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The Little Big Small Business Book

50 Pips a Day Forex Strategy

The Finance and Funding Directory 2014/15: A comprehensive guide to the best sources of finance and funding

The key to success in raising funding, whether for yourself or on behalf of a client, is identifying the areas within the company where funding options could apply, and then providing a comprehensive solution specifically designed to meet those needs. However, many people are unaware of the various options available, and these days there are several out-of-the-box solutions which also move beyond the traditional finance and funding offerings. The information contained in this Directory provides all the insight and information you require to make a successful application for funding and covers: Asset Based Lending (ABL), Factoring and Invoice Discounting; Leasing and Asset Finance; Commercial and Corporate Finance; Banking Finance; Property Finance; Trade Finance; Bridging Finance; Equity Funding; Crowd Funding and Business Angels; Mezzanine Finance; Turnaround Funding; Support Organisations; and Associations and Professional Bodies. The Finance and Funding Directory is your essential guide to the financial resources available in the UK today.

Investment risk

This 6-hour free course explored investment risk, how and why investors are risk-averse and the risk factors involved in making a decision to invest.

Introducing corporate finance

This 20-hour free course explored the importance of finance, the role it plays in organisations and how it is linked to organisational strategies.

The Crowdfunding Bible: How To Raise Money For Any Startup, Video Game Or Project

Dream of launching a new product, project or startup? Wish granted! Thanks to crowdfunding, today's hottest form of investment, suddenly anyone can bring any idea or invention to life on the Internet. The world's leading guide to raising money online, The Crowdfunding Bible shows you how to launch, market and successfully run a high-tech fundraising campaign, regardless of industry or budget. It reveals the secrets to catching the media and public's eye, and attracting donors, in a language that everyone can understand. From books to films, albums, events and consumer products and video games, dive in to discover the new world of venture capital waiting at your fingertips. FEATURES: Best Crowdfunding Sites and Services / Full Guides: How to Start & Promote Any Project / Expert Tips and Advice / PR and Social Media Strategies / Advice from Top Creators. "Every entrepreneur thinking about jumping into the wild world of crowdfunding needs to read this." -J. Jennings Moss, Editor,

Equity finance

This 6-hour free course looked at the processes used and the markets available across the world for raising equity finance.

ICO Research Made Easy: 17 Ways to Find the Best ICO Data

Is the ICO you're considering a scam? How would you know? Will the company you are researching be around two months after the launch? Or will the team have cashed out and moved on? How can you be sure which ICO to invest in?

At TruDex(TM), we believe the answer to these questions lies in arming the investor with knowledge. But to know about an ICO, one must research exhaustively by reading the white paper, an often lengthy and highly technical document. They must also read the website, study the team behind the project, and evaluate the buzz level. Who has the time?

We have the time and it's what we do. That's why we created "ICO Research Made Easy", so our readers could gain an edge over the common investor and learn research methods that help filter out the good ICOs from the bad.

Using the model of research discussed in the eBook, the TruDex(TM) team conducts in-depth research and makes available to our audience the unique database we created for ICOs and cryptocurrency information.

Now investors can subscribe to enter our database to receive unlimited access to it. They also enjoy Pro Reports, a nutshell dashboard of each ICO, eBooks, courses, and entrance into a community of investors for bouncing ideas and sharing information in this exciting new world.

ICOs in 2017 have seen an explosion like never before. Blockchain technology and the ICO method of crowdfunding new tech projects is at a fever pitch and investors are migrating to the crypto space in droves.

It's very much like the bubble of the 1990's, when hundreds of new startups tried and failed to nudge their way into a brand new market. Which start ups will rise to the top now?

Investors are facing not only new options being spun out daily, but they also must gauge the momentum that has been created since June of 2017, when cryptos began to soar. Many of the ICOs being rolled out are dangerous to investors in many ways: Some are outright scams, while many (actually the majority at this current time) are riding the wave but without a proper business plan or the experience to pull off the multi million dollar project they are proposing.

Despite these challenges, the money is moving over from fiat investment products to the decentralized exchanges that blockchain provides. Investors often have no way to know which ICOs are scams or simply doomed to fail, and which companies will rise to become the new Googles and Facebooks of our era.

Is the ICO you're considering a scam? How would you know? Will the company you are researching be around two months after the launch? Or will the team have cashed out and moved on? How can you be sure which ICO to invest in?

At TruDex(TM), we believe the answer to these questions lies in arming the investor with knowledge. But to know about an ICO, one must research exhaustively by reading the white paper, an often lengthy and highly technical document. They must also read the website, study the team behind the project, and evaluate the buzz level. Who has the time?

We have the time and it's what we do. That's why we created "ICO Research Made Easy", so our readers could gain an edge over the common investor and learn research methods that help filter out the good ICOs from the bad.

Using the model of research discussed in the eBook, the TruDex(TM) team conducts in-depth research and makes available to our audience the unique database we created for ICOs and cryptocurrency information.

Now investors can subscribe to enter our database to receive unlimited access to detailed ICO information.They also enjoy Pro Reports, a nutshelled dashboard of each ICO. We understand that the year 2017 in cryptocurrencies is THE year of inception for tokens to take hold of the mainstream. It is only the beginning. Join us today to learn everything you need to know to make informed investment decisions on the dex.

The Business of Trading: 101 steps to trading success

John Piper has been trading successfully since the 1980s. To him it is a business, and one that he runs from all over the world. He would not swap the lifestyle -- the freedom, the financial rewards, the barbecued seafood -- for anything. And in this course he reveals how others can enjoy it for themselves too.

Over 101 short and easily digestible chapters, this eBook takes readers behind the scenes of the life of a professional trader: from how to get started all the way through to staying in the game for the long term. Find out what a profitable strategy looks like. Discover the cardinal rules of effective risk management. Get a true handle on the kind of mindset you need to succeed. And watch some of Piper's own trades in action with exclusive links to online videos.

Collecting his acclaimed 'Trading Intelligence 101' emails together for the first time, this is one of the most candid guides to making a living in the markets that you will ever read.

Very Awkward Tax: A bite-size guide to VAT for small business

Of all the UK's myriad taxes, VAT is one that affects us all, but as a small business owner it causes a great deal of uncertainty. When, if at all, should you register for VAT? How do you charge and collect VAT? What do you actually have to pay to HMRC? And what happens if you're making sales, or buying supplies, from outside the UK?

In this new e-book, her third, Emily Coltman ACA, one of the UK's foremost small business accountants, answers all these questions and many more, in the plain, simple English we have come to expect from her work.

The great thing about what Emily writes is not only is it essential sound advice in key accounting needs but also it makes perfect sense and is simple for those who wish for clarity and no jargon.

Revised March 2015

Forex Trading Tips: Top Tips For Successful Forex Trading (Forex Trading Success Book 1)

Special Bonus - Complementary Forex Trading Video Course - 100% Free

Successful Forex Traders Don't Become Successful By Accident

Successful traders follow a tested and proven set of rules which help them trade effectively.

This Forex book contains many time-tested Forex trading tips/rules/guidelines gathered from numerous successful traders from all over the world. One of the most effective ways to become successful in any endeavor is to "model" yourself after those who are already successful. The tips/rules/guidelines will not only help to get you on the right path to successful foreign exchange trading, but help to keep you on the right path.

These useful tips are arranged based on a variety of Forex trading topics for your quick and easy reference.

This book was designed as a collection of trading tips as a brief introduction to Forex trading for beginners. If you are an experienced and successful trader then you are already putting into practice the information found inside this book. If you are new to trading Forex, however, there are tips/rules/guidelines to help you in a number of different areas. If you are interested in more in-depth coverage of Forex trading, please check out my other more advanced books in my Forex Trading Success series.

Create A Simple Forex Trading Plan - As the old saying goes, "if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail". Included are some basic guidelines to help you quickly create a basic Forex trading plan.

Forex Investing and Forex Day Trading - Whether you are interested in longer-term investing or shorter-term trading there are plenty of timely, useful trading tips for you.

Forex Demo Accounts- Did you know that using a forex practice account the wrong way can actually cost you money? There is one tip in particular that can keep you from making the rookie mistake that plagues almost every beginning trader.

The Lowdown On Forex Robots - Most people would never buy a car without knowing how to test drive a car...yet people buy and risk their hard-earned money with untested Forex robots and trading systems every single day. Get the lowdown on Forex robots and save yourself a lot of time, money, and grief!

Forex Basics - This section of the Forex guide contains a wide variety of solid trading tips and serves as an excellent reference....especially the section on trading money management.

Forex Myths - Some of the things you will hear about Forex trading are just plain nonsense. Learn about some common Forex myths that may already be costing you money.

Inside you will also find tips/rules/guidelines ranging from tips on getting started in Forex trading to tips on such important topics as Forex trading strategies, Forex price action trading, technical analysis and much, much more.

You Can Read this book on your PC, Mac, Kindle device, Tablet, and even your SmartPhone!

Download this Kindle book now and start to improve your Forex trading today!

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The financial markets context

This 4-hour free course explored whether markets can function efficiently, and the main factors that might militate against this.

The Little Book of Money: Book excerpts from Jack Bogle, Ben Stein, Joel Greenblatt, Louis Navellier, Hilary Kramer, Kathy Lien, David Darst, Michael Covel, and John Stephenson

Investment ideas from the biggest names in finance . . . in one Little BookThe Little Books series presents the most important topics in finance in bite-sized chunks, and now, for the first time, The Little Book of Money brings together the very best insights from some of the hottest names in the industry in one essential guide to the ins and outs of the investment world.Featuring contributions gathered from other bestselling Little Books, The Little Book of Money presents Joel Greenblatt's two-step formula for investing in any market; Louis Navellier's thoughts on growth investing; Jack Bogle's insights into index investing; Kathy Lien's introduction to Forex markets; David Darst's asset allocation strategies; Ben Stein and Phil DeMuth's alternative investment ideas; a trading strategy from Michael Covel; "breakout" stock information from Hilary Kramer; and commodity investment tips from John Stephenson.Features the most important investment ideas gathered from across the Little Books seriesIncludes chapters by world-renowned experts included Jack Bogle, Ben Stein, Joel Greenblatt, and many moreBrings together some of the best ideas about money management in one comprehensive e-bookFrom tomorrow's hottest trends to tried-and-true investment strategies, The Little Book of Money compiles the very best in financial advice from across the Little Books series.

The Fables of Fixed Income

According to Apollonius of Tyana, a 1st century philosopher, the fable writer Aesop "made use of humble incidents to teach great truths." Following in this tradition, this simple guide from Aberdeen Asset Management - illustrated by John Devolle - can help anyone to separate fixed income fact from fixed income fiction and encourage them to explore the wonderful and diverse world of bonds.

Trading and Investing Reading Sampler: Volume 1 - Book Excerpts by Louise Bedford, Kel Butcher, Alan Hull, Stuart McPhee and Leon Wilson

Whether you are a novice or already have money in the stock market, our experts can give you the knowledge and know-how to define and refine your strategy, effectively manage your money and risk and trade consistently and profitably. We've gathered together excerpts from five of our best-selling trading and investing books to help you achieve the success you deserve.

Sample Chapter 1, from Trading Secrets: Killer Strategies to Beat the Markets and Finally Achieve the Success You Deserve, 3rd edition. Successful trader Louise Bedford demystifies the world of share trading and helps you get in on the action.

Sample Chapter 2, from Trading in a Nutshell: Planning for Consistently Profitable Trading 4th edition. Trading plan expert Stuart McPhee encourages traders to develop comprehensive, individualised trading plans based on sound methodology, solid money management and the right mindset.

Sample Chapter 3, from Invest My Way: Making Money with Blue Chip Shares on the Australian Stock Market. Renowned author and trader Alan Hull gives you the definitive guide to buying blue chip shares on the stock market using simple, low-risk strategies.

Sample Chapter 4, from The Business of Share Trading: From Starting Out to Chasing In With Trading 2nd edition. Experienced trader and author Leon Wilson knows how to make a living trading on the stock market. He shows you everything you need to know to take control and profit from an active stock market portfolio.

Sample Chapter 5, from Futures Made Simple: A Beginner's Guide to Futures Trading For Success. Market whiz Kel Butcher outlines all you need to know to make money on the futures market.

Trading strategies explained: A selection of strategies traders could use on the LMAX® platform

In this eBook, you will learn how it can be possible to:

- anticipate future price movements using charts and the LMAX order book;

- ride very short-term momentum in the market;

- set prices on LMAX; and

- use fundamental information to make trading decisions.

Harriman Investing Insights: Sample Chapters from 6 Top Investment Books

In this free eBook, you will find a sample chapter from six of Harriman House's

most recent and best investing books:

1. Multiply Your Money by Nick Louth

2. The Idle Investor by Edmund Shing

3. 7 Successful Stock Market Strategies by Glenn Martin

4. Excess Returns by Frederik Vanhaverbeke

5. The Lazy Fundamental Analyst by Fred Piard

6. The New Value Investing by C. Thomas Howard

Stock Market: Stock Market Investing For Beginners- Simple Stock Investing Guide To Become An Intelligent Investor And Make Money In Stocks (Stock Market, ... Stock Market Investing, Stock Trading)

****Discover Powerful Stock Market Investing Strategies To Become An Intelligent Investor And Make Money In Stocks! ****

Let's get real real here: most investors like yourself LOSE money trading stocks.

In fact, so many lose so much money in trade after trade that they simply give up and buy mutual funds. By doing so, they leave their portfolio's fortunes in the hands of an 'expert.' Talk about leaving a lot of money on the table. Seriously. If you park all your investment cash in a mutual fund, you are missing out on SPECTACULAR GAINS. Sure, you can 'coast' on an annual gain slightly north or south of 10 to 15 percent but if you were to trade your own account, you can earn many times more than that.

Just how much more can your retirement investment grow if you managed it more actively? How does 1 to 2 percent per day sound? This is possible with active trading. Indeed, this is possible with the information you'll find from this book, Stock Market Investing for Beginners- Simple Stock Investing Guide to Become an Intelligent Investor and Make Money in Stocks. This paves the way to you making more money in stocks.

This book delivers on the following: Understand the basics of stock investingGet a clear understanding of the different investing and trading strategies you can useLearn how to trade with CONFIDENCE regardless of whether the market is trending up or downLearn how to make money if the stock you bought sinks or rises in value

This book enables you to turn your FEAR of losing money in the stock market into an AWARENESS of the tremendous opportunities available to you if you just use the right trading methods and strategies.

These methods enable you to spot:

Stocks about to break out and go up in valueStocks about to crashStocks with solid long term potential that buying them at any price NOW still means you bought them at a BARGAINStocks you can continue to buy regardless of how much they sink or fall and STILL make money

You worked hard for your savings. Don't let inflation eat up your savings' value. Learn to trade stocks the right way and grow your savings STRATEGICALLY. By mastering the information contained in this book, you can learn to trade for almost PREDICTABLE gains-whether those gains happen immediately or within a fairly certain period of time. Stop struggling and hoping and wishing that you'll spot the NEXT breakout stock. NEWFLASH: there are a HUGE NUMBER of these. You just need to know how to IDENTIFY THEM and this book teaches you HOW!

Start planning a SOLID FINANCIAL future on the BEDROCK of ROCK SOLID stock trading information! Get this book today and start on the ROAD TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM AND ABUNDANCE. Nobody else will do it for you. You owe it to yourself because you worked hard for your money! Don't waste it on mutual fund managers who only manage to deliver a FRACTION of the returns your money DESERVES.

Take action now and download this book on a limited time discount only!!

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Systematic Trading: A unique new method for designing trading and investing systems

This is not just another book with yet another trading system. This is a complete guide to developing your own systems to help you make and execute trading and investing decisions. It is intended for everyone who wishes to systematise their financial decision making, either completely or to some degree.

Author Robert Carver draws on financial theory, his experience managing systematic hedge fund strategies and his own in-depth research to explain why systematic trading makes sense and demonstrates how it can be done safely and profitably. Every aspect, from creating trading rules to position sizing, is thoroughly explained. The framework described here can be used with all assets, including equities, bonds, forex and commodities.

There is no magic formula that will guarantee success, but cutting out simple mistakes will improve your performance. You'll learn how to avoid common pitfalls such as over-complicating your strategy, being too optimistic about likely returns, taking excessive risks and trading too frequently.

Important features include:

- The theory behind systematic trading: why and when it works, and when it doesn't.

- Simple and effective ways to design effective strategies.

- A complete position management framework which can be adapted for your needs.

- How fully systematic traders can create or adapt trading rules to forecast prices.

- Making discretionary trading decisions within a systematic framework for position management.

- Why traditional long only investors should use systems to ensure proper diversification, and avoid costly and unnecessary portfolio churn.

- Adapting strategies depending on the cost of trading and how much capital is being used.

- Practical examples from UK, US and international markets showing how the framework can be used.

Systematic Trading is detailed, comprehensive and full of practical advice. It provides a unique new approach to system development and a must for anyone considering using systems to make some, or all, of their investment decisions.

Microfinance, EU Structural Funds and Capacity Building for Managing Authorities: A Comparative Analysis of European Convergence Regions (Palgrave Studies in Impact Finance)

In recent years, the European Commission has attached increasing importance to the use of financial engineering instruments rather than traditional grant-based financing for the microcredit sector, considering these to be the most efficient option available. This book presents a study of capacity building and structural funds in public managing authorities for the microcredit sector. It presents two surveys to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the managing authorities' capacity building. The first survey investigates the authorities' need for and interests in capacity building activities, analyses the areas in which capacity building support is needed, and explores the different types of support offered. The second survey analyses the results of the microcredit and microfinance programming activity, exploring its target groups and other operational features. It investigates the key monitoring and reporting issues involved in this activity, before analysing the regulatory framework of the microcredit and microfinance sector. This book presents an in-depth analysis of structural funds and their management by policy-makers in the European convergence regions. It explores the interests of managing authorities, microcredit institutions, operators and other financial intermediaries involved in microcredit programming activities, and offers some core strategic and operational recommendations for the use of structural funds in the microcredit sector.

Infrastructure and Economic Growth in Asia (Economic Studies in Inequality, Social Exclusion and Well-Being)

Public spending on infrastructure plays an important role in promoting economic growth and poverty alleviation. Empirical studies unequivocally show that under-investment in infrastructure limit economic growth. At the same time, numerous other studies have shown that investment in infrastructure can be a highly effective tool in fighting poverty reduction1. In that context, the financing of infrastructure has been a critical element of most economic growth and poverty reduction strategies in developing countries, since the start of this millennium. This book provides a comparative analysis of the aggregate and sectoral implications of higher spending on infrastructure in three very different Asian countries: China, Pakistan, and the Philippines. Particular attention is paid to the role of alternative financing mechanisms for increasing public infrastructure investment, namely distortionary and non-distortionary means of financing. The book will be of interest to scholars and policy-makers concerned with economic growth in developing countries.