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Psychic Development for Beginners: A Clear and Concise Guide on How to Allow and Naturally Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities (Psychic ... Psychic Dreams, Psychic Development)

Have you ever wondered if you have the potential for psychic ability or wanted to know how you can naturally develop it? This is the book that can help you. The question of are you psychic is not the correct question as everyone has these abilities deep inside them, the real question is how to uncover these abilities that lie dormant inside the human mind and heart. Just are there are many people on this planet there are also different psychic abilities a person can experience. This book is going to discuss the different psychic abilities that people can possess so you can know which ability you might naturally have and then you will find exercises in the book to create conditions for these abilities to grow in you. Here is a preview of what you will learn. Types of Psychic abilities you can posses and how they manifest. How to notice the signs of Psychic ability and what to look for. Strategies for developing your Psychic abilities. Developing your psychic reading skills. Exercises to develop different types of psychic ability

Astrology Explained: Astrology Overview, Basics of Astrology, Zodiac Signs, History, Elements, Proficiency, How to Apply During Reading, and More! The Ultimate Astrology Guide for Beginners

Astrology is a subject which requires time and intensive study of the stars and the planets in correlation to the events specific to individual lives and times. It is a skill which requires discipline and structure which may just take a few years to study but requires years to master and continued practice to get better from level to next higher level.

This book will help you discover what it is and how you can find the accuracy in what has been referred to as a pseudo-science. Do allow this book to take you to the skies as we give you more insight into the deeper and inner studies of astrology and how it ties to us, as individuals, as pairs, events in our lives. Let's look at how the stars and planets and how they relate to the events on this plane as we delve into the mystical and fascinating study of astrology.

Astrology Overview, Basics of Astrology, Zodiac Signs, History, Elements, Proficiency, How to Apply During Reading, and More!

Mayan Calendar Prophecies| Part 3: Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes

Mayan prophecy and Mayan mythology are inseparable. To understand Mayan prophecy one must also understand Mayan mythology. Mayan Calendar Prophecies (Part 3) explores what happened the last time the Mayan calendar ended as recorded in Mayan mythology. There is substantial evidence among ancient Mayan myths that suggests Earth was hit by several large meteors around the end of the last Mayan calendar 5000 years ago. These impact events created mega-tsunamis that devastated ancient civilizations around the world which led to the appearance of flood myths around the world.

"Mayan Calendar Prophecies (Part 3)" decodes the ancient myths of the Mayan civilization, Greeks, Hindus and Jews to get a clearer picture of the events of 3300 BC, the year the Maya recorded Earth suffered an unimaginable catastrophe. Eerily, the Mayan prophecy for the time period around 2012 referenced back to this 3300 BC event. Did the Mayan culture believe another such event was coming soon and is this why they encoded it in their 5000 year calendar cycle?

Modern astronomers have discovered that there appears to be several cycles of impact events associated with the Taurid meteor shower that occurs every year around Halloween. They have determined there are 500-year cycles, 1000-year cycles, and 3000-year cycles associated with this meteor stream. Did the Maya know of a 5000-year cycle which they encoded in their calendar and which was more devastating than any of the currently known cycles? "Mayan Calendar Prophecies (Part 3)" will explore that topic in-depth and help explain what the Mayan prophecies and myths were trying to tell us.

Mayan Calendar Prophecies

Part 1: Predictions for 2012 and Beyond

Part 2: 2012- New Age of Disasters

Part 3: Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes

Part 4: The 2012 Prophecy

Crystal Cash Spells: Three Ways to Change Your Money Luck Today (Exploring Crystal Magick Book 2)

Crystal Cash Spells is a stand-alone no-fluff practical magick short that will show you how to perform three simple workings to draw more money into your life-- even if you're a complete beginner to prosperity magick.

By the time you finish this fast read, you will know:

1.How to craft and charge a magickal talisman you can wear to draw money luck

2. How to build simple money grids that pull prosperity to your home

3. How to charge powerful protective crystals that keep away the negativity that might have blocked your prosperity in the past

Astrology the Secret Code discover your true Birthstone your Lucky Talisman (Power for life Book 8)

Discover your true Birthstone, your Lucky Talisman. For reasons still unknown, the time of birth and the placements of the planets, can tell a skilled astrologer a great deal about the individuals temperament, talents and hang-ups.


Even the Church uses it; astonishingly they have discovered that it's possible to seperate the physical from the spiritual. In Church it's called a Myers-Briggs Typology. In this book it's called 'Psychological profiling'. Read yours - it's inside.

"THE LAW OF POLARITY" the meaning of one is enhanced by the knowledge of the other. If you read your horoscope, read your opposite star sign for a fuller picture. (further details inside)

Dreams: Learn How To Interpret Your Dreams And Discover The Magic And Beauty Behind Them (Dream Interpretation - The Secrets Behind You Dreams- Sleep Psychology)

Learning What Your Dreams Mean Will Help You Become More In Tune With Your Mind

We dream every single night, the key is learning how to remember, record and interpret your dreams. This book will show you how to do just that

As a psychologist, dreams have always fascinated me. I have always wanted to know why we dream, how we dream and what the meaning behind our dreams really are. These fundamental questions have inspired me to do extensive research and write this book. Writing this book has taught me a ton about dreaming and I guarantee that by reading it you will gain a wealth of knowledge about the mysterious realm of dreams.

Special Price: Only $2.99

Dreams can be confusing, scary, lovely and unique. The spectrum of dreams you can have is incredibly vast and this book will simplify everything for you and make you an expert in dream interpretation.

Here is a preview of whats inside:

-Why we dream

- A concise and informative history of dream interpretation

- How to remember your dreams

- Strategies for keeping an accurate dream journal

- Deciphering dreams about falling

- Deciphering dreams about being chased

- Deciphering dreams about teeth falling out

- Deciphering various other kinds of dreams

And much, much more!

Stop dismissing your dreams as vague and unimportant, it's time to get in tune with the realm of your dreams! Think of the amount of time we spend dreaming during our lives, it's time to understand what it all means!

Act now and download "Dreams: Learn How To Interpret Your Dreams And Discover The Magic And Beauty Behind Them" For the low price of $2.99


dreams, dream interpretation, dream analysis, dream meaning, sleep psychology, lucid dreaming, sleep science, what dreams mean

Inspirational Quotes Book: Quintessential - The Ultimate Gift Book Series of 666 Quotes Compilation: Let The Magic Begin at 11:11 With 666 Quotes Special ... Edition (Where The Heart Meets The Mind 7)

The Ultimate 6-Book Series Compilation of Self Love & Practiced Mind

Collection of #1 Best Selling 111 Original Quotes Book Series

Includes 666 Quotes Plus Bonus #7

This Gift Book of Quotes consists of Book #1 to #6

All 111 Inspirational Quotes (TM)

Self Love + Practiced Mind Series

( Where The Heart Meets The Mind )

The Original Paperback Collection

1.Love Thrives When Unrestrained

2.Needles From My Haystacks

3.The Indomitable Mind

4.You Are Innate Love

5.The Seed of The Heart

6.The Sacred Garden

#7 --- Bonus Story A Mini-Autobiography

When Life Gives You Cranberries, Make Popsicles

* Disclaimer:

Every individual book consists of around 10-13% from the other quotes books in the series (a few of each one) This was so every person can enjoy the full experience even when they just purchase any one of the single 111 quotes book, as well as serving out its full purpose as a repeated reminder particularly with certain key quotes that have been proven and tested to have helped inspire people from all walks of life.

It will carry you through your rough days when you are under the weather and especially when you are feeling uninspired. These quotes are fundamentally uplifting in nature but primarily revolves around the heart and the mind, branching out layers and themes of other relevant topics such as gratitude, self-love, compassion, freedom, and empowerment.

Get this special ultimate 6-book (+ bonus) quotes series collection for more than 50% OFF in this all-in-one offer price! To also have all your quotes in one place in perfect sequence and order of the 6 books.

* Hardcover coffeetable book will be available in 2018

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The World of Psychics: Hay House Psychics on the Topics that Matter Most

Hay House's psychics will show you how to improve a host of psychic skills with this free guide. There are many tools and techniques you can employ to fully develop your sixth-sensory perception, and this guide features some of the best advice for implementing it, from psychics with an amazing track record.

The World of Psychics will tell you about:How to Develop Psychic Abilities - Heidi SawyerWhat the Afterlife is like - Gordon SmithHeaven for Dogs - Talking with Dead Pets - John HollandThe Meaning of Tarot Cards - David WellsUnderstanding Skeptics and Cynics - Lisa WilliamsSee mediums-and-psychics.com for more information.

Marvels of Vedic Astrology - Blind Chart Analysis

'Blind chart analysis' is a procedure in which an astrologer predicts the past events and present condition of a native only by looking into the horoscope, without having a prior knowledge about the native. Astrologers practice this method for many reasons: for birth-time rectification, to bring faith in the client about the efficacy of astrology, to test the astrological techniques, to find out which method suits best for the given case, and to demonstrate his/her predictive abilities.

To do 'blind chart analysis' successfully an astrologer should have very sound knowledge of the subject, vast experience, good intuition and a bit of luck also.

This book contains 10 case studies where I have applied the technique of 'blind chart analysis' - predicting the past and present condition of the native without knowing anything beforehand.

Orgone Energy Healing Therapy

Orgone Energy Healing Therapy

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O' Death: Where is Thy Sting

In my lifetime I have suffered personally with the passing of many of my family members and friends. I know the grief which death brings. It hurts, and it takes time to discover closure if it ever comes. But with that said, I firmly believe that by the comfort of the Holy Spirit and a study of the Bible we can find the understanding that will make sense of it all, and give us hope for those who have left this world, and us too when our time comes to go.

"O' Death, Where is Thy Sting", is an in-depth study of the origin of death and the end of death. I sincerely believe if you take the time to peruse my book and meditate on the more than one hundred passages from the Bible which I draw from in this thesis, you will discover a wealth of comfort and security.

In my forty-five years of ministry, I have officiated over a score of funerals. I have stood at the graveside with many families, watching them and listening to them during these sorrowful times. I've heard the usual cliches, and at the top of the list are;

"Why did God let this happen?" I hope to give you some answers to this question and much more.

Moldavite Stone Metaphysical Properties

Moldavite Stone

Metaphysical Properties

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As many of the reviewers have commented, there are some fantastic benefits and information held within this book.

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Your Crystal Journey: 7 Days of Meditative Chakra Healing

The meditative exercises in Your Crystal Journey are designed to harness the vibrational properties of specific crystals to help cleanse and balance various energy centers, or chakras. Written in a concise and accessible manner, this book is especially intended for light workers who are looking for an innovative way to use crystals to achieve a balance of mind, body, and spirit. Individuals of all walks of life have already experienced great success by implementing the exercises found in this helpful how-to guide.


JESUS talks to the Men of the world in this book. HE gives advice and council to all men.

Chakra Healing Exposed: Clearing And Balancing For Life

CHAKRA HEALING EXPOSED! Have you experienced physical, emotional, mental or spiritual traumas? Do you feel stuck and unable to move beyond an emotional struggle? Are you are experiencing recurrent medical problems and can't find a reason why. You may have just stumbled upon the solution you've been looking for! Chakra Healing! This Book Will Teach You How To Balance And Clear Your Chakras! Discover... The Chakra System How Blocked Chakras Lead To Illness and Emotional Difficulty Symptoms Of Blocked Chakras Chakra Healing Chakra Balancing Mantras For Healing How To Boost Your Chakras Healing Foods For Each Chakra Much, much more! Be Happier, Healthier and Have More Energy! You Deserve It!

Universe of Numbers

Clock Numerology