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Asian Sex Magazine - The world's #1 interracial love and sex quarterly - Issue 3, Jan 2013

Description written: May 10, 2013

WARNING: This magazine offers an uplifting and outstandingly different account of Southeast Asia; but don't buy it immediately.

Let's say for argument's sake that you want a girlfriend who's five feet tall, a touch under one hundred pounds in weight, tanned to a golden fascia, likely to feed you some extraordinarily healthy food which will detox you to the extent that you feel liberated and "floating on air" (without liquor, cigars or magic mushrooms), Oriental-looking, with a pleasant demeanour, willing to manicure YOUR nails after you've orgasmed, and able to communicate that she needs a quarter of an hour of cunnilingus in order to naturally lube-up at the outset of the Amazon Kindle browsing shopper have got to make the decision as to whether you want instant Pattaya sex, or something a little "je ne sais quoi", a little more permanent, and a touch more exploratory...

Once you've decided, you're always welcome on board the Richard C. North train, which is once again a'rolling and picking up passengers from America, Britain, Germany, Canada, Spain - you name it - as we treat Asian women nicely and get out what we put in.

Well ahead of its time, Asian Sex Magazine attracts 99% of its custom from men - real men - who want great conventional sex in Asia with an element of love which makes this sex go on and on indefinitely. This is not to everyone's tastes, but once you're settled-in to some great oral sex in the Kingdom of Thailand or the People's Democratic Republic of Laos, you'll be thinking of the value you got from Richard North's $2.99 asking price, you'll be thanking the contributors for their upbeat input, and you'll be enriching your mind with the latest and greatest info from a region which has changed so much since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975.

As editor, yes I do seem to have produced the best antidote to anal sex, prostitution and horny massages out there on the market. For this reason alone, at a retail price of $2.99, Asian Sex Magazine talks sense, makes sense, and liberates your senses from the clutches of the West.

The weak reach for the One-Star Button; the strong perch their Thai girlfriend atop themselves, commence cunnilingus, and admire the symmetrical one-star button visible as they gently munch shaven labial halves and look up at golden anus somewhat far more attractive than that of the Californian pornographic star. For this is Asia; this is the Asian woman; this is Asian Sex.

Welcome, my friends.