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The Scantilly Tales

Scantilly by Curvy Kate and Mills & Boon bring you The Scantilly Tales, seven sinfully seductive short stories to sweep you off your feet and get your heart racing!

The Scantilly Tales was launched as a romantic flash-fiction competition for women wanting to reveal their hidden writing talents and unleash their hidden desires, ultimately deciding how the seventh, and final story, would end...

Don't miss these scintillating short stories, including the winning tale from Danielle Shoebottom!

Plus contributions from bestselling Mills & Boon author Heidi Rice (and an exclusive extract from her new book, So Now You're Back!), Figleaves, Curvy Kate model Lotte and Mills & Boon Senior Executive Editor Joanne Grant.

Textiles in Ghana

With a focus on Ghana, this 4-hour free course explored how textiles can carry a variety of meanings and values, including wealth, status and office.

Magic of Colors

Inspiration for this book was the Colombian fashion designer Adriana Santacruz, who was chosen to be Colombian fashion Ambassadeur and is representing her country at the Paris Fashion Week 2014.Her thoughts and philosophy of creation of the new design and preservation of good old traditions, followed by the photos of D.A.Stauer wearing Adriana Santacruz Prêt-à-porter and haute-couture collection garments at Design Week events and performances, appear in the special chapters of the book “Magic of Colors & the Visual Art of Adriana Santacruz”.

Diary of my Happy Moments

"Diary of my Happy Moments" is a unique book, that combines beauty, fashion, and emotions of very positive energy. It will share with you little secrets of style, health and beauty, told by the testimonial of "Souza Weich" Bags, D.A. Stauer.

The creation of the book was inspired by the idea of digital communication by images showing a modern lady, who tells about her flashes of quotidien happy moments.

21 Fashion Hacks: Stylish Fashion Tips And Tricks , Enhance Your Wardrobe

Looking awesome isn't something that comes naturally to everyone. In order to have a great appearance, you need to put in some effort. Being fashionable may come easier to some more than others but don't fret! Literally anyone can look good just so long as they try.When it comes to fashion, there are certain rules of the game which can help you spice up your wardrobe. If you’re not aware of these rules, then you’ve got to keep reading.Check out some of the best fashion tips and tricks in this Book “ 21 Fashion Hacks” it will be of a great help to you enjoy!

101 Fashion Tips: For Men Women And Children (Fashion Tips Everyday ,Fashion Everyday Tips,Fashion Tips For Women, Easy Fashion Tips)

101 Fashion Tips a Great Guide Of All in One Tips To Guide You in Your Wardrobe By Author Summer 101 Fashion Tips: Do you wear cashmere? If yes, that’s great, it’s a timeless textile that will stand the test of time. You’ve probably noticed that your tag on your favorite cashmere pullover states that it’s okay to put in the washing machine, but this is something to IGNORE, especially if you want to preserve your beautiful item for longer. There’s nothing worse than those unsightly white deodorant stains on a piece of clothing. To remove these?????? Read To Find Out.If you’ve just bought a new pair of jeans that is too long for you, hold off taking them to the tailor just yet. Read To Find Out????? These are a few of the 101 tips that is included in this book with Fashion Week around the corner, a great many of us become Fashion Conscious. This Book is sure to keep you in the know and it will have you quizzing your family and friends with a few Fashion Games. Fashion Tips For All Ages Download This Book Today

Ethnoyst Magazine: A Style Guide For Urban Women !

An inspirational yet practical guide to clothes shopping, discovering and developing a strong sense of personal style for fashion lovers!In the book, the author distills her secrets into a fun, comprehensive style guide focused on rethinking your wardrobe like a fashion expert and making what’s in your closet work for you. She provides real-world advice about everything style-related, including:-Styling every garment you own in the best way-Mastering the closet organization-Which alterations are worth it-Shopping thrift and vintage like a rockstarInstead of repeating boring style rules, the author tells us to break the rules and get real about everything from apparel to accessories with a view to showcasing inevitable fashion statements. The book has lots of insider tips from the author’s arsenal of hacks and expertise.Keywords -woman personal style look booktop women magazine India best personal style guide2021 dressing trends ethnic fusion fashion inspirationfemale health relationship secrets