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Quran Made Easy: Complete English Translation with Inline Commentary

No.1 Bestselling English Quran Translation in the Kindle Store ****

*** Now also includes the full Arabic text of the Quran ***

Quran Made Easy is a modern, easy to understand english translation of the Holy Quran with inline commentary. This is the only english language translation that includes translation and inline commentary and the Arabic verses. The language is simple and easy to understand and unlike other translations leaves no room for ambiguity and misunderstanding. The work is a recent project and does not use "old" english or difficult to understand words.

This is the complete english version which includes all 30 sections of the Quran as well as the inline commentary and introduction to the Quran.

Translators foreword:

In preparing this translation of The Quraan, the dilemma was whether to use very ornate and elegant language which could compromise clear understanding for most people or to use a simple and clear style of language. Because the intention was to make The Quraan clear to every person, the second style was chosen, even though it may at times lack the dignity and lofty tone. It was also chosen because thousands of English-speaking people who are not very proficient in the language found the lofty language of other translations difficult to understand. This translation caters for their needs by providing where necessary synonyms between brackets. It is the language of only the Divine that can combine exceptional eloquence and ease of understanding.

Unlike in previous translations, footnotes are not used in this translation. Rather the explanations which have been given between brackets, serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they save the reader the need to look for the corresponding footnote which often hampers one's train of thought and understanding. Secondly, the explanations enhance the meaning of a verse by adding text which is often hidden. This is especially necessary in a translation of the Quraan because the Arabic text is extremely compact and rich in meaning, and to render the same meaning in another language requires the use of many more words. By using words between brackets, the essential text of The Quraan is not confused with the additional words that are required to promote understanding.


This is the story of a survivor, what he saw and felt during his Calvary from Antwerp to the Malin distribution camp in France and from there to the extermination camp of Buchenwald.

To say that this book contains the scenes of a twentieth-century Inferno may sound commonplace. Yet, every page of this book reminds one of Dante's Inferno, with one exception: The Inferno, the author writes about consumed the lives not of the sinful whom divine justice cast into the immortality of suffering.

This Inferno was thronged by millions, many of whom were babies and little children, mothers and young women who had hoped to become mothers. It was thronged with people who deserved their fates because they were men in the sense that God meant them to be. They were in Inferno because they were strong men and brave, the real heroes of our days. They were doomed because the Nazi super-race set up a different scale of values which regarded heroism as the greatest of sins and considered depravity the greatest of virtues. Reading this book, one feels that the titanic Dante himself would have been staggered by the demented criminality the judges of the just displayed. This is the story of No. 22383 of Buchenwald, one of the millions who were doomed and one of the few who escaped. The spirit of many of the survivors was broken, but not the spirit of this prisoner. He has turned his experiences in Inferno into a work of abiding art. A mere number, he had the strength to remain an artist, observing his captors, his fellow-prisoners, life in the shadow of death. He gives us masterpieces of descriptive writing about persons, such as Anya, the guardian angel of the Malin camp, and about events, such as the appearance of the music band, playing joyous tunes, a hundred paces from the crematorium. Throughout, the writing is poignant, vibrant with humanity, a cry "de profundis" and a vow that it must never happen again. This book should be long remembered.

The Essenes: Digest (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

This issue of the Rosicrucian Digest presents a compendium of materials that provide a solid introduction to the most important aspects of The Essenes.

Holocaust: Surviving the Holocaust: The Tales of Survivors and Victims (Auschwitz, Holocaust, Survivor story, Jewish, Concentration Camps, Eyewitness account, Nazi Book 1)

Get the Facts on One of History's Most Tragic Periods

When it comes to tragic, life-changing events in our world's history, one would be hard-pressed to find a modern period more brutal and cruel than the Holocaust. This time in which the slaughter of millions of lives took place is one of the most discussed and analyzed topics of modern history, and this book compiles many interesting and crucial facts from beginning to end. Pick up your copy today to learn more.

Here's a Preview of What You Will Learn

* Origins of the Holocaust

* Early years of anti-Semitism

* The ghettos

* Holocaust by the gun

* Death camps


Comments From Other Readers

"As much as I enjoy history, there are a few topics that are so tragic that it is hard to digest information about them. The Holocaust definitely fits into that category. However, it is important to read about the events that have shaped our modern world, and this book does a fine job of covering this horrible era. It claims to be an 'overview,' but it is truly in-depth and detailed enough to be considered more than that. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn about the Holocaust without a textbook's approach." - John D. (Los Angeles, USA)

"As a Jewish man, the Holocaust has been present in my life from birth, though even my father was not yet born when it took place. Grandfather always spoke of it in solemn tones, with painful detail. This book corroborates many of the things he said, and it is a great resource for anyone wishing to find information on this dark time." - David S. (New York, USA)

"I enjoyed this detailed overview on the subject of this dark time in our country's past. The author gives the facts with an even hand, and I appreciate the inclusion of excerpts from other works that help to give a personal tone to the events being discussed. While it's painful to read of the cruel actions of my ancestors, it is important that we learn so that history does not repeat itself." - Hans F. (Berlin, Germany)

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4: The Ramayan of Valmiki Book IV

This collection of literature attempts to compile many classics that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.

Can I Trust the Bible? (2017)

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