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The Fat Bastard's Guide To Losing Weight For Good - A fat man's humorous journey to skinnyhood... (The Fat Bastard's Guide To... Book 1)

This book is a mixture of humour, trivia and a Real Diet Plan that works.

It's for women who want a laugh and perhaps a little motivation to help them see less of their tubby hubby, and it's for men who want to change their spare tyre for a slimmer version and lose weight for good.

It's full of trivia but has a unique perspective on psychobabble which examines the Yin and Yang of Fat Cow and Skinny Bitch, Fat Bastard and Skinny Bastard.

My diet, exercise and psychobabble have worked for me. Now I am a self-righteous Skinny Bastard. The success of the diet plan only depends on whether Skinny Bastard will win the battle of the bulge or if Fat Cow or Fat Bastard will succeed in ruining the plan.

I hope this motivates you to make some positive changes to your lifestyle and to start shedding those unwanted kilos, if not I hope you have a good laugh.

It is only our circumstances and lifestyle choices that have let the Fat Bastard out and now it is time to put Fat Bastard back in his box and let Skinny Bastard run the show!

Gym Etiquette: 25 Things You Shouldn’t Do In The Gym That No One Tells You About

Laugh Out Loud Fun & The Truth About the Gym... ***Get this book by personal trainer & author Dale L. Roberts*** Seriously, how many times have you entered the gym only to leave frustrated because of meatheads, stinkpots and glorified prostitutes? Gym Etiquette: 25 Things You Shouldn't Do In The Gym That No One Tells You About covers what a lot of gym patrons have been thinking, such as: Common sense issues - where is it in the gym?!Temporary paralysis & amnesia - 2 common side effects of weight lifting Body odor & ridiculous amounts of body spray Treating the locker room as a nudist resort Spitting in the water fountain & on the floor Gymtimidation - how people are trying to scare you out of "their" gym Singing Out Loud - when has a workout needed to be an American Idol audition?! Excessive screaming and recklessly dropping weightsTaking gym selfies & videos of other people And so much more high-jinx, shenanigans and other issues plaguing the common gym these days To help preserve the integrity of your workouts, safety and personal space included, the unwritten code of gym etiquette exists. This is a customary code of polite behavior, an unwritten set of rules that essentially is common sense. However, common sense isn't always common practice, so "Gym Etiquette: 25 Things You Shouldn't Do In The Gym That No One Tells You About" points out the glaring issues and states what many hardcore fitness enthusiasts and truly dedicated people say, think and feel about gym etiquette. When these rules are broken, people create small disturbances and mild annoyances. Other violations may cause serious injury to hapless, unsuspecting victims who were just looking to get in a good workout. Simple steps and easy common sense actions will make for a better gym experience for everyone. So, abide by these easy-to-follow rules in gym etiquette to make everyone's workouts safe, fun and effective. Download this book today & go into your next workout fully preparedAvailable for borrowin

Food-Free at Last: How I Learned to Eat Air

Get the Monkey Off Your Back! Food is a drug. Break the shackles of addiction and learn to eat air! In this detailed guide, Dr. Robert Jones, MD, PhD, DDS, ODD gives you the practical, step-by-step advice you need to transition to the air-only diet.

Common Questions About the Air-Only Diet:

Q: Eating air? Are you crazy?

A: I am a medical doctor with more than forty years of clinical experience. An Obesity Epidemic is sweeping across our great nation. Eating air is the answer.

Q: Isn't there a risk of malnutrition?

A: Not at all! Air contains all the vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and essential amino acids your body needs.

Q: A friend of mine went on the air-only diet and starved to death. Will I die too?

A: Lies, lies and more lies! Propaganda spread by the agro-business special interests that run Washington. They will do anything to keep you down, in ignorance of the truth!

A Million Dieters Can't be Wrong!

Every day the emails pour in:

"Thank you, Dr. Robert Jones, MD, PhD, DDS, ODD! Oh, thank you! I've eaten nothing but air for the last two months and I've lost eight hundred pounds! My husband says I'll make a fine skeleton! I can't wait!!!"

"Damn this air is tasty."

"Dear Dr. Jones, What a discovery! You make Einstein look like an ignoramus. We hereby award you the Prizes for Medicine, Chemistry and Peace." - the Nobel Committee

Also in This Groundbreaking Diet Book:

Lunge and Chomp - Learn the Secrets of Air-Eating Technique!

The Twelve Steps to Food Freedom - Anyone Can Do It!

The Hidden Menace in Our Society That Can Prevent You From Eating Air - and How We as a Nation Can Overcome It!

About the Author

An acclaimed pioneer in the field of Airitarianism, Dr. Robert Jones, MD, PhD, DDS, ODD has dedicated his life to freeing food-eaters from slavery to addictive caloric substances. That's why he wrote Food-Free at Lastto expose the truth the agro-business special interests don't want you to know. And that's why he's running for President in 2013. It's time to put this country on a diet - the air-only diet, the only diet proven to work. It's time to cure our great nation of the Obesity Epidemic sweeping from coast to coast. It's time to end the oligarchy's influence on our political process and bring true freedom back to America. Go the Power of Air!