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Learn Strength In 5 Days

Looking for a Beginner Gym Programme?

Does this sound familiar to you?

You're a beginner who started your new gym programme and nutrition plan and it went great, but eventually you stopped doing it because it became so unenjoyable and restrictive on your life.

Or maybe you've never started going to the gym because there's so much information out there on fitness and workouts and you don't even know where to begin?

You're not the only one

There's more people than ever joining the gym and lifting weights with the goal to gain muscle and strength, and lose weight. However, the percentage of people who reach their goals within a year is in single digits...

What if there was another option?

What if we could enjoy our lives AND enjoy reaching our goals?

What if we could use scientifically proven gym and nutrition advice that we can trust to get great results, but in a way that is flexible and fits around our life?

The Learn Strength In 5 Days eBook is a beginner gym programme that focuses on the proven actions that will get us the best results, while we forget about wasting our time and effort with the things that don't really matter.

In short, we reach our goals in the gym and enjoy our lives a lot more!

-Beginner gym programme- scientifically supported gym advice including workout and nutrition plan.

-Designed specifically for achieving long term, consistent muscle gain, strength gain and fat loss.

-Flexibility on nutrition, how you want to workout and when to make changes. Learn about strength training and nutrition.

-Reach your goals, quickly and effectively while living a life you love and feeling awesome!

-Perfect for beginners- detailed, yet clear explanations with pictures, diagrams and glossary.

-Personalised diet advice for YOU and YOUR goals using the nutrition calculator.

-Spreadsheets to easily track your gym workouts and nutrition plan as you get closer to your dreams.

-Tasks to perform as you read to get you closer to your goals everyday.

-Learn when to make changes to keep progressing long into the future.