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A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Free and Inexpensive E-Books for Your Kindle (A Zwoodle Books Guide Book 1)

Updated July 2014!

We've taken into account the proliferation of tablets, so we've included links to free apps and audiobooks. We've also eliminated site that are no longer active and have added new ones that we've found. All in all, we've added more than two dozen new resources - just for you! :-D


There are millions of free and inexpensive e-books available for you to read, and this guide will show you where and how to find them.

And we are not just referring you to the standard "public domain text file" sites - although we have those, too. We will show you to make the most of your Kindle with many resources you are unlikely to find anywhere else. (Really!)

We scoured the Internet and have eliminated all of the scam sites, along with those that are dormant, employ pop-up ads, or traffic in illegal content. We spent months pre-screening all of these sites - so you don't have to.

In addition to Kindle hotlinks by genre, price, and publisher, we have dozens of links that will take you beyond Amazon, to places like online libraries, lending sites, and other locations for downloading free and inexpensive e-books.

Plus, we will discuss the various pros and cons of this segment of the e-book market and help you figure out how to choose the books that are worth your time

And, just for good measure, we have a primer on which e-book formats are compatible with and how to download them to your Kindle.

But you can skip all of that, if you like, and go straight to the links - we have even given you a quick link at the end of the Preface to make it easy. :)

We wish you happy reading and hope you have a noodly day!

The Aimee Leduc Companion: A Guide to Cara Black's Paris

This is the perfect guide to Paris for armchair travelers and the ultimate companion to Cara Black's bestselling Aimee Leduc series. For newcomers and old fans alike, this companion will bring you up to speed on previous books in the series. Tour the arrondissements of Paris with interactive maps that show not only places featured in the twelve books of the series, but Cara's favorite cafes, bistros, and shops in Paris, and various other nooks and crannies of the City of Lights.

READER GIVEAWAYS: How You Can Win Amazon Products From Your Kindle Fire or Digital Device

Reader Giveaways Rock!

If you like the idea of getting an entry into a drawing for Amazon gift cards or a Kindle Fire every time you buy a new title, you need to read this FREE ebook. Reader Giveaways: How you can win Amazon products from your Kindle Fire or digital device is a simple and informative guide that explains how easy it is for YOU to win Amazon gift cards, a Kindle Fire, an Amazon Prime membership, or up to a $500 Amazon shopping spree (during the Holidays) with just a few clicks on your digital device. These "Reader Giveaways" are designed for readers who enjoy their Amazon shopping experience and want to add a little excitement to the way they buy their books. It's easy, fun, and a cool way to meet new authors. But the best part is winning!

NOTE: This booklet is short, and it will lead you to the author's website where they giveaway Amazon gift cards and Kindles on a weekly basis (see Winners Page). This is not hype--it is a fact. The website is NOT an amazon affiliate. All our winners are real people just like you. The booklet/guide/whatever you want to call it, will also show you a few other giveaway sites. So if you want to enter giveaways strictly designed for readers, get this book!

Don't delay. New reader giveaways are starting soon!

NOTE #2: The independent websites and reader giveaways listed in this book are NOT associated with Amazon in any way.

Grab a FREE copy now and you could start winning today!

Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Overview (Snorer Guides)

If you've ever spoken to someone who snores, they joke about it.

"I'm ok, I can't hear it!" is a phrase we hear all the time. In many cultures snoring is humorous, and snoring noises are often used in film and animation to indicate that someone is sleeping... the irony being that the snorer might only be getting poor quality sleep, and indeed, snoring can be a symptom of something more serious.

In this free Guide, we'll give you an overview of snoring and sleep apnoea, to help you make the decision whether 'snoring' is something you should address... because it might not be 'just' snoring.

Star Wars: Star Wars Character Description Guide (Empire Strikes Back) (Star Wars Character Encyclopedia Book 1)

Are you a Star Wars fan?

This is the Ultimate Star Wars guide (Empire Strikes Back) that will tell you about all of the characters in Empire Strikes Back - all the dark sides, light sides, and everything in-between.

Get this Star Wars collectors item today for only $2.99!

Chester Bennington LP Linkin Park rock band Handmade embroidery wall cross stitch portrait of music legend Monochrome black & white pattern made present for friend birthday Do it yourself presents

You can buy 10 different patterns of Linkin Park and Chester Bennington with a discount of 40%

This is cross stitch pattern contains set 2 silhouette chart Linkin Park rock band.

o Beginner to intermediate skill level

o Easy to print

o Large, easy to read graphs on your phone, tablet, TV, monitor

Performance time from 10-12 hours.

Designs used just 1 DMC thread color (black).

These patterns allows you the freedom to pick your own fabric and floss color.

These patterns can be stitched on any Aida or evenweave fabric. I designed it with a 14ct white Aida in mind.


o Pages: 10

o Black and white symbol chart

o Patterns in large, black and white symbol, easy-to-read format

o Photographs

o Stitch tutorials (instruction)

Comments from other readers:

Purr-fect!! These crossed stitch cats are great!


What Kind of Funeral? - A Self-Help Guide to Planning a Meaningful Funeral

The death of a loved one is a difficult and emotional time for everyone. For most of us, coping with death and planning a funeral is one of the most difficult things we will ever be asked to do. Yet, we are generally unaware of our funeral rights and don't know how we can have genuine and meaningful involvement in the funeral. In this book, Peter Erceg informs and empowers you so that you can have more involvement in the whole experience. He provides independent and practical advice on how you can make informed decisions about all funeral-related matters. You'll discover: How to plan a personal and meaningful funeral. How to deal with death, bereavement and the funeral process. How to create a unique commemoration of the deceased. How to arrange a funeral without using a funeral director. How to administer the deceased's affairs when the funeral is over. How to manage a digital life after death. How to cope with the loss of a pet. How baby boomers are changing trends in the funeral industry. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Peter Erceg is a public health practitioner with 25 years' experience in health promotion and community development. His family has had a long involvement with the funeral industry which has helped him develop a strong understanding of the issues faced by both consumers and funeral service providers.