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The Paradise Key (Harvey Bennett Thrillers Book 5)

Amusement parks are supposed to be about fun and entertainment......not death.A marine biology and science-themed park is scheduled to open later this year. But there seems to be something sinister going on beneath the surface. OceanTech’s Paradisum is a cutting-edge operation, and they are hoping to capitalize on the growing trend of education-based vacation destinations. The park's CEO, Adrian Crawford, has spent his entire professional life working toward this goal, and he is excited to show it to the world. Harvey Bennett and his team think they were sent to Paradisum to investigate the security protocols at the new park. But what they find there terrifies them...

Vanilla Vengeance: A Small Town Cupcake Cozy Mystery (Cupcake Crimes Series Book 1)

Charlotte McKay doesn't know what to expect when she moves in to take care of her elderly aunt. When Charlotte discovers a dead body her first day in the cozy town of Sweetwater Falls, she worries she may have made the wrong choice, moving from the big city to a small town. She was hoping for a family feel and a fresh start, not a shakedown from local law enforcement and an aunt who keeps disappearing right when danger nears. Sweetwater Falls is filled with loveable characters harboring dark secrets. Even though Charlotte is certain none of her new neighbors could possibly be the killer, she is beginning to learn that no one is above suspicion. Join Charlotte as she moves to Sweetwater Falls, only to discover that not even the sweetest of small towns are without their shadows."Vanilla Vengeance" is filled with layered clues and cozy moments, written by Molly Maple, which is a pen name for a USA Today bestselling author.

Run and Hide (An Eva Driscoll Thriller Book 1)

This book was previously published by Thomas & Mercer, an Amazon Publishing imprint. Please check your downloaded Kindle books before purchasing.There’s only so long you can run for your life.Eva Driscoll is used to chasing down bad guys, but now the bad guys are chasing her. She knows they won’t stop until she’s dead.After her brother is killed in a faked suicide, Driscoll teams up with ex-soldier Rees Colback, the one person who can help her find answers. Together they’re determined to uncover why members of his Special Forces squad are dying in mysterious circumstances.But with every agency in the country in hot pursuit, their only choice is to flee.The clock is ticking. They can’t run forever. It’s time to make a choice: kill or be killed…

Ordinance 7304: The Bond Laws (Claws Clause Collection Book 1)

In a world where paranormals live side by side with humans, everybody knows about Ordinance 7304: the Bond Laws. Or, as the Paras snidely whisper to each other, the Claws Clause—a long and detailed set of laws that bonded couples must obey if they want their union to be recognized. Because it wasn’t already damn near impossible to find a fated mate in the first place. Now the government just has to get involved…Ordinance 7304 is a collection that features the first three full-length novels in the Claws Clause series:Hungry Like a Wolf (Claws Clause #1) Maddox Wolfe & Evangeline LewisAlpha wolf Maddox believes he has lost his human mate forever — and in his world, that’s a fate close to death. But when he discovers that Evangeline is still alive, he’ll fight tooth and claw to make her remember their love…Season of the Witch (Claws Clause #2) Colton Wolfe & Shea MoonshadowColton Wolfe doesn't like witches. When he discovers one is his fated mate, he convinces her to use her magic to sever their bond. Shea Moonshadow will do anything for the shifter that holds her heart, even let him break it. But before she can, a group of murderous vampires comes to town. Their leader wants Shea... and, Colt realizes, so does he.Sunglasses at Night (Claws Clause #3) Adam Wright & Tabby WinslowAfter changing from human to vampire, ex-cop Adam has one thought on his mind: revenge on the vamp who turned him. And then he meets Tabby, a perky blonde slayer who is the key to everything he's ever wanted and, suddenly, he's looking forward to forever.This collection is only the beginning of the Claws Clause series! After you finish it, you can continue with:#0.5) Mates *free#1.5) Of Mistletoe & Mating#1.75) No Way#2.5) Rogue#3.5) True Angel#4) Ghost of Jealousy#4.5) Night Angel#5) Broken Wings... and more coming soon!

Only One Kiss (Only One Series)

From USA Bestseller Natasha Madison comes a brand new Hockey series Only One.RalphBeing traded to Dallas was a dream come true. I had everything I wanted, my game had never been better, and my wife was due to have our baby any day now.What could go wrong?Everything.I was now raising our baby on my own. After hockey practice and games, I didn't have time to sleep, let alone make sure my social media was up to par.I never thought I'd get a second chance at love.CandaceWhen my hotshot brother was drafted in the NHL, he didn't have time to do his social media, so I took over for him. Little did I know it would become my career.My plate was full with over fifty NHL players, and I wasn't taking on any new clients.Yet when he showed up on my doorstep with the cutest little girl in the whole world, I couldn't say no.I was just helping, but it turned into more than that. He's the man I've been waiting for.All it takes is one touch, one night, one chance, and only one kiss.

The Best of Our Spies (Spy Masters Book 1)

The Allies have landed, the liberation of Europe has begun.In the Pas de Calais, Nathalie Mercier, a young British Special Operations Executive secret agent working with the French Resistance, disappears.In London, her husband Owen Quinn, an officer with Royal Navy Intelligence, discovers the truth about her role in the Allies' sophisticated deception at the heart of D-Day.Appalled but determined, Quinn sets off on a perilous hunt through France in search of his wife. Aided by the Resistance in his search, he makes good progress. But, caught up by the bitterness of the war and its insatiable appetite for revenge, he risks total destruction.Based on real events of the Second World War, this is a thrilling tale of international intrigue, love, deception and espionage, perfect for fans of Robert Harris, John le Carré and Len Deighton.

Gone Daddy Gone (Sloane Monroe Book 7)

A USA Today Bestselling Novel"An amazing book that kept me on the edge of my seat." Addicted to Books, Amazon Top ContributorA single moment is about to change Sloane Monroe's life forever.On an early winter morning, college student Shelby McCoy walks the quiet, snowy path back home. A tree branch snaps in the distance. Then another. A man is there with her, following close behind, whispering her name. She looks back, sees him gaining on her, and runs. Who is this man, and why is he carrying a gun?If you love a great mystery with a surprising twist, you'll enjoy Gone Daddy Gone, a New York Times bestselling series.Praise for Gone Daddy Gone:"The best in the Sloane Monroe series to date! Bradshaw grabs your attention in the first paragraph and takes you on a roller coaster that keeps you intrigued until the last paragraph." Sharyn Bradford Lunn, bestselling author of the Southern Skyes series"You won't put it down for long before you pick it back up again." Warren A. Lewis, Amazon Top Contributor"A heart-wrenching, great story that's very hard to put down." Thomas, Amazon Vine Voice"I hadn't read more than three or four pages before I realized I wanted to read the entire series, so I did just that." Robin L. Taylor, Amazon Top Contributor"Bradshaw does what she does best. She takes the reader on an incredible journey that's emotional, suspenseful, and thrilling at the same time." L. Smith, Amazon Top Contributor

One For Sorrow (Isabel Fielding Book 1)

A chilling psychological thriller by the million-copy bestselling author of Silent Child.Who really killed Maisie Earnshaw?Within the walls of the high-security psychiatric facility, Crowmont Hospital, reside many violent offenders. To nurse Leah Smith, no matter what, all offenders are patients first and foremost. When Leah is appointed as nurse to Isabel Fielding, she is determined to remain professional despite the shocking crime Isabel allegedly committed in her past.Years ago, six-year-old Maisie Earnshaw was found face down in a duck pond, her body mutilated. Isabel--at age fourteen, found covered in Maisie's blood--was convicted of murder.As Leah spends time with Isabel, she comes to know her as a young woman with a sweet, gentle nature, someone she could never see as a murderer. Leah begins to suspect members of the Fielding family of framing Isabel as a young girl, and she's not the only one. True crime blogger James Gorden thinks Isabel is innocent too.Is Leah allowing her own dark past to taint her judgement as she grows closer to her patient? Or has a young woman been unjustly robbed of her childhood?Praise for the Isabel Fielding series:"I can't praise this book enough...it was one of the best books I've read this year!""Without giving too much away the characters had me fooled! Nothing is what it seems, you need to keep reading ... just one more chapter...""One For Sorrow is such a fabulously dark and twisted read. I knew from the opening pages it was going to be good but by heck I didn't forsee the twists and turns as they happened. It's one of those stories that you will be constantly second-guessing and jumping at conclusions only to be totally wrong.""This dark, twisty psychological thriller was totally riveting."

Movie Club Mysteries: Books 1-3

“Five weeks ago, I’d given my cheating ex and crumbling career in the San Francisco PD the proverbial middle finger, and moved to the Wild West…of Ireland. In that time, I’d learned to bake scones without burning them (okay, I still scrape off scorch marks), rescued a kitten trapped in a drainpipe (well, I’d helped), and solved a murder (that one really was me). All things considered, my time on Whisper Island hadn’t been the restful vacation my aunt Noreen had promised, but I’d had a blast.”Meet Maggie Doyle, an ex-cop turned private investigator on a mission to find a slice of paradise in her new home of Whisper Island, Ireland. Too bad wherever Maggie goes dead bodies and mystery seem to follow.Enjoy the first three books in Movie Club Mysteries series in one convenient boxset!With nearly 1,000 pages and 500+ five star reviews, you don’t want to miss this bundle of movies, muffins, and murder.This collection includes:DIAL P FOR POISONAfter the most hated woman on Whisper Island is poisoned at her aunt’s café, can Maggie catch the murderer before they strike again? Or will her terrible baking skills burn down the café first?THE POSTMAN ALWAYS DIES TWICEThe instant Maggie and her friend discover the corpse of Whisper Island’s postman, her plans to chill for the next two months are put on ice.HOW TO MURDER A MILLIONAIREArmed with her newly issued private investigator's license, Maggie is on the case…of a sheep that went missing twenty-two years ago. When she trips over a dead body on the first day of the investigation, she realizes there’s more to this cold case than a fight over lamb chops.***Each story includes a cocktail recipe—minus the deadly ingredients!***Grab a copy and meet Maggie today!

Violent Delights (White Monarch Book 1)

I was born a princess among criminals. An untouchable among thieves. Heiress to a life others have killed for, and one I'd do anything to escape. I vowed not to leave without Diego, my first love and best friend, but if his ruthless brother has his way, I won’t leave at all.Cristiano de la Rosa is a man as big and bold as his legend. Once upon a time, he was our cartel’s best soldier . . . until he became my family’s worst enemy. And a man like Cristiano will bend fate to his will to get what he wants—even if it means tearing me from another's arms.Because in the de la Rosa family, old grudges run deeper than loyalty, and betrayal is a three-letter word: war. But this feud isn’t between enemies—it’s between brothers. And I’m the prize.

Cottage on Oceanview Lane (Emerald Cove Book 1)

When a renowned book editor returns to her roots, she rediscovers her strength & her passion in this heartwarming novel from the author of The Waratah Inn.Sarah Flannigan is moving home to the small, beachside hamlet of Emerald Cove. After years in the city building a career as an editor at one of the top publishing houses in the country, she’s uprooting her life to help her mother run the family cafe after the divorce.Cindy Flannigan never thought she’d find herself single and alone in her sixties, but when her husband runs off with a younger woman, she uncovers secret debts he’s accumulated that will leave her in dire financial straits for the first time in her life. She calls on her eldest child to help and is delightfully surprised when her daughter moves home to the Cove. But concerns for her daughter's future happiness soon mar the reunion.Newlywed Meg has always wanted a family to love, so when she and Brad spend their honeymoon in Hawaii it seems like a dream come true. What happens next will change their lives forever. Visit beautiful Emerald Cove where a delightful ensemble cast of characters will warm your heart as you follow along with the ups and downs of their lives in this small beachside town.This is the first book in a continuing series for fans of Debbie Macomber.

Who Stole My Life? : A Gripping Psychological Thriller (' What If ?' Page Turning Gripping Psychological Thriller Series Book 1)

A fast-paced, absolutely gripping page-turner for those who like psychological thrillers - such as those by Mark Edwards, Rachel Abbott, K.L. Slater, William Rose - but who are now looking for something fresh and new, with a thrilling twist.[Please note: this book was originally published in two parts of a popular series called 'London 2012 What If?' This free book contains that whole series, now rebranded with a fresh new look!]The story: When James Quinn arrives at work one morning, he finds that his entire office building, all his work colleagues and the company where he worked for many years… do not exist.When the phone in his pocket rings, he answers it, and he’s instructed to take a taxi to a strange meeting in the centre of the city.Confused, scared, and feeling very alone, he agrees, and so starts a mind-bending journey into a different world that compels James to act out everything that’s expected of him by those who demand it.But where is his wife? And who has his daughters?Who are the people now living in his house and occupying his home?And who is the man pretending to be his father, now alive, but who James buried several years before?Is this real? Has James gone mad? ...Or is something even stranger happening?For James Quinn, every day becomes an adventure into a new world, a world which until now was only in his dreams. But which is now real.How can he make it stop, and find his family?Who has stolen his life? And why?PLEASE NOTE: This book is written in a fresh and exciting style which makes it easy to read, and which, for some reason now being investigated, makes the book easy to read by those who have dyslexia. If you know someone or have a family member who has dyslexia, after you have read and enjoyed the story, you may wish to recommend it to them too! It may be the first book they have ever read and you will have gifted that pleasure to them!

SPANISH: FAST TRACK LEARNING: The 1000 most used Spanish words with 3.000 phrase examples (SPANISH LEARNING FOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS)

Focus your Spanish learning on the most frequently used words. Learn just the 1000 words you need for everyday life. One of the usual mistakes when learning a foreign language is that the student has no priorities. All the unknown words get the same attention.Actually, to communicate you only need 1000 words in any language. These words are the most frequently used and can be defined using an algorithm that provides the ranking. In this book you´ll find the list. This book will provide you with the 1000 words you have to learn first to get around when traveling or interacting with Spanish speaking people.So, don’t waste your time and energy! Focus your effort on the most important words you have to learn to master Spanish! Download your copy and start focusing your energy today!TAGSspanish to English, spanish translator, learn Spanish, spanish dictionary, spanish English, spanish lessons, dictionary spanish English, spanish verbs, english Spanish, in Spanish, language in spanish best way to learn Spanish, spanish english dictionary, learn languages, spanish dic, spanish culture how to learn Spanish, learn spanish free, spanish to english dictionary, learn spanish online, spanish translater, spanish words, spanish games, spanish phrases, spanish vocabulary, study Spanish, how to speak Spanish, spanish language, spanish grammar

The Essence of Evil: A Completely Gripping Crime Thriller (DI Dani Stephens Book 1)

He’s your attacker. He’s a murderer.He’s your twin. When DI Dani Stephens returns to work after an attack that almost ended her life, she’s quickly plunged into a horrific new case, as dead bodies are discovered on the streets of Birmingham. But with no link between the victims, Dani has to get inside the killer’s mind - so turns to the murderer she knows best. Her own twin brother… But what makes a psychopath? Can understanding her twin help her find a murderer who leaves no trace? As the circle closes on Dani, the clock is ticking and she needs a breakthrough – before she becomes the latest victim.A heart-stopping crime thriller that fans of Peter James and Mark Billingham won’t be able to put down.

Claiming Her Innocence (His and Hers Book 2)

She’s funny, sweet, and she has a smile that lights up every room. I’m A tall, ripped ex-soldier… and I’m supposed to be her best friend.My new hobby? I like to imagine how it could be more but I know that the relationship is all in my head. I can’t risk what we have for something intangible… I fantasize about her day and night. She’s a walking, talking fantasy… and she’s only a hair’s breadth away. But one wrong move could take what I value most. And once she looks my way for just a second, I don’t know how I could possibly let her go...

PTSD: Horror in the Mind: The psychology of post-traumatic stress disorder, and the ethical way to lift it (Uncommon Practitioner Series)

In PTSD: Horror in the Mind, Mark Tyrrell tells stories of many case studies from his long experience of treating post-traumatic stress disorder. You'll learn how PTSD presents, how it affects people, how to test for it and how to test that it's gone. Mark also describes what he sees as being the ethical way to treat PTSD without causing additional distress for the client. You'll hear how he has used the same approach to help survivors of rape and attempted murder, to people who've witnessed unspeakable death and destruction. He examines popular treatment models for PTSD including CID, EMDR, EFT and the Rewind Technique and describes what he considers the best approach. This in-depth introduction is followed by 9 articles on PTSD from his blog: 1) Is your client traumatized? 2) Could it be PTSD? 3) Is it crucial to identify the initial event that created a trauma pattern? 4) Why there's no need to relive the trauma all over again 5) Why I never have my clients relive their traumatic experiences 6) Why PTSD and phobias are a case of bad hypnosis 7) Is trauma locking your client in depression? 8) Helping your client readjust to life after trauma 9) Encouraging post-traumatic growth in your client.

Sei Box Set: Books 1-3

Two years ago, Sei buried her daughter. Two days ago, she found out she was alive.The first three novels in a nail-biting series! Hundreds of thousands of downloads worldwide. 1,000s of five-star reviews.Perfect for fans of Child, Archer, Flynn, and Silva.Contract Snatch: After her daughter’s death, ex-assassin Sei fled to the Ardennes forests of Belgium to try to find peace. But a mysterious source contacts her, promising to return her daughter. Simply take on one last job: break a notorious assassin out of jail.Contract Sicko: Sei learns about an individual involved in the abduction of her daughter—a man so vile, so foul in every way, that the mere thought of him turns Sei’s stomach. To complicate matters, Sei must befriend him.Contract Primo: While searching for her daughter, Sei realizes there is still one person alive who can help. It won’t be an easy mission—this person has no reason to tell her what he knows. In fact, he’s behind the borders of a country that wants to see her dead.What readers are saying:★★★★★ I never thought I would be cheering on an assassin, but it's hard to not love this character.★★★★★ I had fun trying to guess Sei's next move. I was never correct.★★★★★ Hard to imagine how this author created a character so clever, intelligent, and gifted.★★★★★ Drama, mystery, and a hard punch from the beginning.★★★★★ Characterization is fantastic; story is engaging, and an excellent plot.★★★★★ I love a book that reads like I've just watched an action movie.★★★★★ Definitely a killing machine but with a moral compass.★★★★★ A multifaceted character that draws sympathy.★★★★★ Love, Love, Love this series.Start a series you won't ever want to put down. They used her daughter as bait. They messed with the wrong assassin.

The Complete Illuminated Books of William Blake (Unabridged - With All The Original Illustrations)

This carefully crafted ebook: "The Complete Illuminated Books of William Blake (Unabridged - With All The Original Illustrations)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Taking his inspiration from the illuminated manuscripts of the middle ages, Blake invented the process of creating Illuminated Books. Between 1788 and early 1795 Blake published a series of fifteen Illuminated Books. He returned to creating Illuminated Books in 1804 when he began work on Milton (finished in 1808 or later) and Jerusalem. Blake committed himself in the minute particulars of producing his Illuminated Books. The process included creating a mental image, drawing, composing the design and poetry of the plate, engraving, printing, painting, compiling and selling. From inception to final production the color copy of Jerusalem was labored over for sixteen years. William Blake (1757 – 1827) was a British poet, painter, visionary mystic, and engraver, who illustrated and printed his own books. Blake proclaimed the supremacy of the imagination over the rationalism and materialism of the 18th-century. Largely unrecognised during his lifetime, Blake is now considered a seminal figure in the history of both the poetry and visual arts of the Romantic Age.

The Inn at Dolphin Bay (Dolphin Bay Novel Book 1)

A scandalous affair. An old man with an attitude problem. A family inn crumbling to the ground.Will she ever survive the summer? Tana Martin was living her best life... until suddenly, she wasn't. When she catches her husband with a woman half her age, her friend suggests that she needs a little "you time" - meaning swimsuits, Mai Tais, and golden-sand beaches, not a cantankerous old man who needs a caretaker and a family inn that has fallen into a state of disrepairShe should be celebrating her silver wedding anniversary. Instead, she’s gearing up for the worst summer of her life.But Dolphin Bay, the small island off the coast of Maine where Tana spent many of her childhoods, has more than a few surprises in store. Amid the sea-breeze days and starry nights, old friendships are rekindled, new flames are ignited, and Tana begins to realize that the life she left behind might not be the one she craves after all.Visit the beautiful island of Dolphin Bay, where friendship, hope, love, and pastries are plentiful. This small-town women’s fiction series is perfect for readers of all ages.

Witchy Reservations: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Mystic Inn Mystery Book 1)

There's nothing practical about magic—which is why I ditched my wand years ago.Thirteen years, to be exact.The day I left Silverlake.Except now, a family emergency has called me back home, and quite frankly, I'd rather be anywhere but here.But when my aunt raises her wand to cure a friend and he ends up dead, it becomes abundantly clear I'm not leaving anytime soon. Welcome to Silverlake, a place where nothing is EVER as it seems... and where a witch can find, and lose, a lot more than herself.