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A Lonely Heart

101 Creative Ways to Bury Your Gays: The Lesbian Death Trope Edition

Are you ready to kill off your lesbian characters for Shock Value?

Are you tired of having to kill them in the same old boring ways?

Well look no further!

No more stray bullets, random car crashes, or immediate onset terminal illnesses!

This quick, easy to read manual is sure to get your creative juices flowing. This book provides 101, (yes, 101!) different, never-before-seen ways to kill off your gay characters and achieve the shocking deaths you're looking for! Let these instances inspire you or steal them straight from the book!

Perpetuating the lesbian death trope has never been so easy.

(Yes, this is a satire, and, yes, you should have picked up on that by now.)

This comedic book pokes fun at just how ridiculous the "Lesbian Death Syndrome" and "Bury Your Gays" tropes are by giving exactly what its title promises, 101 ridiculous, creative ways for more lesbians to be inevitably killed off in media. It doesn't matter if you're working on the next Great American Novel, your very own television pilot, a film script, or a radio program! These deaths are suitable for any medium.

The Impossible Cottage

Alex is a young guy about town in trendy gay London. He knows life could better and does what he can to try and make it so, but the finer things in life always seem to elude him.

Maybe he just needs to re-define "finer", after all even a simple pop-tune CAN be perfect; can't it?

Join him on his adventure to find out and see if he also finds out a few things about himself; sometimes even he's just not pretty...

The Beefy Manifesto

The Beefy Manifesto is a praise poem celebrating the beauty of big men.

We shall be husky, stocky, burly, chunky or beefy

We shall stroll the streets on a slow rotation

Of ball of foot, and heel

Of meaty cheeks slowly bouncing high and low

We shall demand attention wherever we go

Folks will stop and stare

But we won't care

As we present beef on the bone

Man made of fur, fat and muscle.

We present the Beefy Manifesto

We present not arms but our manly charms...

What Would You Say If I Told You . . .: Lesbian Songs to a Married Woman

A collection of poems exploring one lesbian's unrequited love for a woman who identifies as straight. Haven't we all been there? This full-color booklet is filled with poems of both traditional and free verse. Using religious imagery to describe the holiness of the union that exists between two women in love, the poet extols the warmth and tenderness with which one woman expresses passionate love for another. Makes a lovely gift for the lesbian in your life, or for the straight woman you love.