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How to Help Your Child Adapt to a New School

Has your child recently moved school, or are you planning a move soon?

Is this something that is causing some anxiety and unease for you and your child?

Do you need some help to allay their fears?

Moving to a new school can be stressful and unsettling for children. They must conform to new rules, make new friends and adapt quickly to new teachers and surroundings. It can take time and it can be a worry.

This book, How to Help Your Child Adapt to a New School, was written specifically to help you and your child to get used to a new school quickly and seamlessly, with short chapters which outline:

?Why it may be necessary to move schools

?The ethics of change in children

?Tips on how to help your child to adapt

?General advice on education

?And more...

Every mother wants her child to be happy and if you are in the process of moving schools, or even if this is your child's first taste of the school environment, then this is a 'must read' book for you.

Packed with useful and essential advice on the psychological aspects of this complex issue, How to Help Your Child Adapt to a New Schoolis the voice of experienced mothers and child psychologists.

Defending Christian Faith: The Fifth Part of the Christian Apology of Gerasimus

The book presents Medieval Christian writer Gerasimus who in a debate with Islam presents reasoned proofs that refute charges of deception and duplicity made against Christians by means of logically constructed arguments about the being of God and His relationship to creation. He sets out the basic points of controversy and outlines a response in a form that would make an excellent introduction to Christian theology for the Muslim environment.

Living With Dialysis: A Guide for Patients, Family and Caregivers

There comes a time in everyone's life when we are forced to reflect on the meaning of our existence. At times, we feel victimized by the circumstances that present themselves on this journey through life. Somewhere in the drama of living we are faced with a crisis that turns our lives upside down. We seek answers to such troubling questions as: What went wrong? How could this happen? Why me?

One such crisis is a diagnosis of kidney failure and the realization that ongoing dialysis treatments will be necessary to maintain life. We struggle and rage that life is unfair, that this setback was not part of our life plan. The foundation of our life has been shaken. What was stable, secure, and predictable is gone. Nothing feels right anymore. But remember that life is full of change. Change is essential. Unfortunately, many people have the mistaken belief that they can control everything around them, but that is an illusion. Attempting to control other people, circumstances, and things will leave us feeling exhausted and isolated. It is to our detriment to hang on to the old when the new is knocking on the door. Change can be very exciting. Embrace the spirit within yourself and open yourself to embracing the spirit in others. Get on with your life. Spark that inner light. It does not depend on outer circumstances. Take an inventory of current habits and start to make choices that will positively affect the outcome of any situation in your life.

It is common for negative thoughts and feelings to surface when a person has a setback. A health crisis forces us to examine life. These setbacks can cause us to lose touch with the good things about ourselves. A medical crisis can trigger fear leading to self-doubt and uncertainty. To overcome these setbacks we must put our hearts into that which we desire. Look at life from a different angle. There is a purpose and a plan for your life that takes into account your needs, wants, desires, talents and abilities. Every human being has problems. It is important to look beyond the problems to the solutions. The first step is to deal with one issue at a time. Do you have a passion for something? Gardening? Stamp collecting? Art? Painting? Writing? Biking? Compose a list of activities that gave you pleasure prior to starting dialysis. Read articles about people who receive dialysis treatments yet continue to engage in life with gusto. Join a support group. Visit someone who is just starting dialysis and offer your experience, strength, and hope. Get yourself very familiar with what dialysis is. Speak to social workers, doctors, nurses and even other patients. After all, knowledge is power.

Although many medical advances have been made in the treatment of kidney disease, the emotional effects of kidney failure on patients and their families remain great because many areas of everyday living have to be changed. This guide is to help find effective coping strategies for patients, families and caregivers.

Cute Animals in Nature and Homes: Animals and cubs in the photo

Cute Animals in Nature and Homes

Animals and cubs in the photo

In this edition you will see new funny animals that play in nature and amuse themselves at home.

Owners of animals sometimes just adore their pets and treat them like children - take care of their diet, walks, caress, entertain, and dress. But sometimes their animals can entertain themselves.

We have unlimited love for our pets, they are our family. And regardless of what they create the school, we still forgive them.

On animals it is always pleasant to look, they cause a smile, tenderness, and the tenderest feelings - and therefore cheer us up!

Do you think that you have the most naughty dog or cat in the whole world? Ah ha ha ha! And now set aside a bit of your time to view these photos of animals. You will go that the spilled food is a trifle! What you see right now can rightly be called diabolical tricks.

But these favorites knew exactly what they were striving for. We present to you a selection of the funniest photos of animals, as well as their artful tricks! Well - there was nothing left alone for his pet. Look at these pictures and cheer yourself up! :)