Christus unser Heiland," BWV 689, on organ; and the Fantasy and Fugue in A Minor, BWV 904, on harpsichord.

Pat: A Biography of Hollywood's Blonde Starlet

Pat Sheehan was one of Hollywood's most talked-about celebrities. Initially a San Franciscan vying for the title of Miss America, she quickly caught the attention of numerous columnists, producers, and admirers. She won pageants, appeared in newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Examiner, modeled for magazines like Scene and Parade, and attracted such men as Bing Crosby, Howard Hughes, and Rod Taylor. Her appearance was compared to actresses Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth. Studios such as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and 20th Century Fox casted her for their movies, and she was frequently seen on television with talents like Dean Martin, Mickey Rooney, and Art Linkletter. She was signed by the National Broadcasting Company in February 1956, being promoted by the network as "Television's First Starlet". Today, Pat Sheehan is remembered for being Playboy's Playmate of the Month for October 1958 with actress Mara Corday. Her centerfold was seen in Clint Eastwood's Space Cowboys (2000). She was one of Hollywood's most talked-about celebrities of the 1950's and 1960's, and that she remained closely associated with Hollywood afterwards. Those who knew her described her as personable, intelligent, and kind.

Ada Lovelace Timeline: A Short Timeline of Ada Lovelace (Timelines Book 3)

This is a short timeline of Ada Lovelace.


Guru Brahmanand was born Vikas Chand Patekar in a small village near Pune, as the only child of a small-time farmer. Compelled to flee after molesting his mentor’s daughter, who financed his education, Vikas found himself at the ashram of Guru Rameshwaranand at Rishikesh, where he mastered the scriptures. His exceptional oratory skills brought him to the forefront and into the notice of Guru Rameshwaranand, who elevated his position and christened him Swamy Brahmanand. Rising up the ranks, he became the youngest head of Nandanvan Ashram at 25 years, after the demise of his Guru. Immediately after accession, he incorporated revolutionary changes in the ashram, including opening the doors of the ashram to women and allowing sex. With rising international popularity and bank balance, Guru Brahmanand was being branded as an addition to the Galaxy of Gods by his devotees. But destiny had something else in store. The young, attractive, admired intellectual found himself deeply attracted to the graceful Savitri, the 18-year-old daughter of a disciple. With intensifying love came the mounting desire to possess her and with it the hatching of an anti-spiritual, devilish plan that twisted the course of his affluent celebrated status and life.

Trapped: Part 1 of 3

Trapped can either be read as a full-length eBook or in 3 serialised eBook-only parts.

This is PART 1 of 3 (Chapters 1-10 of 35).

You can read Part 1 two weeks ahead of release of the full-length eBook and paperback.

Phoebe, an autistic nine-year-old girl, is taken into police protection after a chance comment to one of her teachers alerts the authorities that all might not be what it seems in her comfortable, middle-class home. Experienced foster carer Rosie accepts the youngster as an emergency placement knowing that her autism will represent a challenge - not only for her but also for the rest of the family.

But after several shocking incidents of self-harming, Pica and threats to kill, it soon becomes apparent that Phoebe's autism may be the least of her problems.

Locked for nine years in a secret world of severe abuse, as Phoebe opens up about her horrific past, her foster carer begins to suspect that Phoebe may not be suffering from autism at all.

Testimony from the Nazi Camps: French Women's Voices (Routledge Studies in Twentieth-Century Literature)

This interdisciplinary study intergrates historiographical, literary and cultural methodologies in its focus on a little known corpus of testimonial accounts published by French women deported to Nazi camps. Comprising epistemological and literary analyses of the accounts and an examination of the construction of deportee identities, it will interest those working in the fields of modern French literature, genre, women's studies and the Holocaust.

Melania Trump: The Slovenian Side of the Story

This book is a tribute to “good old times” from recent history that shaped everybody that grew up in this territory, including current USA’s first lady. It was written in the same way as my father and many others did build houses around Slovenia and/or ex-yugoslavia to provide shelters for their families. For my English writing debut I gathered few of my dearest friend following my father’s footsteps for successful construction. We are all from the part of Slovenian that is now gaining popularity due to mrs. Melania and do in my opinion have the necessary skills to “construct” this little “house”, including the audio narrated version, which is as part of this book our gift to readers and their friends. You can find the link for free download inside the book, enjoy getting to know us better.

The Woman Who Lost Her Face: How Charla Nash Survived the World's Most Infamous Chimpanzee Attack

"Through Charla I have learned that the will to survive is a powerful force and that human courage knows no bounds." --NBC's Meredith VieiraViciously attacked by a chimpanzee in 2009, Charla Nash was left so severely disfigured that she no longer had eyes to see the world, hands to feel it or even a face to show it. By her own doctors' accounts, she never should have survived her injuries.Charla's story is one of incredible strength, fierce determination and cutting-edge medicine. NBC News and Meredith Vieira have been covering the story since the life-altering attack, documenting Charla's unfaltering spirit and the remarkable surgeries that not only kept her alive, but gave her a new face and, ultimately, restored her very humanity.Featuring candid and exclusive interviews with Charla, her family, her doctors and the chimpanzee's owner, The Woman Who Lost Her Face is an intimate look at Charla's life before and after the attack. This in-depth account takes you inside the operating rooms and hospitals where medical history was made and includes new details about the chimpanzee who mauled Charla to the brink of death and the woman who raised the animal as her son. The Woman Who Lost Her Face also features never-before-seen images of Charla and insight from the NBC News producers and reporters who covered the story.

Fifty Great Things to Come Out of the Midlands

Celebrate the heart of Britain in this fun and informative mini-ebook.

Rugby, Walkers Crisps, Conkers. These are just a handful of the many great things to have come out of the Midlands. In this celebratory list, journalist and loyal Midlander Robert Shore counts down fifty of the best gifts the Midlands has given the world.

Knowledge no Midlander - nay, Brit! - should be without.

From the author of Bang in the Middle.

Eminent Victorians

Eminent Victorians is a book by Lytton Strachey, consisting of biographies of four leading figures from the Victorian era. Its fame rests on the irreverence and wit Strachey brought to bear on three men and a woman who had until then been regarded as heroes: Cardinal Manning, Florence Nightingale, Thomas Arnold and General Gordon (although Nightingale is actually praised and her reputation was enhanced). The book shows its other subjects in a less than flattering light; for instance, the intrigues of Cardinal Manning against Cardinal Newman.

Thank You: A Tribute to Chris Cornell

Thank You is a tribute to music legend Chris Cornell, written in the words of his international family of fans. Poems, reminiscences, letters, expressions of love and grief, the overwhelming theme is one of gratitude - to the singer, the songwriter, the man.The individual pieces join together to form a unique tapestry demonstrating the profound influence Chris has had on so many lives around the world. Raw, candid emotion and words written from the heart create beauty out of collective grief.This is a tribute, a love letter, and a legacy combined.

The Story of My Boyhood & Youth: With Original Drawings (Birlinn Origin)

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. The Story of My Boyhood and Youth reveals the beginnings of the forming of Muir's special relation towards nature. He considered the encounters with nature as quite an adventure and at first, paid special attention to bird life. John Muir understood that to discover truth, he must turn to what he believed were the most accurate sources. In his autobiographical account, The Story of My Boyhood and Youth, he writes that during his childhood, his father made him read the Bible every day. Muir eventually memorized three-quarters of the Old Testament and all of the New Testament. In his autobiography, written near the end of his life, he described his life from childhood years in Scotland and moving to America to student years in Wisconsin. When he was a student in the University of Wisconsin, he was a frequent caller at the house of Dr. Ezra S. Carr. The kindness shown him there, and especially the sympathy which Mrs. Carr, as a botanist and a lover of nature, felt in the young manes interests and aims, led to the formation of a lasting friendship. He regarded Mrs. Carr, indeed, as his "spiritual mother," and his letters to her in later years are the outpourings of a sensitive spirit to one who he felt thoroughly understood and sympathized with him.

Gwendolyn Brooks: Black History Activities for Kids: Engaging Black History Lesson Plan for Kids Featuring Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet Gwendolyn Brooks ... History Activities for Young Learners)

Delve beyond basic biographies! Help your child find their creative voice as they learn about the voice of the people, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Poet, Gwendolyn Brooks. Your child will explore the world around them, rhythm, and rhyme. This thought-provoking activity pack helps you guide your child to find their passions and perhaps find the budding poet living within them.✓ Are you looking for bright, fun  African American children activity books that holds the interest of Pre-K and Kindergarten aged children?✓ Are you disappointed by the availability of black history homeschool curriculum for curious young learners?✓ Would you like to share meaningful parent child interaction with black history education games?✓ Are you worried the lack of Black history taught in school will hurt your child’s self-esteem?✓ Do you want to teach your child African-American history at home but can’t find an age appropriate Black History Lesson Plan for Kids to support a positive self-image?You are your child’s first teacher. We give you the tools with:AGE-APPROPRIATE SUBJECTS: Created with young children in mind, our black history activities for kids feature notable Americans and their positive contributions. PARENT FRIENDLY INSTRUCTIONS: African American homeschooling has never been easier. Designed for teaching parent to teaching parents, instructions are clearly stated without complicated jargon. Easy-to-follow Ready, Set, Go lesson framework will have you ready to teach in a matter of minutes.ALL-IN-ONE ACTIVITIES: No need to hunt down a lengthy craft supply list. This Gwendolyn Brooks pack has everything needed for interactive learning. If you have kid friendly scissors, a pencil and a glue stick you are good to go. HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT: Not just worksheets or black history flashcards suited to older children. Activity packs features bright appealing colors to hold the child’s attentionThe Black History Activities for Young Learners Series is designed for hands on learning. We don’t do long biographies with predictable multiple choice questions. This engaging Gwendolyn Brooks bundle includes black history games for kids and covers a long list of subjects such as STEM sensory activities, social emotional learning, rhyming games, arts and crafts and more. All while introducing children ages 4-6 to empowering figures in American history. Try one out today!  

Creativity/Anthropology (The Anthropology of Contemporary Issues)

Creativity and play erupt in the most solemn of everyday worlds as individuals reshape traditional forms in the light of changing historical circumstances. In this lively volume, fourteen distinguished anthropologists explore the life of creativity in social life across the globe and within the study of ethnography itself. Contributors include Barbara A. Babcock, Edward M. Bruner, James W. Fernandez, Don Handelman, Smadar Lavie, José E. Limon, Barbara Myerhoff, Kirin Narayan, Renato Rosaldo, Richard Schechner, Edward L. Schieffelin, Marjorie Shostak, Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, and Edith Turner.

Missionary Warrior: Charles E. Cowman

“Called to Japan. August 11, 1900, 10:30 a.m.”When Charles E. Cowman made this notation in his Bible, he did not know how the Lord was going to use him over the next 24 years. From telegraph operator to faith missionary to founder of a missions organization that continues strong today, Cowman’s driving force was always for more people to come to know Jesus as their personal Savior. Though his story is more than a century old, his example of a life dedicated to following his Lord, wherever that led him, continues to inspire many people today. About the AuthorLettie B. Cowman and her husband, Charles, were cofounders of The Oriental Missionary Society, now One Mission Society. After Charles’ death in 1924, Mrs. Cowman collected devotions that she wrote during his illness and published Streams in the Desert, one of the best-selling devotionals of all time. In addition to Missionary Warrior and Streams in the Desert, she published a number of other books and served as President of The Oriental Missionary Society from 1928 through 1949.

World War II: 1941 (One Hour WW II History Books Book 3)

In this one-hour history book, discover why 1941 was such a pivotal year as we uncover the main events of that year during World War II, the most lethal war of all times.It was a watershed year for conflict. Many of the most tumultuous and consequential events of World War Two occurred in 1941.In this year alone, Russia was invaded, the United States was bombed at Pearl Harbor, and Ethiopia was liberated from Italian troops. To demonstrate how crucial it was, in January many military planners assumed that Britain would follow France to defeat before the year was out. By the end of December, even Axis strategists were quietly acknowledging that the war was all but lost for Germany, Italy, and Japan. This book contains a concise telling of the rapid-fire events that led to this stunning turnabout in the exact order in which they occurred.In this short read one hour book, you will know everything you need to know about what happened in 1941 during World War II.Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited!Scroll back up and click the Buy Now button located on the right side of this page.

Thomas Paine Timeline: A Short Timeline of Thomas Paine (Timelines Book 2)

This is a short timeline of Thomas Paine.

#MeToo: Essays About How and Why This Happened, What It Means and How to Make Sure It Never Happens Again

#MeToo: Essays About How and Why This Happened, What It Means and How To Make Sure It Never Happens AgainMore than 16 million people had posted their #MeToo story and support against sexual harassment by mid-October as a reaction to Rose McGowan’s brave admission that she had allegedly been raped by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. A groundswell of reaction to and exposure of this sexual predation was unleashed that has spread throughout Europe and beyond. New revelations of unacceptable behavior in every industry break every day as people come forward in response to the viral #MeToo posts. Protests are scheduled such as the “Take back the Workplace” Hollywood march in November of 2017, and legislation is being drafted in New York and California to finally change the way things have been for far too long.This is the turning point. Things are going to change.This is a historic moment and it needs to be memorialized, passed around and passed on. Although social media is a fantastic means of igniting a fire, it needs to keep burning, like a torch.So Riverdale Avenue Books, a woman-owned leading hybrid publisher, is putting its money, words and power, behind this and publishing this collection of 26 essays from people who understand want to make this change, and we, as a society, have got to figure out a way to drive that change forward.So pass this book around. Share it with your sons, brothers, fathers, your daughters, sisters and mothers, your co-workers and friends. Read passages to them, if they won’t read it for themselves. Leave it on the desk of someone who should know better. Help us make this movement more than a hashtag.

Sheila O'Flanagan Invites You In (An e-short)

Sheila O'Flanagan has captivated millions of readers with novels like SUDDENLY SINGLE, IF YOU WERE ME and THINGS WE NEVER SAY, and in this delightful ebook she invites us in for a glimpse of her world...Pop over with a cup of tea (or a glass of wine!) and share all the exciting, scary (and slightly nutty) moments of life as a writer.Includes:IT'S NOT HOW YOU IMAGINE IT - A WRITER'S LIFEFAMILY PARTIES - AND HOW TO SURVIVE THEMA Q&A WITH THE AUTHORA SHORT STORYAnd the very special first chapter of MY MOTHER'S SECRETNOT A NOVEL - more a really good gossip!

Jill Mansell's A-Z Of Happiness (An e-short)

In this delightful ebook, Jill Mansell gives readers an exclusive glimpse of her life as a writer. Newly updated with exclusive extra material! Find out what's IN JILL'S HANDBAG, enjoy A DINNER DATE WITH JILL and get to know Jill in a QUICKFIRE Q & A.This updated ebook also includes a sneak peek at Jill's new novel for January 2017, MEET ME AT BEACHCOMBER BAY.And as in the original A-Z OF HAPPINESS, there's a bear (not a real one), lit up by fairy lights, with zillions of happy endings buzzing around, eating Chinese takeaway for breakfast, getting up late and tweeting A LOT. Oh, and there's been an explosion in the glitter factory!Recommended for all with withdrawal symptoms from YOU AND ME, ALWAYS, and anticipation disorder for MEET ME AT BEACHCOMBER BAY.NOT A NOVEL - but a little happiness fix.

Soaring Higher: One Mana??s True Story of the Faithfulness of God in a Life of Travel and Adventure around the World

Dr. Philip Eyster has been in Christian ministry since 1976. He made his first international trip in 1981, and since then, has ministered in over 40 countries around the world. In addition to bringing humanitarian aid and disaster relief to many places around the globe, he has brought the gospel to jungle villages, desert tribes, schools, factories, hospitals, AIDS clinics, leper colonies, open-air markets, and countless transportation hubs. All this has resulted in some alarming, hilarious, dangerous, and sensitive cross-cultural situations. His life is a witness to the provision, protection, and faithfulness of God. Over the years they have given a clear gospel witness along with food, water, sanctuary, medicine, eye glasses, and training to hundreds of thousands of people. Dr. Eyster is the founder and president of Eagle Projects International, and along with their partners, they have rescued hundreds of girls from sex trafficking, supplied doctors to the uncared for, and planted churches in the remotest areas of the world. In this book, he tells a story that began in 1963 and continues through the present with tales of humor, tears, dangers, and miracles.About the AuthorDr. Philip C. Eyster, B.A. (Gordon College); M.Div. (Western Seminary); D. Min. (Mid-America Seminary); Founder and President of Eagle Projects International, Maine, USA. EPI has worked on six continents in over 40 countries bringing aid, education, and the Gospel since 1989. He and his wife Marcia have seven children and a bunch of grandchildren. They make their home in the North Woods of Maine, USA.

26 Reasons to Run: Inspirational Running Stories from Women Like You

I wouldn't go to my husband's Christmas party because I had nothing to wear that fitted me and refused to buy anything. I vowed that night that I would shift the excess weight. It was shortly after this that I read Run Fat B!tch Run - and it has changed my life around completely. Now five-and-a-half stone lighter I am now training to compete in The Dublin Marathon in October of this year. Are you suffering from Motivation Meltdown? Have your well-worn-in trainers lain dormant for a few months, or are you simply looking for that first push to get up, lace up and RUN?Then look no further, for here are the stories from 26 women who have been exactly where you are (on the sofa, right?) and fought back . . . with a little help from The Grit Doctor. Their stories are all here to give you a Motivation Marathon every time you're tempted to give up and give in to the takeaway menu. Funny, moving and incredibly inspiring, each of these women found their own reasons to get running and beat the bulge and so can you.

A Stolen Childhood: Part 1 of 3: A dark past, a terrible secret, a girl without a future

A Stolen Childhood can either be read as a full-length eBook or in 3 serialised eBook-only parts.This is PART 1 of 3.You can read Part 1 two weeks ahead of release of the full-length eBook and paperback.Bestselling author and teacher Casey Watson shares the horrifying true story of Kiera Bentley, a 12-year-old girl with a deeply shocking secret she’s too young to even understand.When Casey first meets Kiera, a small slight girl who’s just lashed out at a fellow pupil in assembly, she immediately senses something’s wrong. Something in Kiera’s eyes alerts Casey that this is an “old head on young shoulders”, and with Kiera’s constant tiredness and self-soothing habit of pulling her hair out, she follows her instinct and takes Kiera under her wing.At first the answer seems simple enough; Kiera’s parents aren’t together and they don’t get on, which makes life hard for Kiera as she’s so close to her dad. But as the weeks roll on, Casey begins to understand that there’s something much darker going on behind closed doors. And when she finally learns the truth, she’s terrified she won’t be able to save Kiera from it.

A Dark Secret: Part 1 of 3

Part 1 of 3Just when Casey thinks her foster care duties are done, she’s asked to look after Sam, a troubled nine-year-old with a violent streak who drove his previous guardians to release him of their care. It soon unfolds, however, that this is no simple case.Determined to get to the root of Sam’s behaviour, Casey is committed to uncover his mysterious past only to find out something far darker than she ever imagined…Having recently said goodbye to their last foster child, Miller, the Watson family are taking a bit of a break. But it’s while Casey is having fun catching up with her friends that she receives a call from her new link worker. Social services are desperately trying to find a settled home for nine-year-old Sam, who has Autism and some serious behavioural problems.Removed from his mother less than a week ago, Sam has been staying with respite carers. But with two young children of their own, they now find themselves unable to hold on to the little boy as he is bullying them relentlessly. It’s not an isolated situation, either. Apparently Sam’s own siblings begged not to be placed with their older brother – they were both adamant that they were too afraid of him.The Watsons agree to accommodate Sam, who, despite his tiny stature, turns out to be quite the whirlwind – destroying anything and everything in his path. In addition to the outward behaviours, it quickly becomes evident that there is a much darker past that has blighted the boy’s life. As Casey tries to get to the bottom of it, she discovers there are no files on Sam; only the testament of his previous neighbour. Thankfully, Mrs Gallagher is only too happy to help. And to talk. But it soon transpires that there is a great deal more to Sam’s secret history…

The Reformers: Biographical Sketches of Twelve of the Greatest Men in the History of the Church

Welcome to The Reformers! This is a short book that I believe will be immensely helpful to Christians who desire to gain a glimpse into the lives of some of the most profound and godly men in the history of the Church. These small bios were written over the course of a few years by different authors who wanted to share their insights into some of the men who have been used of God to shape the history and doctrines of the Church.

Franz Kafka: The Necessity of Form

In Stanley Corngold’s view, the themes and strategies of Kafka’s fiction are generated by a tension between his concern for writing and his growing sense of its arbitrary character. Analyzing Kafka’s work in light of "the necessity of form," which is also a merely formal necessity, Corngold uncovers the fundamental paradox of Kafka’s art and life. The first section of the book shows how Kafka’s rhetoric may be understood as the daring project of a man compelled to live his life as literature. In the central part of the book, Corngold reflects on the place of Kafka within the modern tradition, discussing such influential precursors of Cervantes, Flaubert, and Nietzsche, whose works display a comparable narrative disruption. Kafka’s distinctive narrative strategies, Corngold points out, demand interpretation at the same time they resist it. Critics of Kafka, he says, must be aware that their approaches are guided by the principles that Kafka’s fiction identifies, dramatizes, and rejects.

Betrayed: Part 1 of 3: The heartbreaking true story of a struggle to escape a cruel life defined by family honour

Betrayed can either be read as a full-length eBook or in 3 serialised eBook-only parts.This is PART 1 of 3.You can read Part 1 two weeks ahead of release of the full-length eBook and paperback.In the much-anticipated follow-up to Sunday Times bestseller Trapped, foster carer Rosie Lewis tells the heartbreaking true story of 13-year-old Zadie.When the young teenage girl runs away and is discovered hiding on the city streets by the police, it is clear that all is not as it should be.Taught to believe that Westerners should not be trusted, when Zadie is initially delivered into the experienced hands of foster carer Rosie she is polite and well-behaved, but understandably suspicious of the family around her. Through Rosie’s support and understanding, gradually Zadie begins to settle into her new surroundings, but loyalty to her relatives, and fear of bringing shame on those around her, prevents her from confessing the horrifying truth about her troubled past.When the shocking truth finally emerges, Rosie and her family can hardly believe that Zadie had managed to keep the shocking secrets to herself for so long.

Terrace Heroes: The Life and Times of the 1930s Professional Footballer (Sport in the Global Society)

The 1930s saw the birth of the football idol - prototype for today's powerful media sport stars. The players of the 1930s were the first generation of professionals, yet until recently the life and careers of footballers of this generation has been little studied. In 1930s Britain, football became increasingly commercialized, and the rise and development of both local and national media enabled players to become widely recognized outside of their immediate local context for the first time. Tracing the origins, playing careers and 'afterlives' of several First Division players of the era, Graham Kelly's revealing history explores the reality of living in Britain between the wars and draws interesting comparisons with lives of the modern football hero today.

What Can a President Really Do?: A Good Answer to a Good Question (Who HQ Presents)

Direct from Who HQ, the team that brings you the New York Times Best-Selling Who Was? biography series, comes Who HQ Presents. These short illustrated e-Books provide quick, simple answers to the important questions being asked today about politics, social issues, the environment, and more!

How much power does a US president really have? Wonder no more: Who HQ Presents the answers to what presidents can do on their own, how the three branches of government hold one another in check, and what executive orders presidents have signed in the past.

The Sue Kim Story: The Authorized Biography

Sue Kim’s story is one of tragedy, imagination, luck, perseverance and the hand of God as she went from a life of wealth and privilege to displaced refugee, immigrant then super stardom as the first wave of Korean’s in American. Along the way, Sue broke racial barriers on every major stage in America, from New York to Los Angeles, pitched the first baseball at a MLB opener, was feted by Elvis, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, but ultimately met and married a New Yorker, who became the longest running casino boss in America. Together, they reigned over Las Vegas at the height of its glamour, eventually having children and conquering the demons that come with decades of stardom. Sue’s story is truly the greatest American story never told.SJ Choi, Producer, the Dimo Kim Musical Theatre Company, Broadway"I have always been fascinated by the untold stories of Asian entertainers who overcame difficulties and cultural differences to make their name in Hollywood - e.g. Anna May Wong, Sessue Hayakawa, Johnny Yune, Philip Ahn, etc. Despite the fact the Kim Sisters were the first and the most successful Korean singers to ever perform in the U. S., over the years they have mostly been forgotten by Americans and Koreans alike, and I always wanted to learn more about them. I'm deeply impressed by not only the wonderful storytelling of this book but also the comprehensiveness of the material. Most of the details in the book were unavailable through any other sources I could find in either Korean or English An eye opening read." Chuck Pryor, Producer, the Joel Osteen Show"The best movies... like the best books... and frankly, the best life comes from real, true, stories. These real, true, stories include everything from joy, heartbreak, tension, sadness, exuberance, conflict, impossible odds, defeat, overcoming, and a plethora of ups and down that can only be matched by the worlds most raucous roller coaster ride... it thrills you, it terrifies you, and at times you think it's going to kill you. That's real life... that's Sue Kim's real life.I recently had the privilege of meeting her and her family... She is as kind as she is beautiful and I loved meeting her. Her husband gave me a copy of this book and I was captivated. Sarah Gerdes does a masterful job of telling The Sue Kim story, with all the ups, downs, heartache, joy, and everything in between do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. It truly is the greatest story NEVER told... until now."Lucas’ Foster, Producer, Warp FilmImagine a 12-year-old having the sense to sing, sell bottles on the black market, and keep her family alive. She was the start of the Korean community in the United States, which but this story is far bigger than that. Sue’s story is an incredible love story, of overcoming adversity against all odds, and one of sacrifice and perseverance. It’s time that the rest of the country learned about her amazing contribution to music and to America and Sarah Gerdes does an excellent job capturing it all.It truly is the greatest story NEVER told.

Twelve Years a Slave (AmazonClassics Edition)

Born into “the blessings of liberty in a free State,” Solomon Northup was kidnapped and sold into slavery in the Bayou Boeuf region of Louisiana’s Red River Valley. Twelve Years a Slave is the chronicle of his captivity at the mercy of sadistic plantation owner Edwin Epps, who tested Northup’s tenacity and self-control under the most brutal conditions. Until fate brought a Canadian abolitionist to Epps’s farm, Northup thought he would never draw another free breath.To this day Northup’s harrowing memoir is recognized as the most reliable, accurate eyewitness account of the daily lives of slaves. As a significant historical reference, it is unsurpassed. As an authentic narrative of a man starved of his freedom, it is unforgettable.AmazonClassics brings you timeless works from iconic authors. Ideal for anyone who wants to read a great work for the first time or revisit an old favorite, these new editions open the door to the stories and ideas that have shaped our world.Revised edition: Previously published as Twelve Years a Slave, this edition of Twelve Years a Slave (AmazonClassics Edition) includes editorial revisions.

75 Things You Should Know About Working in a Call Center: A Fun Look at Life on the Phones

This book is an in-depth look at what it is like to work on the phones in a call center. Fun, revealing and at times, shocking. Marsha tells it like it is to work 8 hours a day with headsets glued to your head.

Behind the Scenes or, Thirty years a slave, and Four Years in the White House

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

The Life of Walt Whitman in His Own Words: Memoirs & Letters of Walt Whitman

Specimen Days is a series of diary entries about Whitman's life, from his boyhood days at Rockaway Beach, to his nursing days in Washington D.C during the Civil War, and finally to his time in Camden New Jersey. His account of the Civil War Hospitals is painful to read, but his kindness and ministrations to the wounded soldiers (writing them letters home and giving them horehound candy) are really touching. He estimated that visited between 80,000 and 100,000 young men. My great grandfather was in one of those hospitals, so I like to think that Walt stopped by to give him some candy and talk. After the war, Whitman came down with an illness and was partially paralyzed. He moved to Camden and spent his afternoons outside in nature. He attributes his rebound in health to this time and wrote many essays about the outdoors and the nature around him.

BISMARCK: Biography: The Fascinating Life of the Most Influential German Chancellor a?? Illustrated Edition

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Bismarck is the best-known work of Johann George Ludwig Hesekiel. This book is the most thorough biography of the first Chancellor of the German Empire and one of the greatest politicians of 19th century, the famous "Iron Chancellor".

Some Wore Blue & Some Wore Gray

With the 150th Anniversary of the Battle at Gettysburg and the Siege of Vicksburg, New York Times Best Selling Author, Heather Graham, is revisiting one of her favorite time periods - The American Civil War. This time, however, she has compiled biographies of some of her favorite real-life characters of the period. We hope you'll enjoy her gift to you in SOME WORE BLUE & SOME WORE GRAY. And feel free to comment in the review section if there are people you would be interested in reading about from the Civil War. Ms. Graham sees this as a living, growing document and is certain to add to it as time goes by. Enjoy!And then when you want to see where all this love of history took her, check out her three Bantam novels ONE WORE BLUE, ONE WORE GRAY, and AND ONE RODE WEST.

Middlebrow Modernism: Brittena??s Operas and the Great Divide (California Studies in 20th-Century Music Book 24)

A free ebook version of this title is available through Luminos, University of California Press’s Open Access publishing program. Visit to learn more. Situated at the intersections of twentieth-century music history, historiography, and aesthetics, Middlebrow Modernism uses Benjamin Britten’s operas to illustrate the ways in which composers, critics, and audiences mediated the “great divide” between modernism and mass culture. Reviving mid-century discussions of the middlebrow, Christopher Chowrimootoo demonstrates how Britten’s works allowed audiences to have their modernist cake and eat it: to revel in the pleasures of consonance, lyricism, and theatrical spectacle even while enjoying the prestige that came from rejecting them. By focusing on moments when reigning aesthetic oppositions and hierarchies threatened to collapse, this study offers a powerful model for recovering shades of grey in the traditionally black-and-white historiographies of twentieth-century music.

Joyce: The Return of the Repressed (Contestations)

Did James Joyce, that icon of modernity, spearhead the dismantling of the Cartesian subject? Or was he a supreme example of a modern man forever divided and never fully known to himself? This volume reads the dialogue of contradictory cultural voices in Joyce’s works—revolutionary and reactionary, critical and subject to critique, marginal and central. It includes ten essays that identify repressed elements in Joyce’s writings and examine how psychic and cultural repressions persistently surface in his texts. Contributors include Joseph A. Boone, Marilyn L. Brownstein, Jay Clayton, Laura Doyle, Susan Stanford Friedman, Christine Froula, Ellen Carol Jones, Alberto Moreirias, Richard Pearce, and Robert Spoo.

Obsessed by a Dream: The Physicist Rolf WiderA,e a?? a Giant in the History of Accelerators (Springer Biographies)

This Open Access biography chronicles the life and achievements of the Norwegian engineer and physicist Rolf Widerøe. Readers who meet him in the pages of this book will wonder why he isn't better known. The first of Widerøe's many pioneering contributions in the field of accelerator physics was the betatron, the second, the linear accelerator, both summarized in a 27 page PhD. The betatron revolutionized the fields of cancer treatment through radiation therapy and also nondestructive testing; hospitals worldwide installed Widerøe's machine and today’s modern radiation treatment equipment is based on his inventions. The most recent renaissance of the linac provides unprecedented x-ray intensities at Free Electron Laser (FEL) facilities in operation and construction worldwide. .Widerøe’s story also includes a fair share of drama, particularly during World War II when both Germans and the Allies vied for his collaboration. Widerøe held leading positions in multinational industry groups and was one of the consultants for building the world's largest nuclear laboratory, CERN, in Switzerland. He gained over 200 patents, received several honorary doctorates and a number of international awards.The author, a professional writer and maker of TV documentaries, has gained access to hitherto restricted archives in several countries, which provided a wealth of new material and insights, in particular in relation to the war years. She tells here a gripping and illuminating story.

The Essential Ian McHarg: Writings on Design and Nature

The Essential Ian McHarg brings together a series of short essays that reveal the full range of Ian McHarg's thoughts on design and nature. Adapted from the comprehensive book of his work, To Heal the Earth, these carefully selected essays provide an ideal reader for undergraduate and graduate students in planning and landscape architecture.

Cottage Poems

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Writing Self, Writing Empire: Chandar Bhan Brahman and the Cultural World of the Indo-Persian State Secretary (South Asia Across the Disciplines)

A free ebook version of this title is available through Luminos, University of California Press’s new open access publishing program for monographs. Visit to learn more.Writing Self, Writing Empire examines the life, career, and writings of the Mughal state secretary, or munshi, Chandar Bhan “Brahman” (d. c.1670), one of the great Indo-Persian poets and prose stylists of early modern South Asia.  Chandar Bhan’s life spanned the reigns of four different emperors, Akbar (1556-1605), Jahangir (1605-1627), Shah Jahan (1628-1658), and Aurangzeb ‘Alamgir (1658-1707), the last of the “Great Mughals” whose courts dominated the culture and politics of the subcontinent at the height of the empire’s power, territorial reach, and global influence.  As a high-caste Hindu who worked for a series of Muslim monarchs and other officials, forming powerful friendships along the way, Chandar Bhan’s experience bears vivid testimony to the pluralistic atmosphere of the Mughal court, particularly during the reign of Shah Jahan, the celebrated builder of the Taj Mahal.  But his widely circulated and emulated works also touch on a range of topics central to our understanding of the court’s literary, mystical, administrative, and ethical cultures, while his letters and autobiographical writings provide tantalizing examples of early modern Indo-Persian modes of self-fashioning.  Chandar Bhan’s oeuvre is a valuable window onto a crucial, though surprisingly neglected, period of Mughal cultural and political history.

The Anxiety of Freedom: Imagination and Individuality in Locke's Political Thought

The enduring appeal of liberalism lies in its commitment to the idea that human beings have a "natural" potential to live as free and equal individuals. The realization of this potential, however, is not a matter of nature, but requires that people be molded by a complex constellation of political and educational institutions. In this eloquent and provocative book, Uday Singh Mehta investigates in the major writings of John Locke the implications of this tension between individuals and the institutions that mold them. The process of molding, he demonstrates, involves an external conformity and an internal self-restraint that severely limit the scope of individuality.Mehta explores the centrality of the human imagination in Locke’s thought, focusing on his obsession with the potential dangers of the cognitive realm. Underlying Locke’s fears regarding the excesses of the imagination is a political anxiety concerning how to limit their potential effects. In light of Locke’s views on education, Mehta concludes that the promise of liberation at the heart of liberalism is vitiated by its constraints on cognitive and political freedom.

Creating the Empress: Politics and Poetry in the Age of Catherine II (Ars Rossica)

In Creating the Empress, Vera Proskurina examines the interaction between power and poetry in creating the imperial image of Catherine the Great, providing a detailed analysis of a wide range of Russian literary works from this period, particularly the main Classical myths associated with Catherine (Amazon, Astraea, Pallas Athena, Felicitas, Fortune, etc.), as well as how these Classical subjects affirmed imperial ideology and the monarch’s power. Each chapter of the book revolves around the major events of Catherine’s reign (and some major literary works) that give a broad framework to discuss the evolution of important recurring motifs and images.

Do you Dare?

Michelle has always wondered what it would be like to sleep with another woman, but has been too shy to suggest it to her boyfriends. But when Michelle's new man starts talking dirty to her, she can't resist suggesting they turn their fantasy into reality. But how will her dreams of a threesome translate when played out in stark reality?This special free ebook, by international sex expert Tracey Cox, is just one example of what women dream about - and what happens when they dare to take what existed perfectly in their heads into the reality of their beds. Michelle's fantasy is written in three parts:The fantasy - what she imagined the encounter would beThe decision - the switch to reality to find out why she decided to act out her fantasyThe reality - what actually happened in real life

Transfigured World: Walter Pater's Aesthetic Historicism

Exploring the intricacy and complexity of Walter Pater’s prose, Transfigured World challenges traditional approaches to Pater and shows precise ways in which the form of his prose expresses its content. Carolyn Williams asserts that Pater’s aestheticism and his historicism should be understood as dialectically interrelated critical strategies, inextricable from each other in practice. Williams discusses the explicit and embedded narratives that play a crucial role in Pater’s aesthetic criticism and examines the figures that compose these narratives, including rhetorical tropes, structures of argument such as genealogy, and historical or fictional personae.

Being SAGE: 50th Anniversary Edition

Over drinks with her favorite professor and her future husband, a 25-year-old Sara Miller founded one of the most influential academic publishing houses on the planet. This career-spanning autobiography follows Sara Miller McCune and the company that emerged from that cocktail hour, SAGE Publishing. Read along as over 50 years SAGE grows from publishing a single journal promoted by direct mail (from a list provided by Daniel Patrick Moynihan) into a globe-spanning and proudly independent company with a core belief that engaged scholarship lies at the heart of any healthy society.

While the book is an excellent source for those interested in publishing, education (especially the rise of social science in the post-war academy), and entrepreneurship, perhaps its most powerful impact is as an inspiring tale for young women anxious to start their own business and chart an independent course in life.

This book is only available in e-book format.

The Greek Philosophers (Vol.1&2): Complete Edition

The Greek Philosophers in two volumes is a work by British agnostic A. W. Benn. It represents a history of Greek philosophy in ancient times, along with the reference to the influence that ancient thought had on the development of modern philosophy. Stretching from early Greek thought to Neo-Platonism, the survey covers the works of Greek Humanist, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, The Stoics, Epicurus, The Sceptics and Eclectics, Plotinus and more.

Struggles & Triumphs: A Memoir

Struggles and Triumphs is the autobiography of P. T. Barnum, famous American businessman and showman. Covering the period of around half a century, the autobiography tells about how he found success selling sights to the American and European public. He was successful because he watched for an opportunity to sell things, and then used the power of marketing and advertising to make sure that everybody wanted to see his attractions. Barnum shares many fascinating episodes in the process of making money and building great fortune, by arranging circus shows, concerts, theatrical performances and similar events, then losing it all through frauds and hoaxes, only to start again and succeeds even more.

corporate [g]ripping stories: mamma, che impresa!

This publication is part of the Mamma, che impresa! project, a workshop that promotes corporate culture, founded on the initiative of Rancilio Cube and open to collaborations and synergies.The stories of nine bright business case-histories, narrated, together with professional writers, by those who have founded them and lead them, and the stories that won a national essay contest for students from Italian schools, called to bring youths closer to the idea of entrepreneurship and its importance.One of the ten stories by the very young writers acts as a common thread, as it's extraordinarily capable of covering all the key elements of best entrepreneurship.After #librosospeso, dedicated to the incredible story of a young independent bookseller, another confirmation of the parnership between Rancilio Cube and dEste, a publishing house oriented towards innovation and attentive to young audiences, with the further contribution of Feduf Foundation for Economic Financial and Savings Education that has promoted and coordinated the literary prize for schools.

Of fiber and people

In 1999, Shaul Shani and Amos Genish, two fearless businessmen, without any experience in the Brazilian telecommunications market, driven by a great dream but with limited capital, built GVT and took on the industry's large companies. Against all odds, the startup grew to become an important player in an industry dominated by giants, transforming itself from a small undertaking of US$ 54 thousand, into a US$9 billion company that is considered a market reference.In this book, Bruno Fernandes and Chico Barbosa highlight and analyze the events behind GVT's creation. It is a story with all the makings of a corporate thriller, revealing the moments of tension, doubt, and the extreme pressure under which the GVT executives operated as they made their way to the top of the industry.From the start, Shani and Genish faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles, such as investors' skepticism and aversion to new technology businesses, and delays in the company's IPO (Initial Public Offering). Moreover, as the company and market evolved, they had to tackle diverse management issues, expand operations to new regions and launch new businesses. Each milestone the company reached was a stepping stone in building a culture based on fiber and people. By investing in new technologies as well as in its employees, the company built a highly motivated team, able to communicate with customers in a transparent way, delivering consistent results.GVT started a new cycle when it was acquired by Telefónica in a competitive and unprecedented deal that became the biggest foreign investment in a Brazilian asset since 1980, at US$ 9 billion."GVT's strength lies in the originality of its business model, as well as its technological model." – Jean-Bernard Lévy, former CEO, Vivendi"GVT has an incredible story, leveraging its latest generation network and technology with a DNA that is highly focused on innovation." – Marco Patuano, former CEO, Telecom Italia

The Story of Prophet Adam In Islam

Prophet Adam is believed to have been the first human being and (Prophet) on Earth, in Islam. Adam's role as the father of the human race is looked upon by Muslims with reverence. Muslims also refer to his wife, Hawa (Eve), as the "mother of mankind". Muslims see Prophet Adam as the first Muslim, as the Qur'an states that all the Prophets preached the same faith of Islam (Submission to One God).

The Qur'an and hadith give the same account of the creation of Adam and Eve. Synthesizing the Qur'an with Sunni hadith can produce the following account. According to the Qur'an, when Allah (God) informed the angels that he was going to put a successor on Earth, they questioned whether the human would cause blood shed and damage, but he told them that he knew what they did not. He created Adam from clay and breathed life into him. Hadith add that he was named Adam after the clay he was made out of, or the skin (adim) of the earth. Returning to the Qur'an, when God asked all the angels to prostrate before Adam, they all obeyed, except Iblis (Lucifer). He said, "I am made from fire, when Adam is from clay. I am better than him. I am not going to prostrate before him."

Sunni hadith say that while Adam was sleeping, God took a rib from him and from it he created Eve (Hawa); however, while the creation of Adam and Eve is referred to in the Qur'an, the exact method of creation is not specified. The Qur'an then says that God commanded that Adam and Eve not eat from one tree in the garden of Eden, but Iblis (Lucifer) was able to convince them to taste it. They then began to cover themselves because they now knew that they were naked. For this, God banished Adam and Eve to earth; non-canonical Sunni hadith say that fruits were turned to thorns and pregnancy became dangerous. Non-canonical Sunni hadith also say that Adam and Eve were cast down far apart, so that they had to search for each other and eventually met each other at Mount Arafat.

In Islamic theology, it is not believed that Adam's sin is carried by all of his children. Hadith say that once Prophet Adam was on earth, God taught him how to plant seeds and bake bread. This was to become the way of all of Adam's children, Prophet Adam proceeded to live for about 1000 years.

A Retrospect (Updated Edition): The Story Behind My Zeal for Missions

J. Hudson Taylor is known as a key influencer in modern missions – what is less known but more important is that his “methods” were to trust in the Lord utterly and completely. He chose to forgo financial support from his parents and other well-meaning individuals, but instead waited on the Lord in all things. He even went hungry rather than mentioning needs to those who would gladly have given, so strong was his faith in the Lord as the only true source of all provision.The Lord proved his faithfulness, providing in such a way as to show that the He indeed is good and wants to give good gifts to his children – even more than an earthly father. As a result of J. Hudson Taylor’s faith, countless others caught the vision, and the beginnings of a massive “missionary revival” was born. As you read this man’s recollections of his own life, you will be inspired to trust completely on the only One who is genuinely able to provide, and perchance you will catch a bit of the urgency for lost souls that caused this man to forsake all for the sake of others."China is not to be won for Christ by quiet, ease-loving men and women … The stamp of men and women we need is such as will put Jesus, China, [and] souls first and foremost in everything and at every time—even life itself must be secondary."About the AuthorJ. Hudson Taylor’s father was deeply stirred about the spiritual state of China, and though he was an earnest and successful evangelist at home, his circumstances prevented him from ever going to China. But he was led to pray that if God should give him a son, he might be called and privileged to labor in the vast, needy empire. That prayer was answered when at 21 years of age, J. Hudson Taylor boarded a ship to China. Today, he’s remembered as a pioneer to modern missions, and his initial mission is still going strong, more than 150 years after it began.

Cautionary tales for the modern investor: The seven deadly sins of multi-asset investing

Investing is an activity that's rife with opportunity to fall into bad habits, be led astray or make decisions for the wrong reasons. Being aware of the behavioural traps and temptations that lie in wait for the unwary investor is the first step to avoiding them.

The Seven Deadly Sins were formulated in early Christian teachings to make followers mindful of man's natural vices - lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.

On the following pages, The Seven Deadly Sins are adapted to the world of multi-asset investment, revealing the all-too-common investor tendencies that the authors look to avoid in order to achieve reliable long-term performance.

The Last of the Giants: How Christ Came to the Lumberjacks

In its early years, Duluth was a gold mine for lumber barons. Men were employed as lumberjacks and worked like beasts, only to be tossed aside like used equipment when no longer needed. The grand forests were raped for their prime timber, the balance burned wastefully. The men were coarse and hard, but they had to be to survive. More than any other people that ever lived in our land, these old-time lumberjacks could truthfully say, “No man cared for my soul.”That is, until God sent three men to the great Northwoods of our country ¬– Frank Higgins, John Sornberger, and Al Channer. These men blazed new trails of the Spirit and founded an empire for God. They reached a sector of humanity for which no spiritual work had ever been done before, storming the Northwoods with a consuming passion for Christ. And with that passion, they also brought a heart as big as all outdoors, a love for men that burned like a flame, and a desperate desire to see these men saved.

The Life of Oscar Wilde

This edition presents the biography of the famous Irish writer, poet and dramatist, written by his friend Frank Harris. After writing in different forms throughout the 1880s, Wilde became one of London's most popular playwrights in the early 1890s. Today he is remembered for his epigrams, his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, his plays and poetry, and the circumstances of his imprisonment and early death. Wilde is a central figure in aesthetic writing. His controversial, open lifestyle was the reason he was charged and eventually convicted for the crime of sodomy.

Howell Harris: His Own Story

Howell Harris was brought up to regard the Nonconformists as "a perverted and dangerously erroneous set of people." Hardly a promising start for a man who was to play a major role in the Welsh Revival. Yet in these extracts from his writings and diaries we can read the thoughts of Howell Harris before, during and after his own conversion. We can see God breaking through the barriers separating "church and chapel", and discover Christians of different denominations preparing the country for revival. Wesley, Whitefield, Harris. These great 18th century preachers worked both independently and together to preach the Living Gospel. This book is a vivid first-hand account of the joys, hardships and struggles of one of these men -- Howell Harris.

Edison, His Life and Inventions

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James Cutbush An American Chemist, 1788-1823

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Mohammad Ali: Life of the Greatest Boxer and Legend from Beginning to End (Greatest Athletes of All Time)

Mohammad Ali was one of the greatest boxers of all time. Discover his life and legacy from beginning to end in this one-hour short-read biography.Muhammad Ali was a man who lived a life full of challenges, setbacks, perseverance—and victory. He started out a poor boy from Kentucky by the name of Cassius Clay, and ended up a world heavyweight champion known around the globe as Muhammad Ali. It’s only been a few years since his passing in 2016, yet still so much of this hero’s song remains unsung.Here in this book we seek to pull back the hype and hyperbole to bring you the unvarnished true-life story of a man who was a champion both inside and outside of the ring.Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Bonus material included!Scroll back up and click the Buy Now button located on the right side of this page.

Carlo Acutis, the Servant of God: Life beyond the Border

In the face of death, the hope of every man is put to the test. When one is dealing with the illness and death of a young boy, one seems to oscillate on the edge of incomprehensibility. Yet there are testimonies that enter the darkness of the mind like a ray of light and warm the hearts of those who have ceased to hope. The life of Carlo Acutis is one of these rays of light. Indeed, it was the light of a lightning bolt on a summer's night that overcame the darkness of fear and meaninglessness and permitted us to see what there truly is beyond the night of life.

The Life of Horatio Lord Nelson

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This Time Next Year We'll Be Laughing Sample

An ebook-only sneak peek of New York Times bestselling Maisie Dobbs author Jaqueline Winspear's memoir, This Time Next Year We'll Be Laughing (on sale November 10, 2020). Features an excerpt from the book and an interview with the author.   The New York Times bestselling author of the Maisie Dobbs series offers a deeply personal memoir of her family’s resilience in the face of war and privation.   After sixteen novels, Jacqueline Winspear has taken the bold step of turning to memoir, revealing the hardships and joys of her family history. Both shockingly frank and deftly restrained, her story tackles the difficult, poignant, and fascinating family accounts of her paternal grandfather’s shellshock; her mother’s evacuation from London during the Blitz; her soft-spoken animal-loving father’s torturous assignment to an explosives team during WWII; her parents’ years living with Romany Gypsies; and Winspear’s own childhood picking hops and fruit on farms in rural Kent, capturing her ties to the land and her dream of being a writer at its very inception.   An eye-opening and heartfelt portrayal of a post-War England we rarely see, This Time Next Year We’ll Be Laughing chronicles a childhood in the English countryside, of working class indomitability and family secrets, of artistic inspiration and the price of memory.

The Art of Backscratching in Chicago: Driving with Ed McElroy (Chicago Shorts)

“Ed McElroy, clear of eye, sound of mind, and eighty-three years of age . . . guides his black Cadillac down Halsted Street.” So begins longtime Chicago journalist Neil Steinberg’s nuanced homage to Ed McElroy: an old-school, behind-the-scenes backscratcher who has driven the rich, powerful, and well-connected around the city, doing favors and calling them in, for decades. Helping a young Steinberg understand the city, McElroy and his take on how a Mayor’s son gets to be Mayor and how a wily up-and-comer marries the daughter of a powerful alderman and later becomes governor would enthrall even the most seasoned Chicagoan. In this drive around town and through time, Steinberg ultimately serves up audacious and funny anecdotes about how it helps to stay connected, to know a guy, and to help people out when you can.

How I Became a Christian: Reading from Genesis to Revelation

Dr Timothy Sng describes his journey of faith in seeking God, three decades ago. As he opened his heart to search, to meditate in his own quiet time, look for a good teacher, to study the Scriptures, from various Holy Books of the major religions. He began with the Holy Bible, praying to God Almighty, calling unto God by Name. Beginning with the Book of Genesis, he read "In the Beginning, God made the Heavens and the Earth....". This journey took him almost six months, arriving at the end of the Old Testament. He then began on the New Testament....... Read how Dr Timothy Sng became a Christian, and found his faith in God, through Jesus Christ as Savior.

Lee Kuan Yew: The Unofficial Biography

This is the biography of the great Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, whom Mr Obama has mentioned to be one of the greatest men in the 20th and 21st century.Mr Lee was nominated as among the top 100 people in Time 100 that affect the world.In this short unofficial biography, you will get to know the intelligence, thoughts, wisdom and character of a great leader.Do check out Book 2... Lee Kuan Yew : Inspiring Life Changing Habits of LKY. Just model after some of his successful habits and see how you can improve your life too!

Anglo-Saxon Literature

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The Life of St. Thomas Aquinas: The Biography and the Influence

Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) was an Italian Dominican friar and Catholic priest. He was an immensely influential philosopher, theologian, and jurist in the tradition of scholasticism. In Chesterton's portrayal Saint Thomas is mysterious man who was born in rich family, but despite that, decided to live a humble life of a friar. Because Thomas was quiet and didn't speak much, some of his fellow students thought he was slow and called him the dumb ox, but he was a man of rare brilliance who started a revolution in Christian thought. He was given a title Doctor of the Church by the Catholic Church for having made significant contribution to theology and doctrine through his work.

In the Skin of a Jihadist: Free Sampler: Inside Islamic State’s Recruitment Networks


When Anna Erelle, a young journalist, goes undercover online to discover how today's most ruthless terrorists use social media to recruit disaffected young women like the girls from Bethnal Green, her investigation spins into a harrowing nightmare.

In this extract, Erelle creates 'Melodie' - a twenty-year-old convert to Islam on Facebook - who is immediately Skyped by a man named Bilel, in Syria. Bilel is the French right-hand man of the most dangerous militant in the world, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Caliph of Islamic State. He offers Melodie a way to fill the boredom in her young life: he cares about her, offers beautiful things, spiritual purpose and, in less an idyllic life. Bilel's seduction is honey-tongued and forceful - and all Melodie must do is join him and ISIS in their Syrian jihad. Every day he gives more detail, telling her how he drives a jeep filled with guns and bottles of the chocolate milk he loves for hundreds of miles on murderous missions of execution. Every night he lures, seduces and manipulates this vulnerable young woman.

A riveting page-turner In the Skin of a Jihadist is a shocking inquiry into how technology is spreading radicalism, the lure of ISIS propaganda, and the factors that motivate young people - including many British teenagers - to join extremist wars in Syria and elsewhere.

Dancing Bare

Dancing Bare is an amusing and unconventional autobiography. Rigby, an impossibly innocent young man, swaps the suffocating confines of middle class New Zealand for love and liberation in nineteen-sixties London and Europe. Revelling in the freedom conferred by anonymity, he becomes an actor, stripper, rent boy, lover, teacher and dedicated traveller through Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, where travellers were uncommon and countries still retained many of the differences that made travelling so interesting. Rigby meets with a wide variety of people, life styles and customs, eventually settling in Paris where the state did not consider his sexuality to be a criminal offence.A moving and amusing story of hope and love, sex and sexuality, theatrical showmanship and artless innocence, laced with a little philosophical speculation as he wanders the world in pursuit of true love.

Scholars, Travellers and Trade: The Pioneer Years of the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden, 1818-1840

Today, the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden is internationally known for its outstanding archaeological collections. Yet its origins lie in an insignificant assortment of artefacts used for study by Leiden University. How did this transformation come about?Ruurd Halbertsma has delved into the archives to show that the appointment of Caspar Reuvens as Professor of Archaeology in 1818 was the crucial turning point. He tells the dramatic story of Reuvens' struggle to establish the museum, with battles against rival scholars, red tape and the Dutch attitude of neglect towards archaeological monuments. This book throws new light on the process of creating a national museum, and the difficulties of convincing society of the value of the past.

Autobiographical Voices: Race, Gender, Self-Portraiture (Reading Women Writing)

Adopting a boldly innovative approach to women’s autobiographical writing, Françoise Lionnet here examines the rhetoric of self-portraiture in works by authors who are bilingual or multilingual or of mixed races or cultures. Autobiographical Voices offers incisive readings of texts by Zora Neale Hurston, Maya Angelou, Marie Cardinal, Maryse Condé, Marie-Thérèse Humbert, Augustine, and Nietzsche.

James Watt

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Ten golden rules of equity investing

A distillation of insights from the world of investing into ten succinct rules - a light-hearted eBook with some serious lessons. A must-read for all investors.

Archivist on a Bicycle: JiA?A- Fiedler

Archivist on a Bicycle is a tribute to Jiří Fiedler, a Czech Protestant, who for most of his life documented extinct Bohemian and Moravian Jewish communities at great danger to himself. His day job was as a children’s book editor; his passion was mapping and archiving the sites of Jewish life in the Czech lands. From the 1970s through 2014, he was an invaluable source for scholars, genealogists, museum curators — anyone in the world interested in Czech Jews. Jiří rarely talked about what he called his “strange hobby,” but viewed it as a decent person’s response to Nazism and Communism. After the Velvet Revolution, he published Jewish Sights in Bohemia and Moravia and more than one hundred scholarly articles and reviews. His electronic encyclopedia of Jewish communities at the Jewish Museum of Prague contains 1,670 entries. The writers, translators, and publisher have honored Fiedler’s spirit by making this collection of essays available “for free.”“Archivist on a Bicycle is a very special work. Jiří Fiedler was the self-commissioned historian of the Czech Jewish community compiling a vast personal archive before such memory was fashionable, before indeed it was acceptable. Essay after essay in this collection describes his mission and his struggle. The result is a rare insight into life in Czechoslovakia under Communist domination and in the post-Communist era. Fiedler was a man of uncompromising integrity, a ‘moral man in an immoral society.’ I read this book with tears and a smile, with growing admiration and unending gratitude.” —Michael Berenbaum, Professor of Jewish Studies and former Director of the Holocaust Research Institute, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum“A remarkable book about a unique person. Jiří Fiedler’s research and photos from a time when nearly no one dared to be openly interested in Jewish topics are an invaluable resource for researchers of Jewish history and culture in this central European region. His murder left ‘a gap impossible to fill or heal’ as Václav Fred Chvátal´s contribution in the book argues. This collection brings together articles from contributors in the Czech Republic, England, Israel and the USA. It is a fascinating source of information not only about about Jiří Fiedler but about Jews and non-Jews devoted to Jewish heritage in Czechoslovakia.” — Kateřina Čapková, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Contemporary History“Conducting research on bygone Jewish sites during socialism was a lonely and dangerous hobby: by remembering Fiedler’s dedication and ethics, Archivist on Bicycle offers a history of postwar Czechoslovakia, Jewish history read against the grain, but also shows, with Havel, the power of the powerless. This lovely, funny, sad book commemorates an eminent scholar of Czech Jewish history.” — Dr. Anna Hájková, University of Warwick“Archivist on a Bicycle is a moving and informative tribute to a scholar and fine human being whose tireless efforts enriched our knowledge about the presence of Jews in the Czech Lands. His research and generous help enabled others to follow.” — Dr. Michael Riff, Director, The Gross Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Ramapo College of New Jersey“Fiedler, who was not Jewish, did his work at considerable risk to his own safety, possibly as a way to oppose the regime and at the same time to restore the now destroyed Jewish communities to their rightful place in Czech society. After the fall of Communism in 1989, he continued to work as a scholar at the Jewish Museum of Prague. In this volume, Helen Epstein and Wilma Iggers have collected essays that present a picture of a meticulous and devoted scholar, a witty and playful man, and a decent and courageous human being, who was brutally murdered in 2014.” — Marsha L. Rozenblit, Harvey M. Meyerhoff Professor of Jewish History, University of Maryland

A Study of Peter

Peter, by no means, comes close to writing near as much of the New Testament as either Paul or Luke. Even John wrote more Books of the Bible than Peter did. But there is just something about Peter, both in his life and in his writings that seems so easy for most people to associate with.In this study, we will be looking closely at Peter, trying to see just what made Peter do and say the things that he did. Hopefully you will find something about Peter that you too can associate with in your own life. But even more so, hopefully you will come close to God through Jesus Christ as you study about the life of Peter.

Steel Valleys: Champions of the Great Commission

Looking for Christian role models for your children? This biography is a great read for 6-14 year olds or the whole family. When Henry and Valetta met, married and began their family, they thought they would spend their lives together, faithfully serving God as He directed. They had no idea that God had great challenges in store that would cause them to live by complete faith and trust in God’s grace.

Tanna Times: Islanders in the World

Anthropologists like to tell other people’s stories but local experts tell them even better.This book introduces the vibrant living culture and fascinating history of Tanna, an island in Vanuatu, Melanesia, through the stories of a dozen interconnected Tanna Islanders. Tracing the past 250 years of island experiences that cross the globe, each of these distinctly extraordinary lives tells larger human narratives of cultural continuity and change. In following Tanna’s times, we find that all of us, even those living on seemingly out-of-the-way Pacific Islands, are firmly linked into the world’s networks. Each chapter opens with a telling life story then contextualizes that biography with pertinent ethnographic explanation and archival research. Since 1774, Tanna Islanders have participated in events that have captured global anthropological and popular attention. These include receiving British explorer James Cook; a nineteenth-century voyage to London; troubled relations with early Christian missionaries; overseas emigration for plantation labor; the innovation of the John Frum Movement, a so-called Melanesian “cargo cult”; service in American military labor corps during the Pacific War; agitation in the 1970s for an independent Vanuatu; urban migration to seek work in Port Vila (Vanuatu’s capital); the international kava business; juggling arranged versus love marriages; and modern dealings with social media and swelling numbers of tourists. Yet, partly as a consequence of their experience abroad, Islanders fiercely protect their cultural identity and continue to maintain resilient bonds with their Tanna homes. Drawing on forty years of fieldwork in Vanuatu, author Lamont Lindstrom offers rich insights into the culture of Tanna. His close relationship with the island’s people is reflected in his choice to feature their voices; he celebrates and recounts their stories here in accessible, engaging prose. An ethnographic case study written for students of anthropology, the author has included a concise list of key sources and essential further readings suggestions at the end of each chapter. Tanna Times complements classroom and scholarly interests in kinship and marriage, economics, politics, religion, history, linguistics, gender and personhood, and social transformation in Melanesia and beyond.

The Sue Monk Kidd Spiritual Sampler: Excerpts from The Dance of the Dissident Daughter, When the Heart Waits, and a Special Letter to Readers from Sue Monk Kidd

The bestselling author's inspiring autobiographical account of personal pain, spiritual awakening, and divine grace."Inspiring. Sue Monk Kidd is a direct literary descendant of Carson McCullers."—Baltimore Sun"Grounded in personal experience and bolstered with classic spiritual disciplines and Scripture, this book offers an alternative to fast-fix spirituality."—Bookstore Journal Blending her own experiences with an intimate grasp of spirituality, Sue Monk Kidd relates the passionate and moving tale of her spiritual crisis, when life seemed to have lost meaning and her longing for a hasty escape from the pain yielded to a discipline of "active waiting."

Auguste Comte (Key Sociologists)

Auguste Comte is widely acknowledged as the founder of the science of sociology and the 'Religion of Humanity'. In this fascinating study, the first major reassessment of Comte’s sociology for many years, Mike Gane draws on recent scholarship and presents a new reading of this remarkable figure. Comte’s contributions to the history and philosophy of science have decisively influenced positive methodologies. He coined the term ‘sociology’ and gave it its first content, and he is renowned for having introduced the sociology of gender and emotion into sociology. What is less well known however, is that Comte contributed to ethics, and indeed coined the word ‘altruism’.  In this important work Gane examines Comte's sociological vision and shows that, because he thought sociology could and should be reflexive, encyclopaedic and utopian, he considered topics such as fetishism, polytheism, fate, love, and the relations between sociology, science, theology and culture.This fascinating account of the birth of sociology is an unprecedented introductory text on Comte. Gane’s work is an essential read for all sociologists and students of the discipline.

Memory Politics in Contemporary Russia: Television, Cinema and the State (Studies in Contemporary Russia)

This book examines the societal dynamics of memory politics in Russia. Since Vladimir Putin became president, the Russian central government has increasingly actively employed cultural memory to claim political legitimacy and discredit all forms of political opposition. The rhetorical use of the past has become a defining characteristic of Russian politics, creating a historical foundation for the regime’s emphasis on a strong state and centralised leadership.Exploring memory politics, this book analyses a wide range of actors, from the central government and the Russian Orthodox Church, to filmmaker and cultural heavyweight Nikita Mikhalkov and radical thinkers such as Aleksandr Dugin. In addition, in view of the steady decline in media freedom since 2000, it critically examines the role of cinema and television in shaping and spreading these narratives. Thus, this book aims to gain a better understanding of the various means through which the Russian government practices its memory politics (e.g., the role of state media) and, on the other hand, to sufficiently value the existence of alternative and critical voices and criticism that existing studies tend to overlook. Contributing to current debates in the field of memory studies and of current affairs in Russia and Eastern Europe, this book will be of interest to scholars working in the fields of Russian Studies, Cultural Memory Studies, Nationalism and National Identity, Political Communication, Film, Television and Media Studies.

Letters from America

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The Problem of Knowledge in Financial Markets

One of the undoubted highlights of the book 'Professional Investor Rules' is the chapter by Paul Jourdan, AAA-rated fund manager and CEO of Amati Global Investors. A highly pellucid and thought-provoking piece, it takes an unflinching look at what it means to be a successful investor engaged in the "living and strangely intelligent organism" of today's financial markets - the importance of self-knowledge, the vital role of history and stories, and the limits of certainty that every investor must come to terms with.

This eBook exclusively reproduces the chapter as a standalone piece. It remains a striking and provocative piece of essential reading for every investor.

The O'Dell File (Kindle Single)

The general public has never heard of Jack O’Dell. But many of those who worked with him in the fifties and sixties consider him the unsung hero of the Black Freedom Movement. Victor Navasky, the longtime editor of The Nation and author of the acclaimed book Kennedy Justice, drawing on secret government files and interviews with O'Dell himself, seeks to correct that historical oversight. O’Dell, at one time a close confidant of Martin Luther King, Jr., was described by J. Edgar Hoover as “the number five Communist in the United States,” cited as a reason for the wiretapping of MLK, and was subsequently forced out of King’s inner circle. In this compassionate and vivid biography, Navasky reveals O’Dell’s unique organizing capacity and brilliant mind, while lamenting what American society, obsessed by the so-called Communist menace, lost by disqualifying him from being an open and visible contributor to the Civil Rights movement.VICTOR S. NAVASKY is the former editor and publisher of The Nation, a former editor at The New York Times Magazine, and founder of Monocle, a "leisurely quarterly of political satire.". He is the author of, among other books, Kennedy Justice, Naming Names, which won a 1982 National Book Award, A Matter of Opinion, which won the George Polk Book Award, and The Art of Controversy: Political Cartoons and Their Enduring Power. He teaches at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where he is the director of the Delacorte Center for Magazine Journalism and chair of the Columbia Journalism Review. He lives in New York.Cover design by Evan Twohy.

Abraham Lincoln

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What Is Islam Faith?

Among the blessings and favors that God has bestowed upon humanity is that He endowed them with an innate ability to recognize and acknowledge His existence. He placed this awareness deep in their hearts as a natural disposition that has not changed since human beings were first created. Furthermore, He reinforced this natural disposition with the signs that he placed in creation that testify to His existence.

However, since it is not possible for human beings to have a detailed knowledge of God except through revelation from Himself, God sent His Messengers to teach the people about their Creator Who they must worship. These Messengers also brought with them the details of how to worship God, because such details cannot be known except by way of revelation. These two fundamentals were the most important things that the Messengers of all the divine revelations brought with them from God.

The ultimate goal of every Divine Message has always been the same: to guide the people to God, to make them aware of Him, and to have them worship Him alone. Each Divine Message came to strengthen this meaning, and the following words were repeated on the tongues of all the Messengers: "Worship God, you have no god other than Him." This message was conveyed to humanity by prophets and messengers which God sent to every nation. All of these messengers came with this same message, the message of Islam.

Reginald McKenna: Financier among Statesmen, 1863a??1916 (British Politics and Society)

Reginald McKenna has never been the subject of scholarly attention. This was partly due to his own preference for appearing at the periphery of events even when ostensibly at the centre, and the absence of a significant collection of private papers. This new book redresses the neglect of this major statesmen and financier partly through the natural advance of historical research, and partly by the discoveries of missing archival material. McKenna's role is now illuminated by his own reflections, and by the correspondence of friends and colleagues, including Asquith, Churchill, Keynes, Baldwin, Bonar Law, MacDonald, and Chamberlain. McKenna's presence at the hub of political life in the first half of the century is now clear: in the radical Liberal governments of 1905–16, where he acted as a lightning conductor for the party; during the war, where he served as the Prime Minister's deputy and the principal voice for restraint in the conduct of the war; and as chairman of the world's largest bank, where until his death in office aged eighty, he prompted progressive policies to deal with the issues of war debt, trade, mass unemployment, and the return to gold.

Nabokov: The Mystery of Literary Structures

Vladimir Nabokov described the literature course he taught at Cornell as "a kind of detective investigation of the mystery of literary structures." Leona Toker here pursues a similar investigation of the enigmatic structures of Nabokov's own fiction. According to Toker, most previous critics stressed either Nabokov’s concern with form or the humanistic side of his works, but rarely if ever the two together. In sensitive and revealing readings of ten novels, Toker demonstrates that the need to reconcile the human element with aesthetic or metaphysical pursuits is a constant theme of Nabokov’s and that the tension between technique and content is itself a key to his fiction. Written with verve and precision, Toker’s book begins with Pnin and follows the circular pattern that is one of her subject’s own favored devices.

Cowmen and Rustlers A Story of the Wyoming Cattle Ranges

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Blue Planet Blues Vol. 1 Hitchhiking the Psychedelic Matrix: The Memoirs of Holly Avila

TRAVEL BACK IN TIME on a journey through the free love '70's... Read what happens when a young woman coming of age turns on, tunes in & drops out of college to join the counter-culture on a quest for freedom and spiritual self-discovery. Hitch a ride with Holly from go-go dancing jobs to hippy communes to anti-war demonstrations with nothing but a backpack, guitar and her thumb. Dive into romantic LSD trips and magical experiences as our heroine explores the edges of existentialism & the irony of love.In this opening volume of the series, based on the journals that Holly kept from 1974 to 1977, we are introduced to her pursuit of freedom after rebelling against her cloistered life & upbringing with a midwestern military family. Through her love affairs, philosophical musings & psychedelic experimentation we are brought on a journey around the continent as a reflection of her internal search for answers. Why have I never felt at home? Why did my mother give me up? Why do I feel incomplete without a lover? Why does the 'real world' seem so unreal to me?Holly Avila is an artist, author & musician who has been writing & performing songs since the 1970s. Her love of folk music led her to Greenwich Village, NYC where she formed the bands NY Frets & later Wheels, playing the tri-state country-bluegrass-blues circuit for 12 years. In 1986, Variety wrote, "The city came through vividly in the lyrics, but her deep-rooted singing was pure country like maple syrup poured over a stack of flapjacks." Her music found its way to the big screen in 1987 when Wheel's song "Trying Very Hard" appeared in the feature film Kandyland. Holly later joined the Juggernaut String Band in Pennsylvania while raising her children. They performed around the Delaware Water Gap area & appeared on the main stage of the Philly Folk Festival in 2000. She then went on to form her own world fusion project Blue Planet / Planeta Azul to explore her interest in Latin American folk forms, multi-cultural influences & psychedelic rock. Global Rhythm Magazine selected her Cumbia "Querida De Mi Alma" for their November 2006 Global Rhythm on Disc compilation. In 2009 she released her debut album "Mountains Back Home" on all digital streaming platforms, defining Blue Planet's new sound of Pan-American Fusion. In 2011 Holly drove cross-country to Baja California, Mexico where she wrote & recorded her upcoming project “West Coast Bound” EP which is due to be released in fall of 2018.

The Clarion of Syria: A Patriot's Call against the Civil War of 1860

A free ebook version of this title is available through Luminos, University of California Press’s Open Access publishing program. Visit to learn more. When Nafir Suriyya—“The Clarion of Syria”—was penned between September 1860 and April 1861, its author Butrus al-­Bustani, a major figure in the modern Arabic Renaissance, had witnessed his homeland undergo unprecedented violence in what many today consider Lebanon’s first civil war. Written during Ottoman and European investigations into the causes and culprits of the atrocities, The Clarion of Syria is both a commentary on the politics of state intervention and social upheaval, and a set of visions for the future of Syrian society in the wake of conflict.   This translation makes a key historical document accessible for the first time to an English audience. An introduction by the translators sketches the history that led up to the civil strife in Mt. Lebanon, outlines a brief biography of Butrus al-­Bustani, and provides an authoritative overview of the literary style and historiography of Nafir Suriyya. Rereading these pamphlets in the context of today’s political violence, in war-­torn Syria and elsewhere in the Arab world, helps us gain a critical and historical perspective on sectarianism, foreign invasions, conflict resolution, Western interventionism, and nationalist tropes of reconciliation.

The Miracle Mongers, an ExposA(C)

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

A Foreign Affair: Billy Wilder's American Films (Film Europa Book 5)

With six Academy Awards, four entries on the American Film Institute’s list of 100 greatest American movies, and more titles on the National Historic Register of classic films deemed worthy of preservation than any other director, Billy Wilder counts as one of the most accomplished filmmakers ever to work in Hollywood. Yet how American is Billy Wilder, the Jewish émigré from Central Europe? This book underscores this complex issue, unpacking underlying contradictions where previous commentators routinely smoothed them out. Wilder emerges as an artist with roots in sensationalist journalism and the world of entertainment as well as with an awareness of literary culture and the avant-garde, features that lead to productive and often highly original confrontations between high and low.

The Life of John Bunyan

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Friday Night Jam: Sax, Hand Drums, Rock n Roll (Roots jam)

Fresh with discovery of African rhythms, a beginning djembe player tries to fit in with the local jam group, bucking the convention of cover tunes led by frontmen with guitars.On the one hand, he’s emboldened by freedom’s mantra, “It’s all good.” But harmony is not a given, when anxiety and impatience meet ego and status.Leaning on the upbeat and offbeat, a compromise might be struck in the reggae mode, a Third World feel. One way or another, the drop-ins and old hands at the Friday Night Jam have to find a way to get along, and more: to find gold in the moment.Part prose riff recalling Kerouac’s “spontaneous bop” style, and part guidance for would-be jam drummers, this musical memoir by Nowick Gray (creator of and the Roots Jam rhythm collections) warns of the pitfalls and shares the joys of group improvisation.Pick up your copy today by clicking the Buy Now button at the top of this page.

The Nolan Variations: Free Ebook Sampler

**FREE EBOOK SAMPLER***A rare, intimate portrait of Hollywood's reigning 'blockbuster auteur' whose deeply personal billion-dollar movies have established him as the most successful director to come out of the British Isles since Alfred Hitchcock. 'A masterclass . . . brilliant. Immersive, detailed, meticulous, privileged inside-dope.' - Craig Raine More than just the tinkerings of a glass watchmaker, Christopher Nolan's films have an unerring grasp of the way time makes us feel. Time steals people away in his films, and he takes careful note of the theft. Time is Nolan's great antagonist, his lifelong nemesis. He seems almost to take it personally.Written with the full cooperation of Nolan himself, who granted Tom Shone access to never-before-seen photographs, storyboards and sketches, the book is a deep-dive into the director's films, influences, methods and obsessions. Here for the first time is Nolan on his dislocated, transatlantic childhood, how he dreamed up the plot of Inception lying awake one night in his dorm at school, his colour-blindness and its effect on Memento, his obsession with puzzles and optical illusions - and much, much more. Written by one of our most penetrating critics, The Nolan Variations is a landmark study of one of the twenty-first century's most dazzling cinematic artists.

Erika and Klaus Mann in New York: Escape from the Magic Mountain (Chicago Shorts)

This is the riveting tale of two brave nonconformists whose dramatic lives open up new perspectives on the history of the twentieth century. Thomas Mann's two eldest children, Erika and Klaus, were unconventional, rebellious, and fiercely devoted to each other. Empowered by their close bond, they espoused vehemently anti-Nazi views in a Europe swept up in fascism and were openly, even defiantly, gay in an age of secrecy and repression. In 1936, they fled to the United States and chose New York as their new adopted home. From the start, the two were embroiled by the literary and intellectual life, political turmoil, and shifting sexual mores of their times. Andrea Weiss engages their struggles, their friendships (Maurice Wertheim and Annemarie Schwarzenbach, among them), and their liaisons, as the siblings try to adapt to their new lives, all while introducing their work to an American audience for the first time.

Excellent Things in Women: A Memoir of Postcolonial Pakistan (Chicago Shorts)

Sometimes, only the most heartbreaking memories possess the capacity--in their elegiac immediacy--to take our breath away. With Excellent Things in Women, Sara Suleri offers the reader a delicately wrought memoir of life in postcolonial Pakistan. Suleri intertwines the violent history of Pakistan's independence with her own intimate experiences--relating the tumult of growing up female during a time of fierce change in the Middle East in the 1960s and '70s. In the two selections presented here, "Excellent Things in Women" and "Meatless Days," we watch as Suleri re-encounters the relationships that inform her voyage from adolescence to womanhood--with her Welsh mother; her Pakistani father, prominent political journalist Z. A. Suleri; and her tenacious grandmother, Dadi, along with her five siblings--as she comes to terms with the difficulties of growing up and her own complicated passage to the West.

The Chronicles of a Gay Gordon

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

The Missing Link

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Janet Devlin: One Classy Lassie

In 2011, a young lady abruptly and unexpectedly came on to the world music scene after appearing on a well-known talent discovery television program which had been airing for a number of years. The young lady was Miss Janet Maureen Aoife Ne Devlin.All the accounts of Miss Devlin on the show were naturally about her music and her unusually lovely voice. At first she got rave reviews from the judges, the live audience, and the television viewers. She fell out of favor with the judges and reached fifth in the competition. She went home to her little hamlet of Gortin, Ireland – end of story? – not so fast. Four years later Miss Devlin is back on the scene with her first recording album. But the story is not her rise in music; it is about her tenacity and character. You may want to consider her as your child’s role model. You decide.

Strange Pages from Family Papers

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

The Incident at Naples (Chicago Shorts)

Born in Australia, novelist Shirley Hazzard first moved to Naples as a young woman in the 1950s to take up a job with the United Nations. It was the beginning of a long love affair with the city, in which the Naples of Pliny, Gibbon, and Auden constantly became reanimated by new experiences, as Hazzard was joined in her travels by her husband, the editor and critic Francis Steegmuller. In The Incident at Naples, a classic essay first published by the New Yorker, Steegmuller recollects on how he was, as a tourist to the city, robbed and injured and then treated in a series of hospitals. What can The Incident at Naples teach us? A town shadowed by both the symbol and the reality of Vesuvius can never fail to acknowledge the essential precariousness of life—nor, as Hazzard and Steegmuller discover, the human compassion, generosity, and friendship that are necessary to sustain it.

How to Rhyme Vol. 1:The Complete Science of Written Rhyme FUNDAMENTALS

How to Rhyme has made a ground breaking discovery of a perfect science behind writing Rhymes. Contrary to the way other conventional books have taken a poetic approach to teach rhyming, the How to Rhyme series has been the most efficient set of books on the market in allowing novices, creative writers, poets and rappers everywhere discover and benefit in all of the following ways:• It can teach nearly anyone who doesn't know How to Rhyme, how to rhyme. • Teach those who only know how to rhyme on a basic level how to rhyme on a very high level. • Teach anyone who only knows how to rhyme on an intermediate level to understanding how to rhyme on an advanced rhyming level. • Teach anyone who doesn't know how to rap How to Rap.• Teach anyone who only knows how to rap on a basic level how to rap on an intermediate level.• Teach anyone who already knows how to rap on an intermediate level How to Rap on an advanced level.• How to write rhymes on a basic, intermediate, and advanced level without the confusion of complex poetic terminology.• The difference between rhyming like a poet and rhyming like a rapper.• A full proof system that will take the most unskilled beginner to rhyming like William Shakespeare or Eminem even only after the first Volume.•How to Rap• How to write Raps with intricate Rhyme patterns.• How to Rap with rhythm and artistic skill.• How to Rap like any rapper you think REALLY knows How to Rap. • How to taking your skill in writing verses to very high levels.• How to become an amazing lyricist who’s lyrics a far beyond the norm.• How to achieve both quality and quantity by overcoming writers block FOREVER.• How to make yourself become Inspired. • How to write poetry.• How to master all of the areas of writing, which inspired the book. “Poetry how to”, to teach you how to write poetry or rap with perfection.• How to write poetry with rhymes as advanced as rappers.• How to write rap using the writing disciplines seen in “Poetry How To”.• The difference between poetry and rap.• How to make your rhymes flow.• A system which reveals the complete science of writing rhymes. • A system which uses a unique perspective in revealing all of the rhyme schemes and patterns anyone can make by understanding the core rhyming patterns inherent in all rhyming patterns. • A complete Science behind written rhyme which has never been discovered so thoroughly in any other How to Rhyme course. • A step by step system which gives you a gradual progression through all of its levels like any other science is taught.• The MTS learning system which is based on Syllables, Techniques (rhyme patterns distinguished by the number of syllables present) and Methods (specific types of arrangements for the techniques to follow).• You will also get a great background of the progression of how people learned How to rap and How to rhyme from the earlier days up to the present time. • How to rhyme and How to rap with incredible CONTENT. •How to rap and How to rhyme in concise and long form. • How to write rhyme and How to write raps with GREAT ENDINGS! YOU DO NOT NEED A KINDLE TO PURCHASE THIS BOOKLook to the right inside the "Try it Free" box you will see some small words that say "Available on your pc". Click that and download this book to your pc or mac which is better because it is full color and you won't understand it if you are reading it in black and white. USING FULL COLOR VIEWERS IS ADVISED. Full color viewing (by downloading this book to your blackberry, iphone, or any smart phone or the "color" kindle, a PC or Mac) is recommended because this book cannot be understood in black and white.

The Alan's Album Archives Selection Box: Music Arcade

At last, after ten years, nearly 1250 posts, the exhaustion of five laptops and very nearly the author himself, the Alan’s Album Archives website ( is now a bona fide book series. The AAA has been reviewing everything by a select list of thirty acts or artists since its inception in 2008 and we mean everything: all the studio albums analysed in mind-numbing detail (we get upset if a review doesn’t make 7000 words!), every live album, every solo spin-off, rarities albums, box sets, all the important compilation albums, A sides, B sides, EP tracks, all the key books and DVDs, a guide to all the surviving TV clips, the best songs that are still unreleased, landmark concerts, important cover songs, ‘extracts from our website’s ‘top ten’ column looking at topics shared amongst our bands and an essay per book getting to the heart of what makes each of our chosen artists tick. Exclusive to these books compared to the website are three new sections: ‘biographies’ of all the key players, ‘thematic threads’ analysing themes that run through the book and three key influences that inspired the chosen acts to make their music. Everything our chosen golden thirty ever did should be in these books somewhere, from teenage doo-wop recordings to albums only released in Germany to obscure spin-off live albums, all in as close to chronological order as is humanly possible. It’s like a big record – both in terms of recording everything a band ever did and in the fact that we’ve presented it like a ‘record’ with an ‘A’ side and a ‘B’ side. Along the way we seek to ask ‘why?’ an album or song turned out the way it did, as well as the usual questions of ‘Who?’ ‘What?’ ‘When?’ and ‘Where?’ These books aren’t meant to be definitive, they’re not meant to be the final word on the music and they’re not meant to replace the official books – that’s why they’re the Alan’s Album Archives Guides, one fan’s attempt to be the big brother with the record collection you always dreamed of whispering in your ear and saying ‘don’t buy that, buy this!’ One book a month in the series is due to be released between June 2018 and December 2020 in a colourful way designed for use in tablet form (though they can be read in monochrome Kindle format if you tweak your colour settings slightly). Music collecting is a bit like a box of chocolates: you never know if the contents are squashed or melted till you get them home, they can take you to delicious squishy heaven or coffee-crème centered hell and they may well contain nuts. It’s important to try before you buy, so that’s what we’re offering here with a selection of bits and pieces from the Alan’s Album Archives archives so that you can see for yourselves if our brand of lengthy discussion interrupted by the odd joke about the Spice Girls is for you. There’s at least one article from all of our 31 books in here presented in chronological order for you to get a flavour of what we’re all about: lengthy discussions of studio albums with the odd solo album, live album, compilation, archive release, film review, discussion of influences and cover versions, landmark concerts, surviving TV appearances, top ten columns and extracts from our ‘April Fool’s Day’ editions thrown in, plus two mid-book essays because we couldn’t stop ourselves. We’ve topped the lot with a new ‘biographies’ section (dedicated to each band this time, not each band member) and a new introduction that discusses the ‘why?’ for the AAA project rather than the AAA bands. We’re keeping this book dirt cheap (and for certain periods when we’re allowed for free) so if you’ve been worried about forking out money for our other books then this is the one for you!

Inky Gumpel

Inky, a term of endearment given to Neal by his Mother. This story is based on interviews with Screenwriter Neal Gumpel and is told in short story form. It takes us from his funny yet disturbing upbringing in Westchester New York, Catholic School, his life as one of Jehovah's Witness and later his descent into drugs, alcohol, and Hollywood. Inky is also a peek into the crazy fallout victims of sexual abuse face and the effect it has on the victims family and loved ones. Inky is a fun ride despite the dark issues addressed and provides the reader with insight into the awful decisions often made by people who struggle with inner demons. Easy bedtime stories which will leave you laughing and hopefully informed.

Will to win

On the occasion of my father Galdino’s birthday, coinciding―as he jokingly loved to remember―with that of Marlon Brando, Gabel wishes to bring a bit of optimism and positivity into the difficult period that we are all experiencing. Galdino Beltramello was also the founder of our Company, a project that he brought to success after many years of incomparable commitment. Certain that he would’ve both liked and promoted it, we will distribute his biography for free, included in this e-book, during the months of April and May 2020.With this, we hope to preside over the quarantine and forced closure of society while we stay in our homes, making up for the lost time that can instead be found in the companionship of a good read. “Will to Win” tells the story of an intense and adventurous existence, full of trials and tribulations, marked sometimes by discomfort and sometimes by situations of real danger, faced by Galdino during World War II. Thanks to his unwavering willpower, above all else, these moments have came and went, with his successes and satisfactions to follow. They are now brought to life in his work, especially in his family’s life. These episodes remind us what the world is going through, especially in terms of sacrifice and uncertainties for tomorrow. It is a tribute that Gabel wishes to give to those who read it: to instill some of the extraordinary strength of the men and women who preceded us and have brought hope and determination even in the most impervious territories.With a goal to bring help to those who are doing their utmost for the benefit of us all during this period, those who wish can make a donation to the Italian Civil Protection through the IBAN: IT84Z0306905020100000066387.We also would like to make you a part of our latest efforts. During these last few weeks, which have certainly not been easy, we have launched a new digital product, e-poles ( We worked with enthusiasm and ardour so that release was not delayed, in recognition of the importance of the protection of health and of the aid that e-poles will bring in the fight against different pathologies—metabolic, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative—as well as as a tool for improvement in the practice of Nordic Walking. We hope to work even more in the future, bringing its benefit to others.Gianpietro Beltramello

Jeremy Clarkson: Motormouth (Updated To Include His Sacking By The BBC)

After being dramatically fired by the BBC, Jeremy Clarkson has become even more of a national figure than ever. Top Gear is one of the most successful television shows of all time. Each episode pulls in some 350 million viewers in 170 countries. According to the Guinness Book of Records it is the most widely watched factual TV show in the world and the franchise is thought to be worth $1.5 billion.Although there are two other presenters on the show, it is Clarkson who takes the plaudits and fends off the brickbats. He is the star who has built it up from being a minor motoring programme on a minority TV channel to a global phenomenon.On television, Clarkson is larger than life. His secret is simple. Both on air and in his newspaper columns, he says what he thinks – about cars and any other subject under the sun – usually in the most robust fashion imaginable.But who is the real Jeremy Clarkson?Behind the scenes, what makes him tick? 'Motormouth' is a concise, in-depth biography that, like Clarkson himself, pulls no punches. It is not for the faint-hearted. Anyone who reads the Guardian, eats muesli or wears sandals should look away now…"A great biography of a great writer." - Tome Kasey, best-selling author of Trade Off. Nigel Cawthorne is the author of some eighty books - and a major contributor to at least twenty more, including ‘Che Guevara: The Last Conquistador’ and ‘The Empress of South America’. He lives in Bloomsbury, London's literary area. Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent publisher of digital books.

The Murder of Adrianne Reynolds & Other Stories: A Collection of True Crime

The murder of Illinois teenager Adrianne Reynolds made national headlines after she was strangled and dismembered by two of her classmates, Sarah Anne Kolb and Cory Gregory in 2005. Sarah and Cory would take Adrienne's body to Sarah's grandparents' farm where they attempted to burn it to no avail. They would then recruit another friend to help dismember the body after which they would dump it in a historic site. The three then went and ate lunch at McDonald's to celebrate their crime. What would ever possess these teens to commit such a horrific crime?

Narcissistic Fathers: The Problem with being the Son or Daughter of a Narcissistic Parent, and how to fix it. A Guide for Healing and Recovering After Hidden Abuse

Do you think your father  might be toxic?Still struggling from the effects of a narcissistic or psychopathically abusive relationship?Many people do and sadly there is very little information available to be found online or in the written research, or with counsellors and therapists that can help. Narcissistic Victim Syndrome is not officially recognised, nor is it widely even known.Even when it is accepted, recognised and known not many people seem to know what to DO ABOUT IT to heal it… The fact is being in a relationship with a narcissistic mother over a long period of time has long lasting traumatic effects that can be extremely catastrophic to the person suffering them.But First, A Warning:Before we go further, let me make something abundantly clear:This book does not contain a "magic wand" that will bring you instant answers without having to do any work.What I’m about to share with you takes both time and effort and has worked wonders for me and my private clients. And I believe it can help you too.But this only works for those who are willing look deep inside themselves and are committed to finding true happiness.So with that said, let me tell you…As a child:- You felt like you were never good enough- Your father seemed wrapped up in themselves and their life- Your father didn’t seem to care about your feelings- Your father was very controlling and manipulative- You were made to feel bad or wrong if you got upset- Your needs weren’t metAs an adult:- You still feel like you are not good enough- You feel confused, anxious, sad in your relationship with your father- Your father puts you down, and never celebrates your achievements- You sometimes doubt your perception of events, and feel like you are going crazy- You struggle to make decisions and have difficulty trusting your gut instinct or intuition- Your father is very critical, manipulative, controlling and tells  lies- They still don’t seem to care about your feelings or your needs- You feel like you are the one parenting themThis Book is for you if you have been in a toxic relationship with your parent and you just want to make sense of it and make some changes.Maybe you have tried to talk to your father or friends about your relationship, but they don’t understand either and they may even tell you that it couldn’t have been that bad.Maybe you know that your father  treated you badly and unfairly growing up, and you know its affecting you now but you don’t know what to do about it.Sometimes a parent can have a mental health illness like depression, borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, or addictions, which unfortunately would have created a toxic environment for you to grow up in.If so, then you might be feeling really alone and confused, frustrated and unable to see a way out or how things can change.This retreat is NOT meant to be a substitute for clinical intervention including psychotherapy, it is meant to be educational and supportive.I can’t promise you that reading to this book is going to be a “total cure”, but I can promise that if you APPLY YOURSELF DILLIGENTLY, take notes, read and re-read the chapters, follow all instructions to the letter, with a  tenacious resolve to get better you will feel an instant decrease in anxiety within the first 24 hours and should see huge improvements within the first 3 days.This is not hype, this is what my audience commonly reportWhat are you waiting for? Scroll Up, Click on the "Buy Now" button!

Sushant Singh Rajput At IIT: A Motivational speech

A Motivational speech by sushant singh Rajput At IIT

The Motorcycle Killer: The Life of Serial Killer Tiago Henrique Gomes de Rocha (Serial Killers Book 9)

The scariest thing about serial killers is that they are actual people. Tiago Henrique Gomes da Rocha is among Brazil’s most prolific serial killers. This is his story. Look at how far a human can go into the depth of heinous crimes.Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited For Brazil, Tiago Henrique Gomes da Rocha is the monster in the deceptive mask, the handsome man with the suave persona that fooled so many. He is a good-looking young man, 6’4” with brown hair and brown eyes, who is considered a decent person by those who know him. Although he was a quiet child, and he kept to himself even in adulthood, he had all the physical qualities that women find attractive. Unfortunately, this fact undoubtedly helped him become the most murderous serial killer the city of Goiânia, in Brazil, had ever known.As a security guard, he was a man trained and paid to protect people. Yet, by the time he was 29, Gomes da Rocha had murdered some 39 people and committed at least 90 armed robberies. His demeanor and lifestyle aroused no suspicions, and his nightmare rampage lasted four years before he was finally caught.His good looks and unassuming personality were not the only reason he got away with his crimes for so long. His murder victims were random; his modus operandi fluctuated between stabbing, shooting, and choking; and his favored outfit made identifying him difficult. Dressed all in black, wearing a black helmet and riding a black motorcycle with stolen license plates, he easily avoided identification, and he never hinted that he could possibly have a dark side to anyone who knew him. Read on your favorite devices such as Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android cellular phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with Amazon's free reading Kindle App. Scroll back up and click the BUY NOW button at the top right side of this page for an immediate download!

World War II: 1939 (One Hour WW II History Books Book 1)

In this one-hour history book, discover why World War II happened as we uncover the main events that lead to the beginning of the most lethal war of all times.Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Probably no historical period has been discussed and dissected as much as World War II. Yet there is always something new to learn upon closer inspection. Events occurred at lightning speed during the war years, and you almost have to take things on a day-by-day basis to take them all in. That is why this book focuses solely on what transpired from 1938 to 1939.You’ll get a front row seat to the Anschluss—the union of Austria to Germany—the Sudeten Crisis, and the invasion of Poland. From the innuendos of the Reich to the intrigues in British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s cabinet, this book gives you the inside scoop on the lead-up to World War II.Did appeasement really cause it? Could it somehow have been prevented? By taking a close look at the pivotal years of 1938 and 1939, this book endeavors to find the best answers to those often-asked questions. If you need a detailed examination of a much-discussed subject, this book is a great source of little-known material about the road that led to World War II.This book is an easy read in less than an hour, you will know everything you need to know about how World War II started and the important event of 1939. Scroll back up and click the buy Now button located on the right side of the page

A Small Journal of Heroin Addiction: The true story of a Young Man's Journey from Darkness into Light

This book is not only a powerful, hauntingly evocative literary work (prose-poem) based on a true story, but also a potential inspiration to those struggling with heroin and other addictions.The desperate scribblings on scraps of paper and ratty notebooks by 27 year-old Robin Marchesi, a brilliant young English Oxford dropout, ultimately became an epic post-Beat era prose-poem of power and beauty. First, the troubled young man descended into the Orphic underworld of late 20th Century counter-culture (but no Eurydice). He hit his rock bottom in a Spanish Foreign Legion prison in Ceuta, North Africa, where he was held in 1979 after being apprehended in a drug deal gone wrong. After hitting bottom, he came up for light. That is the first (Part I: Los Rosales) of two journals he kept on the fly, mixing poetry and prose in an effusion of powerful feelings and ideas.Twenty years later (1999) by an amazing irony - long free of addiction and sober, and having become a productive, respected member of London's art and literary scene - Robin Marchesi had the opportunity and the duty to fly halfway around the world to rescue a 27 year old London acquaintance who had fallen into a similar drug habit (and danger) in San Francisco's notorious Mission district (which gives Part Two its title in this journal or pair of journals). Together, each of these scribbled journals documents a journey from darkness into light. Los Rosales refers not to the better-known Madrid neighborhood by that name, but to a rose garden tended by prisoners at the harsh Ceuta prison. Throughout this bleak journey you will find tender and refreshing moments of light as in that rose garden. The juxtaposition of dark and light elevates an already accomplished text into a work of heroic and lasting artistic and cultural value."When I laid eyes on the submitted ms in 1999, I immediately recognized not only a fellow poetic talent, but also a heroic, even epic, story of personal self-liberation from the nightmare of drug addiction. The prose-poetry format reminded me of the best of the earlier Beat poets like Alan Ginsberg (Howl, City Lights Press, San Francisco, 1965, intro by William Carlos Williams). It has the look and feel, the smell of rain and fog, the sweat and desperation, the danger and exhilaration, of Jack Kerouac's journeyings at certain points, and the ambience of Gregory Corso and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. The bold mix of poetry and prose also evokes a ghost of James Joyce or T. S. Eliot."John T. Cullen, poet (writing as A. T. Nager, *Postcards to My Soul* and other works), publisher of Clocktower Books.

Can I Have Your Money?

A book from the record setting account opener, one of the elite salesman to ever come out of the now famous Boiler Rooms on Wall Street. He tells about his exploits and experiences after he goes on his own and is unleashed on the general public using the information and techniques that he has learned and mastered. The book is a fascination perspective on selling, being sold and the techniques that get you to say YES when someone asks you … “Can I Have Your Money” … the name of the new captivating and mesmerizing book written by Michael Della Donna


DEATH!We all have to face it and death comes in many varieties. BOOK OF DEATHS looks at the many, many ways people have died over the years. Shocking deaths, funny deaths, ironic deaths, unbelievable deaths and so much more.Split into various chapters with each chapter having multiple sub-chapters and stories covering how and why people have died over the years.Did you know Keith Moon of The Who killed someone or that classic film actor James Stewart was responsible for the deaths of many people? How about how an argument over toilet paper and a sandwich being made too slowly led to murder? Maybe you'd like to know what happened to the man who decided to make his own bungee rope or how a poodle kickstarted a chain of events that left multiple people dead. Did you know about the killer who wanted to recreate the famous Psycho shower scene with an actress from the film... and did. Maybe you want to read about the black treacle that killed at least 21 people and decimated buildings? What do you think is the longest time from death to a body being discovered is, 3 months, 3 years, 30 years... 300 years? Maybe you'd like to read about dozens of deaths at theme parks, including a murder at Disneyland.Celebrity caused deaths, ironic deaths, Darwin deaths, unbelievable deaths, theme park deaths, YouTube deaths...So much more to be found in BOOK OF DEATHS with each and every story being 100% factual, no matter how unbelievable, shocking or stupid they may seem, they really did happen.Buy a copy and read it as soon as you can, because you just never know how or when death is coming.

selling to steve jobs: simple silicon valley lessons learned: secrets to selling intellectual property in the silicon valley

Many people will tell you how to sell like Steve, market like Steve, think like Steve. This book is about how you succeed selling to Steve and your clients. From the frozen streets of Winnipeg, Manitoba selling pork sausage and back bacon to dealing in IP theory with the master, up close and very personal. Never before told anecdotes capture Steve grappling with intellectual property issues which matter to all of us, today more than ever. A fresh perspective on Steve Jobs from a sales perspective from someone who had a relationship few enjoyed. Fresh and original. Simple lessons. A great read for a cross country flight. Optimized for PaperWhite.

Stories from a London a city: Book 4

Stories from London what you read is my memories and family memories

Stories from Paris a city: Book 4

Paris stories from the city of Romantics and Artist this book is my memories and family memories

Little Yellow Magnet

Life can change in an instant. Jamieson learns this the hard way. Waking one morning to find he has little-to-no motor control, Jamieson only wants the world to return to how it had been before. After a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, he thinks his life is over. What he doesn’t know is that it’s only just begun. Trying to navigate through the world in a body he no longer understands, Jamieson must travel through the dark forest of depression while waging a constant battle against himself. Over time, he learns what he’s truly capable of, and what it actually means to be courageous. Follow Jamieson as he loses himself…then discovers who he is really meant to be.

Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century

If you want to learn about one of history’s most fascinating minds and uncover some of his secrets of imagination—secrets that enabled him to invent machines light years ahead of his time and literally bring light to the world—then you want to read this book.Imagination amplifies and colors every other element of genius, and unlocks our potential for understanding and ability. It’s no coincidence that geniuses not only dare to dream of the impossible for their work, but do the same for their lives. They’re audacious enough to think that they’re not just ordinary players. Few stories better illustrate this better than the life of the father of the modern world, a man of legendary imaginative power and wonder: Nikola Tesla.In this book, you’ll be taken on a whirlwind journey through Tesla’s life and work, and not only learn about the successes and mistakes of one of history’s greatest inventors, but also how to look at the world in a different, more imaginative way.Read this book now and learn lessons from Nikola Tesla on why imagination is so vital to awakening your inner genius, and insights into the real “secret” to creativity, as explained by people like Jobs, Picasso, Dali, and Twain.

The Hard Way: A Doctor's Fight Against Addiction, Poverty, and Depression

Jason Ramirez, MD, had a troubled childhood. When Jason’s wife, Melissa, announced that she was pregnant, it all came flooding back. Jason liked children, and his career as a family doctor meant he was good at dealing with the bruised knees and winter colds that childhood brings. He wasn’t sure, however, that he would make a good father. How could he raise a child when he had such a difficult childhood himself? In this inspirational memoir, Jason shows you exactly how he overcame these concerns and went on to have both a successful professional life and an amazing personal one. He takes you from his early years as the son of heroin addicts to his bright career in medicine. The journey wasn’t always easy. The challenges of parental addiction and homelessness weren’t the only obstacles Jason faced. As a young adult, he suffered from depression. His illness led to difficulties both with his home life and with his residency program. Jason got back on his feet, but he didn’t do it alone. As you read Jason’s story, he shows you how the power of love and understanding helped him achieve everything he wanted in his life.

The Diary of Got That Mad Man Job!

“Mad” - “Madison” Avenue. New York’s Madison Avenue is where a cluster of advertising agencies are located. The former dominance is still used as a metaphor for the American advertising industry. This book begins decades ago with a 24-year-old getting in the door with a first job out of college to a Madison Avenue advertising agency. He meets a more mature woman feeling her biological clock ticking. The New York City lifestyle in this era is depicted with an intimate, honest, autobiographical style.

My Dad Killed My Dogs

The questions I put before you. Was a father’s love for his son so strong he went to any lengths to protect him? Or a son desperately needing the love of his father willing to believe anything? Either way, my dogs are dead.This story is one hundred percent true. No events or dates were changed to fit into this. I realize it may seem unbelievable to some, but it’s still true. In fact, this may even leave one wondering whether or not I am crazy and probably should be committed. Well, I may be mad, and I probably should be committed, but that’s for another book. What you are about to read really happened and has left me with an eerie feeling ever since. So much so that I had to once again re-examine that age-old question. Is there’s life after death? For me, that question has finally been answered.

THE BIOGRAPHY OF JAMAL KHASHOGGI AND MURDER REPORT: The untold story about the Murder Report and Quotes of A Good man and a fine Saudi Arabian journalist

BIOGRAPHYWho was Jamal Khashoggi? As a noticeable Saudi columnist, he covered significant stories, including the Soviet intrusion of Afghanistan and the ascent of the late al-Qaeda pioneer Osama Receptacle Loaded, for different Saudi news associations.For quite a long time, the 59-year-old was near the Saudi illustrious family and furthermore filled in as a guide to the public authority.Be that as it may, he become undesirable and went into deliberate outcast in the US in 2017. From that point, he composed a month to month section in the Washington Post in which he scrutinized the strategies of Crown prince Mohammed canister Salman, the child of Lord Salman and Saudi Arabia's true ruler.In his first segment for the Post in September 2017, Khashoggi said he had dreaded being captured in a clear crackdown on dispute managed by the sovereign.Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi (born 1958) is a Saudi journalist, columnist, author and the general manager and editor-in-chief of Al Arab News Channel.He was globally respected for his influences to Al Watan for its becoming a stage for Saudi reformists.Khashoggi was born in Madinah in 1958. He received fundamental and secondary education in Saudi Arabia. He acquired a bachelor's degree in business administration from Indiana State University in 1982.Jamal Khashoggi began his career as a regional manager for Tihama Bookstores from 1983 to 1984. Later, Khashoggi worked as a correspondent for the Saudi Gazette and an assistant manager for Okaz from 1985 to 1987. He continued his career as a reporter for numerous daily and weekly Arab newspapers from 1987 to 1990, including Al Sharq Al Awsat, Al Majalla and Al Muslimoon. He became managing editor and acting editor-in-chief of Al Madina in 1991 and his term continued until 1999.From 1991 to 1999, he was a foreign correspondent countries as Afghanistan, Algeria, Kuwait, Sudan and the Middle East. It is also alleged that he served with both Saudi Intelligence Agency and the United States in Afghanistan during this period. He then was appointed a deputy editor-in-chief of Arab News, the leading English newspaper of Saudi Arabia and aided in the post from 1999 to 2003.Khashoggi became the editor-in-chief of Al Watan for a short period, less than two months, in 2003. Precisely, his term as editor-in-chief lasted for 52 days only. He was fired in May 2003 by the Saudi ministry of information after several commentaries published in the paper about the authoritative power of the religious establishment in Saudi Arabia.After this incident, he went to London in voluntary exile. There he merged with the Al Faisal's team as an adviser. Then, he assisted as a media aide to Prince Turki Al Faisal, while the latter was Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States.In April 2007, Khashoggi began to work as editor-in-chief in Al Watan for a second time. A column by poet Ibrahim al-Almaee stimulating the elementary Salafi premises was published in Al Watan in May 2010. Then, Khashoggi had to resign again on 17 May 2010. Al Watan broadcast that Khashoggi resigned as editor-in-chief "to focus on his personal projects". However, it is thought that he was forced to resign due to official discontentment with articles published in the paper that were precarious of the Kingdom's harsh Islamic rules.After his second resignation from Al Watan in 2010, Khashoggi appointed by Al-Waleed bin Talal as director of the Al Arab News Channel in Bahrain. He was also political commentator for Saudi and international channels, including MBC, BBC, Al Jazeera and Dubai TV.Interviews with Osama bin