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Religion Leaks: News God Doesn't Want You to Read About Future Atheism

What will happen to religion in the next century?

If you want a definitive answer to this question, look no further. Religion Leaks provides you with a revelation of the real and uncorrupted truth about what the future holds for religion. You will find no speculation in this book. There is no form of futurology in its pages. These remarkable events were privately revealed by a source hailing straight from the afterlife (i.e. life after everyone alive today is dead), and shall one day come to pass exactly as foretold in these texts by their yet unborn authors. This information was meant to remain shrouded by the veil of time we will not live to see. Rejoice, therefore, fellow mortal atheists, for now it is leaked. And there is nothing any god can do about it.

A thought-provoking, funny, ironical, fantastically illustrated new take on atheistic satire.

Religion Leaks offers a completely original approach to atheistic philosophical absurdism. Each chapter takes on a specific philosophical question of religious import (e.g. the authority of the Gospels, the origins of religion, Islamic extremism, the nature of faith and miracles, of souls and sin, Heaven, Hell and whether there are aliens in them, etc.), through the use of irony, wordplay, dark humor and extreme nonsense. Though the book is atheistic, there is always an element of ambiguity to each story. As with religious scripts, their significance is very much open to the reader's interpretation.

The Reason Revolution: Atheism, Secular Humanism, and the Collapse of Religion

This short book, only 8,000 finely crafted words, is destined to be one of the most cited and influential modern treatises on atheism and secular humanism. It focuses squarely on the inherent irrationality of religion, and reveals its utter irreconcilability with science. Offering several "reconciliation theories" to people of faith, it forces every reader to make a choice.


The Reason Revolution in historical context

Questioning belief

Reasons for skepticism

Secular humanism as an alternative worldview

Political implications of atheism

The collapse of religion

Hopeful predictions

Reconciliation theories

Comments by clergy

Call to action

The Secret of Secrets ( interview with the deadman ) 1 Part

This is the first part of the incredible interview to Uncle Max. Uncle Max was a mysterious, unknown and powerfull western mystic, who died 4 years ago. This first work is part of a project called "The testament of Uncle Max". Nobody has ever been so frank, trustful in the other people's comprehension, and exhaustive in telling the secret, or rather, "the Secret of Secrets", which contains the powers of awareness and opens the magics of the Soul. The true "New Age" has just been born. At last, everyone in the world will be allowed to know and learn the simple and hidden "art of salvation". "Although it seems to be impossible, this is the only natural way to solve definitively every limitation, anxiety or panic

Don't suffer uselessly.

Join my world.

Uncle Max.

The Mystical Life of Jesus

The Book of Dark & Light Shadows

Muhammad's ALLAH

Your God is Too Small: 50 Essays On Life, Love & Liberty Without Religion

These articles present the real thoughts and feelings of everyday average atheists. We are friends and family. We are doctors and lawyers. We are pharmacists, biologists, and engineers. We are ordinary people who see a universe that is bigger than any god man has ever imagined. For billions of people around the globe, god and religion are the biggest things in their lives. Even for those not very devout believers, their belief is a part of how they think about themselves and for most of them god is very big. However, for a small minority of people the idea of god is small and pitiful. We look out into the universe and see something so amazing that it could not possibly be the work of these tiny imagined gods of mankind. These gods whom we are given that display such ignoble traits as jealousy and outright hubris. We see the harm that religion brings to humanity. We see the injustice, inequality, and division amongst men that it causes. We see humanity being stifled by these religions and these tiny gods. We at Atheist Republic have a message we have steadily tried to convey. That message is that we as human beings are bigger than these imaginary gods. We believe that humanity is greater than gods and doctrines.


Unitarianism in America

Our Unitarian Gospel

Observations of an Atheist: Our Mythological Gods

Discusses Atheism, Sectarianism, and Religious History

This Book Is a Coincidence (The Coincidence Chronicles 1)

You know something else has gone on behind the scenes.

You know that magick, psychics, and the supernatural exists.

You know that the truth has been hidden from the public eye.

You ask yourself:

"Am I prepared?"

I'm here to tell you to repeat after me:

"I AM."

In 2008, the cogs of fate began to turn. Read the story of how a teenage boy alongside over 20 other individuals from a small town in Virginia, began experiencing psychic phenomena that has never been recorded before in the history of mankind. Journey to discover the truth for yourself, and for believers and non believers alike, only you can determine whether or not

"It was all just a coincidence."