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THE ART OF DEALING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE: How to communicate effectively and handle difficult coworkers , employes , boss , and dealing with people you can't stand

Most of us encounter difficult people in our lives. We may be "stuck" with a difficult people at work or at home. It's easy to let a challenging person affect us and ruin our day. What are some of the keys to empowering yourself in such situations? Below are ten keys to handling unreasonable and difficult people, with references to my book (click on title): "How to Communicate Effectively and Handle Difficult People (link is external)". Keep in mind that these are general rules of thumb, and not all of the tips may apply to your particular situation. Simply utilize what works and leave the rest.

Love on Hold: The Wilkins (Book 1, Contemporary Romance)


First book in a contemporary novel series.

Millionaire Mariah Culver thought she had finally found something good that would last ... until she discovered that the man she was set to marry in two short months betrayed her. Devastated, she regrets that she'd trusted another man after the first love of her life, Aaron Wilkins, broke her heart. When Aaron came back into town, he turned her world upside down by bringing back to the surface feelings that she thought had vanished along with his swift exit from her life.

Aaron Wilkins wouldn't have come to his hometown of Bloomfield Township, Ohio, if his parents hadn't put their feet down. They didn't just want him to visit; they wanted him to move back home for good. However, Aaron soon realized that he couldn't stay home if Mariah Culver wasn't by his side.

Grave Consequences (Grey's Helter Skelter Series Book 1 Short Story)

When Sally discovers her husband is committing adultery, she plans to lure him back with ideas from the Fifty Shades of Grey book she's read. His affair continues and rather than confront her husband, she seeks revenge. She can't tolerate his adultery, he's ruined their marriage, and vengeance sets in with grave consequences.

Will life ever be the same?

Why can't life go back to the way it was before she read the book?

Can Sally come to terms with the consequences of her actions?

One mistake can change a life forever.

This short story highlights the enormity a rash decision can make to a woman with high morals caught in a love triangle. Sally's life, once a stable and loving family life, has turned into a never ending helter skelter spiral of self-destruction.

Sexual Dysfunction: Utilizing Nutrition & Fitness

Cure Sexual Dysfunction The Natural Way.. Sexual Dysfunction plagues many people, you are not alone. "Do you experience premature ejaculation? Are you finding it difficult to get aroused? Do you have trouble becoming erect, and staying erect? Do you have another type of sexual dysfunction?" Look no more, your book is here. In ""Sexual Dysfunction Cures: Utilizing Nutrition & Fitness"" we cover those topics and more. You'll learn exactly what your treatment options are, and how to naturally cure your dysfunctional sexual experience once and for all. Whether you are a man, or a woman.."Sexual Dysfunction Cures," is here to aid you. In "Sexual Dysfunction Cures" our Focus is on Action. What Action Can You Take To Create Change? "The Cures we provide are ALL - Natural..Nutrition & Fitness Approaches."

GET YOUR EX BACK: How To Get Your Ex Back For Women

How To Get Your Ex Back Today - For Women

You could soon be on your way and start the process of getting your ex back. By reading this book you will learn tips on how to get your ex back and when you win him back experience a more loving relationship.

On the other hand, you may think to yourself 'do I really need him back' after you have read our book.

By reading our book you will learn

- Learn from your mistakes, and make a better relationship

- Before getting back together, do you know if they are interested?

- How to get your ex pursue you

- Do I play hard to get?

- Tips for playing hard to get

- Do not crowd his space

- Avoid the woman pitfalls and mistakes

- Make the changes of be doomed from the start

- Communication makes or breaks a relationship

- Can I get him to love me again?

Well we hope you enjoy our book and good luck getting your ex back.

Long Distance Relationships: Make a Long Distance Relationship Work and Survive Being Apart

Most long distance relationship advice books offer help by way of the same techniques that have been around for decades. Times have changed and technology has transformed the way that people communicate with each other. This unique platform changes everything when it comes to maintaining a long distance relationship. Here's a book that shows you current techniques that work in today's world for staying committed and surviving being apart for any length of time.

In her book, Long Distance Relationships, Daytona Watterson--authority on relationship advice--shows you step by step techniques how to shorten that time the two of you are separated. Daytona draws on her own personal experiences with having long distance relationships. She shows you where she went wrong and how she learned from those mistakes. Trying to sustain a long distance relationship is a challenge for anyone, once you understand the tricks to making time fly you can survive and strengthen that bond.

~ I have been in two long distance relationships in my life. I guarantee that the mistakes that I made in my first relationship one of you is making right this very moment. I made several mistakes during those months we were apart, and looking back today I could have easily saved the relationship if I only knew what I know today. I now have the insight that can help you to maintain that relationship no matter how far you are apart and for how long. I learned so much from my first experience and used these new techniques when I was put into another long distance relationship recently. I will offer you all those secrets and techniques I used to make a year go by like a flash. Daytona ~

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...Can you survive a long distance relationship?Communicating regularly and staying committedTrust in your long distance relationshipBeing creative in your long distance relationshipMaking that time together countBeing there for each otherFinally moving to the same place togetherMuch, much more!

Download your copy today!

The Bad Boy's Gift (The Bad Boys of Regret Hollow Book 1)

His gift is the only thing left from the love they shared...and she plans to sell it.

Former bad boy, now famous artist, Zane DeMonde laughs off an engraved invitation to return to Regret Hollow, the same town that booted him out fifteen years ago. When he discovers the woman who once broke his heart is putting his professional reputation at risk by selling his old paintings, he's no longer laughing. He'll do anything to stop her, even return to town ... even put his heart in jeopardy again.

High school art teacher Julianne Truman's last chance to save her beloved art department from budget cuts is to sell the old artwork Zane gifted her. Her heart breaks to remove the final traces of him from her life, but she needs to finally move on from the love she never got over.

Julianne's life belongs to her students, and Zane's only goal is to protect his art. But the moment they wrap their arms around each other, their old attraction flares to life hot enough to incinerate them and their best intentions.

WARNING: Contains naughty words Grandma wouldn't approve of, smoking hot love scenes Grandma can't get enough of, all the quirks of small-town life, and a swoon-worthy, no-cliffhangers-no-regrets romance.

Books in The Bad Boys of Regret Hollow series:

1. The Bad Boy's Gift

2. The Bad Boy's Guilt

3. The Bad Boy's Guarantee

4. The Bad Boy's Goodness

5. The Bad Boy's Commitment

Sweet Revenge


Anyone that is married, or has a significant other will appreciate this true "revenge" story. Told with humor and pitch-perfect timing, Sweet Revenge is a laugh out loud story sure to be be retold again and again over the dinner table. Great for those moments when you need a quick smile.

Includes a Bonus Excerpt from Priceless Proverbs - Funny Happens When Kids Finish Famous Sayings.

Happy Wife, Happy Life: A Marriage Book for Men That Doesn't Suck - 7 Tips How to be a Kick-Ass Husband: The Marriage Guide for Men That Works

What can you expect from this Marriage Book for Men?A book for less than the price of a good cup of coffee.27 pages of easy to follow steps.Why you should send flowers on a random Monday.Always know the perfect gift.What Appreciation Day is, and why you need it.How three 49 cent cards can make for an awesome weekend.It is a great read for husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, and even people stuck in the "friend zone".

What are people saying about this Marriage Book for Men?"Great read with awesome tips that are so simple"

"This is a must read for both partners!!"

"Wish my ex-husband(s) had read it"

"No long, painful psycho-babble that guys won't really read anyway"

Adjust Everywhere

"Life requires continuous adjustment in relation to unpleasant and unfavorable circumstances. In everyday situations (such as opening an umbrella in the rain, or wearing a jacket in the cold) we generally don't resist these required adjustments. However, when dealing with difficult people, facing unhealthy relationships, in family relationships, or in the midst of marriage problems, adjustments become increasingly difficult. Some of our relationships could even be said to be the very definition of conflict! We ask ourselves, how can we possibly adjust in these emotionally-challenging situations?

In the book "Adjust Everywhere", Gnani Purush (embodiment of Self knowledge) Dada Bhagwan offers the ultimate conflict resolution skills in the form of spiritual conflict resolution strategies. His key phrase "Adjust Everywhere" is explained in the context of many common and everyday relationship challenges.


Matter of Trust

Published on as part of the The Real Story Safe Sex Project

Travis McDonald is fifteen and has never been in love (other than a wicked crush he harbored on his eighth grade sex ed teacher, Mr. Myers). When Jeremy Loper asks him to hang out, Travis's heart is all a flutter. He and Jeremy really hit it off and soon become boyfriends, but when they decide it's time to take their relationship to the next level on Jeremy's sixteenth birthday, Travis is faced with a harsh reality. Can he support his boyfriend at a time he needs him most, or is the situation just way too scary for Travis to deal with?

Dating in Marriage: A Guide for Successful Couples

Marriage and dating can be tough. Don't fall in the rat race of life and marriage just happen. The Successful Couples Manifesto will help you build a marriage that will last. It's time to set yourself up for having the best marriage possible. The Successful Couples Manifesto is a tool to help you get the marriage you desire.

Divorce Recovery: The 7 Day Challenge

Introducing 'Divorce Recovery - The 7 Day Challenge'. Author Sean Witwer takes you on a journey to begin to transform your life following a divorce, separation, or break up of a long term relationship.

First, you will learn how divorce can affect the 'Four Pillars Of Your Life'. You will use these 'Four Pillars' to complete your 'Life Inventory' so that you can begin to transform your life and craft winning goals for yourself.

Next, you will learn the three choices you have following a divorce so that you will have more clarity in deciding which path is most appropriate for you.

Finally, you will be introduced to 'The 7 Day Challenge'. You will learn 5 easy steps you can follow to begin rebuilding your life today.

You will also find an exciting bonus included inside to help you in your recovery efforts.

So if you cringe at the thought of going to a friend or therapist for help, then you've come to the right place. The help you need is waiting for you inside.

Go ahead and download 'Divorce Recovery - The 7 Day Challenge' and begin your transformation today!

The Importance Of Family

A family is the very essence of human society, irrespective of place, social system, culture and ethos. Family, of which you yourself are an EQUAL member, is of utmost importance, no doubt. YOU form your family, along with other members, whom all of you accept and welcome. If YOU or another member is NOT there (move out), your erstwhile family adapts and CHANGES itself. It may then, at its discretion, may or may not accept you back again. Quitting a family is easy, joining back isn't. Likewise, if a member dies, the family ceases to exist the way it was before. When ever a new member joins, again the family changes.

Every grounded and self-honest person would know this truth, irrespective of age, time, place, situation and generation he/she belongs to. One family may be different from the other (the value system and the lifestyle may be different), however the roles broadly remain the same - father, mother, son, daughter, husband, wife, brother, sister and so on. Families also evolve over time, as do YOU yourself and every one else for that matter.

Love's Second Chance: A Second Chances Novel: Volume 1

Korinne Anders had it all. She had the perfect job, the perfect house, and the perfect husband. When tragedy strikes, her world takes a devastating turn. Six months after losing her husband to a car accident, Korinne vows it to herself never to love again. If she doesn't allow another man in her heart, then there's no reason for her to feel the pain of loss. This plan seems to work, but is put to the test when Korinne's best friend can't stand to see her suffering any longer. Korinne's long-time friend, Jenna Perry, has an idea and it involves helping her friend find the spark of life in her soul no matter what it takes. Korinne didn't know that Jenna's plan meant bringing back a past love, a second chance with the man that Korinne had to leave in college, but always kept a place for in her heart. When Galen Matthews learns of Korinne's loss and that she's finally moved back home, he wants nothing more than to be there for her. The love he felt for Korinne years ago has never left him, and now he's given a second chance to not only mend her heart of her loss, but to also continue the love they shared in the past. Will his love and determination make her strong enough to give fate a second chance, or will her fear of losing another love make her run away? What will Korinne do when she's faced with a love so powerful that no matter what she does there's nowhere to run from it?

Life Lessons: From People Who Shouldn't Be Giving Them

"We started writing these stories at the respective ages of 27 and 28 years old. By no means do we feel that we should be giving advice on how to live your life since we really haven't been around that long. You might expect life lessons to come from a wise grandmother or someone who has lived for many generations. They are great sources by the way, so we do encourage you to talk to them as well. Nonetheless, our experiences range from great joy to great loss and we want to share our life lessons with the world. Thus, this book was born. We hope you enjoy our personal anecdotes and find our advice useful."

Beautifully Broken