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Embedded Firmware Solutions: Development Best Practices for the Internet of Things

Embedded Firmware Solutions is the perfect introduction and daily-use field guide--for the thousands of firmware designers, hardware engineers, architects, managers, and developers--to Intel's new firmware direction (including Quark coverage), showing how to integrate Intel(R) Architecture designs into their plans. Featuring hands-on examples and exercises using Open Source codebases, like Coreboot and EFI Development Kit (tianocore) and Chromebook, this is the first book that combines a timely and thorough overview of firmware solutions for the rapidly evolving embedded ecosystem with in-depth coverage of requirements and optimization.

Networks in the Russian Market Economy

This book examines the significance of networks among the firms operative in the contemporary Russian software industry in the St. Petersburg region. It focuses on the kind of resources that are transmitted through the personal networks of Russian business managers and directors.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: User Guide for Beginners

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: User Guide for Beginners

DIY: Turn Your Cheap Router 150$ into an 800$ Security Router (Computer Networking)

Considering Buying a New Router just for Added Security and Features? Try Upgrading Your Old Router Before You Buy New One!

What's the difference between a $150 broadband router and an $800 'security' router? The answer, as often as not, is "nothing". Or at least when it comes to the hardware. What makes a router a 'security router' is the software installed on it -- the support for VPNs, content management, VLANs, advanced bandwidth reporting and quality of service, RADIUS authentication support, SNMP management and USB 3G/LTE support.

All those things are implemented in software, and you can have them on your inexpensive router just by updating your firmware. The firmware in question is not stock stuff. Instead, it's open-source firmware that's designed to completely replace that which came built into your router. Installing it will completely change the router interface. Your router management mobile apps will no longer work. The web address you use to manage the router may change. And in a lot of cases, management of the router will become more technical. That's the price you will pay for adding a whole host of new features to your inexpensive router.

App Storm: Best Kindle Fire Apps, a Torrent of Games, Tools, and Learning Applications, Free and Paid, for Young and Old

To get the biggest bang from your Kindle Fire investment, get this book and find out what's missing from Amazon's App Store for Android.













How to Pick Parts for Your PC

This book provides you detailed guidelines on how to choose a CPU, GPU, PSU, SSD, HDD, RAM, Motherboard, Case and ODD according to your needs. If you are planning to buy a new low end laptop or high end Gaming Desktop, this guide is your Bible.

Ultimate User Guide Learning How To Backup & Recover Your Windows 10 or Windows 7 64 Bit Computer In One Hour: Backing-up and Recovering A Guide For Users ... Recover Your Windows Computer In One Hour

Top Ultimate User Guide Learning How To Backup & Recover Your Windows 10 or Windows 7 64 Bit Computer In One Hour If you have ever panicked and thought oh no I didn't have my computer backed up and had that sinking feeling when you thought oh no my pc it wont boot up. Or you spend hours on end working on a big project to realize its all gone! Don't be that person be smart and learn in one hour to protect your documents, pictures and so many things in a smart efficient way.

Amazon Fire TV Stick User Guide: An Ultimate Guide for Mastering your Media Player (Technical Guide Book 1)

Amazon Fire TV Stick User Guide

An Ultimate Guide for Mastering Your Media Player

For years, viewers have been streaming shows from Netflix and other channels to their TVs using gaming consoles like the Sony PlayStation, Xbox and so on. But more recently, several technology companies have introduced so-called set-top boxes, internet streaming sticks that make it easier to watch hundreds of streaming video channels directly on your TV via your Internet provider. In this competition added device is Amazon Fire TV Stick that drew attention of American TV audience.

With this user guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about Fire TV Stick, from the basics involving set up and ways to access your streaming contents to advanced topics using your Fire TV Stick.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn: How does the Fire TV Stick Work? Settings Basics How to setup my Fire TV Stick Main Menu Basics Navigate Your Fire TV Stick Watch Movies & TV Shows Play Games & Apps

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Maximize Your Productivity: 20 Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire: (How to Be Productive)

Maximize Your Productivity: 20 Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire

Getting enough done each day is a daunting prospect. There is just so much going on in the modern world. Things jump up to grab our attention no matter where we go, and there's just no escaping it for the majority of people.

Are you tired of your smartphone or tablet going to waste? It seems that, apart from contacting people via calls and messages, they do nothing but distract us from getting things done.

What if I told you that your mobile device can actually be the best productivity tool that you could possibly own? Well, that's exactly what this book is going to demonstrate.

Better still, you'll learn about the top 20 most useful and powerful mobile apps, for getting things done and being productive.

What kinds of apps are included in this book?


Office and writing

Note taking and clipping


Staying on task

Mind mapping


Tasks and goals

Reading on your device

Social media tools

Miscellaneous apps you never realized you needed!

Best of all--the majority of these apps are free to use!

So, why continue to let that powerful computer in your pocket go untapped? You paid good money for it, so please allow us to show you how to truly use it.

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Kindle Fire HD User Guide

The Kindle Fire is Amazon's focus consumer hardware, an excellence tablet that can be used to read emails, browse the web and of course read books by the Kindle software. At impartial 7.5 by 4.7 inches, the Kindle Fire is of a comparable size to the standard Kindle devices but has excellent specifications that make it ideal for a range of tasks and activities past reading. The Kindle Fire offers a micro-USB 2.0 connector and a 3.5 mm headphone socket, beside with wireless connectivity (802.11b/g/n). Note that there is no mobile Internet alternate of this tablet. What is possibly most interesting about the tablet and what arrays it apart from other Kindles, is the attendance of the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system, customized to feel minus like Android and fit extra with the visual style of the other Kindle devices?

Securing your Network: An Introduction to Unified Threat Management

Network security is essential when it comes to protecting your organisation - the risks of virus infections, network disrupting attacks or data theft can be devastating to your private network. This eBook provides an easy to swallow understanding of the fundamentals and concepts of Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems - a technology solution which combines a vast array of security methods and procedures into a singular, commercially available device.

Whether you're a business owner, a computing student or simply just interested in the fascinating world of network security, this eBook provides you with the fundamental knowledge in order to understand and implement UTM solutions.

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